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Clinton launches a campaign-style blitz for ‘Hard Choices’ 26

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More than 57K are waiting for their first visit, VA audit finds 3

Carol Schwartz is running for D.C. mayor, reshaping the race 10 am

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Status updates and retweets are leading to flirting, dating and more as social networks become the matchmakers of our time 13

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Rhyming Dictionaries Added To the Jail’s Contraband List A Pennsylvania woman is accused of duping jail guards who released her instead of an inmate with a similarsounding name. Evelyn Grace Campbell is back in lockup after Friday’s mix-up when bail was posted on behalf of Maretta Ruth Gamble. Campbell stepped forward when guards called for Gamble then escaped after telling the bail bondsman she didn’t have ID before he let her sign release papers and leave, the warden said. (AP) BABY GOT BACKED

The score was written to “get inside the musical mind of Sir Mix-A-Lot; to understand how his rhythms, textures, sounds and harmonies work.” — GA BRIEL PROKOFIE V ON THE “BABY GOT BACK” ARRANGEMENT HE COMPOSED FOR SEATTLE’S SYMPHONY. SIR MIX-A-LOT PERFORMED HIS ’90S HIT FRIDAY WITH THE ORCHESTRA.


Matching Gowns Even Trickier A Pennsylvania high school commencement this month will feature a lot of familiar faces: William Tennent High’s Class of 2014 includes 14 pairs of twins. School principal Dennis Best said he isn’t surprised by the number among the 485 graduates. “I am reminded of this on a daily basis while walking through the hallways and wondering ‘How did I just walk by the same student twice?’ ” he said. (AP)

PYROMANIA SPANS CULTURES: A man looks at a wooden sculpture that was set ablaze Saturday during Israel’s first Midburn Festival, modeled after the popular Burning Man Festival held annually in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Some 3,000 people set up a colorful encampment in the dusty moonscape, swinging from hoops by day and burning giant wooden sculptures by night.


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The Department of Veterans Affairs on Monday released an internal audit of the agency’s 731 medical centers, a response to recent controversy around delays in treatment. Here are some of the most important things to note from the report. JAIME FULLER (THE WASHINGTON POST ) 57,000 veterans have been waiting at least 90 days for their first appointment at a VA medical center. The audit concluded that the agency’s goal of getting all veterans an appointment within 14 days is unfeasible given the growing demand for medical care and the VA shouldn’t have promised it could get veterans appointments in 14 days because it never had the resources to do so. Honolulu had the worst average wait time in the audit, at 145 days. The average wait time in Baltimore was 81 days and 73 days in Richmond. What’s being done: The VA plans to publish data on wait times twice a month now and start contacting patients on wait lists to get them to the doctor as soon as possible.

13 percent of VA schedulers were told by higher ups to fudge appointment requests. The audit found at least one instance of falsified records at 76 percent of medical centers. In addition, “In at least 2 clinics, respondents believed someone else (not a scheduler) was routinely accessing records and changing desired dates in order to improve performance measures.� At 24 medical centers, schedulers reported that they were threatened or coerced into changing the appointment requests. At two audit sites, schedulers were punished for not falsifying appointment requests. What’s being done: The VA said it plans to take action against employees who falsified records.

The biggest barrier to getting veterans medical care was a lack of open appointment slots. Other reasons for wait times included a lack of staffers trained to schedule appointments, inadequate training of staffers and the complexities of the VA’s computer scheduling system. The report also said that the VA was not calling veterans to remind them about upcoming appointments enough. What’s being done: Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and John McCain, R-Ariz., are working on a bill that would let veterans facing long wait times go to out of network for health-care providers. It would also provide about $500 million for the agency to hire additional medical personnel.

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The VA has started the Accelerating Access to Care Initiative to help 100,000 veterans facing long wait times. The VA has trained more than 900 staffers in the first big effort to increase efficiency at the agency. It will likely need to pay out some serious overtime, given how big the VA’s backlog is at this point. The report said 112 — or 15 percent — of the 731 VA facilities that auditors visited will require additional investigation, because of indications that data on patients’ appointment dates may have been falsified, or that workers may have been instructed to falsify lists, or other problems.


