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The new Boss ‘Western Stars’ shows Bruce Springsteen in a different light 18

A gift of history Holocaust Museum receives letters from an Otto Frank pen pal 3




All the marbles Bruins’ remarkable depth could give them an edge in Game 7 14


U.S. women begin their bid for back-to-back World Cup trophies with a record-setting rout of Thailand, netting 13 unanswered goals 13


Ripple effects How Kevin Durant’s injury will affect the NBA this summer 15 am

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UM ... OOPS?


Lightning flashes through the sky over Dresden, Germany, during a thunderstorm Monday.

What they mean when they say ‘Be the change you wish to see’

Like you’ve never made a mistake with wildly outsize consequences

Why do we feel sad about this burn hazard of a turtle sculpture?

A Rhode Island man sick of potholes took matters into his own hands. WJAR-TV reports Seth Kerstetter spent his own money Sunday to fill holes on Centre of New England Boulevard in Coventry. He blocked traffic, put out traffic cones, and worked for about two hours. The boulevard, lined with shopping centers and apartments, is privately owned, so neither the town nor the state is responsible for its upkeep. (AP)

A passenger on a flight bound for Pakistan caused a seven-hour delay after she opened an emergency exit before the plane took off from Manchester, England, reportedly mistaking it for a bathroom door. The flight was about to depart for Islamabad on Friday night when the woman opened the rear exit, causing an evacuation slide to deploy. Passengers disembarked and were given dinner before the flight eventually left for Pakistan. (TWP)

Boston authorities covered a turtle sculpture at a playground after parents complained it was getting superheated by the sun and burning children. One complaint had a picture of a temperature scanner over Myrtle the Turtle’s shell reading 133 degrees. The turtle “is dangerous and should not be in a playground,” the complaint said. A parks and recreation spokesman told The Boston Globe the city is trying to determine its next move. (AP)

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Letters shed light on Franks

Ryan Cooper holds a 1972 portion of a diary that he wrote when he visited Otto Frank. It includes a photo of Anne Frank, Otto’s daughter.

in the attic of Otto Frank’s office in Amsterdam. But they were eventually discovered and sent to concentration camps, where Anne died at age 15 — among an estimated 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis. Otto Frank was the only family member to survive, living to see the Soviet army liberate the notorious Auschwitz camp in Poland in 1945. He had his daughter’s diary published two years

“He always believed the world would be right in the end, and he based that hope on the young people.” RYAN COOPER , a Massachusetts antiques dealer who spent years corresponding with Otto Frank, father of Holocaust victim Anne Frank

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later and dedicated his days to speaking about the atrocities of the Holocaust. But in his letters and conversations in person, Frank focused less on his family’s personal trauma and chose instead to patiently counsel Cooper through his own everyday struggles. “In a lot of ways, I feel like I was adopted by Otto,” Cooper said. “He made me feel like I had a family during a period of real isolation.” Edna Friedberg, a historian at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, said it’s important to remember the sacrifices Otto and others made to keep Anne Frank’s legacy alive. “Otto Frank never had to publish that diary. As a parent in mourning, he could have kept this to himself,” she said. “But he gave it as a gift to humanity because he saw that it spoke to something bigger. He took that charge, and ran with it for the rest of his life.” The museum will digitize and eventually make Cooper’s collection available online. It totals more than 80 letters and some family keepsakes. PHILIP MARCELO (AP)


José Andrés wins Julia Child award, $50K José Andrés once said in a PBS interview that as an immigrant from Spain, he learned English partly by watching Julia Child television shows. Now, the celebrity chef will be the 2019 recipient of the Julia Child Award, presented by The Julia Child Foundation. Andrés was selected because he exemplifies Child’s independence and publicspiritedness, said Eric Spivey, chairman of the foundation. Winners are given $50,000 to donate to the food charity of their choice — Andrés will grant the money to his charity World Central Kitchen. (TWP)

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NATIONAL MALL Ryan Cooper was a 20-something Californian unsure of his place in the world when he struck up a pen pal correspondence in the 1970s with Otto Frank, the father of the young Holocaust victim Anne Frank. Through dozens of letters and several face-to-face meetings, the two forged a friendship that lasted until Frank died in 1980 at the age of 91. Now 73 years old, Cooper, an antiques dealer and artist in Massachusetts, has donated a trove of letters and mementos he received from Frank to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum for the 90th anniversary of Anne Frank’s birth on June 12, 1929. He wants the letters to be shared so that people can have a deeper understanding of the man who introduced the world to Anne Frank, whose famous World War II diary is considered one of the most important works of the 20th century. “He was a lot like Anne in that he was an optimist,” Cooper said recently of Otto Frank. As the German army occupied the Netherlands, the Franks hid


Holocaust Museum receives a collection of writings from a longtime Otto Frank pen pal

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Scandal fades and polls rise for Northam


Early data shows decline in opioid deaths in 2019 Fewer people died of heroin and fentanyl in Maryland in the first quarter of 2019 than during the same period the previous year, preliminary data shows, marking the state’s first decline in fatal opioid overdoses in a decade. Though the data represents a 14% decline, or 85 fewer deaths, Maryland public health officials said the opioid epidemic continues at a historic pace, killing more than 500 people in the first quarter of 2019. (TWP)

Va. governor has regained party support as Democrats strive to capture legislature

a questionable political future. In February, Northam took responsibility for, then disavowed, a 1984 yearbook photo showing one person in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan robes. He later admitted to darkening his face for a contest that year. Northam’s fundraising during an election year is diminished, and Republicans mock him mercilessly. “It doesn’t matter if Northam is vetoing or signing legislation, he is still a racist that’s doing everything he can to stay in power,” said John March, spokesman for the Republican Party of Virginia. But last week, several Democrats who had questioned his leadership praised his call for the special session. “It clearly indicates that he won’t shy away from opportunities to lead,” said Del. Lamont Bagby, D-Henrico., head of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, which has not withdrawn its demand for Northam to resign. Last week, the governor signed a bill to eliminate Jim Crow-era minimum-wage exemptions. Northam also signed bills aimed at reducing maternal mortality


POLITICS Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, D, is wielding renewed power four months after a racism scandal that nearly led him to resign. With encouraging internal poll numbers and growing Democratic support, Northam has resumed publicizing bill signing and his weekly schedule. He has taken high-profile actions like vetoing a sentencing bill that could hurt African Americans, and is working to revamp public schools’ black history curriculum. Last week, to call for a special legislative session on gun control after the Virginia Beach mass shooting, Northam summoned lawmakers to stand with him as if nothing had torn them apart. If Republicans balk at reforms during the July 9 session, Democrats can fire up their base in elections this fall, while trying to seize legislative control from the GOP. Democrats last controlled both the governorship and the two legislative houses in 1993. Democratic majorities in the House and Senate would give Northam backing to accomplish more than any Virginia Democrat in decades, despite

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has earned recent praise from Democrats who had asked him to resign.

