ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Yearbook 2017

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Fahrrad Essen 2016 From the 25th to 28th February 2016, ExtraEnergy in-

2015 test. Alongside these, bikes from Test IT Show

LEV Components Special Exhibition

vited visitors to Fahrrad Essen to the LEV Compo-

partners myStromer and BAFANG were also on hand.

The Special Exhibition is dedicated to the worldwide

nents Special Exhibition, and to test ride pedelecs: an

Fahrrad Essen is North Rhein-Westfalia’s largest cycle

presentation of technologies and products in the field

interactive experience with exhibits on hand. And the

show and a successful place to do business.

of LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) components. Partici-

Test IT Show test track offered an opportunity to experience the fun factor of new mobility.

pating exhibitors provide information on their prodIn 2015, more than one in every two visitors bought

uct offerings in three languages (English, German

or ordered at the show itself. Alongside cycle holidays

and Chinese) via custom-made posters explaining the

Visitors could experience the fun factor of the best

and tours, there was particular interest in e-bikes and

special features of each particular product. Further-

pedelec models of 2016, as tested by ExtraEnergy, at

pedelecs, as well as in trekking bikes and accessories.

more, it´s possible to enjoy an interactive experience,

the Test IT Show test track in Hall 8: ExtraEnergy in-

Fahrrad Essen once again attracted over 80,000 cy-

with direct hands-on experience of the products at

vited all comers to take a test ride, and to visit the LEV

cle enthusiast visitors looking to find out more, to try

each exhibit.

Components Special Exhibition.

and to buy.

As a special bonus, visitors could take away the cur-

For Fahrrad Essen, ExtraEnergy brought along the test

Just one day previously, the major holidays trade

results and with an overview of the components on

winners and "Very Good" winners from their Spring

show "Reise + Camping Essen" also opened.

display, free of charge.

rent ExtraEnergy Magazine, containing all of the test

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