57,000 Patients Waiting For First VA Appointment Las Vegas Sheriff Doug Gillespie talks Monday about Jerad and Amanda Miller.

Police: Vegas Killers Had Anti-Government Views Las Vegas A husband and wife who went on a deadly shooting rampage in Las Vegas harbored anti-government beliefs and left a swastika and a “Don’t tread on meâ€? ag on the body of one of the two police ofďŹ cers they killed, authorities said Monday. Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill said Jerad and Amanda Miller had ideology shared by “militia and white supremacists,â€? including the belief that law enforcement was the “oppressor.â€? Authorities believe the shootings were an isolated act, not part of a broader conspiracy to target law enforcement, McMahill said. Ammon Bundy, one of Cliven Bundy’s sons, said the Millers were

at his father’s Nevada ranch for a few days this spring before they were asked to leave for unspeciďŹ ed “conductâ€? problems. On Sunday, the Millers killed two Las Vegas police ofďŹ cers who were having lunch at a pizza buffet about 5 miles northeast of the Las Vegas Strip. The attack at a CiCi’s Pizza killed ofďŹ cers Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31. The Millers then ed to a WalMart about a block away, where they killed shopper Joseph Wilcox. As police closed in, Amanda Miller shot her husband several times with a handgun, killing him, ofďŹ cials said. She then fatally shot herself in the head. MICHELLE RINDELS AND JUSTIN PRITCHARD (AP)

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The truck driver from Georgia accused of triggering Saturday’s highway crash that injured actor Tracy Morgan and killed another Morgan comedian hadn’t slept for more than 24 hours before the accident, authorities said Monday as Morgan remained in critical but stable condition. (AP)

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Blackwater Guards to Face Trial After 7 Years

After years of delays, four former guards from the security firm Blackwater Worldwide are facing trial in the 2007 killings of 14 Iraqi civilians and the wounding of 18. Jury selection is set for Wednesday. (AP) WASHINGTON

Obama Looks to Ease Student-Loan Burden




Aiming to alleviate the burden of studentloan debt, President Barack Obama expanded a program Monday that lets some borrowers pay no more than 10 percent of their income every month. (AP)


Report: Driver in Crash Was Sleep-Deprived

Miriam Douglass, left, and Ligia Rivera on Monday receive a same-sex marriage license in Outagamie County, Wis. MADISON, WIS.

Judge Denies Halt to Gay Marriages in Wis. Gay couples across Wisconsin rushed to secure marriage licenses Monday, hoping to win legal recognition of their relationships ahead of an expected hold on a ruling that the state’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb struck down the ban Friday. Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen asked Crabb to issue an emergency stay barring clerks from issuing licenses while he appeals the decision, but Crabb denied the stay Monday. Forty-one of the state’s 72 counties were issuing licenses Monday. (AP)


High Court Rules Against Those in Toxic-Water Case


The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 on Monday that homeowners in North Carolina can’t sue a company that contaminated their drinking water decades ago. The court said state law bars any lawsuit brought more than 10 years after the contamination occurred, even if residents did not realize their water was polluted until years later. (AP)

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The proportion of veterans who disapprove of the deal that President Barack Obama made by trading five Taliban prisoners for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, according to a USA Today/Pew Research Center poll. (THE WASHINGTON POST )

Revisiting a Lighter Time NAGATOMO HERNANES GUARÍN

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Every Tuesday in Express

In 2012, the Senate shut down a decade and a half tradition of its members donning, on the same day, seersucker suits. With so much tension on the Hill, the senators determined it inappropriate to celebrate something so frivolous. Now, one brave member of Congress has stepped up and declared the moratorium over. Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-La., issued a proclamation last month to designate June 11 as National Seersucker Day. (THE WASHINGTON POST )

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Seven Men Accused of Sexual Assault in Tahrir Egyptian police on Monday arrested seven men on charges of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old student during celebrations in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square marking the inauguration of the country’s new president, security officials said. Police are investigating 27 complaints of sexual harassment against women in Tahrir, where tens of thousands celebrated Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s inauguration late into the night Sunday. (AP) MAIDUGURI, NIGERIA

