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A meteor streaks across the sky above Salgotarjan, Hungary, early Tuesday during the Perseid meteor shower. The event occurs every August when the Earth passes through debris and dust from the SwiftTuttle comet.

German brothers display early signs of mischief-making genius

‘Honey, did you order charmingly retro technology from Amazon?’

A new Guinness record for most phobias triggered by one video

Two little brothers left a path of destruction in their German village Monday after running away from home. Police say the 4- and 6-year-old boys from Kulmbach stole a neighbor’s gas burner and torched parts of a garage, flooded another neighbor’s basement, then sprayed varnish across other neighbors’ doors and two cars. The boys were finally reunited with their parents, who are on the hook for about $17,000 in damage. (AP)

Police in Virginia say more than 50 old TVs have mysteriously been placed on front porches in a neighborhood outside Richmond. Henrico County police say residents found older-model sets outside their doors Sunday morning. Video from one doorbell camera showed a person wearing TV-shaped headgear while dropping off a TV. A similar incident occurred in a nearby neighborhood last year. It’s unclear if the incident is a crime. (AP)

A Poteet, Texas, woman returning home from work last Wednesday captured a video outside her front door that isn’t for the faint of heart. It shows a large black and gold spider, known scientifically as Argiope aurantia, eating a bat it had caught in its web, UPI reported. Annette Alaniz Guajardo posted the video to Facebook. In it, she can be heard exclaiming, “God, how I love nature.” (EXPRESS)

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