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Farming in Roscommon Position of Roscommon farmers Cllr.

Laurence Fallon

Position of Roscommon farmers • No. of farmers


• Average farm size


• Total direct payments


– SFP – REPS & DA – Forestry

€41 million €26 million €3 million

• Average entitlement value €239/ha Cllr.

Laurence Fallon

Where does Roscommon fit? Position of Roscommon farmers • Part of Connacht • Public perception of poor farm land

• Reality somewhat different • We are the highest in Connacht with regard to SFP entitlements • Most intensive farming county in Connacht


Laurence Fallon

Production in Roscommon Position of Roscommon farmers • Cattle & sheep • Mainly suckler cows

• Mainly mid-season factory lamb production • Farmers are inter-dependent on each other Cllr.

Laurence Fallon

Where your income comes from Position of Roscommon farmers • Total on-farm output

€69 million

• Total on-farm supports €70 million

• Your income is your cheque in the post


Laurence Fallon

study farmers Position ofCase Roscommon • Teagasc E-profit Monitor outcome • Farmer with: – – – –

60ha 40 suckler cows 200 sheep 5ha tillage

• Farm income – 2% less than total EU payment Cllr.

Laurence Fallon

Reform: bigoffarmers v small farmers farmers? Position Roscommon • We need to understand what is happening now with CAP reform is not about big farmers v small farmers - it has more to do with high hectare entitlements v low hectare entitlements • There are many farmers in Roscommon with small farms which are very intensive by Connacht standards and have very significant entitlements per hectare Cllr.

Laurence Fallon

challenge farmers Position The of Roscommon • Farm gate prices need to cover production costs +

• Farmers react to market trends – sheep in the late 90s & suckler cows now • Interest in dairy farming • Economy needs agriculture • Targets 2020 Cllr.

Laurence Fallon

Thankofyou for attending Position Roscommon farmers Cllr.

Laurence Fallon

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