Nigerian Gunmen Kidnap 20 Women in Northeast Suspected Boko Haram gunmen have reportedly kidnapped 20 women from a nomadic settlement in northeast Nigeria near the town of Chibok, where the Islamic militants abducted more than 300 schoolgirls and young women on April 15. (AP)

Pakistan Attack Kills Peace Talks Taliban says airport assault was revenge for U.S. drone strike


Islamabad, Pakistan Heav ily armed gunmen who attacked Karachi’s international airport planned to destroy airplanes and possibly take hostages, Pakistani government and security officials said Monday. The attackers, some disguised as security forces, stormed parts of Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport late Sunday, killing at least 18 people before government troops regained control early Monday. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the assault, which appeared to dash hopes for peace talks. The attack began around 11 p.m. Sunday and lasted until dawn. It was well-coordinated and involved 10 attackers who were carrying gre-


In Brief

At least two planes were hit by gunfire, and militants also set several fires Sunday.

nades, suicide vests, rocket launchers, rifles and enough food for a prolonged assault, officials said. Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani, a spokesman for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, said the attackers “planned to destroy all the airplanes” at the airport. “The terrorists had a plan to bring down our aviation industry,” Wani said. About 90 minutes after the siege began, however, hundreds of Paki-

stani army commandos arrived on the scene. They quickly engaged the terrorists, eventually killing eight of them. Two others detonated explosives when cornered, officials said. Around 5 a.m. Monday, an army spokesman declared that the airport had been secured. No passengers were killed or wounded in the attack. But the militants killed at least 18 other people, including more than a dozen

The Taliban said the assault on Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, was revenge for recent Pakistani military airstrikes in northwestern Pakistan and the November killing of the militant group’s leader in a U.S. drone strike. The group’s spokesman, Shahidullah Shahid, warned that “such attacks will continue until there is a permanent cease-fire.” (AP)

security officials, authorities said. Four Pakistan International Airlines employees were also reported killed. In a statement Monday, Shahidullah Shahid, a spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, said the attack should be viewed as a sign that Sharif’s efforts to engage the group in peace talks had failed. TIM CR AIG (THE WASHINGTON POST )


Syrian President Bashar Assad declared a general amnesty Monday for prisoners in the country, state media reported, less than a week after he was re-elected to another seven-year term amid a bloody civil war. It was not clear how many — if any — prisoners would be freed by the presidential decree. (AP)


“This is the way they negotiate, with tear gas and repression.” — Union leader Alexandre Roland, in response to clashes Monday between Brazilian police and striking subway workers in Sao Paulo. Union officials have threatened to maintain the work stoppage through the World Cup, which opens this week. They want a 12.2-percent wage hike, which authorities have refused.

Chinese App Shames Polluters Beijing A Chinese environmental group launched a smartphone app Monday that tracks and shames polluting factories, highlighting how the country is making environmental data more available and enabling public monitoring of companies that pollute. The app gives, where available, hourly updates on emissions reported by factories to local authorities and shows the plants as color-coded points on a map, with violators of emissions limits in red. It also gives government air pollution data for areas throughout the country. The Environment Ministry requires about 15,000 factories


Syrian President Calls For Prisoner Amnesty

The app showed that as many as 370 large industrial companies were producing excessive emissions Monday.

nationwide to report their air emissions in real time to local environmental officials. Since the beginning of this year, the government has required that the data be made

public and some provincial governments have started posting it on websites, though it has not been collected in one place until now. The availability of such data is a far cry from three years ago, when Chinese authorities kept secret their data on PM2.5 — tiny particles in the air that are considered a good gauge of air quality. Now, PM2.5 data is a key part of published air quality indexes. The new app is produced by the Beijing-based Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs. The group said the real-time monitoring showed that as many as 370 large industrial companies were producing excessive emissions Monday. LOUISE WAT T (AP)

$5M The amount of money that relatives of five people on board the missing Malaysian jetliner are trying to raise as a reward for information about what happened to the plane. The group says it “wants to provide a substantial incentive for anyone who knows the truth to come forward.” The Boeing 777 disappeared on March 8 while carrying 239 people from Malaysia to Beijing. The group of relatives started its fundraising campaign on the crowdsourcing website Indiegogo. In a posting on the site, it said the money would be first used as a reward for information. It said it also planned to engage a licensed private investigation company to follow up on that information. (AP)

