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Wizards quickly fill the void left by Ariza by signing Paul Pierce 15


Virginia dad claims land in Africa to fulfill his daughter’s wish 11

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F O R E X T E N D E D F O R E C A S T, S E E PA G E 2 5





D.C. General is meant to be a haven for the city’s most vulnerable, but records and interviews reveal decay, disease and a history of abuse 12



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For D.C.’s Homeless, Shelter Is Little Refuge


Germany knocks in a deft extra-time goal to defeat Argentina 14



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eye openers


N.J. Smell Comes to N.Y. Some car owners are raising a stink after driving a road littered with meat in upstate New York. Dozens of chunks of meat were on the road in front of a mall Thursday in Queensbury, The Post-Star of Glens Falls said Friday. Local car washes were busy with motorists trying to obliterate the meat smell. (AP) TAX AND SPEND

Obama Sure to Be Blamed Rest easy, New Yorkers, the state is staying off your lawn and away from your mowers. A hoax spreading online this week has some residents thinking they’ll be forced to register their mowers and haul them in for annual inspections just like a car. It’s not true. The Buffalo News reported Friday that officials in upstate New York counties are trying to set the record straight with angry residents. They say mow as you please. (AP) PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION

He Did It for Love, Not Money A Tennessee man was only charged with public intoxication after he tried to have sex with an ATM in May, according to WGNS Radio. Citing the police report, the station reported that Lonnie Hutton “pulled down his pants and underwear exposing his genitals” before attempting to have intercourse with the machine at Boro’ Bar and Grill in Murfreesboro. In a comment under the WGNS report, someone from Murfreesboro named Lonnie Hutton called the allegations “slander.” (EXPRESS)

IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE, IT’S … The moon descends Sunday behind the statue of Christ the Redeemer — lit with the colors of the Brazilian flag — atop Corcovado hill in Rio de Janeiro. Because the moon is relatively close to Earth, these full moons appear to be unusually large, a phenomenon dubbed “Supermoon.”


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Can Obama Fix Border Crisis Himself? Washington President Barack Obama can take action to relieve much of the crisis caused by tens of thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the southern U.S. border without waiting for what is likely to be a lengthy Congressional battle, say two key lawmakers, one Democrat

and the other, Republican. At issue is a provision in a 2008 human trafďŹ cking law that puts the fate of these immigrants in the hands of immigration judges. The Obama administration has expressed some interest in asking Congress to change the law to give the administration more leeway. But Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican, said Sunday that wholesale changes by Congress may not be necessary and that Obama has the authority to return the children to their native countries.

Cost Concerns Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell met with dozens of governors Sunday as the Obama administration tried to get support from states that will host thousands of the Central American children who have crossed the Mexican border on their own since Oct. 1. Governors expressed concerns about the costs, including providing public education, according to those in attendance. (AP)

Jersey City, N.J.

Stolen Car Collides With Greyhound Bus; 19 Hurt A car that collided with a Greyhound bus on an Indiana highway, killing the car’s driver and injuring 19 people on the bus, had just been stolen and was headed in the wrong direction, authorities said. The driver of the stolen car died at the scene of the Sunday morning collision, Wayne County Sheriff Jeff Cappa said. (AP) NEW YORK

Israeli Flight Diverted A New York-bound Delta Air Lines flight from Israel declared an emergency and

returned to Tel Aviv on Sunday after developing a mechanical problem, vexing passengers on edge as Palestinian militants launched rocket attacks on the city. (AP) WASHINGTON

Holder: Syrian Terrorist Reports Are Frightening Attorney General Eric Holder said on ABC’s “This Week� on Sunday that reports from Syria indicating terrorists are working to build undetectable explosives were of “extreme concern� to the U.S. “In some ways, it’s more frightening than anything I think I’ve seen as attorney general,� he said. (THE WASHINGTON POST)

A gunman who killed a rookie ofďŹ cer responding to a report of an armed robbery at a drugstore early Sunday never tried to rob the store and instead lay in wait for police, t e l l i n g a w i tness to watch the news because he was “going to be famous,â€? authorities said. Santiago Lawrence Campbell shot OfďŹ cer Melvin Santiago in the head after Santiago and his partner arrived at the 24-hour Walgreens at around 4 a.m.,



Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said the president has the authority to deal with the crisis of child immigrants.

Obama “has tools in his toolboxâ€? to deal with humanitarian issues and deter more children from coming to the U.S., Rogers said. “We can safely get them home,â€? Rogers said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.â€? “And that’s where the president needs to start,â€? he said. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the author of the provision in the human trafďŹ cking law, said a change in regulations, not the law, could speed the children’s return. ALICIA A. CALDWELL AND STE VE PEOPLES (AP)

Cop-Killer Wanted to Be Famous



Two representatives say president doesn’t need Congress to act




Cory Booker Is 14 Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., is roaming the halls of the Senate before August recess asking his peers to pose for selfies. Booker wants to photograph himself with all 99 senators, and he’s up to 10 since starting this project four weeks ago. (THE WASHINGTON POST )

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Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said. Other ofďŹ cers returned ďŹ re at Campbell, killing him. Fulop said Campbell was carrying a knife when he walked into Walgreens and asked for directions to the greeting card aisle. He assaulted an armed security guard at the store and snatched his gun, Fulop said. He waited for police to arrive, then shot Santiago, 23. “Today was a horrible day for Jersey City,â€? said Fulop, who was there when Santiago’s body arrived at the hospital. As Santiago’s mother identiďŹ ed the body, Fulop said, she “just keep repeating the badge number and saying that it’s not possible.â€? (AP)


730 24th St NW, Ste #9, Washington, DC 20037


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Wild Ride for Gay Officer South Carolina town reinstates police chief after spat with mayor

“It made me proud of my town to see everybody come out for her the way they did.”

Latta, S.C.

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When openly gay police chief Crystal Moore was fired by a mayor who condemned her lifestyle as “questionable,” she feared her two decade career in law enforcement in this town was over. Then, this conservative, small town rebelled. The people of Latta, S.C., who voted for a state amendment banning gay marriage eight years ago, turned against the mayor, stripped him of his powers and the town council rehired Moore. They said her dedication to the town mattered more than her sexual orientation. Residents remembered Moore’s civic spirit from as far back as 1989, when Hurricane Hugo tore through Latta. She was a high school student working part time as a police dispatcher, and helped cut downed tree limbs to clean up the debris.

Crystal Moore was fired by a mayor who opposed her sexual orientation, then rehired by the Latta, S.C., town council.

“That’s Crystal. All she does is help people. I don’t get why he fired her. Maybe it’s the ignorant people who talk the loudest. She was the same great Crystal yesterday as she is today, and she’ll be the same person tomorrow,” said lifelong Latta resident Dottie Walters. Mayor Earl Bullard vehemently denied that he fired Moore because she was gay. Still, he offered no apologies for his criticism of

This is XX0164 2x2.75

The Tuesday health & fitness section in Express

her orientation. “I don’t like the homosexual ways portrayed in front of children,” Bullard said. “You can’t explain to a 5-year-old why another child has two mommies or two daddies.” Last month, 69 percent of 475 voters approved of taking the mayor’s power away. Now essentially a figurehead, it’s not clear what he is going to do next. When Moore returned to work June 30, people honked their car horns and gave her thumbs up as she drove around in her police SUV, according to television reports. “It’s just remarkable,” she said. “I can’t ever thank this place enough.” JEFFREY COLLINS (AP)

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Why is Germany mad at the U.S. (again)? And nine other questions from the past week AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE AND AN UNFORGETTABLE RESUME, TOO. An internship or volunteer program in Israel offers an incredible global perspective, networking opportunities, and real professional experience that’s sure to impress prospective employers back home — whatever your field. Visit to see how we help you find and fund your perfect internship or volunteer experience in Israel.


Commitment This is XX0164 2x3

The Tuesday health & fitness section in Express

1 An Ohio man has raised more than $40,000 in a Kickstarter campaign that has taken the Internet by storm. What was he originally seeking money to make? A. Cupcakes B. Turducken C. Potato salad D. Gluten-free pancakes

5 A local Washington Post columnist sparked outrage in the D.C. blogosphere last week over what hot-button topic? A. Marion Barry’s legacy B. The gentrification of Shaw C. The value of having pandas at the National Zoo D. Bicyclists’ behavior

2 Germany broke the record for most goals scored in a World Cup semifinal in its win over Brazil on Tuesday. What was the score of that match? A. 8-1 B. 9-2 C. 7-1 D. 6-2

6 What did a National Institutes of Health worker find earlier this month while cleaning out an old storage room? A. A young male bear hiding behind a stack of boxes B. Decades-old vials of smallpox C. An envelope containing anthrax D. His car keys he lost six months ago. They were there the whole time!

3 What TV show earned the most Emmy nominations this year? A. “True Detective” B. “Game of Thrones” C. “Orange Is the New Black” D. “Breaking Bad” 4 Germany is mad at the U.S. again. What is it accusing the U.S. of? A. Spying with the help of German military and intelligence officials B. Encouraging its citizens to root against Germany in the World Cup C. Bugging Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office D. Keeping the value of the dollar artificially low

7 Who was the only Nationals player initially selected to the All-Star Game? A. Bryce Harper B. Anthony Rendon C. Stephen Strasburg D. Jordan Zimmermann 8 J.K. Rowling premiered a shortstory sequel to the “Harry Potter” series on her website Pottermore .com last week. What is it about? A. A 33-year-old Harry attending the Quidditch World Cup with his friends B. The gang meeting for the 10-year

anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts C. Harry and other members of Dumbledore’s Army attending the Tri-Wizard tournament D. The aftermath of finding out that the whole series was Neville’s dream 9 The Transportation Security Administration has called for extra security measures at some overseas airports that offer U.S.bound flights. What is the latest regulation to come from the effort? A. People must turn their pants pockets inside-out before going through security B. Travelers can no longer pay for airline tickets with cash C. People cannot wear metal jewelry or watches on planes or pack them in carry-ons D. Travelers must turn on all electronic devices to prove they work before boarding 10 Manassas City, Va., police said late last week that they no longer plan to serve a controversial warrant to do what? A. Install a GPS tracker on a suspected heroin dealer’s car B. Search a suspected shoplifter’s cellphone C. Forcibly re-create a teenager’s sexted image D. Search a suspected meth dealer’s home based on a “prediction of a future crime”

Answers, page 27

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Kerry Brokers Deal With Presidential Candidates Amid relief that a dangerous rift in the country’s troubled democracy has been averted, Afghan officials praised a deal between presidential contenders brokered Kerry by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and said Sunday they hope to finish a full ballot audit within weeks. Kerry unveiled the breakthrough deal Saturday night, with both hopefuls promising to abide by the results of the audit, followed by plans for the winner to form a government of national unity with participation of the losing side. (AP) MOSCOW

Ukraine Denies Shell Fire Russia’s foreign ministry said Sunday that a Ukrainian shell hit a Russian border town, killing one person and seriously injuring two others. Ukraine denied firing a shell into Russian territory. A statement from Russia’s foreign ministry labeled the event a “provocation,” and warned of the possibility of “irreversible consequences, the responsibility for which lies on the Ukrainian side.” (AP) GIGLIO ISLAND, ITALY

Bonded — and Divided — by War Unlikely friendship blooms across Gaza, Israel front lines


Roni Keidar

“Please let me know how you are coping. Hugs.” Maha Mehanna

Netiv Ha’asara, Israel When the rockets start falling and fighter jets buzz the skies, Roni Keidar and Maha Mehanna know they can lean on each other for comfort. They are neighbors and close friends, and they call and text throughout the day and late into the night, checking to be sure the other has survived the latest round of fire between Israel and Hamas. But despite sharing a war zone, they can’t visit. Keidar is Jewish and lives in a small farming community in southern Israel. Mehanna is Palestinian and lives in Gaza City. In one telephone call Saturday, a loud boom could be heard on the line, so close the two were not sure on which side of the border fence the explosive had fallen. “I think it’s your side,” Mehanna told her Israeli friend. “Hitting our side?” Keidar paused a moment. “Yes,” she said. “I think you’re right.” Theirs is a rare, almost impossible friendship. Mehanna and Keidar met three years ago, while Keidar was escorting Palestinians who were in Israel for medical treatment as part of her volunteer work

“I pray and cry most of the time. I don’t see an end to this madness. Please take care and stay safe.”


