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Henry Minogue – Appropriate qualifications and experience working for our community

• Measurable value of the local services provided with your money. • Effective use of Fingal resources in local job creation. engagement on activities and decisions relating • Ctoonstructive our community. representation for local Sporting Clubs and • Enhanced Volunteer groups. Council Enforcement to ensure a cleaner local • Increased community.

MINOGUE Fine Gael Candidate Local Elections 2014

Minister Leo Varadkar

Cllr Eithne Loftus

Gay Mitchell MEP

Senator Eamonn Coghlan

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Ted Leddy

“I am delighted that Henry Minogue is running for the council and am delighted to support him. He lives locally and works as a senior executive for a major international telecommunications company based here in Ireland. Henry will hold council officials, planners and engineers to account. They will listen to him and respect him. He is exactly the kind of person we need representing us on the council”. Minister Leo Varadkar

Contact Details: Mobile: 087 180 0400 Email: Web: @HenryMinogue Henry Minogue Published by Fine Gael, 51 Mount Street Upper, Dublin 2. Printed in the Republic of Ireland by Fine Gael HQ, 51 Mount Street Upper, Dublin 2.

Mobile: 087 180 0400 Email: Web: @HenryMinogue Henry Minogue


Local Area Candidate

Henry Minogue –

Henry Minogue

Constructive representation for a better community

Experience working for our community

Fine Gael has selected Henry as one of its candidates to contest the Local Elections in May 2014. Henry will represent the party in the Castleknock Local Electoral Area. This area of representation covers the communities within the greater Castleknock, Blanchardstown, Lucan North and Laraghcon areas.

It is time to: Henry Minogue – Not just words, but actions that can be delivered

Originally from Co. Clare, Henry has lived in Dublin West for over 10 years. He is a keen sports fan and is a member of several local sporting organisations. Henry works as Vice President, Chief Information Officer for a major international telecommunications company based in Ireland. Henry has accumulated over 20 years of business experience across the Retail, Telecommunications and Transport sectors. Our local council is tasked with advancing the economic, social and cultural development of our communities while providing for a better quality of life for its current and future citizens. In order to be successful in this task we need public representatives that are suitably qualified with the necessary business experience to ensure effective and appropriate representation. Henry has the relevant business experience required to provide competent and appropriate representation. He wants to utilise his experience to ensure our communities, receive local services that represent value for our public contributions.

Local Government Reform Henry Minogue – Supporting Local Government Reform Fine Gael is committed to putting people first, in the reform and development of the Local Government System. Some of the key points of the reform include: n 2014 council seats nationally will reduce from 1,627 to • Iabout 950. rebalancing of national representation means an • The increase in the numbers of Councillors on County and City

tart challenging the norm. No more passive • Sacceptance of council activities. the effectiveness of Fingal County Council in • Mtheaximise support of local businesses and job creation. nsure that Fingal County Council is efficient in the • Eutilisation of your taxes. financial waste - question and challenge • Eliminate expenditure as appropriate. • Drive a culture of “public value for public contributions”.

Councils in the Dublin region. position of the local authority manager will • The be replaced by a Chief Executive function (bringing a more commercial focus to the role). Local Enterprise Offices (LEO’s) will be integrated • New with local authority business support units to create a

“I look forward to meeting with you over the next few months, having the opportunity to listen to your local concerns and also to outline further my views on effective local representation.“

one-stop-shop for local business support. functions of elected member will • Reserved be strengthened.

Mobile: 087 180 0400 Email: Web: @HenryMinogue Henry Minogue

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