ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Yearbook 2017

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Interview — Utopia Kranich Pedelec  Utopia Kranich电动脚踏车

Ralf Klagges (Designer, Sales & Founder, Utopia

and the Netherlands, including building the frames,

test ride myself, on the Tour de France route, climbing

Velo) was displaying the latest technology in the

and the very long service life and mile-eating perfor-

Mont Ventoux at 35° C in the shade, and with an all-

Utopia Kranich pedelec during the "Reise Freizeit


up weight of 200 kg. Because the motor is gearless it

2016" exhibition in Saarbrücken.

does not get hot. AB  What process have you used to date to test the

The interview was conducted by Angela Budde (Editor,

Kranich pedelec?

AB  Have you had any feedback yet on the SOS


RK  The bike has been tested to the national "GS" qual-


ity testing regulations by Hermes Hansecontrol. For

RK  Well, for example we had one customer who was

Angela Budde  What are the special features of the

the Kranich this means testing with the full 200 kg

on a tour in New Zealand and suddenly lost all drive.

Utopia Kranich pedelec?

rated overall weight, performed over 100,000 km or

He connected his bike to his laptop and sent us the

Ralf Klages  The Kranich pedelec in the current test

more. The drive system is tested to the requirements

data. We were able to phone him straight back and re-

has our very latest technology. Furthermore, in con-

of the current EU legal standards.

assure him that a cable had simply come loose in trans-

trast to the 2014/15 test bike, it is now rated for a max-

port. Then we sent him a replacement on an overnight AB  What is your main target audience?

service. This is very important for us, as many of our

RK  Our main target group is people who need sta-

cycles are used as travel bikes, and it can be a really

AB  What are the key characteristics of the Kran-

bility, both on short and long rides, with high levels

stressful experience if the bike suddenly stops working.

ich pedelec from Utopia?

of ride safety and appropriate braking (our brakes are

RK  Key points are the low step-through design, the

tested to 200 kg) and a drive system which is suitable

You can find the test results in this magazine under

robust CroMo steel frame with a very stable ride qual-

even for long and steep hills. Even in the Alps at 30 -

Utopia Kranich pedelec and Utopia Kranich Pedelec &

ity, the manufacture taking place entirely in Germany

35° C our motor has never yet got hot. I did the main

Weber Kargo.

imum overall weight of 200 kg.

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