In Brief

Thousands of Palestinians Flee Thousands of Palestinian residents of the northern Gaza Strip fled their homes Sunday and sought safety in U.N. shelters, heeding warnings from the Israeli military about impending plans to bomb the area in the offensive against Hamas. Despite international calls for a cease-fire, Israel said it was pushing forward with preparations for a possible ground invasion of Gaza. (AP)

Majority of Casualties Have Been Civilians The U.N. Office for Humanitarian Affairs said Sunday that civilians have made up the majority of Palestinian casualties over the past six days — 133 of 168 killed and nearly half of more than 1,100 wounded. Bill van Esveld of the Human Rights Watch said that in some cases, Israel appears to have violated the rules of war under which parties can only target military objects using proportionate force. (AP)

Psychological Warfare Via Text Message The Israelis received what appeared to be official text messages, first warning them to stay close to bomb shelters, indicating an impending rocket attack from Gaza, and then warning of suicide bombers who may have infiltrated the shelters. The messages were fake; their appearance marks a new type of psychological warfare. (TWP)

with Other Voice, an organization that promotes Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. The two hit it off and have maintained their friendship through many rounds of fighting. They’ve bonded over their shared fate: to live with the constant threat of death from above. But Keidar acknowledges that in many ways, she has a good life compared with that of Mehanna and her fellow Gazans, who have no refuge when the missiles start falling. “We don’t have sirens, we don’t have shelters,” said Mehanna, 43. “If you go outside, it’s not safe. Inside, it’s not safe.” The two friends don’t talk about who is to blame for the violence. “We agree there is no military solution to the conflict,” Mehanna said. “Israel has proven they can’t win and the Palestinians have proven they can’t lose.” GRIFF WIT TE AND WILLIAM BOOTH (THE WASHINGTON POST )

Search on for Last Victim Of Costa Concordia Wreck An Italian official promised Sunday that a search will be conducted for the only unrecovered body of the 32 Costa Concordia shipwreck victims as soon as the wrecked cruise liner is towed away from the island where it struck a reef in 2012. Removal operations will start today. (AP) BAGHDAD

Iraq Delays Decision Iraq’s deadlocked parliament failed Sunday to overcome the deep divisions hampering the formation of a new government, making no progress on choosing new leaders who could help hold the nation together and confront the Sunni militant blitz that has overrun much of the country. Proceedings will resume Tuesday. (AP)

Children’s Books to Be Destroyed for Gay Themes Singapore A children’s book inspired by a reallife story of two male penguins raising a baby chick in New York’s zoo has been deemed inappropriate by state-run Singapore libraries, and the conservative city-state’s information minister said he supports the decision to destroy all copies. The National Library Board, which runs 26 public libraries in Singapore, pulled from the shelves and said it would “pulp” the copies of “And Tango Makes Three,” as well as two other titles, citing

The Books The books that will be destroyed are “And Tango Makes Three,” about a male-male penguin couple in the Central Park Zoo; “The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption,” which involves a lesbian couple; and “Who’s In My Family: All About Our Families.” (AP)

complaints that their content goes against Singapore’s family values. “The prevailing norms, which the overwhelming majority of Singaporeans accept, support teaching children about conventional families, but not about alternative, nontraditional families, which is what the books in question are about,” Minister of Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said. The decision triggered an online petition and an open letter to spare the books. Some are calling for a boycott of the libraries and their events. SATISH CHENEY (AP)

30% The proportion of government cars bought for state use in China from 2014 to 2016 that will be electric or other types of “new energy vehicles,” China’s official news agency reported Sunday. The country is attempting to tackle air pollution and encourage the electric car market. (AP)

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Funding the Silver Line Dulles Toll Road is financing almost half of the costs Tysons Corner, Va. Dulles Toll Road users are shouldering nearly half of the costs of Metro’s soon-to-open Silver Line, a far bigger share than originally predicted. Those drivers also face the biggest exposure for any additional cost overruns or delays on the rail line set to open July 26 — seven months late and $150 million over budget. Tolls are the one share of the Silver Line project’s funding formula that is not capped at a fixed dollar amount or percentage of the final tab. Since construction began, there have been five toll increases that spiked a common round trip from $2.50 to $7 or, viewed as a monthly tab for typical weekday commuters, from $50 to $140. The impact of the line’s rising

A Little Help Earlier this year, Northern Virginia delegates appealed to the U.S. Department of Transportation for low-interest federal loans to help finance the Silver Line. It paid off in April, with nearly $2 billion in loans that the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority said will enable it to freeze tolls at $3.50 until 2018. Had they not received the federal loans as well as $300 million in state grants a year ago, toll road users were on track to shoulder 52 percent of the line’s costs. (T WP)

costs has been painfully apparent to drivers who use the road regularly. Yet the significance of rising tolls as a main funding source drew less public attention than heated intrastate political battles and engineering skirmishes over tunnels. In 2004, tolls were expected to cover about 25 percent of the Silver Line’s construction costs, according to an agreement between Virginia

and the contractor, Dulles Transit Partners, led by Bechtel. Total costs were then estimated at $4 billion. But as project costs rose, so did pressure to pull more revenue from the toll road. And it has been only the recent intervention of Washington and Richmond that added nearly $2 billion in funding, mostly in loans, that spared drivers from paying even more. Officials at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which is overseeing the Silver Line’s construction, and Bechtel maintain that the cost overruns are not a bad outcome for a project that is among the largest of its kind underway in the United States. It’s not a view that John Fringer shares. The line “squeezes money out of us who are forced to use the toll road to pay for the cursed Metro,” said Fringer, 61, who pays $140 a month on round trips between Reston, Va., and his job in Rockville. L O R I A R ATA N I A N D M A RY PAT F L A H E R T Y (THE WASHINGTON POST )

NIH RESEARCH STUDY Rapid Antidepressant Effects of Scopolamine


Columbia Pike Streetcar Line Gets Va. Boost

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BICYCLISTS PARTICIPATING in the fifth annual Brompton U.S. Championships folding-bike race begin Le Mans style, where they have to sprint to their bikes and unfold them before they hop on and go. The 7-mile course along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail took riders through Congressional Cemetery.

Virginia will increase state funding for the controversial Columbia Pike streetcar project by up to $65 million, the state transportation chief told officials in Arlington and Fairfax counties, allowing the streetcar line to be built at least a year faster and without federal funds. The streetcar line, which is expected to run from the Skyline area of Fairfax to the Pentagon City Metro station, has been projected to cost about $358 million. Arlington dropped that estimate to $333 million Friday because of the faster completion time. County officials hope it will be done by 2020. PATRICIA SULLIVAN (THE WASHINGTON POST)

M O N D AY | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 11


Among Neighbors, Chatter But No Trust Study: Most District residents don’t know people around them

to push it in,” Hamlin said. “They were really great about helping us.” Since then, it’s been little more than a “Hi” and “Bye” relationship. Their neighbors smile; they smile back. Some small talk, and that’s about it. “I like them, but I don’t know them,” Hamlin said. District residents talk to their neighbors, but they don’t feel like they truly know them, and they certainly don’t regularly ask one another for help. Those were the findings of a civic-engagement report the city commissioned

Washington Since moving to a high-rise building along the Southwest waterfront a few weeks ago, Nick Hamlin and his wife, Lauren Pengrin, have asked one big favor of their neighbors: to help push a couch into their apartment. “I realized that if they opened their doors, we could get extra space

1 in 3

one’s community. Researchers found that about half of D.C. residents regularly discuss politics — well above the national average of 29 percent. About half frequently talk to their neighbors — slightly above the national average of 43 percent. But only 1 in 3 residents said they would “trust most or all” of the people around them, way below the national average of 56 percent. Only 11 percent would regularly ask them for a favor. The report concludes that if the District were to be compared with

The proportion of D.C. residents who said they would “trust most or all” of the people around them, way below the national average of 56 percent, according to a National Conference on Citizenship report. (T WP)

through the National Conference on Citizenship. The group annually assesses civic engagement in all 50 states and the District. Among the indicators: volunteering, voter participation, discussions about politics and feelings about

the 50 states, a dubious thing to do demographically, it would rank as the least neighborly in the nation. The distinct lack of trust seems especially apparent in some rapidly transforming D.C. neighborhoods, where tension can fester between older and newer residents. It arises during small grievances, such as when impromptu soccer games get kicked out by formalized recreation leagues, or large ones — like low-income housing projects being torn down to make way for urban renewal projects. ROBERT SAMUELS (THE WASHINGTON POST)

Man Claims ‘Kingdom’ to Soccer Fever Reaches Its Pitch Make Daughter Princess Jeremiah Heaton was playing with his daughter in their Abingdon, Va., home last winter when she asked whether she could be a real princess. Heaton, a father of three who works in the mining industry, didn’t want to make any false promises to Emily, then 6, who was “big on being a princess.” But he still said yes. Within months, Heaton was journeying through the desolate southern stretches of Egypt and into an unclaimed 800-square-mile patch of arid desert. There, on June 16 — Emily’s seventh birthday — he planted a blue flag on a rocky hill. The area, a sandy expanse sitting along the Sudanese border, morphed from what locals call Bir Tawil into what Heaton calls the “Kingdom of North Sudan.” “I wanted to show my kids I will literally go to the ends of the earth to make their wishes and dreams come true,” Heaton said. The next step in his plan is to establish positive relationships with Sudan and Egypt by way of converting his “kingdom” into an agricultural production center as his children, especially Emily, wanted. ILEANA NAJARRO (THE WASHINGTON POST)


Abingdon, Va.

Jeremiah Heaton and his daughter Emily, 7, show the flag they designed.

