ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Yearbook 2017

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Reisemarkt Saarbrücken Freizeit 2016 From the 29th to 31st January 2016, the leisure and

Among the riders was Bruce, who tried out the

cludes curves, straights and an almost 20 m long sec-

tourism show "Reisemarkt Saarbrücken Freizeit 2016"

Stromer ST 1 S from Test IT Show partner myStromer

tion with 10% gradient for "hill simulation". When it

invited visitors to test-ride pedelecs. Test IT Show

AG: "I like it because it is extra powerful and pleasant

comes to electric vehicles, a test ride has proven to

partners Ziegler, BAFANG and myStromer were all

to ride. It’s like a little motorbike but more ecological.

be the most persuasive way to convince people: af-

present on the Test IT Show test track.

I would like to buy one."

ter a few circuits of the test track, even sceptics are

The leisure and tourism show "Reisemarkt Saarbrück-

Test rider Matthias tried the Stromer ST 2 S: “It’s great

converted into e-bike enthusiasts with huge smiles.

en Freizeit 2016" presented attractive holiday and ex-

fun, assists well as you ride, and you get up to speed

Among them are often people who have not cycled

cursion destinations, cycle sport trends and a wide


for many years.

variety of travel and mobility options.

Walter tried the BAFANG MAX DRIVE drive system: “I’d

Visitors could expect to see innovations from across

like to ride my bike more, and I need some extra assis-

New mobility for new thinking

the camping and caravanning sector, as well as a cycle

tance. We want to go cycling, but not to have to push

The fun factor guarantees the pedelec´s long-term fu-

test track covering over 500 m2.

the bikes up hills, which could have meant we needed

ture as a means of everyday transport.

a moped. But I sat on an electric bike for the first time Test IT Show partners

today and it is perfect!”

As well as bikes from the Test IT Show partners, Ex-

the key factors in diseases of civilisation, something

traEnergy brought along test bikes from the Spring

The ExtraEnergy Test IT Show

Test 2015. These were enthusiastically test-ridden by a

The Test IT Show is a test track on which pedelecs and

total of 242 test riders on the Test IT Show track.

e-bikes of all sorts can be test-ridden. Its layout in-

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It can effectively counteract lack of exercise, one of that experienced pedelec riders have long recognised.