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Gorey Matters The Irish Nation is facing many difficulties and those difficulties ulties are as keenly felt by the people in County Wexford as anywhere else. We are faced with appalling financial circumstances, rising unemployment and the bleak outlook of tough conditions for the future. It would be easy, under the present circumstances, to lose hope. But we can get through this.

National vision... Irish politics will change after this coming general election. The days of being a parish-pump politician are over. Those elected to the Parliament of their country must be capable of dealing with national and international issues. In my first term as a Dail Deputy I have demonstrated my capabilities by being appointed to two of the most important Dail Committees:

Local outlook... Since being elected to the Dail in 2007 I have worked hard on the local issues that you asked me to bring forward:

✔ New Gorey Secondary School

– VEC operated school to open in Sept. 2011 for first year students

✔ Gorey Showgrounds

– passed into the ownership of Wexford County Council to facilitate future development

✔ Gorey Civic Centre

– “one stop shop” of council services to open in early 2011

• Dail Public Accounts Committee - I was appointed to this vital financial watchdog to ensure that the litany of waste, abuse of expenses and excessive salaries and payments stops. The public demand accountability with their money and I will ensure they get it.

Joint Committee on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources – broadband, the development of new technologies and green energy, will play a huge part in getting Ireland back on its feet. As a member of this Committee since 2007, my role is to ensure that these areas are prioritised to maximise job creation and economic recovery. I want to continue to serve your interests and build on the work I’ve done since being elected. With your help I can continue the work that needs to be done to ensure Gorey gets its fair share of jobs, infrastructure and amenities to make it the vibrant, progressive community you deserve.

✔ Gorey Library - to open in early 2011 in the new Gorey Civic Centre

✔ Gorey

Recycling Centre – permission granted for the centre, to be based in the Gorey Business Park pending allocation of matching funding

✔ Gorey Cinema – new seven-screen cinema opened in 2010

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Gorey Civic Centre G A new civic centre providing a ‘one-stop shop’ oof County Council services has been on the ccards for a number of years. I was eager to ssee this project brought to reality when I was eelected in 2007. I worked with senior council officials to ensure that the new building was completed under budget and ahead of schedule. The purpose-built building is now almost complete and staff will shortly New Secondary School move on site to open to serve the public early in 2011. It will serve us all well for We have badly needed a new secondary school in Gorey for many years. I saw generations to come. this as an urgent priority and campaigned extensively for it to happen. After many years of broken Department of Education promises the school is now a reality and is planned to open in September 2011 for first year students. It is located next to the Educate Together and Gaelscoil campus on the Carnew Road. When fully finished, the 1,000 pupil school will have 25 classrooms, 35 specialist rooms and a PE hall. Gorey Showgrounds I notified you recently that the VEC will operate the new school. The next I was determined, upon election, phase is to appoint a Board of Management and a Principal, and I will keep to ensure that ownership of Gorey you informed about these important next steps. Showgrounds pass to Wexford County Council so that this fine sporting amenity could be properly developed for the benefit of all local residents. Now that this has happened the County Council has invited submissions and held meetings for people to have their say on how they want to see the Showgrounds developed. The plan is for the final design to take in as many elements as possible to serve as many sectors of the community as possible. Final plans are due to be drawn up in the coming months. The critical issue is, of course, funding to move from planning to reality. I don’t underestimate the difficulty of that in the present economic climate but intend doing all I can to lobby for funding.

Michael pictured with FG members of Gorey Town Council Michael D’Arcy Snr., Darren Keegan, Colin Webb and Angie Dooley.

Gorey Cinema Gorey’s new cinema is a most welcome addition to the town’s range of leisure amenities and will be a great benefit to the local economy. Seven years in planning, it was thanks to the foresight and persistence of the consortium of developers who saw the project to fruition. From the outset I have supported it and advised the developers in getting it through the planning stages, which was such an obstacle for this amenity. l t iin di it l cinema i ttechnology h l iincluding l di 3D capacity it iin each h The new seven-screen cinema features all the latest developments digital screen. As well as the latest movie releases, it’s planned to show music concerts, live opera, recorded theatrical products and even sporting events. I’m delighted to have played my role in helping bring this to you.