Oh, Symbolism: There is too much love on a Parisian bridge. A part of the Pont des Arts footbridge that crosses the Seine River collapsed Sunday, and you can blame the 700,000 “love locks” — marked with the initials of visiting lovers — that are attached to the span. Lovers have been adding the locks for seven years or so, and on Sunday, a 5-foot section of metal mesh railing came down, according to Britain’s Telegraph. (THE WASHINGTON POST )

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Officials worry about a potential delay of the summer opening Tysons Corner, Va. The builders of Metro’s Silver Line, under pressure to finish the project so that passenger service can begin just weeks from now, are behind schedule on many final work items, leaving transit officials worried about a potential delay of the rail line’s hoped-for summer opening, a top Metro manager said Monday. Rob Troup, Metro’s chief of operations, noted that contractors working for the Metropolitan

Washington Airports Authority, which is overseeing construction of the project, agreed in writing to complete 33 “punch list” items in time for riders to start using the Silver Line this summer. That memorandum of understanding, or MOU, was hailed in April as a big step toward finishing the current phase of the much-delayed project. “However,” Troup told reporters Monday, “we do have concern that the airports authority and the contractor are behind schedule on approximately half of the items.” He said: “This is work that has to be completed before we start [passenger] service. We expected them to be further along at this point.”


Silver Line Falls Behind Schedule Again

The Silver Line was originally scheduled to be completed by late 2013.

The Silver Line contractors, led by construction giant Bechtel, are known collectively as Dulles Transit Partners. The project’s first phase is 11.7 miles of track with four new stations in Tysons Corner and one

in Reston. Originally scheduled to be done by late 2013, its current estimated cost is $2.9 billion, about $150 million over budget. To hasten the start of passenger service, Metro agreed to take

control of the Silver Line before the contractors had completed their work. The transfer of control, on May 27, allowed Metro to begin 90 days of testing the line, with the understanding that Dulles Transit Partners would finish the project in that period. Although Troup on Monday declined to estimate when the Silver Line will open, he did not explicitly dash hope that it will be running by summer’s end. In making it clear that Metro is unhappy with the contractors’ progress, however, he seemed to be publicly prodding Bechtel and its partners to pick up their pace. PAUL DUGGAN AND LORI ARATANI (THE WASHINGTON POST)

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Carol Schwartz Launches D.C. Mayoral Bid Ex-Council member’s run as independent could shake up race Washington Carol Schwartz, a mold-breaking politician who served 16 years on the D.C. Council, said Monday she will launch a late-breaking independent campaign for mayor — her fifth bid for D.C.’s highest office. Though it has been more than five years since Schwartz appeared on a D.C. ballot, her surprise entry unsettled a mayoral race that had

been shaping up as a duel between Democratic nominee Muriel Bowser and independent David Catania. After Schwartz announced her intentions Monday, Catania’s campaign accused Bowser of playing a background role in Schwartz’s run in a bid to siphon votes that might otherwise go to Catania. “I think it’s a clear signal of how worried and concerned the Bowser campaign is,” said campaign manager Ben Young. Both Schwartz and Bowser’s campaign manager, Bo Shuff, denied any arrangement. “There haven’t been any conversations,” Shuff said.

to do with her own decision: “This isn’t about anybody else running for office,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to be mayor.” During her four terms on the council, Schwartz was an unusual presence in District politics — a Mississippi-born, Texas-bred white Republican in a mostly Democratic, African-American milieu. But over three decades, starting from the city’s old elected school board to the Council to her long-shot mayoral runs, she built one of the most memorable brands in city politics. Schwartz, 70, has been out of politics since losing her 2008 re-

The fact that Schwartz, also a former Republican with years of name recognition, could cut most directly into Catania’s support raised the prospect that she may be running in part Schwartz to deny the mayoralty to Catania, with whom she clashed frequently during her final years in office and whom she has blamed for her 2008 electoral loss. Schwartz on Monday denied that Catania’s run had anything

election bid, falling to a Republican primary challenger backed by Catania, then failing to gain traction in a subsequent write-in bid. But Schwartz said Monday she was compelled to join the mayoral race after becoming dissatisfied with the leading candidates. “I wanted somebody to vote for Nov. 4 that I felt comfortable voting for,” she said. “A lot of people feel the same way. So here is another choice.” Schwartz said she decided less than two weeks ago to pursue the mayoralty and has little in the way of campaign infrastructure. MIKE DeBONIS (THE WASHINGTON POST )

