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ATHLETIC PAST Sharing the passion for water sports


MEET KEVIN COBB A short biography of the athlete


SEASON RECAP The highlights of 2008/09


CONTEST RESULTS See the proven track record of consistent performance


MEDIA EXPOSURE The ambassador of your brand


GOALS & STRATEGIES Getting on the world cup podiums


OPPORTUNITIES My master plan to success

EDITORIAL I was born on July 6th 1990 in Eckernfรถrde (northern Germany). In 1991 my family moved to Vienna, Austria where we have been living ever since. My mother is American and my father Austrian so, naturally, I was raised bilingually and have dual citizenship. After elementary school I attended the Haizingergasse Junior High/High School in the 18th district of Vienna. I graduated in June, 2008. From September 2008 until June 2009, I did alternative military service as an ambulance medical assistant.


ATHLETIC PAST I had my first snow skiing lessons when I was 3 and when was 6 I started to snowboard. At age 10, skateboarding became my main summer activity. These sports provided the foundation for my wakeskating career. The first time I stood on a wakeboard was in 2003 and in 2006 I discovered my passion for wakeskating. Ever since, wakeskating has played a great role in my life. .

Thanks to this sport, I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world so, naturally, I look forward to pursuing this path and developing my talents.



19 (06.07.1990)

Height: 183cm Weight:



Wien, Österreich


Gymnasium mit Abitur, Rettungssanitäter


Pro Wakeskater


Ion Essentials, Fame Boardshop, Neff Headwear, Wôsh

“He is the Austrian Ride-All-Day. I’ve never seen a rider who is as hardworking on the water as Kevin is. But you can tell how much fun he is having at any moment. Furthermore he is a real helpful guy who is always in a good mood even off the water. Photo shoots with Kevin are less work, more just a good time we have together. That’s why Cobb-Sessions are always a blast, no questions asked!” Benjamin Wiedenhofer, photographer


MEET KEVIN COBB Kevin masters most tricks expected at the “Pro Level”. If you speak the jargon, this means Shuv-it’s, 360’s, Big-Spins and Kickflips. His style is influenced by skate and snowboarding, which is an asset in the sport of wakeskating. Style is a major aspect contributing to the success of an athlete. A rider needs to differentiate himself by adding his own influences and flavours. Kevin is capable of innovation, something the fans look for in the videos and magazines. His background also helps him on the obstacles, an important element of today’s competition arena. When watching him, you get the impression the move looks easy, no matter the level of difficulty. His foundation and techniques allow him to learn the latest tricks. He is able to adapt to different water conditions and to adjust his strategies. These are the reasons why he has been very consistent in competition. “This young kid, combines all the stereotypes that come to mind when you hear the word 'Sunny-Boy'.... but that’s just what Kevin is. His ear-to-ear grin is addictive and his open and friendly way of communicating with people is worth imitating. His enthusiasm, whether it’s about his iPhone or his newest wakeskate equipment, comes on to you like a tsunami. I’m gladd to have Kevin as a member of our team!” Tim Dyson, Fame Boardshop owner


SEASON RECAP 2007 was the first year Kevin competed in Austria and right off he won a silver medal at the Austrian Cup Tour-Stop in Asten (Upper Austria). The following year brought more contest entries and higher achievements. He entered every stop on the Austrian Tour and finished as best Austrian at every event. On July 12th, '08 Kevin was crowned Viennese Champion and one onto later her won the Austrian Championship. These victories resulted in an invitation to the first annual Red Bull Wake The Line Competition in Cologne, Germany. By then it was certain that Kevin would participate in many future international events. The 2009 season was kicked off at the WWA Wake Park World Championships in the Philippines. Back in Austria, Kevin was, once again, invited to the Wake The Line Competition in Cologne. Furthermore, Kevin won the first stop of the Austrian Tour in front of the German Wakeskate Pro, Sandro Reinhardt. After defending his title as Austrian National Champion, Kevin made his way up to Finland to compete at the very first IWWF Wakeskate European Championship where he took 6th place. After his successful IWWF experiences, he decided to travel to all the WWA tour stops (except for the one in Orlando). In addition to multiple podium places, Kevin finished over-all 2nd in both the European and World Wake Park Series.




Austrian Championships '08/'09

1st Place/ Overall Winner

Red Bull - Wake the Line '08/'09

1 of 8 invitees

IWWF Tour Stop Feldkirchen '09

2nd Place

Ukrainian Wake Park Open '09

3rd Place

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds '09

4th Place

WWA Fosters Cup '09

6th Place

WWA Wake Park World Series '09

2nd Place Overall

WWA King of the Cable '09

2nd Place

WWA Wake Park World Championships '09 WWA Wake Park Europe Series '09

2nd Place Overall


MEDIA EXPOSURE With his pro athlete status, good-looking, easy-going Kevin receives a lot of media attention. Kevin was brought up bilingually (English - German) this makes him a translating machine. So far he has translated articles for many online magazines, including Wakeboarder Europe Magazine, or Unleashed Magazine. Kevin also writes lots of articles and, of course, is happy every time he sees his name in print. In the 2009 edition of the Wakeboarder Europe Magazine, for example, Kevin wrote the article about the WWA Wake Park World Championships. in 2008 the M Magazine, the largest youth magazine in Austria with a circulation of 300.000, released an article about wakeboarding and wakeskating which included a picture of Kevin.


GOALS WWA Tourstops IWWF World Championships 2010 Expand my trick repertoire Defend my title as Austrian National Champion Get more publicity in magazines

STRATEGIES Winter training at the Texas Ski Ranch for several months Spend time on the water every day Work together with photographers and videographers Expand my media presence Always stay up to date with the industry Always be available for sponsors and use every opportunity to represent their companies.


ADVANTAGES FOR SPONSORS Having an athlete as an ambassador for your brand is a great way to high-light your message and markets products to your target audience in a credible way. Advantages of Sponsoring Kevin: He can wear and use products (on and off water) that you have supplied. He can apply your stickers/logo to his helmet, jersey, board, car, etc‌. Since he has stage and modeling experience, he could appear in ads for your products.

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Kevin Cobb Wakeskate Media Kit 2010 ENG  
Kevin Cobb Wakeskate Media Kit 2010 ENG  

My Media Kit for the year 2010 in german. If you are interested in contacting me, please send me an e-mail to: