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Are You Known the Steps for Installing Terracotta Tiles?

Whenever you detect cracks in any of the roof tiles, you need to replace the same. If you take pride in the terracotta tiles in your rooftop, you need to be simultaneously prepared with the fact that will require regular maintenance. Therefore, you need to follow a few specific steps for it.

Here is a brief outline for your convenience. Watch out! •

First Step: Clean it

However, at times broken times remain rigidly stuck onto the floor. During such situations, break these broken tiles with hammer. They will eventually become easily dislocated, and you will find it convenient to remove the same. Whether it is Chandler tile roofing or total roofing service, begin the project with cleaning task. Use hard brush to clean the loose dirt and debris that may remain accumulated in your working area. Never forget to remove the smallest piece of a broken tile from the area before installing a new tile. •

Second Step: Shape and trim it

What they do is that they trim the tiles according to the space available for installing them. Thus, you need to follow their footsteps and shape your terracotta tiles according to your requirement. Remember; you need wet saw for the purpose. Since you are executing the roofing job on your own, you might end up bringing terracotta tiles that are not of the exact shape and size you require. There is hardly anything to worry about as reputed firms like Mesa Contractor or Roofing Company also experiences this issue. •

Third Step: Placing the tiles

Remember that the metallic strap must remain hidden as you place the new tile beside the existing one. One more thing; you need to fasten each tile with the nail fastener provided with the metallic strap. Then hammer the nail so that the tile gets firmly attached to the roof. Follow a systematic pattern for installing the roof tiles. Begin the task by using metallic straps as your guiding tool. Place each of the metallic straps against an already existing damage-free tile and then place the new tile adjacent to it. Now your roof is ready for use again, and you can enjoy its aesthetic appeal for years to come.

Precautions to follow •

Do not keep broken terracotta tiles unattended for a longer span. This is because this habit will end up making you pay more as broken tiles lead to extensive damage of your roof surface.


The experts suggest that using copper as the basic material for the metallic strap and the nails is highly recommended. This is because the metal does not corrode like iron or aluminum, and thus will offer long term roofing solution.

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Are you know the steps for installing terracotta tiles  
Are you know the steps for installing terracotta tiles  

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