The Response

“This clearly is a misplaced Onion article.” — LAZYSOCIALCOMMENTATOR AT WASHINGTONPOST.COM

“I am sure this girl will grow up well-adjusted and without any issues.” — @DEVINCF

“privileged white people are The Worst. Just The Worst.” — @ROC

If it wasn’t already clear that soccer has struck a deeper chord in the nation’s pysche, an often raucous viewing party for the World Cup final drove that reality home. The venue: a Smithsonian Museum courtyard, where about 1,300 fans cheered and groaned as Germany went on to a 1-0 victory over Argentina near the seemingly stunned images of such iconic American figures as Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr. “It ’s k i nd of ha rd not be enthralled by the spectacle,” said Steve Ruder, who attended the viewing party at the Smithsonian, which was co-hosted by both the Argentine and German embassies. “It’s almost like a magnet that pulls you in.” The event was among the dozens of public viewing parties for a



Fans watch on a 21-foot high screen in the courtyard of the National Portrait Gallery.

World Cup tournament that captured the country’s spirit, even after the U.S. team’s chances of taking the title sputtered in the Round of 16. Soccer fans also gathered Sunday before large video screens on

a street in Fairfax, a park in Silver Spring and inside scores of bars — their often loud reactions as Germany beat Argentina 1-0 echoing through the sunny streets. ANTONIO OLIVO (THE WASHINGTON POST )



12 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | M O N D AY

Cover Story The Report’s Findings

Shelter in Shambles District facility for homeless families is beset by decay and dysfunction The D.C. General emergency shelter is supposed to be a cleaner place to stay than an alley, but records show that a young girl woke up with so many insect bites that she had to be taken to the hospital. It is supposed to be safer than a crime-ridden street corner, but a log shows that two teens pinned a 9-year-old to the floor of a bathroom and one urinated in the boy’s mouth. It is supposed to be better than life on the streets, but one resident filed a complaint saying a shelter worker lured her to his apartment with an offer of $20, began unfastening his pants and asked: “What are you going to do for the money?” The city’s largest shelter for families has been in the spotlight since March, when a janitor there took 8-year-old resident Relisha Rudd off shelter grounds. The girl remains missing and is presumed dead. Mayor Vincent Gray has said he has seen no evidence that the city failed in that case, but a Washington Post investigation of the facility in Southeast that is home to nearly 800 residents has found that Rudd’s case was part of a pattern of problems. Housed in a former hospital near the Stadium-Armory Metro station, D.C. General shares a litter-strewn piece of land with a clinic for meth rehabilitation and sexually transmitted diseases, a working jail and the former city morgue. Despite its intended purpose as a sanctuary, the shelter is too often beset by dysfunction, decay and disease. “I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head and my kids get meals every day,” said Nordicka Burton, who moved to the shelter in Octo-



Children in the D.C. General Emergency Shelter on the First of Each Month The number of children staying at the shelter has ticked up over the years. Currently, there Children in the D.C. General emergency are moreon than children there. shelter the460 first of eachliving month

July 1, 462

500 400 300 200 100 2010






ber with her sons. “But after that, life is really a struggle. There are fights all the time, people are outside doing dope and my boys are scared.” City officials spoke generally about the shelter’s conditions, but they did not respond to four written requests about the specific findings of The Post’s investigation. In the earlier interview, city officials defended the management of the shelter. “Within the confines of

an inadequate building structure, I think our contractor is doing a good job,” said former Department of Human Services director David

Berns, who took the helm in 2011 and retired in June. “Is it perfect? No.” City officials and homeless advocates say D.C. General has never been properly maintained because most saw it as a Band-Aid for the city’s homelessness problem. The city began using the facility as a temporary shelter on cold nights in 2001, when the family shelter, D.C. Village, was overcrowded. Former Mayor Adrian Fenty closed D.C. Village in 2007 amid complaints it was infested with vermin. His administration shifted families to D.C. General until a replacement could be

For Nordicka Burton, a single mom who works as a home health aide, life at the shelter has been a daily test of endurance for her and her two boys, Chris, 13, and Gavin, 6. When she arrived, staff members gave her a space heater because there was no heat in her room. Residents throw trash and dirty diapers from upstairs windows. “You opened your windows, and everything smelled like feces,” Burton said. Rashes formed on Chris’ legs. He was diagnosed with dermatitis, possibly aggravated by contact with fungus or exposure to dust mites, the doctor told her.

found. But the city never found one. The facility is so decrepit that the D.C. Department of Human Services and the contractor running D.C. General concede it cannot be fixed. Yet families continue to be sent to D.C. General as the city has struggled with an unprecedented spike in homelessness caused in large part by a lack of affordable housing. Gray’s plan to find housing for 500 homeless families in 100 days met with limited success. On day 99, the city had placed 198 of them. JUSTIN JOUVENAL, ROBERT SAMUELS AND DENEEN L. BROWN (THE WASHINGTON POST)

To produce the report, The Washington Post interviewed dozens of residents, advocates for the homeless and officials. It gathered hundreds of pages of internal shelter documents through Freedom of Information Act requests and visited D.C. General numerous times. Reporting on the shelter is constrained because access is tightly controlled. Among the investigation’s findings: Staff members charged with caring for and protecting families often preyed upon them. Among 14 complaints of staff misconduct since 2012, residents allege that shelter employees have sexually assaulted them, taken photos of them while they showered, offered them money for sex, involved them in illegal tax scams and even fathered a child with one of them. The incidents echo a 2010 scandal in which female residents alleged that shelter guards had had sex with them or solicited them. The reports prompted then-Mayor Adrian Fenty to fire the contractor running the shelter, Families Forward. Living conditions are often so poor at the 90-year-old facility that residents suffer, are sickened or are put at risk. Nearly 30 people were taken to the hospital or got treatment for bites caused by spiders and other pests; for parasites; for rashes because of dirty showers; or for other problems over the past two years. Residents have gone days, and sometimes weeks, without heat or hot water. The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless produced a report in 2013 that cited frequent heat outages. In one instance, the group said, a mother with an infant waited three weeks in the dead of winter in a room without heat before the clinic intervened on her behalf. The threat of violence, lax safety precautions and a lack of services have created an environment of fear and isolation. Police are called to the shelter frequently on reports of violence, curfew is regularly flouted, and residents say security cameras are broken. The contractor failed to perform reference checks on some employees. Records show police and security have responded to 51 reports of threats and assaults at D.C. General, and 70 cases of abuse, neglect and domestic violence since 2012 — or nearly one incident for every two families. (T WP)

M O N D AY | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 13

14 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | M O N D AY

M O N D AY | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 15


Outstanding Subs At a World Cup where substitutes have made more impact than ever, it was fitting that Mario Goetze came off the bench to win it, and another replacement supplied the perfect cross. Goetze’s extra-time goal to beat Argentina and win the cup was the 32nd scored by a substitute in Brazil. The previous best, 23 at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, is not even close.

Dejected Fans Thousands of Argentine soccer fans gathered on the golden sands of Copacabana beach gasped and then fell into silence when Germany scored a stunning extra-time goal to claim the World Cup title. More than 70,000 Argentina fans packed into Rio de Janeiro in recent days, many traveling upward of 40 hours by car and seemingly all wearing their team’s sky-blue jerseys and chanting day and night.

Leaders Jeered Brazil President Dilma Rousseff and FIFA President Sepp Blatter were jeered and whistled by spectators before they presented the trophy at the World Cup final. Whistling noises were heard from the stands at the Maracana Stadium when they were shown on giant screens. Rousseff and Blatter jointly handed over the trophy to Germany captain Philipp Lahm. (AP)

Goals scored in Brazil, equaling the World Cup record set in 1998 in France — which was the first played with 32 teams over 64 matches. That averages at 2.67 goals per game. (AP)

World Cup With two quick and sublimely deft touches, Mario Goetze ended Germany’s 24-year wait for another World Cup title. Goetze scored the winning goal in extra time to give Germany a 1-0 victory over Argentina on Sunday in a tight and tense World Cup final that came down to a few moments of individual skill. Goetze, who wasn’t born when West Germany beat Argentina in the 1990 f ina l, controlled a cross with his chest in t he 113th minute and in one fluid motion volleyed the ball past goalkeeper Sergio Romero and inside the far post from five yards out. It was a goal that gave Germany its fourth World Cup title in its eighth final, and left Argentina star Lionel Messi still walking in the shadow of his compatriot Diego Maradona, who led his country to the 1986 title. Goetze came on as a substitute for Miroslav Klose toward the end of regulation time, and the 22-yearold midfielder’s fresh legs made the difference. Andre Schuerrle broke down the left flank, sending his cross into the area, and the Bayern Munich player did the rest with a clinical finish.

1 0

Germany’s Mario Goetze scored the game-winning goal in extra time Sunday.

For Germany, the victory ends a string of near misses since winning its last major title at the 1996 European Championship. The team lost the 2002 World Cup final to Brazil and lost in the semifinals in both 2006 and 2010. “It’s incredible. The team did it beautifully,” Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer said. “At some point we’ll stop celebrating but we’ll still wake up with a smile.” It is Germany’s first World Cup title as a unified nation, having won as West Germany in 1954, 1974 and 1990. It was also the third World Cup final between these countries and had been billed as a matchup between the perfect team and the perfect individual, pitting Germany’s machine-like unit against the brilliance of Messi, the four-time world player of the year. But in the biggest game of his career, Messi came up short. He had one good chance to score when he was sent free in the area just after the halftime break, but he sent his shot wide of the far post. “It’s incredible how hard we worked and what a performance we produced,” Germany captain Philipp Lahm said. “It’s an incredible feeling.” MAT TIAS K AREN (AP)

Golden Ball: Lionel Messi, Argentina

Golden Glove: Manuel Neuer, Germany

Messi received the award for best player of the World Cup minutes after his Argentina team lost the final 1-0 to Germany. Messi was selected ahead of Thomas Mueller of Germany and Netherlands forward Arjen Robben by FIFA’s technical study group of coaching analysts. Messi, the four-time world player of the year, scored four goals in the group stage but none in the knockout rounds. (E XPRESS/AP)

Neuer collected the best goalkeeper prize after he allowed just two goals in four knockout-round games and four goals in the entire World Cup. The 28-year-old had 25 saves and an 86 percent save rate in the tournament. In other awards, James Rodriguez of Colombia got the golden boot as top scorer with six goals, and the best young player award went to Paul Pogba of France. (E XPRESS/AP)

NBA Refusing to stagger after the stunning defection of Trevor Ariza to the Houston Rockets, the Wizards shook off the disappointment and made a shocking deal of their own by landing Paul Pierce. Pierce, a 10-time A ll-Star and likely Hall of Famer, agreed to sign a two-year deal for the full mid-level exception worth $10.8 million, according to a multiple people with knowledge of the situation. He has a player option for the second year. The 36-year-old Pierce spent the first 15 years of his career with the Boston Celtics, winning a championship in 2008, and his former

Paul Pierce averaged a career-low 13.5 points a game last season with the Nets.

teammate and current Wizards assistant Sam Cassell played a huge role in recruiting him to Washington. He averaged a career-low 13.5 points last season in Brooklyn, but he gives the Wizards a proven big-game performer and another

veteran mentor to help expedite the progression of franchise building blocks John Wall and Bradley Beal. Pierce announced his arrival on Twitter by stating, “Obama, J Wall here I come.” The Wizards didn’t want to take

any steps back after advancing to the second round for the first time in nine years and quickly found an answer at the small forward position after Ariza spurned them to rejoin the Rockets. Pierce has averaged 21.3 and 5.9 rebounds over a 16-year career. Adding a player with his track record proves how much the organization has grown into a relevant destination. Pierce won’t be looked upon as a primary scorer, but he is certainly capable of creating his own shot and can help 21-year-old Otto Porter Jr. ease into his transition as a rotation player after playing sparingly last season. The Wizards do not expect his presence to stunt Porter’s development in any way. Coach Randy Wittman could also use Pierce as a small ball power forward, a position in which he was able to thrive last season with the Nets. MICHAEL LEE (THE WASHINGTON POST)



Former Nets forward agrees to 2-year deal worth $10.8 million ISSAC BALDIZON (NBAE VIA GETTY IMAGES)

Vladimir Putin chatted with Angela Merkel, and David Beckham, above, hugged Pele at the World Cup final. Tom Brady looked on from the VIP seats when his wife Gisele Bundchen brought the trophy on the field before the game. Mick Jagger and LeBron James were also in the Maracana Stadium.

