ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Yearbook 2017

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e-bike-days 2016 — Experience electromobility Elektromobilität erleben  体验电动出行

The e-bike-days event in Dresden, from the 15th to

centred around the theme of safety. On the 15th Janu-

Among these was the Pedalpower eMammut Car-

17th January 2016, offered a platform for this ongoing

ary, a wide variety of manufacturers gave an overview

go. It´s a cargo pedelec which several of the test rid-

trend via which the industry could present itself clus-

of their drive systems and components in the form of

ers would have gladly taken home. The Riese & Müller

tered at a single event, exhibiting many facets of two-

short presentations.

Homage dualdrive HS is a premium class Pedelec 45

wheeled electro-mobility. In 2016, e-bike-days was cel-

which proved itself ergonomic, fast and strikingly

ebrating its fifth anniversary, and it was staged as part

Participants received a comprehensive, first-hand in-

different in the tests. The BAGIER el viaje city bike, a

of the SachsenKrad motorbike show.

formational package, and gained an overview of the

pedelec for low step-through frame and coaster brake

technology, market and regulations for pedelecs.

enthusiasts, impressed with its excellent price-perfor-

In 2015, every tenth bicycle sold in Germany was al-

mance ratio. And proving itself a rocket on the hills

ready an electric bike, and they accounted for around

Test track at e-bike-days 2016

and on tour was the AGOGS Tracer Trek. Sleek design

60% of retailer income. Over 90% of these were

With the ExtraEnergy test track on site, e-bike-days

and good power assist marked out the Kettler Explorer

pedelecs. E-bikes now, as then, represent the largest

offered the first opportunity Germany-wide to test

HDE. Impressing with its light weight and design was

growth sector in the cycling economy, and their on-

ride electric bikes in 2016. The large selection of elec-

the SFM SAXXX YES, the first Youth Pedelec tested by

wards march continues.

tric bike models available made it possible for visitors

ExtraEnergy. The Fischer City Proline Damen showed

to experience a wide range of different riding styles

itself to be a comfortable pedelec with high levels of

Specialist training with Hannes Neupert

for themselves - with a hub motor in the front or rear

power assist in the test, and with a good price-perfor-

One highlight of e-bike-days 2016 was organised by Ex-

wheel, with mid motor, with torque or rotation sensor,

mance ratio. The Kettler City HDE is a trusty compan-

traEnergy on the 14th and 15th January in the Messe

from classic low step-through frame to cargo pedelecs,

ion for the city, with its USB port, coaster brake and

Dresden: specialist training sessions. In Hannes Neu-

from pedelecs 25 to pedelecs 45.

low step-through frame. The Maxcycles CXone X-Pro

pert (Chairman, ExtraEnergy e.V./ Executive Director, EnergyBus e.V.) the show attracted one of the pre-eminent experts in the electro-mobility field.

27 delivers dignified riding through town and country. From cargo pedelecs to youth pedelecs

A huge fun-factor propelled the test riders on the Her-

Alongside the lockable storage locker "SECURE" from

cules Alassio, on which the SR Suntour drive system

Test IT Show Partner E. ZIEGLER Metallbearbeitung

once again showed its mettle.

On the 14th January, the session focused primarily on

AG, for securing and charging electric bike batteries,

facts about the current market and on market poten-

and bikes from Test IT Show Partners Bafang, myS-

Anyone wishing to find out more about the test re-

tial, and the themes of pedelec technology, services,

tromer and Binova, ExtraEnergy also brought along

sults, and prices, could find additional information in

regulations and standardisation were also discussed.

test bikes from the Spring Test 2015.

ExtraEnergy Magazine Nr. 12, which visitors could take

Finally, there followed a seminar session with pres-

away free of charge, and which is also accessible on-

entations and round-table discussions about pedelecs,

line at the following URL: https://tinyurl.com/y9bnxmge

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