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2013 Greystones Harbour

2013 Sail Training within Harbour

Greystones Harbour

Cllr Derek Mitchell

2007: Greystones Harbour Silted & Walls Collapsed for 110 years ! Cllr Derek Mitchell

Greystones Harbour History • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1888 Built amid controversy Silting & wall collapses 1930 Storm 15 houses disappear 1960’s Kish Base 1980 WCC tidal study 1990’s Tracey & Gubay plans, rejected 1998 Think-Tank & Arup/Noone study, 1000 people attend Coastal Engineering lectures. 1999 Present Plan adopted by WCC. Not developer led!! 2001 Client’s Representative appointed to advise how to procure project and to procure as PPP. 10 alternatives considered. 2005 CPO Foreshore, Land & close Rights of Way 2008 Start Construction 2011 Open Interim Harbour Cllr. Cllr.Derek DerekMitchell Mitchell 2013 Marina Opens

A Very Contentious Issue • Lots of Protest Meetings, Candlelight Vigils etc. Over a decade. • 6,000 objections to Bord Pleanala. 3,000 from outside including Killala (especially), UK, USA, Switzerland, even Cuba!

• 12 days hearings at Bord Pleanala. • Including ISA and a negative one from the Department of Communications and Marine • After 18 months Bord accepted plans with changes to the buildings thus approving CPO of Foreshore and Planning permission for buildings. • Greystones Town Council supported this by a majority of at least 7 to 2 throughout. Greystones Harbour

Cllr Derek Mitchell


Leisure Use of Sea as Central Feature of Town Cllr. Cllr.Derek DerekMitchell Mitchell

Recreation Centre for Expanding Population Public Access to Sea

Cllr. Cllr.Derek DerekMitchell Mitchell

Clubhouses & Boatyards for Sea Scouts, Rowers,Divers, Sailors, Anglers, CoastGuard 2 Public All Tide Launch Slips

Area for Shows, tall columns for banners and festive decorations Good lighting, canopies, cafes, grass mounds, striking paving. The Public Walks are beside the sea.

230 Berths, Boardwalk, New Beach, 375 Homes, Shops, Public Park to North, No Government Funding, Primary Health Care Centre added

Currently open section is 4th best leisure harbour in Ireland.(after Dun Laoghaire, Cork and Howth)

Cllr CllrDerek DerekMitchell Mitchell

Rowing Club Moves In April 2012 after 20 years waiting

Cllr Derek Mitchell

Greystones GreystonesHarbour Harbour

Cllr. Cllr.Derek DerekMitchell Mitchell

2013 Art Market using Fencing

Greystones Harbour

Cllr Derek Mitchell

Marina • Deep. 6m in entrance and 3+m under berths at Low Water. • 100 Berths now but piled for 230 in future • From 1st April 2013 • Calm water, Toilets, Showers • Future Fuel Berth & Boatyard • Inaugural Keelboat Regatta 1st September • Over 500 visiting yacht nights in 4 months. 67 visitors one weekend. • Come and Visit

Sailing Regatta 2013

Greystones Harbour Cllr. Derek Mitchell

Rowing Regatta 2013

Cllr. Derek Mitchell Greystones

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