Goetze’s extra-time goal sinks Argentina in World Cup final

Wizards Lose Ariza But Add Pierce Where Did They Go? You may have heard that LeBron James is returning to Cleveland, but here are some other deals you may have missed after a busy weekend in NBA free agency.

Pau Gasol, above, announced on his verified Twitter account that he reached an agreement with the Bulls. The Grizzlies signed Vince Carter to bolster their outside shooting. The Jazz matched Charlotte’s four-year, $63 million offer for Gordon Hayward. Jeremy Lin joined the Lakers in a trade with the Rockets. Luol Deng agreed to a $20 million, two-year deal with the Heat. The Suns acquired point guard Isaiah Thomas in a sign-and-trade deal with the Kings. (AP)

GMAT waived Anthony, a ‘Knick at Heart,’ Enroll in Stratford’s Decides to Stay in New York Entrepreneurial Masters Program,

and become your own

NBA Carmelo Anthony wanted to be a Knick a few years ago, and nothing has changed now. Anthony is staying in New York, announcing his decision Sunday in a posting titled “My City, My Heart” on his website. “This organization has supported me and in return, I want to stay and build here with this city and my team,” Anthony said. He explained that he owed it to himself to explore all his options as a free agent, and thanked the teams he met with for their interest. “Through it all, my heart never wavered,” he wrote. The Knicks can pay the All-Star forward nearly $130 million over five years, though Anthony has said he would be open to taking less than the maximum salary if it would help build a winning team.




Germany’s Finishing Touch




Carmelo Anthony averaged 27.4 points and 8.1 rebounds a game last season.

Anthony met with Chicago, Houston, Dallas and the Lakers after terminating the final year of his contract and becoming a free agent July 1. “I will always remember this chapter in my life,” he wrote. “In the end, I am a New York Knick at heart.” BRIAN MAHONEY (AP)


Eisenhower Station M metro

Disclosure statements available at TYSONS CORNER CAMPUS • WOODBRIDGE CAMPUS


16 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | M O N D AY


After beating Phillies, Washington remains tied atop the NL East

The Nationals are just where they want to be at the All-Star break: atop the NL East. Jayson Werth homered and drove in four runs, and Tanner Roark pitched seven strong innings to lead Washington to a 10-3 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday. Ryan Zimmerman also went deep and had two RBIs, Ian Desmond knocked in two runs, and Anthony Rendon had three hits and an RBI for Washington. “If you told us earlier we’d be

10 3



Jayson Werth went 2-for-3 with a home run and four RBIs on Sunday.

in this spot at this time, everybody would feel good,” Werth said. “We’re healthy now and we kept our heads above water. I like where we are.” The Nationals (51-42) won the last two games of the series and entered the break in a virtual tie with Atlanta

(52-43) for the NL East lead. “We’re right in the thick of the division,” Nationals manager Matt Williams said. “This is a great way to finish up the first half. It’s momentum for us.” On Sunday, the Phillies had no answers for Roark (8-6), who allowed a run and four hits. He struck out six and walked none. “I pitched with confidence,” Roark said. “I didn’t nibble.” Werth followed consecutive singles by Denard Span and Rendon to lead off the game with an oppositefield shot that quickly made it 3-0. Werth remained hot in July, upping his average this month to .375 (15-for-40) with six homers and 19 RBIs. LaRoche went 0-for-5 with a strikeout to drop his average in July to .122 (5-for-41). He was the only Washington starter not to get a hit on Sunday. A ARON BR ACY (AP)


Nats Enter Break in First

Nationals reliever Tyler Clippard has a 2.03 ERA in 43 appearances this season.

Clippard Added To All-Star Team Nats right-hander ranks 16th in ERA among NL relievers Nationals Nationals reliever Tyler Clippard has been added to the National League All-Star roster, Major League Baseball announced Sunday. After Jordan Zimmermann pulled out of the game Saturday because of a bicep strain, the first-place Nationals were without an All-Star representative, which irked several on the team. Clippard’s addition ensures they will have one for Tuesday’s game in Minneapolis. It will be the setup man’s second All-Star selection in his career. Clippard has a 2.03 ERA in 40 innings, has struck out 53 batters along with a 6-2 record. He is

fourth in the majors with 19 holds. Even after allowing a run in Saturday’s game, Clippard’s ERA ranks 16th among NL relievers. Clippard was last an All-Star in 2011. Ca rd i na ls Ma nager Mi ke Matheny, who is managing the NL All-Star team, could have easily picked Drew Storen to represent the Nationals. Storen has a lower ERA (1.20) and WHIP (0.90) than Clippard. Closer Rafael Soriano, who has a stronger case perhaps than both, said Sunday morning he wasn’t asked to attend the All-Star game — and he wouldn’t want to anyway, preferring to go home to the Dominican Republic after being snubbed in the initial selection. Clippard is replacing Braves starter Julio Teheran, who pitched for Atlanta on Sunday and wouldn’t be available to pitch in the All-Star game. ADAM KILGORE AND JAMES WAGNER (THE WASHINGTON POST )

Martin Wins Women’s British Mo Martin hit the best shot of her life, and it made her a major champion Sunday in the Women’s British Open. From the middle of the fairway on the par-5 18th hole at Royal Birkdale, Martin, left, ripped a 3-wood and the ball hit the middle of the pin and settled 6 feet away for an eagle. An hour later, that turned out to be the winning shot for the 31-year-old American when Inbee Park and Shanshan Feng could not stay under par. (AP)

M O N D AY | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 17





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For gentlemen's clubs in MD. Apply nightly after 9pm at Bazz&Crue, 7752 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD BARBER Licensed Barber wanted, great location with parking, near metro. Call Wade 202-702-7608 Beauty Salon hiring Licensed Barbers, Hair Stylists, Braiders & Nail Techs. Call Steve 202-497-0311 BUS MECHANIC- F/T Motor Coach Bus Mechanic, ASE,HVAC & CDL pref. Heavy diesel engine. (CAT/ Cummins) Exp req. Resume to CDA, AA TEACHERS, IN HOME CARE PROVIDER Three years experience. Call 202-479-2076. Apply at 1505 1st St SW. China Economist CENTRA Technology, Inc., an Equal Opportunity Employer, has an immediate opening for a China Economist to conduct & produce analysis in Chinese & English on China on: economics; finance; business; trade, supply chain; security; law, regulations, and policy; leadership– political & military dynamics; sociocultural trends; domestic development, & geopolitical strategy. Min. Reqs: MA in Int’l Economics, Int’l Affairs or Economics; full fluency in Chinese Mandarin & college-level English fluency & writing skills. 40 hrs/wk; Loc: Arlington VA Area. Interested candidates should send a resume to, referencing job code 1-CA-001 in the subject line.

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PETS ADOPT A CAT/KITTEN Vet checked. Call Feline Foundation. 703-920-8665 American Eskimo—Cute, friendly puppies. Vetchkt, 1st,2nd shots, wrmd,$325 for female, $300 for male, 540-948-6079,540-717-3701 AUSSIE Pups, Merle-Tris, AKC pure bred, vet ck, shots, wormed, ready now! Great, friendly companion! 301-934-3960 or 240-210-3376 Boxer—$550-750, M/F, 7wks, AKC, reg, brindle /fawn/ white, tail docked, dewclaws rem. shots, parents onsite, family raised. 540-955-9949. DOBERMAN PUPS - AKC, 8 weeks old, Black and Tan. Tails docked, dew claws. $500. Please Call Butch 240-286-4508 FRENCH BULLDOG—Puppies, 10weeks,AKC Reg., shots, ready to go, parents on premises $850 202-363-4276 German Sheppard—$500, 4 males and 3 femaies, 5 weeks yrs old, 703-303-8742 German Shepherd—German Shepherd Puppies AKC, $675, Exceptional Quality, Schz. III Lns, 540789-4000 or email Golden Retriever—Golden Retriever Puppies, AKC, Exceptional Quality, Champion Lines, $675, email or 540-789-4000 HAVANESE ACA, HAVACHON, SHH-CHON Non shed, 8 wks+ $350-$650 ($100 off w/ ad). 301-252-9213 Lab Pups—AKC, $500, Pointed Show Sire, Parents OFA, Vax/Deworm UTD, Health Guar. 540239-1734 Poodle—Standard puppies, AKC-Champ Bloodline. M/F. Non-shed, S/W, Home-raised. Silver, black, apricot & creme. 301-246-4169. $1200. YORKIE $400, male, 1 year old. Need to sell, going back to college, papers and shot records provided. Call 202-320-9301

DC RENTALS Congress Heights, SE- DC- Sparkling 1&2BR clean, quiet, secure, $800 & $1,000 + Utils . Nr Bolling AFB 501 Mellon St. SE 20032 301-552-2989 NE- Huntwood Crt. Under new management. 1BR $860+. 2BR $920+. 5000 Hunt St NE. 888-349-3845 NMI Prop Mgmt.

The New



2BR Special $1095 Must Move In by 7/31/14

No Application Fee! Available for Immediate Move In!!!! • Energy-efficient systems • Brushed Nickel Accents • Stainless steel appliances • Large Closets • Microwave • Dishwasher • Central Air Conditioning • Kitchen Breakfast Bars • On-site Management • Washer & Dryer • On-site Maintenance

2100 Maryland Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002



116 Irvington Street SW

1 BRs fr. $860/mo 2 BRs fr. $985/mo


Summer is Here

$50 Off Per Month on a 12 Month Lease Move - In Specials 1, 2 and 3 Large Bedroom, No Holding Fee / $500 Deposit No more high Fee’s • Come in today Move-In by July 31, 2014 Comcast Event Hurry Limited Time Only *on approved credit* *income restrictions apply* 888.891.8472

EFFICIENCY $700 1BR fr. $775 2BR fr. $870

M-F 9-5 • Sat 10-4


2 BRS 895

Central A/C, Convenient to Green Line Metro, Onsite Laundry, Parking, Vouchers Welcome

$20 APPLICATION FEE! Convenient to shops, schools, Dishwasher. Walk-in closets., w-w carpet 5% DISCOUNT: METRO & DC GOVT employees

Call for details

(877) 464-9774 3539 A St. SE


South East


Heating Apartments • Free Heat & Gas • Patios/Balconies • Community Center • Ask About Our Government and • Controlled Building Senior Discounts Access

Application Fee $25.00

Friendship Court July 12th 10am - 2pm OPEN HOUSE Saturday, $20 Application Fee

1 Bedrooms 2 Bedrooms STARTING @ $729* STARTING @ $829*

for one adult 18yrs and older or two adults $35


202-969-8564 2562 Naylor Rd., SE Washington, DC 20020

2343 Green Street SE • Wash. DC 20020

The weather is nice and so are our apartments!!!