Virginia primaries Results from Tuesday’s Virginia primary elections were not available by Express’ deadline. Republicans narrowly control both houses, and all 140 seats will be up for grabs in November. See results at

rates and eliminating gaps between white and black women’s likelihood of dying in childbirth. He also petitioned the board overseeing historic Fort Monroe to remove a memorial to Confederate president Jefferson Davis and urged the state transportation board to let Arlington rename his namesake highway.

Internal polling by the House Democratic caucus and by individual campaigns has shown solid support across the state for Northam, according to several Democrats who have seen the numbers. Republicans have gleefully publicized what they describe as tainted donations from “Governor Blackface.” The governor can still help Democrats deliver on policy, Bagby said. Voters in general elections in November “will focus on the individuals that are on the ballot,” not on Northam, he said. “And they will also focus on issues that will impact them in their communities.” GREGORY SCHNEIDER (THE WASHINGTON POST)


Hogan calls for Tubman on $20 bill now H

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, R, on Tuesday urged the federal government to immediately put Harriet Tubman’s image on the $20 bill. bil U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced last month that Tubman, an abolitionist, would wo not replace President Andrew Jackson, a slaveholder, on the $20 bill in 2020 as the Obama administration ad had planned. “She deserves this honor,” Hogan wrote in a letter to Mnuchin. (TWP)


D.C., Md., Va. and five other states sue to block T-Mobile/Sprint merger

Lane closures planned for parts of U.S. Route 29 The Virginia Department of Transportation plans to close U.S. Route 29 northbound in Virginia between Warrenton and Gainesville from July 8 to early August, according to a WTOP report. Repairs aim to improve safety for a crash-prone area, WTOP reported. (EXPRESS) VIRGINIA

Amazon allots $3 million for affordable housing Amazon will donate $3 million to support affordable housing in Arlington County, the company announced Tuesday. Officials and charities welcomed the donation, while analysts and critics contend it is too small to cover the cost of more than a handful of new units. (TWP)



The average amount tourists in Virginia spent each day last year, according to the Virginia Tourism Corporation in a WTOP report. Visitor spending generated $26 billion total for the state in 2018, up 4.4% from 2017, and tourism also generated 234,000 jobs, according to WTOP. (EXPRESS)

Former Baltimore police officer convicted of assault caught on body camera last year

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This is The Tuesday health & fitness section in Express

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and CD’s (33, 45 and 12” singles)

Standoff on D.C. budget scrambles 2019 outlook Council chair disagrees with city finance officer on proper use of funds FINANCE D.C. lawmakers are refusing demands from the city’s chief financial officer to modify their recently passed budget, setting up what observers say is an unprecedented battle between the city’s legislative branch and its top fiscal official. On Monday, CFO Jeffrey S. DeWitt told the D.C. Council in a letter that he would not certify its $15.5 billion budget, saying it improperly diverted money from the Washington Convention and Sports Authority. The council wants to use those funds for nearly $25 million in public housing repairs, among other plans. But after a closed-door meeting with their general counsel on Tuesday, lawmakers continue to argue DeWitt’s decision is flawed and are not yet inclined to change course, council Chairman Phil Mendelson, D, said. Mendelson said the option of suing the CFO was briefly brought up but that members had little appetite for it. However, he said lawmakers were concerned that the CFO had strayed into policy-making instead of offering disinterested financial guidance. “There’s clearly a view among members that they want the


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D.C. finance chief Jeffrey DeWitt said Monday he won’t certify the budget.

budget certified,” Mendelson said in an interview after the meeting. “And there clearly is a sense of the council that the CFO has overreached.” David Umansky, DeWitt’s spokesman, said the CFO “does not engage in policy-making” and “is following District law.” In his Monday letter, the CFO asserted that the council’s plan to transfer $49 million from the reserves of the convention authority would violate the city’s obligations to bondholders whose investments funded the construction of the convention center and its hotel. DeWitt argued that the council’s proposed use of the money could even trigger a credit downgrading for the city. He also acknowledged that — because of an accounting oversight — nearly $47 million that should have been transferred to


the city’s general fund since the 2017 fiscal year was mistakenly kept by the authority. The dispute now revolves around what to do with the previously misplaced $47 million. Umansky said the city is legally required to correct its books by transferring the excess convention authority money to reserve funds. But Mendelson disputed that, saying the decision about how to reprogram the money is not DeWitt’s. If DeWitt does not certify the budget, it cannot be sent to Mayor Muriel E. Bowser, D, or Congress for final approval. Council members are scheduled to vote for a final time on budget-related legislation next week, but that could be delayed if the dispute with DeWitt is not resolved by then. PETER JAMISON (THE WASHINGTON POST)


The number of people who visited the opening last weekend of the “David H. Koch Hall of Fossils — Deep Time,” a high-profile new exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, museum director Kirk Johnson said Monday on WAMU’s “The Kojo Nnamdi Show.” The fossil hall had been closed since 2014 for a $125 million renovation. (EXPRESS) Fourth challenger enters the contentious 2020 race for incumbent Jack Evans’ Ward 2 D.C. Council seat

WEDNESDAY | 06.12.2019 | EXPRESS | 7


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U.S. economists see red flags POLITICS

GOP’s Amash leaves conservative caucus


ECONOMY Once this trade-war cloud gets lifted, investors should have little to worry about, right? Monday’s market action makes it seem that way: Stocks around the world climbed after President Trump withdrew a threat to impose tariffs on Mexico, at least for now. That leaves investors hoping for a deal to soothe the more contentious and complex trade dispute with China, which helped sink stocks last month. But there are other concerns that shouldn’t be overlooked. Economic trends were already signaling trouble before the latest round of tariff-induced fear. Friday’s surprisingly weak jobs report, where employers added far fewer jobs than economists expected, gave extra pause. “If the administration fixes the problem it created, I’m sure there will be a short-term pop in the stock market,” said Rich Weiss, chief investment officer of multi-asset strategies at American Century Investments. “However, I believe it’s only short-term because ultimately that will not remedy the underlying fundamentals, which are just not strong.” Of course, many on Wall Street are still forecasting gains for stocks this year. But skeptics say optimists aren’t looking closely enough at all the troubles getting overshadowed by trade disputes. Among the concerns:


Trade wars have drawn a lot of attention, but there are other risks too

Markets have been roiled by President Trump’s tariff threats, but trade wars aren’t the only risk to the economy.