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Gorey Library Gorey Recycling Centre


I recently announced that we received the go ahead for the Gorey Recycling Centre, to be based in Gorey Business Park at Ramstown. It will be operated by Wexford County Council and will take in a range of materials including paper and books, cardboard, plastics, textiles and other materials for safe disposal. The Department of the Environment recently confirmed its share of the funding for the centre w h i c h m u s t now be matched by the County Council. I’ve called on them to put this ed l funding in uce! c yc e R R ! euse place as soon as possible so that the Centre can be completed and opened. As I have done from the outset, I will continue to lobby strongly until this is done.

Joint Committee on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Since becoming a TD, I’ve served on the Communications, Energy & Natural Resources Committee and am presently Deputy Spokesman. With the development of modern communications systems the proper management of our energy and natural resources is vital for the future advancement of the county and country. In addition to this important development work, the Committee also lobbied Bord Gais, Airtricity and the ESB on the issue of disconnections; subsequently all three agreed to cease disconnections during the cold weather and Christmas period. I’m pleased to be involved with the work of this important committee.

At a recent meeting of the Dail Public Accounts Committee


Gorey’s new library will be opening soon as part of the new Civic Centre. A new library was a priority for me when I put myself forward in the 2007 General Election. I strongly believed that Gorey’s rapidly expanding population deserved a modern building capable of offering a much wider selection of books as well as offering internet access. The end result is a fine modern library with easy access and public parking it will be a cornerstone of our town.

Public Accounts Committee I’m pleased and honoured to be appointed to the Public Accounts Committee of the Dail. I’ve always felt strongly that transparency and accountability are vital requirements when public money is being spent. Membership of this high profile committee will allow me to play my part in demanding accountability from our agencies and departments. More so than ever before, with the greed of the banks and the scandalous waste at agencies like FAS, people are demanding such accountability. It is your right. Public confidence needs to be restored and a strong committee not afraid to question and seek such accountability is all important. I will continue to play an active role as a member of the Committee on your behalf.

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More to be done M J creation remains the single biggest issue. At the Job sstart of the year I drew together a group of people iinvolved at senior level in business nationally. All h had an interest in North Wexford. My idea was tto start a think-tank of ideas and devise positive sstrategies for job creation in this region. The work oof that committee is on-going. TThe economic climate is undoubtedly difficult. IIt is however within your power to put in place rrepresentatives in the next Government that will ddeliver what’s needed. In choosing who to represent yyou, I ask you to consider my track record, both lo locally and nationally and allow me to continue to bbe your voice in Government, this time as part of tthe party in power. Out and about in Gorey recently with Councillor John Hegarty

Representing You As an elected T.D. my job was to work for you on two fronts. To listen to and assist you in any way I could with issues you may have had, and to represent you and County Wexford at national level. Local issues can have a huge impact on people’s everyday lives. Concerns such as employment, State benefit entitlements, housing, environmental matters, road works, road safety and footpath repairs. I have worked hard to provide the required assistance to anyone who has contacted me since being elected. Decisions made at national level have a far greater impact than decisions made at local level. I’ve been conscious of the effects of the decisions made on you, the citizens of this county. I have taken my responsibilities seriously and worked in your interests. Michael pictured recently with the Chairman of Wexford County Council, FG Cllr. Michael Kinsella at the new Gorey Civic Offices

MICHAEL D’ARCY TD O Over the next few weeks I intend being out and about in the community sseeing as many people as possible. In the meantime, my constituency o office, as always, is open to you every day. I am your public servant. C Contact me at anytime to raise any issue, local, national or international, o of concern to you. I am ready for more work on your behalf. T Thank you.

CONTACT ME Constituency office, The Avenue, Gorey. Mobile: 087 9901055 Office: 053 9483966 or 053 9488230 Email:

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