5 minute walk from the Minnesota Ave Metro Controlled access entry • Laundromat facilities on-site Free summer camp • Community Center Gas heat & cooking • Central A/C and much, much more!

3551 Jay Street NE, Washington DC 20019



1 Bedrooms @ $750

Mon.-Fri. 9-5pm, Call for Saturday appointments *Limited Time Only

M-F 9am-4pm Saturday 10am-2pm

202.563.6968 4632 Livingston Rd SE

New Extended hours on Wednesdays 9am-7pm

Professionally Managed By CIH Properties, Inc.

Washington View

DAHLIA Studios Starting at $1100 (some with dens) 1 Bedrooms Starting at $1300 • Hardwood Floors • Renovated Kitchens • Spacious Floorplans • Ample Closet Space • Metro bus at Entrance


2BRs as low as $1100 $ 300 off

if move in Immediately

• • • • • • • • •

7019 Georgia Avenue NW Washington DC 20012

Fitness Center Business Center Community Center Spacious Floorplans Individually Controlled Heat & A/C Balconies & Patios Controlled Access Sparkling Swimming Pool Fabulous Views of the City William C. Smith & Co./EHO

2629 Douglas Rd., SE • Washington, DC


SE - 13th St. 2 mins to metro,2 BR. $875 + utilities. Section8 okay . 202-388-3900 x15 202-438-3499 SE: 3BR apt,CAC,hdwd/carpet,new kit & bath. Section8 welcome.$1500/month. Call 202-285-5817 SE DANBURYST - Attractive 1BR $805. 1st months rent free. Good credit req. Metro Bus at corner. Call 202-563-1791 SE-Hanover Court. Under new mgmt. 1BR $775+. 2BR $850.$50 app fee 2412 Hartford St. #202 SE. 202-506-6416 NMI Property Management SE - NEWCOMB ST 2BR/3BR. $875-$1661 + electric. Section 8 ok. 202-388-3900 x10 or 202-438-3499


LOOK, LEASE, LIVE Starting at $


+ electric $35 app fee

Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM

NEWLY RENOVATED 1 BEDROOMS Secured Buildings • Hardwood Floors Dishwashers • On Site Laundry 1 Block from Benning Rd. Subway Station $35 App. Fee • $408 Security Deposit


4511 B Street SE, Washington, DC 20019 • 202-621-6836


*Limited time only. Call for details. • Central A/C & • Renovated



Mon.-Fri. 9-5. Sat. 10-4

The Perfect Location at the Perfect Price


• Studios & 1 Bedroom Apartments • All Utilities Included M-F 9-6 • Fitness Center/Swimming Pool Sat. 10-5 • Ask about our Tax Credit Program*


Housing Choice Vouchers welcome where rents are within voucher program limits.

GREENWOOD MANOR M-F 8:30 - 5 PM SAT. by appt only


Meadow Green Courts!

Housing Choice Vouchers Welcome where rents are within voucher limits





W/W carpet, CAC/1 Air/Heat, Dishwasher, Laundry facility, fee


XX740 1x.50

NW - 1BR $969 - $ 1019 incl utils. Laundry on-site, Lead Safe!! Ms. Mitchell 301-316-4590



SOUTHWEST/Metro Convenient!


XX740 1x.25 XX740 1x.50

Professionally Managed by


8:30am - 5:30pm M-F

201 I Street, SW • Washington, DC 20024 Located NearThe S.W. Waterfront SE

1 Month FREE Rent!*

2 BRs starting at $1260. • Washer & dryer • Individually controlled A/C • Wall-to-wall carpeting • Complimentary Alarm Syst.

ROYAL COURTS 202-969-8558 3719 4th Street SE *Call for details. Restrictions apply


A Great Place at a Great Price! River Hill Apartments!

1 Bedrooms at $829 No Application Fee/Deposit Special! Individually Controlled Central Air Dishwasher/Garbage Disposal Laundry Room in every building!

(202) 562-5060

2942 2ND St. SE Wash, D.C. 20032 Professionally Managed By CIH Properties, Inc.

Call For Information on Specials! EFF, 1 & 2 BRs $ Starting @


Min. To National Harbor, Mins. from I295, I395, I495, On-site Laundry/Parking, Vouchers Welcome

SPECIAL! • $200 OFF 1st Months Rent

202.561.4675 4200 S. Capitol St. Wash. DC 20032

M O N D AY | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 19



Rents Starting @ $780 $

0 app fee • 1 & 2 br Available

305 37th Street SE


SW-Madison Ct. Under New Management. Starting at 1BR $845+, 2BR $945+. 32 Chesapeake St. SW 202-561-7368 NMI Property Management WAGGAMAN CORPORATION Presents NE 330 63rd Street, NE, 1 Bedroom $700 +elec Laundry available, Cap.Heights Metro nearby Housing Choice Voucher Welcomed Equal Housing Opportunity 202-537-8970 Washington DC Southeast Roland Park - 4801-15 Texas Ave, SE. Call to make an appointment to see our 2BR, steps from Blue Line. $1000 + elec. 301-559-9111. Benning Rd Apts - 4952 Benning Rd. SE-NO VACANCIES.


District Hts.

WOODLAND SPRINGS 1, 2, 3, 4 Bedrooms Available

Call for pricing Application Fee waived with This Ad!

4 Bedroom Specials!! (Income restrictions apply) Metro accessible to Addison Rd. & Suitland Rd. Stations Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm

6617 Atwood Street District Heights, MD 20747


ANDREWS - Luxury Rental 3BR, 2 New BA, New Kit, 2 Fpls, Full Bsmt. Security System. $1950. 703-447-9127

HIGHLAND RIDGE Apartment homes from $935*


OAKCREST TOWERS Spacious Modern Floorplans Pool, Fitness, Tennis and so much more ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED *for a small fee

Efficiencies from $777! 1 Bedrooms from $930! 2 Bedrooms from $1220!

Ask about our specials* Community Center Pets Welcome Walking Distance to Bus & Metro

Convenient Location

Let us find you the perfect home!

Call Now (888) 831-6315



Cypress Creek


CAPITAL HEIGHTS - 608 62nd Pl. 2BR house, kitchen, DR, LR, W/D, AC, park, front & rear yard. $1,350 + utils. Call 240-425-2104

CHEVERLY CROSSING APARTMENTS 3839 64th Ave Hyattsville MD 20784


1525 Elkwood Lane Capitol Heights, MD 20742

(866) 574-7408

Free July Rent • Flat Screen TV • Renovated Apartments • Spacious Floorplans • Central HVAC 1 Bedrooms @ $850 per month 2 Bedrooms @ $950 per month 3 Bedrooms @ $1199 per month

1 BR from $879 2 BR from $1049

ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED for a small fee Prices subject to verification


Rosecroft Mews

Move In Special

(202) 553-3814

Park your browser here.

Concerts, movies, events, restaurants and more.

1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments Starting @ $980 We Offer Second Chance Program With $0 Security Deposit • Clubhouse & Fitness Center • Washer & Dryer In Unit • Renovated Apartments Available • Less than Five Minutes from 495 • Swimming Pool • Central A\C & Heat • Spacious Closets


XX740 1x2.5

2428 Corning Ave. Fort Washington, MD 20744 Call today to schedule an appointment tour!





*with no carpet

*with carpet

from $850*

• Spacious Floorplans • Fully equipped contemporary kitchen • Washer and Dryer in each home • Fitness center, clubhouse and pool

from $910*



from $950

• Ceiling Fans • Lovely Setting • Near the New ARTS DISTRICT • Close to Shopping & Metro

Coopers Crossing Landover, MD

1, 2, and 3 BRs Starting at $920 *

One Month Free!

Pet Friendly • Pool & Fitness Center Spacious Floor Plans • Huge Walk-In Closets Dishwasher/Washer & Dryer • Near Metro


Immediate move-in specials



HYATTSVILLE- SFH, 3BR, 1.5BA, CAC, carpet,patio, 1 car garage, bi-level. No pets. Cable/Wi-fi, OSP, near metro/ bus. $1500 + utils. Call 301-661-7694



Summer Ridge

$300 off 2 BRs. Must move in by August 1, 2014.


*Income Qualifications

Arts District


price is for 1st Mo. Rent/ 1 BR only

(when you sign a 12 mo. lease).

# Occupants

Maximum Income













1 BR at $800 • 2 BR at $875

• Computer Lab & Classes • Metro Accessible • After school and Summer program for the kids • Easy access to 495/295, Metro and Shopping

Our Sizzling Prices Will Make You Shiver Stop in Today : 1 and Dens : 2 Bedrooms : 2 and Dens : 3 Bedrooms

Contact Jackie or Paula at 301-773-8484

866.507.2283 1829 Belle Haven Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20785

On residential street next to DeMatha HS Off-st parking • Ceiling Fans

Performance. People. Pride.

(tenant pays electric • carpet extra)

Present this ad and receive a free application fee


The Villages At Montpelier

DC Rider






FREE Internet & Cable* (*1-BR only) State of the Art Fitness Center Stainless Steel Appliances** Granite Countertops** Washer & Dryer** Free Gas (cooking & heat) & Water Outdoor & Indoor Pools (**Select Units) *Subject to change.

• Free gas and water • State-of-the-art fitness center



6400 Riverdale Road • Riverdale, MD 20737

888-251-1872 Mon.-Fri. 8-5, Sat. 10-4, Sun. 12-4



• Roomy, modern apts. • Private balconies/patios • Cathedral ceiling


5409 Riverdale Road • Riverdale, MD 20737


11658 South Laurel Drive Laurel, MD 20708

Still the best way to kill time during your commute. XX133 1x1


• • • • • • •

Call for details






1 Bedrooms from the $1000’s 2 Bedrooms from the $1300’s

Some restrictions apply

*limited time offer. Ask for details


XX609 1x.75


• Right across from the NEW WEGMANS • Remodeled w/brand new Kitchens • Licensed daycare on premises


MAPLE RIDGE 2252 Brightseat Road • Landover, MD 20785


866.914.9712 LANDOVER • • • • •


Walk to Metro Walk to Elementary School Minutes to the NEW WEGMANS Granite Countertops* Stainless Steel Appliances* *Select Units Only



3402 Dodge Park Rd. • Landover, MD 20785


LANDOVER • Gated community • State - of - the - art Fitness Center • Free gas and water • Walk to Walmart


3817 64th Avenue • Landover Hills, MD 20784


Free 6-Week Summer Camp

Come Visit Us: Mon. thru Fri. 8 am - 5 pm • Sat. 10 am to 4 pm • Sun. 12 pm - 4 pm

20 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | M O N D AY


2 BRS $995 3 BRS $1,195


• Renovated Kitchens w/Dishwasher • Central HVAC • All Floorplans w/Balcony or Patio

1 BR $1021 All Utilities Included 1 BR + Den $1132 2 BR $1255 2 BR + Den $1522 3 BR 1599 3 BR + Den $1746 202-553-3814



$599 price is for 1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only (when you sign a 12 mo. lease).