Slowing economic growth

Lackluster profit growth

Geopolitical uncertainty

A few reports showed weakness in April, even before this latest round of trade worries flared up. Among them: another drop in North American freight shipments, slower manufacturing growth than expected and weaker business spending on equipment. Michael Wilson, equity strategist at Morgan Stanley, sees a warning flag in falling profits for many retailers. While the industry’s overall figures for the first quarter may look decent due to big gains for Amazon, Nordstrom and other retailers saw big declines. That could be an early sign that U.S. consumers, whose spending is such a key part of the economy, may be less willing to spend in the coming months.

Companies across the S&P 500 reported roughly flat earnings for the first three months of 2019, as they’re no longer getting the big boost of the first year of lower tax rates. Companies are also paying higher wages to their workers, and average hourly earnings rose 3.1% in May, which raises their costs. All those pressures could bring down profit margins for companies, which have recently been at record highs. If companies aren’t able to extract as much profit from each dollar in revenue, they’ll need to make up for it by delivering more in sales. A slowing economy would make that tough.

In Washington, regulators may be setting the stage for antitrust probes into some of the biggest tech companies. Amazon, Apple, Google’s parent and other megatech companies have been some of the market’s best-performing stocks in recent years, and losses for them have outsized effects on S&P 500 index funds. In the Middle East, the Trump administration has pledged “maximum pressure” on Iran. Beyond the possibility of violence, the increasing tensions could send the price of oil soaring. In Europe, Britain is still negotiating its exit from the European Union, and investors are worried about signs of increasing tension between the bloc and Italy. STAN CHOE (AP)


Egypt wants to halt statue’s auction

Egypt has tried to halt the auction of a 3,000-year-old stone sculpture of the famed boy pharaoh Tutankhamun at Christie’s in London, while the auction house said its sale was legal. The statue, left, is scheduled to be auctioned off in July, and could generate more than $5 million, according to Christie’s. In a statement, Egypt claimed it has the right to the statue. Egypt has long sought to bring home antiquities it considers state property. (AP) Ugandan child tests positive for Ebola in first cross-border case from outbreak in neighboring Congo

Michigan’s Rep. Justin Amash, the lone Republican calling for President Trump’s impeachment, has quit the Freedom Caucus of House conservatives, his spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday. The split comes a few weeks after Amash called for the House to impeach Trump based on the details of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Amash has left open the prospect of running for president in 2020 as a Libertarian, which could take away support from Trump. (AP) RUSSIA

Drug charges dropped in alleged setup of reporter In a turnaround, Russia’s interior ministry dropped drug-dealing charges against a prominent investigative reporter Tuesday and promised to go after police officers who allegedly tried to frame him. Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev announced all charges against Ivan Golunov were dropped after police found “no proof of his part in a crime.” Kolokoltsev said he would ask the Russian president to dismiss two senior police officials and suspend the officers who detained the journalist Thursday. (AP) NEW YORK CITY

Mother who fell on stairs died of natural causes The New York City medical examiner has determined that a woman who fell down Manhattan subway stairs with her 1-year-old daughter died of natural causes. The medical examiner said on Monday that 22-year-old Malaysia Goodson’s death in January was caused by heart and thyroid problems. Her child was unharmed. (AP)

Former South Korean first lady, feminist activist Lee Hee-ho dies at 97

WEDNESDAY | 06.12.2019 | EXPRESS | 9


Forecasts turn scary Regions across North America are dealing with the effects of extreme weather People beat the heat Tuesday at Crissy Field East Beach in San Francisco.

Smoke from nearby wildfires blankets Edmonton, Alberta, on May 30.

Mississippi River flooding is seen in Foley, Mo., on June 1.





Stewart blasts Congress over 9/11 victim fund

Hot spell roasts the West Coast

Massive ‘dead zone’ in Gulf of Mexico

Wildfires burn out of control in Canada

A major early-season heat wave has gripped the West Coast this week. On Tuesday, the epicenter of broiling conditions was California. San Francisco Airport soared to a record high of 100 degrees Monday, its earliest date of hitting that mark and its hottest-ever June temperature by 2 degrees. About 45 million people were under a heat advisory or excessive heat warning for a third straight day Tuesday because of an unusually strong area of high pressure lodged over the region. Widespread power outages occurred near San Francisco on Monday, and Bay Area Rapid Transit reported significant delays as a result of the weather. Fire danger is high, and air quality is poor. The core of the heat shifts northward as it eases through midweek. By today, the hottest weather relative to normal should be focused in the Pacific Northwest, where record highs are possible in Oregon and temperatures are expected to hit the mid-80s in Seattle.

Scientists are predicting a near-record Gulf of Mexico “dead zone” where the water holds too little oxygen to sustain marine life. “A major factor contributing to the large dead zone this year is the abnormally high amount of spring rainfall in many parts of the Mississippi River watershed,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Monday. That led to record amounts of water carrying large quantities of fertilizer and other nutrients downriver, it said. The nutrients feed algae, which die and then decompose on the sea floor, using up oxygen from the bottom up in an area along the coasts of Louisiana and Texas. The lowoxygen, or hypoxic, area is likely to cover about 7,800 square miles, NOAA said. (The record set in 2017 is 8,776 square miles.) An area the size of New Jersey could become almost entirely barren this summer, posing a threat to marine species — and the fishermen who depend on them.

Wildfire season in Canada is off to a ferocious start. Eighty-seven fires were burning in seven provinces and two territories Monday, forcing 4,415 people from their homes. Crystal McAteer, the mayor of High Level, Alberta, had never seen anything like the Chuckegg Creek Fire. An outof-control blaze nearly the size of Rhode Island — 50% larger than last year’s record-breaking Mendocino Complex Fire in California — has jumped rivers with ease, blackened the rain with soot and colored sunsets as far away as Britain. “When it took off, it had such a force,” McAteer said, the fire having bypassed her town last month but still raging. “It was like a beast.” As the Canadian north grows warmer and drier for longer periods, the destruction is expected to get worse. Wildfires there are now scorching more than 6 million acres of per year — twice what they burned in the 1970s. And it’s projected to double again by the end of the century. (AP/THE WASHINGTON POST)



The amount conspiracy-promoting website Infowars will pay to resolve a copyright infringement lawsuit over its sales of a poster featuring the image of Pepe the Frog, a cartoon character that was hijacked by far-right extremists and racist internet trolls. “Infowars” show host Alex Jones on Monday signed his company’s settlement agreement with Pepe’s creator, Matt Furie. The artist said he didn’t authorize Infowars to sell a “MAGA” poster that depicts Pepe alongside images of Jones, President Trump and other right-wing figures. (AP) Indian air force spots wreckage of plane missing for 9 days; fate of 13 passengers unknown

Comedian Jon Stewart took members of Congress to task on Tuesday, blasting part of the House Judiciary Committee for its low attendance at a hearing about reauthorizing funding for people with diseases linked to the 9/11 crash sites. Congress created the fund after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, to help anyone injured or sickened in the attacks or in the response process. “I can’t help but think what an incredible metaphor this room is for the entire process that getting health care and benefits for 9/11 first responders has come to,” Stewart told a subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee. “Behind me, a filled room of 9/11 first responders, and in front of me, a nearly empty Congress.” The firefighters, police officers and others came to the hearing despite illness and injuries, Stewart said, but some members of the subcommittee chose not to show up. The Victim Compensation Fund is allowing people to submit claims until Dec. 18, 2020, but the fund’s leadership said it would reduce awards because of “funding insufficiency.” Ranking member Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., later sought to assure Stewart his message resonated, regardless of who actually attended the hearing. He further predicted the measure to extend the fund would pass with little opposition. MARISA IATI

Thai officials discover 65 Rohingya Muslim refugees shipwrecked in country’s south

10 | EXPRESS | 06.12.2019 | WEDNESDAY



Bodies recovered in raised boat

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY | A barge transports the Hableany tour boat along the Danube River on Tuesday. The sunken vessel was raised nearly two weeks after it collided with a cruise ship, killing 20. Four more bodies were recovered Tuesday. Eight people remain missing.




U.S. suit: Building materials spread Grenfell Tower fire

U.S. requests extradition of WikiLeaks’ Assange

House votes to enforce Barr, McGahn subpoenas

Faulty building materials helped spread a devastating fire at London’s Grenfell Tower in 2017, turning the residential complex into a “flaming coffin” for the 72 people who died, according to a product liability suit filed Tuesday in a state court in Philadelphia. Nearly 250 survivors and families of victims of the June 14, 2017, fire joined the suit, which targets U.S. companies that made products used at the complex. The tower’s exterior cladding was made of highly flammable material that can’t be used in U.S. skyscrapers, the plaintiffs’ lawyers said. The insulation was similarly combustible, they said. (AP)

A United States official said Tuesday that the U.S. government has formally submitted an extradition request to the United Kingdom for Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder faces an 18-count indictment that accuses him of soliciting and publishing classified information and of conspiring with former Army private Chelsea Manning to crack a Defense Department computer password. That indictment, which includes Espionage Act charges, was issued by the Justice Department last month and is pending in federal court in Alexandria. The extradition request had been expected. (AP)

The House took its strongest step yet in the standoff with President Trump over congressional oversight, voting Tuesday to seek court enforcement of subpoenas for Attorney General William Barr and former White House counsel Donald McGahn. On a party-line vote of 229 to 191, the House passed a resolution that would empower the House Judiciary Committee to go to court against Barr and McGahn over noncompliance with requests for documents and testimony. The vote keeps Democrats on the investigative track favored by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., over an impeachment inquiry. (THE WASHINGTON POST)

Lester Holt and 4 NBC News colleagues to moderate first 2020 Democratic debate

Insys Therapeutics becomes first drugmaker to file for bankruptcy to cover opioid penalties


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Rarely enforced laws carried punishment of up to 7 years in jail GABORONE, BOTSWANA A high court in Botswana struck down two colonial-era laws Tuesday, effectively legalizing gay sex and making the southern African country the first on the continent to erase that colonial legacy through its courts. Reading the unanimous ruling

of a panel of judges in front of a packed courtroom, Justice Michael Leburu said that sexual orientation “is not a fashion statement” and that the laws as they stood violated citizens’ rights to privacy and freedom from discrimination. While seldom enforced in Botswana, the laws carried the possibility of up to a seven-year jail sentence. “It is not the business of the law to regulate the private behavior of two consenting adults,”


Botswana court legalizes gay sex Activists celebrate Tuesday outside the high court in Gaborone, Botswana.

Leburu said. Gay sex is criminalized in more than half of African countries, many of which inherited penal codes from colonial powers such as Britain. The subject is widely

U.S. says Egypt, Jordan and Morocco to attend peace workshop this month in Bahrain



Amnesty International warns that serious war crimes are continuing in Sudan’s Darfur

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seen as taboo, and discrimination and harassment are rife. Last month, a Kenyan high court heard a similar case but dismissed it. Other countries such as Mozambique and Seychelles

have simply erased mention of gay sex from their penal codes. Botswana’s powerful neighbor South Africa is the only African country to have rights based on sexual orientation explicitly written into its constitution. “It has taken a long time for our community to be where it is,” said Anna Mmolai-Chalmers, the head of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana, the most prominent of Botswana’s LGBT rights organizations. “This incredibly life-changing decision, although it does not right all the wrongs done to individual members of the LGBT community, is a step toward restoring our dignity as human beings.”

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Enjoy the Breeze in Your New Screen Room

Ala. OKs ‘chemical castration’ Under new law, certain sex offenders will have to undergo treatment

ancing Easy fin s. $149/mo

ALABAMA Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, R, signed a bill Monday that will require people convicted of certain sex offenses to undergo “chemical castration” as a condition of parole — a requirement meant to keep perpetrators from committing similar crimes. Gina Maiola, a spokeswoman for Ivey, said the law will apply to people who commit sex offenses

after Sept. 1 of this year. The “chemical castration” law says a judge must order anyone convicted of a sex offense involving a child under the age of 13 to start receiving testosteroneinhibiting medication a month before their release from prison. Most offenders will have to pay for their treatment until a judge decides the medication is no longer necessary. Under the law, a judge — not a doctor — will tell the offender about the effects of the treatment. Offenders can choose at any time to stop getting the medication

and return to prison to serve the remainder of their terms. “Chemical castration” is a misnomer, as the process leaves the testes intact, can be reversed and does not prevent a man from reproducing. Seven other states and U.S. territories — California, Florida, Guam, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Wisconsin — permit some sex offenders to be forced to take testosteronesuppressing drugs as a condition of sentencing, release or supervision, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. MARISA IATI (THE WASHINGTON POST)

16-year-old Delaware girl offered $1.2M in scholarships from more than a dozen universities and colleges

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WEDNESDAY | 06.12.2019 | EXPRESS | 13 WED

Alex Morgan, right, scored five goals in the United States’ 13-0 rout of Thailand.

