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Acquired Brain Injury Ireland(Trading as the Peter Bradley Foundation) Active Retirement Network Ireland Age Action Ireland Alzheimer Society of Ireland Arthritis Ireland Aspire Barnardos Breaking Through Brí - The Acquired Brain Injury Advocacy Association Business in the Community Ireland Care Alliance Ireland


N37 N140 N123 N105 N14 N5 N50 N122 N67 N64 N35 N80 N109 N75 N86 N42 N119 N132 N72 N113 N21 N94 N121 N69 N36 N61 N116

N47 N2 N63 N136 N131 N106

Caring for Carers Ireland Ltd Carmichael Centre for Vol Groups Centre for Independent Living Children in Hospital Ireland Children's Rights Alliance Chronic Pain Ireland Disability Federation of Ireland Dyslexia Association of Ireland (DAI) European Anti-Poverty Network Football Association of Ireland Foróige (NFTE) Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC) Genetic and Rare Disorders Organisation GROW in Ireland Huntington's Disease Association of Ireland Ltd IASE (Irish Association for Supported Employment) INCADDS Irish National Council of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Support Groups Inclusion Ireland INOU Irish Autism Action Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) Irish Deaf Society Irish Heart Foundation

€80,000.00 €50,000.00 €75,000.00 €65,000.00 €50,000.00 €60,000.00 €70,000.00 €75,000.00 €50,000.00

€45,000.00 €75,000.00 €70,000.00 €50,000.00 €100,000.00 €100,000.00 €45,000.00 €55,000.00 €75,000.00 €60,000.00 €45,000.00 €40,000.00 €100,000.00 €20,000.00 €20,000.00 €23,000.00 €90,000.00 €40,000.00

€40,000.00 €100,000.00 €90,000.00 €25,000.00 €75,000.00 €50,000.00

N33 N88 N16 N34 N30 N148 N11 N146 N79 N8 N65 N62 N120

N60 N78 N115 N28 N58 N46 N52 N100 N118 N81 N41 N6 N107 N31 N87 N18

Irish Motor Neurone Disease Assoc (IMNDA) Irish Mountain Rescue Irish National Community & Voluntary Forum (NCVF) Irish Stammering Association Migraine Association of Ireland MOVE Ireland Muintir na Tire Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland Muscular Dystrophy Ireland National Association for Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Irl National Association for Youth Drama National Association of Building Co-operatives (Nabco) National Collective of Community-based Womens Networks National Traveller Womens' Forum National Youth Council of Ireland Neurological Alliance of Ireland New Communities Partnership One Family OPEN Open Heart House Post Polio Support Group Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) Safe Ireland Show Racism the Red Card Simon Communities of Ireland The Asthma Society of Ireland The Carers Association The Irish Traveller Movement The Wheel TOTAL

€30,000.00 €70,000.00 €55,000.00 €30,000.00 €35,000.00 €50,000.00 €85,000.00 €60,000.00 €45,000.00 €45,000.00 €35,000.00 €40,000.00 €40,000.00

€40,000.00 €50,000.00 €60,000.00 €90,000.00 €95,000.00 €100,000.00 €45,000.00 €30,000.00 €90,000.00 €90,000.00 €35,000.00 €90,000.00 €50,000.00 €75,000.00 €100,000.00 €100,000.00 €3,818,000.00

Government funds community sector  
Government funds community sector  

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