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Councillors of the South East Area, Dublin City Council, City Hall, 3rd August, 2011.

Dublin 2.


Dear Councillor,

We wish to inform you that Dublin City Council are about to begin a programme of carriageway renewal works across the city. The investment, funded by the National Transport Authority and National Roads Authority, will renew roads which have sustained damage caused during our recent very harsh winters, as well as renewing roads that have deteriorated through day-to-day wear and tear. This is in addition to the usual package of road improvement works undertaken every year. What’s happening? 15km of roads in Dublin City will be resurfaced during the works which will begin on the 8 th August, and to be complete by the 25th November. The programme consists of three packages of work across 18 individual sites located along national primary routes and other major public transport corridors.

While we recognise that these works will cause some disruption to

commuters and residents, these are short-term and the benefits to the city are extensive;

Safety: All road users will enjoy a safer journey due to better tyre-to-road contact. There will be a higher visibility of road markings. By eliminating defects in the road surface there will be improved safety for cyclists. Safety for standing bus passengers, and those moving through the bus to board and alight, will improve due to the elimination of road surface defects.

Comfort: All road users will enjoy a more comfortable journey. The investment will provide a greater level of service for cyclists. Cyclists value a high quality cycling surface as one of the most important characteristics of a quality cycling network. Higher quality cycle lanes will encourage more cyclists. Bus users will benefit from the improved ride comfort that the new road surfaces will provide. Reduced noise levels for road users and the outside environment. The elimination of ponding in potholes and other areas will make walking and cycling a drier activity around the city!

Economic: By investing in our roads, we recognise the economic benefits of keeping Dublin moving and our City open for business. Improved aesthetics of the city streetscape with resultant tourism benefit. Addressing minor defects early prolongs the life of roads, particularly in cold weather like we have experienced in the last 2-3 years. The investment programme will create construction jobs in the region.

Where? In the South East Area, Northumberland Road / Merrion Road North; from the junction with Haddington Road to the junction with Sandymount Avenue; will be affected as part of first package of works (see attached map). Merrion Road South will be affected from midSeptember. Further updates will be issued as the packages of work progress.

When? We expect works to begin on Northumberland Road / Merrion Road North next week and to last approximately 4 weeks.

Why these roads? These roads were selected as they are; national routes, a public transport corridor or a cycle route. Both engineering surveys and visual inspections were used. Regional and local roads will be looked at as part of Dublin City Council’s annual roads programme.

Disruptions? With the nature of these works some disturbance can be expected. Works will take place during off peak hours (7pm to early morning).

After 11pm no excavation works will be

permitted, however, residents should expect noise associated with resurfacing (i.e., the laying and compacting of new road surface). With regard to traffic, we expect there to be minimal negative impacts and a traffic management plan will be in place. While we recognise that these works will cause a certain amount of disruption to residents and road users the benefits will be far reaching.

Further Information? Both this office and Dublin City Council’s Contractor will be contacting all affected residents prior to the works beginning. During the works residents can contact this office at tel. 222 8600 or email. (9am – 5pm). Alternatively we will be posting updates on our websites and

Should you or any of your constituents have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate in contacting this office.

Yours sincerely,

Seán Smith, Communications Manager.

Edie Wynne, letter  
Edie Wynne, letter  

Edie Wynne, letter