For U.S., a baker’s dozen

UNITED STATES 13, THAILAND 0 The chasm between women’s soccer elite and developing programs has narrowed some in recent years, but in many embarrassing cases, the division remains as wide as oceans, even in a World Cup. That gap was on full and frightening display Tuesday as the U.S. national team began its quest for a second consecutive trophy with a 13-0 demolition of Thailand — the most lopsided victory in World Cup history. Alex Morgan tied the program record with five goals, and Rose Lavelle and Samantha Mewis scored two apiece for the topranked Americans. Michelle Akers is the only other American to post five goals in a World Cup match (in 1991). Once the Americans found their groove — it didn’t take long — they were relentless and ruthless before 18,591 witnesses at Stade Auguste-Delaune in Reims, France. A 3-0 halftime lead became a seven-goal margin nine minutes


Defending champs open their World Cup with record-setting dismantling of Thailand

Lindsey Horan, right, and Megan Rapinoe, second from right, are among the seven different U.S. players to score on Tuesday against Thailand.

into the second half. Lindsey Horan, Megan Rapinoe, Mallory Pugh and Carli Lloyd also scored for the United States, which has won seven consecutive matches, five without conceding a goal. Morgan’s third goal, a 17-yard shot after using clever footwork in tight space, exceeded

the previous U.S. team scoring mark in a World Cup of 7-0 against Taiwan in the 1991 quarterfinals. With a vast majority of the crowd backing them, the Americans took the field with all of the expected starters, except one: Center back Becky Sauerbrunn

was held out as a precaution because of what team officials described as a mild quadriceps injury. She is in the running to start Sunday. In Sauerbrunn’s absence, defensive midfielder Julie Ertz dropped back into former position and paired with Abby Dahlemper. Ertz’s slot was filled by Mewis, who figured to start at times in this tournament. Thailand defended admirably for a dozen minutes — a Morgan goal was also disallowed because she was offside — before relenting to pressure. It also had two meaningful possessions in the attacking end, neither of which threatened goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher. At the other end, blocked shots and ignored pleas for penalty kicks kept the score respectable. Chile — a first-time entry that gave Sweden fits before falling, 2-0 — will brace for the United States on Sunday in Paris. A U.S. victory would secure passage to the round of 16. STEVEN GOFF (THE WASHINGTON POST)

World Cup today: Nigeria vs. South Korea, 9 a.m. (FS1); Germany vs. Spain, noon (Fox); France vs. Norway, 3 p.m. (Fox)



Sweden blanks Chile to open Group F play Kosovare Asllani’s goal after a 40-minute weather delay broke up a scoreless stalemate and Sweden went on to win its World Cup opener 2-0 on Tuesday and spoil Chile’s debut in the tournament. Madelen Janogy came in off the bench and added a goal in stoppage time for the Swedes, who are ranked No. 9 in the world. The U.S. will play both teams later in group play. (AP)





Stoppage-time goal lifts Dutch over Kiwis Jill Roord, above, came off the bench and scored in stoppage time to give the Netherlands a 1-0 victory Tuesday over New Zealand in the World Cup group opener for both teams. The Netherlands, ranked No. 8 in the world, controlled possession throughout the game but couldn’t get by New Zealand goalkeeper Erin Nayler until Roord’s breakthrough header. (AP)

U.S. schedule: vs. Chile, Sunday; vs. Sweden, June 20

14 | EXPRESS | 06.12.2019 | WEDNESDAY



Depth gives Boston an edge ANALYSIS The Bruins are no strangers to Game 7. They won the Stanley Cup in the decisive game against the Canucks in 2011 — but this is the first time Boston will host the ultimate game of the finals in its 95-year history. “You’ve got two good teams who have gone toe to toe here,” Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy told The Associated Press. “The whole hockey world loves a Game 7. It should be a great night in Boston and may the best team win.” Home ice has its advantages. Overall, the home team has a 10473 record in the playoffs, which improves to 12-4 in the finals. Plus, the coach of the home team gets to dictate the matchups on the ice with the benefit of last change. For the Bruins, that’s a considerable strength given their roster depth. Karson Kuhlman’s goal in the third period of Game 6 gave Boston 21 different players with at least one goal in the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs, tying them with the 1987 Flyers for the most unique



Bruins boast 21 players with at least one goal in the 2019 playoffs

Boston Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo, center, celebrates with Charlie Coyle, left, and Torey Krug after scoring Sunday against the St. Louis Blues.

scorers in a single postseason. The Bruins have 19 skaters with at least two goals, the most ever by a team in a single postseason. The Blues have 14. This Bruins squad also gets

plenty of contributions from their defense: Seven different blue liners have at least one goal during this playoff run. Torey Krug leads the way for Boston with one goal and six assists


Ortiz has another surgery, recovering in intensive care

Koepka will try to become first three-peat since 1905

Former Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz is recovering at Massachusetts General Hospital following a second surgery as authorities in his native Dominican Republic search for a motive and one of the suspects in Ortiz’s shooting. “He is stable, awake and resting comfortably this morning in the ICU, where he is expected to remain for the next several days,” his wife, Tiffany, said. (TWP)

Brooks Koepka is chasing a rare third straight U.S. Open title this weekend. How rare? Golf’s last three-peat was Steve Stricker at the John Deere Classic eight years ago. No one has gone back-to-back-to-back in the U.S. Open since Willie Anderson in 1905. Dustin Johnson is the slight betting favorite over Koepka for this year’s U.S. Open, which begins Thursday at Pebble Beach. (AP)