1 BR’s are $1050

Central Air • Elevator Off St. Parking • Mid-Rise Apts All Utilities Included

*Call about our move-in specials

1439 Southern Ave.



Silver Spring


• Mins from 495, Rt. 50, 295

7742 Finns Lane Lanham, MD 20706


Move In Special



$599 price is for 1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only. (on a 12 mo. lease) 1-BR $1100 | 2-BR $1225



2 BRs fr $


$30 Application Fee • Walk to Metro • W/W Carpet or Hardwood avail • Secure Buildings • Parklike setting w/picnic tbls & grill

Forest Glen Apts. 888-887-6793

Close to the Forest Glen Metro Off-Str. Parking/Controlled Access Ceiling Fans Housing Vouchers Welcome UTILITIES INCLUDED

3415 Parkway Terr. Dr. Suitland, Md. Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm.

Welcome to

Ashton Heights


Enjoy the HI-Rise Living

1 Bedroom from $1599 2 Bedrooms from $1899

Huge closets, balcony, granite counter and all utilities included! Walk to Metro, Shopping and Dining


301-289-9590 3301 Chillum Rd. 20712



• Enormous Floor Plans • Noise Dampening Floors • Close to Shopping • Pet Friendly • Washer & Dryers in all 3 BR units


(when you sign a 12mo. lease)

1 BR Special- $1168 2 BR Special- $1300* 3 BR Special- $1650*

Super Convenient Location Close to shops & rec. ctr

1BR $825 • 2BR $925 Utilities & Carpet Included! (A/C Extra)

*select models. 50% off your first full month’s rent PLUS $100 off each month. Must move in by 7/15/14* Ask about our rental coupon special!

301-277-6202 XX740 1x.25


XX740 1x.25




Starting at



2BR, 1BA Starting at



3BR, 1.5BA Starting at



Conveniently located near Beltway (495, 95, 295) Pennsylvania Ave.

Silver Spring

1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only


1BR, 1BA

3901 Suitland Rd. Suitland, MD 20746

710 Roeder Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20910



(301) 955-1197


COMMUNITY FEATURES Building Control Access Sparkling Swimming Poll Permit Parking • Fitness Center Laundry Facility • Metro Accessible

REJUVENATE Your Lifestyle

1 block to West Hyattsvile Metro Newly Renovated Apt Homes* FREE after school program Swimming Pool Oasis Fitness/Business Center Hablamos Español


APARTMENT FEATURES Dishwasher • Gas Range Stove Wall-to-Wall Carpet Cable Ready • Central Heat Building Control Access

1 and 2 BRs available


Highrise or garden style apts Dishwashers Gas cooking & heat Swimming pool Pet friendly (some restrictions)


Andrew’s Ridge Up to 1½ Months Free* Rents from $1050 $500 Off 1st Month*

• Classic & Renovated apartments available • Spacious bedrooms • Ample closet space • Exciting community renovations underway!


5601 Regency Park Court • Suitland, MD 20746 *Limited time offer on select apartments

TEMPLE HILLS - 3309 B1 Huntley Square Dr. 2BR condo, LR, DR, kitchen, patio, W/D, AC. $1,450/mo all utils inc. Call 240-425-2104



Furnished Efficiencies: $399 Wk  $1470 Mo Cable  Internet  Utilities  Housekeeping 99 South Bragg St, Alexandria, VA 22312 703-354-6300

MANASSAS - 3 level TH, 4BR,3.5BA,new carpet & paint,finishedw-o basement,deck,fpl,W/D. $2,000.703-498-5765 or 703-330-2717

Marlow Plaza 301-289-7575 •

Temple Hills 1brs from $899* • Spacious closets • Lots of windows • Walk to shopping & community center • Minutes to 2 Metro stations • Access to swimming pool

♦ Marlow Heights *limited time offer





1brs from $894

888.480.1693 SILVER SPR/Forest Glen Metro

• • • • • •



• • • • •




Call to hear about our

current specials! 1 BRs from $1100’s • 2 BRs from $1200’s • Spacious apt homes conveniently located near AAFB & FedEx Field • Large closets • Pool & Exercise Room • Indoor racquetball court • Washer/Dryers in each unit • Fireplace* *On select units


ROOMMATES ASPEN HILL,MD- 1BR in bsmt,full bath, living room,private entrance,near metro. $800 utilitiesincluded.Call 240-483-1311 BOWIE - Male preferred.Clean, furnished.No pets.$165-$175 a week all utils included.301-537-5433 COLLEGE PARK 5 min. to CP Metro, brick house, front porch, back deck. $650. incl. util. Scott 443949-5938 HYATTSVILLE,MD - Room in houseto share. Close to metro.No pets/ smoking. $550/mo.Call 410-476-1665 LAUREL - basement room priv bath, priv entrance, wall to wall $750. Additional room, $525. WD, DW,near bus/ shoppinginc. utilities.240-475-4072 NE/Ft Totten Metro/Red Line- Female Pref $935 unfurn BR shrd Single Family Home in 3BR, 2.5BA. W/D, Cbl, int, maid svc. utils incld 202-494-3692 NW - Large clean furn room in quiet home. $695 unfurn/ $795 furn.All utilitiesincluded. Call 301-529-5430. SILVER SPRING Walk to metro, BR & BA $650, $529 No pets smoke. Incl Utils. 301-593-2435 Silver Spring- NS, W/ trans & shop,furn. $375/bi-wk inc Utils, internt& cbl Sam-240-286-5451 SILVER SPRING- Room to rent W/D, Shrd kit & BA Near Holy Cross Hospital 240-988-9316 SILVER SPRING/WHEATON- Furn rm for rent. Walk to bus/rail. $620/mon utilities included NS. 301-942-1209 TAKOMA PARK Utils incl. parking avail, n/s, near metro. $565-$600. plus security. 240-487-6125

RESORT PROPERTIES BAD/NEGATIVE CREDIT Removed from Credit Report. Guaranteed or your money back. 202-775-6932

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE NW - 15th & L, Restaurant/Nightclub. Ready to take over. Poss. liquor lic. 3 floors. Please Call Now 202-429-3737




PUBLIC AUTO AUCTION EVERY SAT Over 500+ Cars, Trucks, Boats, RV's 301-563-9571 JAGUAR 1997 VANDEN PLAS- Gold, 4.0 i6, auto, 160k miles, nice roomy car, all options, new tires & hoses. $3,200 cash. Call 703-509-0183 JUNK VEHICLES REMOVED FREE CASH PAY FOR ALL 202-714-9835


NEED A VEHICLE? Over 1,000 Cars, Trucks, SUV’s! You need 2 Paystubs & 1 Bill - Laurel, MD. Gross income must be $2k mo+. Jason 202.704.8213 TOP CA$H FOR ANY CAR FAST,FREE PICK-UP 202-517-2579 CA$H ON THE SPOT

4901 Seminary Rd., ALEXANDRIA, VA

Studios from the $1000s* 1BRs from the $1200s* 2BRs from the $1700s*

• All utilities paid • No Security Deposit or move-in fees • Metrobus at front door to Pentagon & Van Dorn Metro • Free parking • Convenient to Pentagon, Shopping & I-395

DC Rider


*All Prices & Specials Subject to change without notice.

MON, TUE, WED, THU 9-7 • FRI, SAT 9-5 • SUN 11-5

(888) 450-3292





XX609 1x.75


301-309-3917 WWW.DARCARS.COM

M O N D AY | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 21

On the Mend Tracy Morgan heads home to recover from a truck accident 27

Getting Away With Murders?


‘24: Live Another Day’ (FOX)

Joe Berlinger looks behind a mobster’s reign in his doc ‘Whitey’

The miniseries concludes by making a sizable time leap in “Day 9: 10:00 P.M.11:00 A.M.” The clock is running out, as usual, as Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland, right) tries to stop terrorists from carrying out actions that would devastate the globe.


‘Time Scanners’ (PBS) The series finale explores an ancient desert city in Jordan, whose buildings and their secrets were unknown to the Western world for more than a thousand years.



‘Taxi Brooklyn’ (NBC) A foster parent’s murder brings out Cat’s maternal side as she takes a shine to one of the slain woman’s young charges. The case also stirs emotions for Leo, whose son is back in France. Cat seeks permission from Captain Baker to start a probe of an underworld family she may have a personal link to.


‘Married’ (FX) Nat Faxon, above left, and Judy Greer, above right, star in this new comedy about facing your midlife crisis with the one you love. Russ and Lina are struggling to keep the magic alive, even as they face carpool lanes, debt and suburban boredom. (TRIBUNE MEDIA /E XPRESS)

As co-director of the “Paradise Lost” trilogy, Joe Berlinger raised so many questions about the seemingly rushed convictions of three Arkansas teens in a bizarre child-murder case that the prisoners were ultimately set free. Berlinger isn’t out to do the same with his latest documentary, “Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger.” “I’m not an advocate for James ‘Whitey’ Bulger,” Berlinger makes clear. “He’s a brutal, vicious killer who deserves to be behind bars.” The notorious gangster spent 16 years on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list before his capture (at age 81) in 2011, and no one in the fi lm denies that Bulger is a bad guy. Other truths proved more elusive, however. “Of all the films I’ve ever made, this is a ‘Rashomon’ experience,” Berlinger says, referring to the 1950 Akira Kurosawa film that tells the story of a crime from multiple points of view, many of which contradict one another. “I think [‘Whitey’] is allowing everyone to have their say in the interest of a larger truth rising to the top, and that truth is there are a lot of disturbing questions about this case that deserve to be answered.” With this film (available on iTunes and VOD), Berlinger questions how Bulger managed to rule Boston’s criminal underground as




James “Whitey” Bulger, seen here in police mug shots, insists he’s no rat in “Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger.”

“[Bulger’s] trial really should have been an opportunity for all of the truth to come out …” — JOE BERLINGER, DIRECTOR OF THE NEW DOCUMENTARY “WHITEY: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. JAMES J. BULGER”

one of the chiefs of the Irish mob for decades when the police and the FBI knew full well what he was up to. “If you believe the official story, he was an FBI informant and the FBI looked the other way and empowered one set of criminals to take down the other set,” Berlinger says (the “other set” was the Mafia).

“Whitey” pokes really big holes in that official story — often with the help of Bulger himself, who repeatedly insists in talks with his lawyer (Berlinger was not allowed to interview Bulger himself) that he was not “a rat.” The catch is that Bulger and the government have such a huge stake in their stories being true that you can’t trust either of them. Bulger wants to keep his status as an honorable gangster who doesn’t tattle; the government wants to use Bulger’s status as an informant as justification for why they never caught him. “[Bulger’s] trial really should have been an opportunity for all of the truth to come out as to how it is he could have been on top of the criminal heap for 25 years and not get so much as a traffic ticket,” Berlinger says. Bulger was not allowed

to present his argument — basically, that while he wasn’t an informant, he had unofficial assurances from multiple branches of law enforcement that he wouldn’t be touched — as his defense. Berlinger, most famous for exposing injustices perpetrated against the wrongly convicted, says the victim of injustice here isn’t Bulger, who is serving two life terms in federal prison. To him, the victims are the families of those Bulger killed, as well as the American public as a whole. “We can’t have our institutions of government picking and choosing who should live and who should die by deciding, ‘OK, we’re going to bring down the Italian Mafia, but we’re going to let the Irish mobsters run free,’ ” he says. “That’s why it matters.” KRISTEN PAGE-KIRBY (E XPRESS)

The weekend box office take of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” one of the best debuts of the summer so far. After two weeks on top, the Michael Bay action sequel “Transformers: Age of Extinction” slid to second with $16.5 million. The Melissa McCarthy comedy “Tammy” came in third with $12.9 million. (AP)

22 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | M O N D AY


lookout entertainment

The merchant loves his beautiful pet parrot and gives him lots of presents. The pet parrot doesn’t love living in his cage. Meanwhile, the cat wanders freely.

