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Smoke and Sound The Glorious Cabaret Years of Weimar Berlin

Stella Bass presents an entertaining tribute to the inter-war Berlin cabaret era of Dietrich, Weill, Hollaender and Brecht in a Germany teetering on the brink of political turmoil. The cabaret served not only as a night’s entertainment, but also as a funny and satirical commentary of life in the somewhat decadent Berlin of the 1920s. Lili Marlene, Mack The Knife, Falling In Love Again and September Song - are known and loved around the world, having thankfully outlived the demise of cabaret culture following Nazi accession to power in 1933.

Divinely Decadent. Dangerously Dark. of cabaret in the Cobalt Cafe and “I so much enjoyed that wonderful evening lucky enough to hear Marlene Dietrich as I remarked on the night I have been strong singing Mack the Knife and your herself singing Lili Marlene and Louis Arm either of these two great artists. Well performance could stand honourable with your further meteoric rise in showbiz”. done. Bravo. I shall watch this space for

Senator David Norris

“Stella Bass is a classicallytrained singer and musician whose repertoire is incredibly versatile.”

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4th Oct 09 ■ 8pm ■ Phone 01 2969340 ■ Tickets €20/€18


11th Oct 09 ■ 8pm ■ Phone 01 4627477 ■ Tickets €20/€16


6th Nov 09 ■ 8pm ■ Phone 01 6895600 ■ Tickets €18

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appearing at

Music: Peter Roycroft and Band MERMAID ARTS CENTRE BRAY

13th Nov 09 ■ 8pm ■ Phone 01 2724030 ■ Tickets €18/€16


20th Nov 09 ■ 8.15pm ■ Phone 01 7007000 ■ Tickets €20/€18


27th Nov 09 ■ 8pm ■ Phone 01 8852622 ■ Tickets €18/€14

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