Mystics-Sun ended after Express’ deadline

Nats-White Sox ended after Express’ deadline

in the series, the most points by a Bruins defenseman in the Stanley Cup Final since Bobby Orr in 1974. That offense doesn’t come at the expense of defense. The 28-year-old has been on the ice for 19 even-strength goals for and 14 against during the playoffs. The trio of Brad Marchand, David Pastrnak and Patrice Bergeron have yet to score an even-strength goal in this series, but they have the edge in shot attempts (28 to 20) against the Blues in the finals. Marchand has also shown he can rise on the biggest of stages. His seven career goals in the Stanley Cup Final is tied for the third-most in franchise history, and only one fewer than Orr and John Bucyk. Boston is also 24-1 all time when Marchand scores in the postseason. “A lot of us have been in the finals a couple of times,” Boston goalkeeper and Conn Smythe Trophy favorite Tuukka Rask told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “We haven’t had a chance to have a clinching game at home. So obviously the city will be behind us and very excited. We’re just going to focus on our game. We have a hockey game to win.” NEIL GREENBERG (THE WASHINGTON POST)



The amount Lionel Messi earned last year between his Barcelona salary and endorsements, putting him at the top of Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes. Cristiano Ronaldo ranked second with $109 million and Neymar was third with $105 million. The highest-earning American was Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, sixth with earnings of $89.5 million. (EXPRESS)

Nicholson aims to earn back his place as starter REDSKINS Montae Nicholson, above, knows 2018 wasn’t a great year for him, and now he has an opportunity to hit restart. After starting six games as a rookie, Nicholson began his second season as the starting safety opposite D.J. Swearinger, before being replaced by midseason trade acquisition Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Things didn’t go any better off the field, as he was arrested following a bar fight in December, and the team ended his season by putting him on the non-football illness list with two games remaining. His goal is to get his starting job back. “Of course, that’s where I hope things end up, but everything happens for a reason,” Nicholson said. “If it’s not me, there’s no falloff. We’re just competing every day trying to make each other better so the team can be better.” Nicholson didn’t directly address his arrest, but coach Jay Gruden said no disciplinary action would be taken against the third-year player, whose misdemeanor assault charges were dropped last month. Landon Collins is a lock to start at one safety position after signing an $84 million deal in free agency. Clinton-Dix signed with the Bears this offseason, so that leaves Nicholson, Deshazor Everett and second-year pro Troy Apke competing for the other starting slot. KAREEM COPELAND (TWP)

Katie Ledecky highlights roster for new professional swim team D.C. Trident

WEDNESDAY | 06.12.2019 | EXPRESS | 15


What’s the impact of Durant’s injury? ANALYSIS Kevin Durant’s decision to return from a right calf strain, only to suffer a far more serious injury after just 12 minutes of action in Game 5 against the Raptors on Monday night, bears massive implications for his career and for the NBA.

After a season in which his loyalty to the Warriors was doubted — even by teammate Draymond Green last fall — Durant accepted the risk and paid for it dearly. He reportedly tore his Achilles tendon, an injury that requires a 12-month recovery and could erase his entire 2019-20 season. The silver lining is that this injury is unlikely to curb Durant’s earning power. The Knicks and Clippers spent all season positioning themselves to get him,


Star still expected to get max deal despite likely missing 2019-20 season

and they should still be willing to offer a four-year max deal and wait on his return to full health. For a perfect reminder of the value of betting on A-list talent despite complicating factors, look no further than Kawhi

Leonard’s remarkable bounceback season with the Raptors. The Warriors, meanwhile, should be as willing as ever to re-sign Durant, whose presence early in Game 5 showed how vital he is to their success.

Jury hung on 8 remaining counts against ex-NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr., convicted of raping homeless woman


RGIII speaks on Durant

Kevin Durant could miss the entire 2019-20 season after reportedly tearing his Achilles tendon.

Ex-Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III says players like Kevin Durant can’t win. “It’s a Catch-22,” said Griffin, who played hurt in 2013 and ended up tearing multiple ligaments in his knee. “If KD does play and stays healthy, they say, ‘Well, he should have been playing the whole time.’ If KD plays and gets hurt, like he did, they question why he was out there.” (TWP)

Salary cap rules say the Warriors can offer Durant a five-year max contract. But if he leaves and they decide to re-sign Klay Thompson, they won’t have the flexibility to add another star. BEN GOLLIVER (THE WASHINGTON POST)

ESPN: Saints reach 3-year, $52.5M deal with DE Cameron Jordan

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18 | EXPRESS | 06.12.2019 | WEDNESDAY

Bruce Springsteen delivers a more understated style on his new record, which drops Friday.


Old yarn, fresh spin

Cullum hops genres with mixed results

ALBUM REVIEW Bruce Springsteen’s new studio release breaks fresh ground for the veteran rocker, who turns his back not only on the blistering sound of the E Street Band but also abandons the haunting acoustic moods pioneered on 1982’s “Nebraska” and finetuned on later solo efforts. After the soul-searching, confessional tone of his best-selling autobiography and sold-out Broadway show, Springsteen’s “Western Stars,” which comes out Friday, relies on an unfamiliar orchestral approach that somewhat masks the singer and is devoid of driving beats, sax solos and rock ‘n’ roll tropes. Instead, he draws on the rich tradition of California-styled, pre-Beatles pop. There are hints of Roy Orbison’s soaring vocals and Brian Wilson’s pocket symphonies, but the lyrics are pure Springsteen. Beneath the glossy sheen are the taut narratives, introspection and ambiguous moments familiar to longtime listeners. His storytelling skills are as strong as ever, just presented

in a different way. He’s paying homage to an era when the single reigned, and radio airtime went a long way to determining an artist’s success, but Springsteen is not looking for No. 1 hits with easy hooks. “Western Stars” is understated, without over-the-top orchestration or hyperbole. Each song stands alone as a self-contained story; taken as a whole, it’s a panorama of loneliness and heartbreak. The protagonists are mostly men, and mostly beaten down, but there are occasional whiffs of freedom, usually tied to the joys of the open road, that most enduring of American myths. It is no accident that the album opens with “Hitch Hikin’,” and this straightforward image of a loner in perpetual motion: “Thumb stuck out as I go / I’m just travelin’ up the road / Maps don’t do much for me, friend / I follow the weather and the wind.” It’s a recurring image dating back to the days of Woody Guthrie. There are other fully formed characters from Springsteen’s


Bruce Springsteen gives classic storytelling a welcome overhaul on ‘Western Stars’

imagination: the failed country music songwriter, his lyrics rejected at every turn, and the busted up ‘Western Stars’ B-movie stunt- Bruce Springsteen man held together by rods and pins. A rundown hotel — with an empty swimming pool and dandelions pushing up through the cracked concrete — takes on a life of its own as a character in “Moonlight Motel.” But it’s not all heartbreak. There are small celebrations, too, notably in “Sleepy Joe’s Café,” where working men and women

can find solace on the dance floor when the weekend comes. It’s a dreamy place where Monday morning is far, far away, and Springsteen has placed it in the context of the postwar economic boom that powered America for decades: “Joe came home in ’45 and took out a G.I. loan / On a sleepy little spot an Army cook could call his own / He married May, the highway come in and they woke up to find they were sitting on top of a pretty little gold mine.” It’s a nostalgic vision, yes, but those roadhouses still exist. You just have to drive a bit.