With Flying Colors ‘Two Parrots’ is a rich, bright fable of birds and freedom Books The 13th-century Persian poet Rumi tells us if you love something, you should set it free. Unless it has already beguiled you and escaped on its own. In her first U.S. publication, the picture book “Two Parrots,” Arling-

ton-based IranianAmerican illustrator and writer Rashin K heiriyeh reimagines Rumi’s tale of a pet parrot yearnKheiriyeh ing to fly the coop. Spoiler alert: He does. Other spoiler alert: Everything works out in the end. The plot is simple: A friend from India gives a Persian merchant a pet parrot, which the mer-

chant, the bird takes matters into his own talons. Kheiriyeh believes that by keeping a story short, happy and funny, children’s literature can pass messages between generations. Having worked on children’s books in 10 different countries, Kheiriyeh says this approach is universal. All over the world, “people think that by funny stories they can teach children better,” she says. “The messages will remain in their kids’ minds for a longer time.” Kheiriyeh’s artwork — oil paint on paper in the case of “Two Par-

chant lavishes with presents and fine foods. But the parrot desires only freedom and a return to his flock. Instead of waiting on a change of heart from the mer-

Drummer remade himself to help start a punk movement Obituary Tom Erdelyi hadn’t planned to become Tommy Ramone, but circumstances forced him into a new identity as the drummer and driving force behind one of the most inf luential and unforgettable rock ’n’ roll bands of the 1970s. He was the last surviving member of the Ramones, the seminal New York punk group whose

buzzsaw music and don’t-give-a-rip attitude have been a lasting influence for more than a generation. Erdelyi (or Ramone, as he was better known), 65, died Friday at his Queens home of bile-duct cancer. There had been other strippeddown groups before the Ramones, but the four leather-clad kids from Queens, N.Y., created a distinctive no-frills identity, with their torn jeans and style-free haircuts, as they pounded out songs. It didn’t matter that they could barely play their instruments: The Ramones were a rock ’n’ roll primal scream, an expression of rebel-


Last Original Ramones Member Dies

Tommy Erdelyi planned to be the band’s manager but picked up drums instead.

lion, loneliness and unfiltered fun. As a show of brotherly solidarity, each band member adopted the last name Ramone. The band had read that Paul McCartney had checked into hotels as Paul Ramone, derived from the name of pop-music producer Phil Ramone. Erdelyi was going to be the band’s manager and was helping audition drummers when the group was forming in 1974. When none of them could follow the Ramones’ style, he picked up the sticks himself and became Tommy Ramone. “I knew from the start what we were doing was innovative and had

rots” — is imaginative and bright. The heavily textured paper on which she painted, brought back from a trip to India, is handmade. She says its texture reminded her of the clay and hay mixture used to build Iranian houses of old. She also found inspiration in traditional Persian art, seen in the floral and geometric patterns and bold color palette incorporated throughout her book. “I love those Persian painting styles from the past and I love blending them with the modern graphic,” she says. Clever details add layers of meaning to the story. Watch for notes written in Farsi (one is a letter from the parrot to a friend), a bright-eyed group of serving women and a cat who meanders throughout the pages. “Using the black cat is kind of my sign in most of my picture books. I just use it as a playful character,” Kheiriyeh says. Kheiriyeh hopes her book will address what she feels is a lack of Iranian culture in American bookstores. “In Iran we have rich literature from the past,” she says. “I always have a great passion to work on Persian literature and adapt it to the modern audience. I wanted to retell those stories with new images. That’s my goal.” ALLIE GHAMAN (E XPRESS)

the potential to start a genre and a movement,” Tommy Ramone told USA Today in 2004. Almost every Ramones song began with Dee Dee shouting, “1-23-4!” before the band launched into an anthem such as “Suzy Is a Headbanger” or “I Wanna Be Sedated.” (All the band’s songs were credited to “The Ramones,” but Tommy was a major contributor to many.) The Ramones broke up in 1996 and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. They influenced British punk bands who became more famous and a generation of younger groups, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Green Day. MAT T SCHUDEL (THE WASHINGTON POST )

M O N D AY | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 23

unions lookout Corrine Marr, Dorian Spence

treated her to a movie followed by an evening walk on the water in Georgetown.” “I had no idea we were on a date or that he was even interested.” HOW HE PROPOSED: For the one-year anniversary of her boutique, he called all their friends to celebrate; after toasting her success, he dropped to one knee. STUPIDEST FIGHT: After the Cincinnati Bengals lost a game, she called him a fair-weather fan. “He went on a three-hour tirade about how you never say that.” WHEN SHE KNEW: When he left D.C. to finish law school. “I texted my best friend, ‘I’m going to marry Dorian.’ I still have the phone so I can keep the message.”

Corrine, 30, is a senior associate with a consulting firm and owns an online boutique. Dorian, 30, is an attorney. They’ll live in D.C. after they’re married.

Elizabeth and John Daggett Elizabeth (nee Pratt), 37, is an analyst. John, 40, is a program manager at Customs and Border Protection. They, with sons Charlie and Henry, live in D.C. THEIR WEDDING: Beth and John wed Aug. 18, 2007, in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. WEDDING MEMORIES: John: “My

quiet and reserved dad dancing to what he called ‘the jumping song,’ aka. ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain.” “We had to play it twice because it was so popular,” Beth adds. DATE NIGHT: Dinner, a nice bottle of wine and a stroll. “On the way, we bump into Louis CK, who’s more than happy to pose for a selfie,” John says. KEEPING THE SPARK: “Lots of double entendres,” Beth says. “We have to be more careful as

“The discovery of a wine is of greater


THE MAIN EVENT: They will wed Nov. 7 in their hometown outside Cincinnati. HOW THEY MET: Elementary school, where even then, Dorian was crushing. They reconnected when he moved to D.C. for an internship, where she found him cute but cocky. FIRST DATE: As an unpaid clerk in D.C., “with the little money I had, I

our older son starts to catch on.” PET PEEVES: “She ruthlessly hunts down and disposes of any socks with holes in them, even ones that have given me years of faithful service.” SAGE ADVICE: “Feel comfortable telling your spouse they make poor television choices,” John says. “I think ‘Scandal’ is absurd and a complete waste of time. Beth would prefer watching paint dry to sitting through ‘Game of Thrones’ with me.”

Valerie Hargis, Charlie Yi Valerie, 27, is an English teacher. Charlie, 42, is an IT tech. They live in Falls Church. THE MAIN EVENT: They will tie the knot July 19 in Leesburg, Va. HOW THEY MET: They met during a swing-dance event in D.C. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: “He was ridiculously cool and way out of my league.” “I fell for her the moment I saw her.” FIRST DATE: The weekend after the DC Lindy Exchange, they wandered the Mall. HOW HE PROPOSED: At a Gatsbythemed picnic in Richmond. They were on a tour of a historic mansion when a guide led them to a back room. “I was feeling really excited for the ‘extra’ tour segment, but then the staff member left the room and closed the door” — at which point he popped the question. THEIR SONG: “Shiny Stockings,” by the Count Basie Orchestra. It’ll be their first dance — the lindy hop, of course — after they’re married.

Our expert wine team has

moment than the discovery of a

tasted tens of thousands of

constellation. The universe is too

wines, with only the top 0.6%

full of stars.” –Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father, Avid Wine Lover

being deemed fit for The Washington Post Wine Club. That means you’re only getting the finest wine the world has to offer—every

Compromise is for politics, not wine.

SPECIAL OFFER: SAVE 50% on your first Wine Club shipment—NOW $45* (reg. $90) Enter code WPFA10 at checkout

*Plus shipping and applicable tax. Offer applies to first Wine Club shipment only and cannot be combined with other promotions. Subsequent shipments will be billed at the standard price. Restrictions apply. Wines are subject to change. Offer does not apply to one-time Wine Gifts or Wine Shop. Expires 9/30/14. ©2014 The Washington Post Wine Club has chosen ©2014 Global Wine Company, San Rafael, CA, and its panel of experts to select the wines and operate the club on our behalf. The Washington Post Wine Club is operated independently of The Washington Post’s newsroom.

V0905 5x3

shipment, all year long.

24 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | M O N D AY


lookout online

“OMG The Columbus Blue Jackets signed C Brandon Dubinksy through 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!” — COMMENTER SCOTTLASTNEIN AT DEADSPIN.COM focuses on the non-

“Sure, it’s a little embarrassing to have been fooled, but it’s good to know that New Yorkers’ healthy, altogether reasonable fear of being overrun by baby tarantulas briefly proved to be more powerful than their kneejerk skepticism.”

“Basically, I just really, really hate Instagram and want this to be true, even if it probably isn’t.” — C.A. PINKHAM AT JEZEBEL.COM

realizes that a Craigslist post is — CAROLINE BANKOFF AT NYMAG headline making transaction news probably fake, but doesn’t care. .COM reveals that a flyer posted in in the New York Times’ Saturday New York City restaurant owners Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood sports section. The paper moved supposedly wrote that they viewed its usual transactions box to the claiming that a pregnant pet tarantula surveillance tapes from 2004 had escaped was a hoax. The poster front of the section, whited out the and from 2014 to compare how put it up as a joke — never expecting rest of the page and highlighted customers behaved then and now. that the image of a spider named the one line that had everyone The 2014 “data” included such ragePenelope would go viral and freak talking on Friday — inducing figures as “26 out of 45 the neighborhood out. LeBron James’ move back to the customers spend an average of 3 Cleveland Cavaliers. minutes taking photos of the food.”

“The July effect is the kind of medical trivia that tends to turn up at cocktail parties, something I’ve always wondered about when it gets mentioned in passing as a definite fact.” — SARAH KLIFF AT VOX.COM digs into

research about whether July — — COMMENTER ANGRY WASP AT IO9 when medical residents start new .COM is conflicted about the news jobs — is a more dangerous time to be a patient. Research shows that that NBC plans to air a live broadcast of a Peter Pan musical. After “hospitals that are training new the mixed reception of “The Sound doctors in July tend to have more patient deaths than those without of Music Live!,” skepticism is warranted. But then, Christopher the newbies,” but overall the rate of deaths still turns out to be high- Walken will play Captain Hook — and he’ll tap dance. er in the winter than summer.

Do you still have...