Eight albums into his career, Jamie Cullum still deploys the vast musical repertoire of a cruise ship pianist, which he once was. Name a song; he’ll play it. As a result, “Taller,” his record released Friday, is a grab bag that doesn’t quite cohere. The 10-song set has big ambitions and big arrangements, but it’s stylistically scattershot as Cullum explores the past several decades of the pop songbook. He serves up Bruno Mars-ish funk (“Usher”), a Prince-parroting falsetto (“Monster”), a Sinatra-worthy elbow-bender ballad (“You Can’t Hide Away From Love”) and a Mark Ronson-replicating woofer test (“Taller”). It’s doubtful anyone will like everything here, but there is something for everyone. STEVEN WINE (AP)



Well, that’s one way to stop a hacker

Radiohead announced Tuesday that it had released 18 hours of previously unheard material from the studio sessions for its landmark 1997 album, “OK Computer.” According to guitarist Jonny Greenwood, the English rock band decided to release the outtakes as a way to thwart ransom-demanding hackers after someone stole a MiniDisc archive belonging to frontman Thom Yorke, left, last week. (THE WASHINGTON POST)

“Rocketman” banned in Samoa because of gay content

Michael Rooker joins Amazon series “The Dark Tower”

Variety: Bo Burnham to write songs for “Sesame Street” film

WEDNESDAY | 06.12.2019 | EXPRESS | 19



A farewell from the top Avicii’s posthumous record shows an artist who had truly come into his own ALBUM REVIEW The first words from the first single of Avicii’s latest album are a gut-punch: “Can you hear me? SOS.” Not long after he wrote the

lyric, the Swedish DJ-producer was dead. The hardest part is that “TIM,” his posthumous album released Friday, is a farewell wave from an artist who

clearly was at the top of his game. Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, died in Oman last year at 28. He left behind a dozen excellent songs that show he had

“Dune” filmmaker Denis Villeneuve to direct pilot of streaming series “Dune: The Sisterhood”

grown into a pop music powerhouse, attracting the likes of Imagine Dragons and Coldplay’s Chris Martin as guests. He explores Indian sounds (“Tough Love”), hip-hop and glam (“Excuse Me Mr Sir”), does a little Troye Sivan-like frank intimacy (“Freak”), and uses blissed-out harmonies (“Peace of Mind”) and tropical vibes (“Bad Reputation”). “TIM” is the culmination of Avicii’s song-based flair that incorporates elements outside EDM. Unlike other DJs, his songs aren’t rushed. He lets them breathe. The predictable tricks his rivals use are absent here. The songs feel organic, not processed. Lyrically, it’s tempting to find

darkness and, sure, it’s there. “Can I get a little peace?” go the lyrics on one song. “Down upon my knees,” go another. “I still feel broken.” But “TIM” is actually optimistic in tone. “All the breath in your lungs / Is stronger than the tears in your eyes,” the lyrics go on “Hold the Line.” And despite lyrics about fighting with a lover, “Tough Love” concludes: “There’s no place I’d rather be than in your arms.” Even “SOS” — which reunites Avicii with Aloe Blacc, who sang on Avicii’s biggest hit, 2013’s “Wake Me Up” — has hope: “I can feel your love pulling me up from the underground.” There is the power of love all over “TIM.” Let that be his legacy. MARK KENNEDY (AP)

Variety: Amazon developing series inspired by Sandra Bullock’s college years

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Nursing: BSN, RN-to-MSN, MSN | Health Services: Healthcare Management, Patient Advocacy | Occupational Therapy


20 | EXPRESS | 06.12.2019 | WEDNESDAY



@BYMIKEJONES, criticizing Toronto

Raptors coach Nick Nurse’s timeout in the final minutes of Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The Raptors, who could’ve won the series Monday, were leading an exhausted Golden State. The break gave the Warriors a needed breather, and they won the game 106-105.

“I believe we finally have the answer to who the real dad is in ‘Mamma Mia!’ ” @ISTEINTRAUM, connecting the hit movie musical and HBO’s

“Big Little Lies,” both of which feature Meryl Streep. Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard, above right, plays one of Streep’s former love interests and potential father of her daughter in “Mamma Mia!” His son, fellow actor Alexander Skarsgard, bottom right, played Perry Wright in the first season of “Big Little Lies.” Streep now plays Wright’s mother. Fans argue the casting solves the paternity mystery in “Mamma Mia!’”

“They did something stupid, then instead [of] figuring out how to not do something stupid they just quit instead.” @MYCHILLER, blasting The New York

Times after it announced Monday it would stop publishing political cartoons in its international edition. The move comes after an anti-Semitic cartoon was published in April. The decision was slammed, especially since its global cartoonists — who didn’t draw the offensive cartoon — were let go.

“Jaclyn Hill’s new lipsticks have more hair than Dr. Phil.” @KIKI_THE_TIKI, joking about beauty

YouTuber Jaclyn Hill’s makeup line. Customers quickly noticed issues with Hill’s lipsticks after they were released earlier this month. They reported beads, holes, fine hairs, crumbling and spots that some said appeared to be mold. Hill said Saturday the hairs were fibers from white gloves used in quality control, but has remained silent on the other issues.

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“Your star is on a roll, has taken over the game, and you call timeout to let your opponents catch their breath and regroup?”


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fun+games Horoscopes

Scrabble Grams




GEMINI (May 21-June 20) It’s best to start at the beginning today, but you may not be able to do that. You’ll want to make a statement. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Productivity is a main issue throughout the day. Yours is high, as expected, but you may have to push others to increase their output. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Whether or not you work at home, you will want to maintain communications with those who are keeping the home fires burning today. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You’re getting in the mood for some fun in the sun, but external forces may not be cooperating just yet. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Nostalgia proves inspiring to you today, but you must guard against being drawn back so far you cannot see your own future.



SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You may be facing certain situations today that you simply cannot combat. It’s best to accept certain difficult realities and just move on. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) If you’re not willing to ask for help today, then you’re not likely to get the help you need. With help you can achieve almost anything.

FOUR RACK TOTAL Make a 2-7-letter word from the letters in each row. Add points of each word using scoring directions at right. Seven-letter words get a 50-point bonus. Blank tiles used as any letter have no point value. Scrabble is a trademark of Hasbro in the U.S. and Canada.


Forecast By Capital Weather Gang


76 | 60

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Certain trends have robbed you of your enthusiasm perhaps, but today you can get it back with the help of a certain special friend.

TODAY: It will be another mostly sunny day with low humidity and light breezes from the southeast. Those dew points again will reside in the upper 40s to low 50s, as air temperatures rise through the 70s. Watch for some high clouds to increase later in the afternoon, but this will still be a nice day, given the ideal temperatures and humidity.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Any delays can be quite serious today; you’ll want to watch the clock and be sure everything is done on time. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) You may be willing to do something quite unusual for someone you’ve only just met. Is this just a one-off?

Need more Sudoku? Find another puzzle in the Comics section of The Post every Sunday and in the Style section Monday through Saturday.


AVG. HIGH: 83 RECORD HIGH: 95 AVG. LOW: 64 RECORD LOW: 50 SUNRISE: 5:41 a.m. SUNSET: 8:34 p.m.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) You can

put something you’ve just learned to very good use today. Personal development reaches a new level at this time.



80 | 65

77 | 63



84 | 65

86 | 71

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Despite how you feel about a certain someone, you’re still going to have to insist that he or she follow the rules.


today in histor y


1665: England installs a municipal government in New York, formerly the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam, and appoints its first mayor, Thomas Willett.

1942: Anne Frank, a German-born Jewish girl living in Amsterdam, receives a diary for her 13th birthday, less than a month before she and her family went into hiding from the Nazis.

1994: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are slashed to death outside her Los Angeles home. (O.J. Simpson was later acquitted of the killings in a criminal trial, but was eventually held liable in a civil action.)

Get more news and forecasts at or follow @capitalweather on Twitter.

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fun+games Crossword 1 Winter coaster 5 “Never ___ Give You Up” 10 Erupt 14 Mani’s partner 15 Coming up 16 Billionth: Prefix 17 Start of a quip 20 “No more for me” 21 Approves 22 A, to a rabbi 24 Didn’t have enough 25 Quip: Part II 31 Frequently 32 Swiss mathematician who nearly went blind 33 Future fish 34 Hi-___ monitor 35 “Let’s go, Gabriela!” 36 Lord’s Prayer start 37 Worst Yelp review 38 Baggins of the Shire 39 Creepy-crawlies

HOT MEALS 40 Quip: Part III 44 Qualified 45 Pouts 46 Prenatal test, for short 48 Go downhill fast? 51 End of the quip (which should be spoken aloud!) 56 Blackthorn fruit 57 Bring up 58 “I can’t ___!” 59 Be inclined 60 Accumulate 61 Kaput

DOWN 1 Intel gatherer 2 Aquarius’ zodiac opposite 3 Dean’s email address ender 4 Most risky 5 Leader of India’s Salt March 6 Cry of dread 7 Broadway brightener 8 ___ the Great (boy detective)

9 Blog’s revenue source, perhaps 10 Plumbers’ probes 11 Float path 12 It’s a sin 13 Troubles 18 Coachella blasters 19 Jenga structure 22 Actress Dahl or Francis 23 Dangerously unpredictable sort 24 Horace poems 25 Chocolate substitute 26 Author Zora ___ Hurston 27 Popular Creole dish 28 Cool and distant 29 Difficult spots for golfers 30 Brusque 35 Workbench attachment 38 Sunny von ___ (“Reversal of Fortune” role) 39 Turned red 41 Tolerated

42 Entertains 43 Very confused 46 ___ prof. 47 Ram’s gender 48 Con game 49 Green “pet” 50 Petroleum giant 52 SEP plan

53 December 24 or 31 54 “The Crying Game” star Stephen 55 Apt last answer




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When being Miss Universe isn’t enough …

Mick verifies he is, in fact, immortal Mick Jagger said he’s “feeling pretty good” in his first interview since undergoing heart surgery this spring that forced the Rolling Stones to push back their upcoming North American tour. “Been rehearsing a lot lately in the last few weeks,” Jagger told Toronto radio station Q107. “This morning [I did] a bit of gym. Nothing crazy. Then I go into rehearsal with the rest of the band.” The tour begins June 21. (EXPRESS)

Model Olivia Culpo has topped the 2019 Maxim Hot 100, the magazine announced Monday. Culpo posted the cover of Maxim’s Hot 100 issue to her Instagram account, writing: “I’ve always looked at the Maxim Hot 100 with admiration. There have been so many smart and successful women featured who have inspired me and my career in countless ways which makes this cover so meaningful to me. It still doesn’t feel real! Thank you so much @maximmag.” The 2012 Miss Universe winner joins the likes of Kate Upton, Hailey Baldwin and Stella Maxwell in finishing atop the list, the rest of which has not yet been revealed. (EXPRESS)


Teddy Geiger and Emily Hampshire have called off their engagement, according to Page Six. “They are over,” a source said. The singer-songwriter and “Schitt’s Creek” actress revealed they were dating in September and announced their engagement in November. It’s not clear when the couple broke up, Page Six reports, but they haven’t appeared on each other’s social media feeds in months. (EXPRESS)


Former New York Rangers forward Sean Avery was arraigned on one count of criminal mischief in a Manhattan court Monday after being accused of using his scooter to hit a car that was blocking a bike lane. “If I need to be the poster boy for defending the bike lanes, I will absolutely do that,” Avery told Page Six. “We need to be able to just bike in freedom.” (EXPRESS)

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“Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness told Out magazine in an interview published Monday that he identifies as nonbinary. “The older I get, the more I think that I’m nonbinary — I’m gendernonconforming,” he said. “Like, some days I feel like a man, but then other days I feel like a woman. ... I think my energies are really all over the place.”



Jonathan opens up on identity: ‘I’m nonbinary’

“I really, really wish that I had been given the knowledge of think with your head, not your penis.”


Celebrity gossip writers fall asleep at the wheel

Emily and Teddy pose during a happier, more innocent time.



It would appear Sean is a believer in vigilante justice

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