WARNING: Alcohol Ruins Lives


DO YOU HAVE ALCOHOL AND ANXIETY PROBLEMS? You may be eligible for a research study testing whether an investigational drug compared to a placebo can help reduce your cravings for alcohol. You may be eligible for the study if you: • Are 21–65 years of age • Use alcohol on a regular basis • Often feel anxious • Have tried to stop drinking alcohol but can’t Participants will: • Stay at the Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, for about five weeks • Undergo detoxification (if needed) and receive alcohol treatment • Complete questionnaires, have blood drawn, and have an MRI brain scan There is no cost to participate. Participants will be compensated and may receive travel assistance.

as a result of injury or surgery?

You may be qualified to participate if you: • are at least 18 years of age • have experienced at least six months of nerve pain as a result of surgery or an injury • satisfy all of the eligibility requirements For more information, go to:

Do you still have tingling, burning or shooting pain (nerve pain) after an injury or surgery? A 17-week research study is being conducted to test the safety and effectiveness of an investigational medicine in people with this type of nerve pain, as compared to a placebo (a look-alike pill made up of an inactive substance). All study-related medications and procedures will be provided at no cost. You may also be reimbursed for time and travel.

For more information, please contact:

IntegraTrials Clinical Research 703-528-0385

Call now for a confidential screening:

301-496-1993 TTY: 1-866-411-1010 Email us at:

XX0165 2x1.5


“On one hand I oppose this defilement of musical classics, on the other hand, Christopher Walken.”

It’s your WeekendPass

Every Thursday in Express

M O N D AY | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 25

puzzles lookout Scrabble Grams





CANCER (June 21-July 22) What you try to do in a clandestine fashion is likely to come back to haunt you as it becomes known in a very public forum. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) A look back at what you’ve accomplished recently will offer up a lesson that will serve you well in the days to come. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You may not be in the mood to share every idea with those around you, so choose carefully the ones that are harmless if stolen! LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) You may not understand the messages that are being sent to you today, but you have the feeling that something big is brewing.

Friday’s Solution

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You’ve been keeping a certain concept on the back burner long enough; it’s time now to move it forward and heat up the fire underneath it! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) While others may feel it’s time to move on, you’re comfortable staying where you are and exploring a bit more deeply. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Take care that you don’t get in your own way as you try to move ahead at a faster pace than before. A wrong turn can be disastrous! AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) The harder you try to keep something from being known, the more likely it will be discovered by one who will surely spread it around.

Friday’s Solution

Need more Sudoku? Find another puzzle in the Comics section of The Post every Sunday and in the Style section Monday through Saturday.

FOUR RACK TOTAL Make a 2-7-letter word from the letters in each row. Add points of each word using scoring directions at right. Seven-letter words get a 50-point bonus. Blank tiles used as any letter have no point value. Scrabble is a trademark of Hasbro in the U.S. and Canada.



93 75


Today: A couple of strong thunderstorms.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) You are in no mood for distractions, but you must be ready to close your ears and eyes to them, as they will be everywhere. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Once you are done with a current endeavor, there will be little time to revel in your accomplishment; further adventures beckon immediately. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You’ve been putting off something you fear will be unpleasant, but if you try doing it today, you may find that quite the opposite is true. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Your concentration may be split as you focus on two essential activities that are not related to each other — at least at this point.



87 68 Tomorrow: Heavy thunderstorms tomorrow. A thunderstorm tomorrow night.


Looking Ahead




83 65 84 66 84 70 Sun and Moon Sunrise today: 5:54 a.m. Sunset today: 8:33 p.m. Moonrise today: 10:04 p.m. Moonset today: 8:34 a.m.

Almanac Normal high: 89 Record high: 100 Normal low: 71 Record low: 56


26 | E X P R E S S | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | M O N D AY

lookout puzzles





 

with the

POTOMAC NATIONALS presented by The Washington Post

Grandstand Admission: $1 Hot dogs: $1 Every Monday night home game in 2014!

1 Dust specks 6 Opposite of “Yay!” 10 Lad’s date 14 San Antonio mission 15 Tarantino’s “___ Fiction” 16 Small notions case 17 Where to find Pismo Beach 20 Tennis great Chris and namesakes 21 English noble 22 Trumped-up tale 23 Jiffies 25 Paper clip alternatives 27 Leather- punching tool 30 Devoid of feeling 32 Org. for a dr. 33 Big ratite bird 35 Meadowlands 37 Half of the forearm bones 41 Method of long-distance delivery 44 Hindu holy man 45 Big cat 46 Trudge through mud 47 Stopping point 49 Drillmaster’s word 51 They’re around noon? 52 Cad 56 Cake maker Lee 58 Pretense 59 Julia of “The Addams Family” 61 “Big ___ House” (Martin Lawrence film) 65 Part of old San Francisco 68 Zeus’ wife 69 1814 exile site 70 Well-built, in slang 71 Oscar role for Julia 72 Lie down on the job? 73 Demagnetize, as a tape

DOWN 1 2 3 4

Minor League Affiliate of the Washington Nationals

Dont forget — Every Saturday is fireworks night! And starting June 22, every Saturday and Sunday! See the Potomac Nationals at Pfitzner Stadium in Woodbridge, Va. $1 tickets available on game night only at the Pfitzner Stadium box office. Potomac Nationals information: 703-590-2311 •

Pepper spray alternative Norwegian royal name Fish story Some Islamic rulers

5 Use an emollient on 6 Truth-in-lending abbr. 7 “Clair de ___” (Debussy) 8 Fake name 9 Peloponnesian War city-state 10 Night sky feline 11 Words before “costs” 12 The Everly Brothers’ girl 13 Locations 18 Apertures in a sponge 19 Stop talking 24 Catch a whiff 26 Insects’ feelers 27 Paths of baseball bombs 28 Command to Tonalist

29 Take charge 31 Pesto herb 34 Pale-looking 36 Closet staples 38 “Cleopatra” backdrop 39 Unknown author 40 Grocery list items 42 Treeless region 43 Negative notoriety 48 Closer, as to one’s heart 50 Cough drop 52 Cleanse the entire body 53 Autumn color 54 Gestation stations 55 Coin of Moscow 57 Love in Lyon 60 Test sites

62 63 64 66 67


In an event symbolizing the start of the French Revolution, Paris citizens storm the Bastille prison and release the seven prisoners inside.


Outlaw William H. Bonney Jr., alias “Billy the Kid,” is shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett in Fort Sumner in present-day New Mexico. Eight student nurses are murdered by Richard Speck in a Chicago dormitory.

“Give that ___ cigar!” Reveals one’s ignorance Eyelid swelling Place on a blacklist It has a long tail

Friday’s Solution



XPE0518 2x10.5


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Founding publisher: Christopher Ma, 1950-2011

M O N D AY | 0 7. 1 4 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 27


Where Does the Actor End And the Character Begin? While playing Hedwig in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” Neil Patrick Harris on Thursday verbally attacked an audience member who was taking pictures during the show, and later spat water on her, The New York Post’s Page Six reported. While the water-spitting is part of the script, “he spat the water straight at the woman,”said a witness. “It was all a bit frosty and awkward.” (EXPRESS)


Her Heart Doesn’t Miss Scientology. Her Liver Does.



‘It’s So Amazing That One Event Can Lead to Another’

‘True Tori’ Now Not Most Annoying TV Show Ever


From Page 6 1

C. Zack “Danger” Brown of Ohio jokingly sought $10 to pay for his first attempt at making potato salad but has raised tens of thousands of dollars in the Kickstarter campaign. He’s now considering throwing a huge public potato-salad party with the money. 2 C. The score of the Germany-Brazil match was 7-1. The six-goal defeat was Brazil’s worst loss in 102 World Cup matches. Germany scored five goals in the first 29 minutes of the match.


Tracy Morgan Goes Home to Recover

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian said “LeAnn & Eddie,” a reality series debuting Thursday on VH1, is a chance to mock the rumors that have surrounded the pair since they got together in 2009, when they were married to others. “Everyone has used our lives as entertainment,” Rimes said. “We wanted to … take our life back and have fun with our story,” she said. (AP)

Don’t tell Shakira that there may be universes in which she didn’t meet Gerard.

Quiz Answers



Speaking ahead of Sunday’s closing ceremony concert, Shakira said, “Soccer has changed my life in so many ways. And affected my life on so many different levels. In 2010 I met the love of my life. And if it wasn’t for the World Cup my son Milan wouldn’t be here today.” She and Spain defender Gerard Pique met when promoting her 2010 World Cup anthem. (AP)

3 B. “Game of Thrones” earned 19 Emmy nominations Thursday, the most of any show. 4

A. Two recent cases of alleged American spying in Germany have caused renewed tension between the allies. German authorities are investigating one individual with ties to the German military who is suspected of working for U.S. intelligence and one employee of the German foreign intelligence agency accused of selling secrets to the CIA.

Tracy Morgan has been released from a rehabilitation facility as he heals from serious injuries he suffered in a car crash that left a fellow comedian dead. Morgan suffered a broken leg and broken ribs when the vehicle he was in was hit from behind June 7 by a Wal-Mart truck on the New Jersey Turnpike. On Thursday, lawyers for Morgan filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores Inc., claiming the retailer was negligent when a driver of one of its tractor-trailers rammed into Morgan’s limousine van. (AP)

in which he seems to advocate doing bodily harm to bicyclists. He writes: “It’s a $500 fine for a motorist to hit a bicyclist in the District, but some behaviors are so egregious that some drivers might think it’s worth paying the fine.” Outrage ensued. 6 B. The discovery of smallpox vials at the National Institutes of Health lab was disturbing because for decades after smallpox was declared eradicated, world health authorities said the only samples left were stored in super-secure laboratories in Atlanta and Russia.


D. The Post’s Courtland Milloy published a column online Tuesday

Leah Remini said on Bravos’ “Watch What Happens Live” last week that one reason she’s glad she left Scientology last year is that she can drink more. “I’d say the worst part [of Scientology] was I couldn’t drink every other day, and the best is, I can drink every other day,” she said. She says she still misses some of her Scientologist friends, though. (EXPRESS)


D. Jordan Zimmermann was

initially selected for Tuesday’s All-Star Game, but because of a bicep strain Saturday he won’t be able to pitch. Instead, reliever Tyler Clippard will represent the Nationals in the game. 8 A. The new “Harry Potter” installment is written as a scathing news article reported by gossip columnist Rita Skeeter and follows Harry as he and his grown-up friends attend the Quidditch World Cup. 9 D. The Transportation Security Administration says it is adding the requirement that passengers coming to the U.S. from some airports must

“I knew they were looking to bring some heat to the table. They are definitely going in the direction of fire.” — JENN Y McCA RTH Y SAID FRIDAY THAT ROSIE O’DONNELL IS GOING TO SPICE UP “THE VIEW,” US WEEKLY REPORTED. McCARTHY IS LEAVING THE SHOW.

turn on electronic devices such as cellphones before boarding. 10 C. Manassas City, Va., police said Thursday they would not serve a search warrant seeking to take photos of a 17-year-old charged with making and distributing child porn for “sexting” videos with his 15-year-old girlfriend. Earlier in the week, prosecutors said they had obtained a warrant to photograph the teen’s erect genitalia to compare with the video he allegedly sent.

How many did you get right? Brag and compare scores by tweeting how you did @WaPoExpress, #ExpressTest.

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