Richmond Amid a firestorm of criticism regarding his resignation from the Virginia Senate, Democrat Phillip Puckett is withdrawing his name from consideration for a job with the state tobacco commission, according to two people with knowledge of the decision. Puckett formally resigned his seat Monday and was expected to be appointed deputy director of the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission, possibly as soon as this week. But after Democrats accused

Puckett of selling out, and potentially dooming Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s efforts to expand Medicaid, he decided to remain at his job in banking, according to two people who were familiar with his decision. It’s not clear whether the criticism fueled his decision. In a statement, Puckett said that reports that he had resigned his seat to accept a paid job with the commission were “untrue.” He confirmed that one factor was helping his daughter secure a state judgeship, but without offering details, he said that additional, personal factors were at work. “My family is dealing with sev-

eral difficult issues that need our attention,” Puckett wrote. “I ask that you respect our privacy.” Puckett also reiterated his support for Medicaid expansion and questioned the premise that his resignation would throw the Senate’s support of the measure in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Attorney General Mark Herring issued a statement decrying the appearance of “political gamesmanship” but claiming no investigative role for his office — despite accusations of wrongdoing and calls for investigation from fellow Democrats. L AUR A VOZZELL A AND MICHAEL L ARIS (THE WASHINGTON POST )

“Are you ready to take the first step?”

Led by student organizers, a large crowd preached peace, love and acceptance.

Anti-Gay Group’s Protest At School Is Drowned Out Washington

Turning to God points the way

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Amid Criticism, Va. State Senator Reconsiders Job


Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet


e ll ar

e com wel

Prince George’s County Police are hunting for a rabbit. A storage shed in College Park, Md., was broken into last week, and the only item taken was an adult-sized bunny costume. The police department described the costume as six feet tall, gray and furry all over. (THE WASHINGTON POST )

Members of the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church picketed D.C.’s Wilson High School on Monday, railing against the school’s gay Pride Day and its principal, who came out as gay to his school community during last week’s pride rally. But the Kansas church’s message was largely drowned out, dwarfed by hundreds of students and community members who gathered in front of the school for a peaceful counterprotest. Led by student organizers, the crowd chanted and waved rainbow flags and signs pro-

claiming “Love is Love” and “I Have Two Moms And Life Is Good.” “I’ve never seen this many people come together, even at a sporting event,” said student body president Jennifer Li, who helped organize the rally with members of Wilson’s Gay Straight Alliance. Around the corner stood fewer than a dozen members of Westboro Baptist, an anti-gay group known for protesting at military funerals. The Westboro protesters held their customary signs, including “Same sex marriage dooms nations” and others emblazoned with anti-gay slurs. EMMA BROWN (THE WASHINGTON POST )

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T U E S D AY | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 13

Hearts All Atwitter

For many couples, the digital path to the altar starts on social networks


Cover Story

#Tweethearts Such is the seduction of social network love that Laurie Davis, the founder of eFlirt Expert, a prominent consulting company that helps singles write better dating website profiles, got married last month in Boston to a man she met on Twitter. Their wedding was decorated with 4,000 little Twitter birds cut out of paper. Table names were hashtags, such as #tweetheart, displayed on iPads. Guests were encouraged to tweet, not put their phones away. “Our #lovestory began in 140 characters on Twitter with the flick of a retweet,” the couple wrote in an online compilation of the tweets.

Romance in Plain View

Not Everything Is Likable There are downsides of finding love on social networks, too. For starters, flirters must be comfortable wooing in public. And then there is the research showing the potential drawback of social network use in relationships, particularly just-formed ones. Researcher Russell Clayton has published two studies looking at how heavy Facebook and Twitter use in relationships can lead to jealousy. “Individuals who are on Facebook may often be indirectly neglecting their partner, directly neglecting their partner by communication with former partners and developing Facebook-related jealousy or constant partner monitoring,” according to one study. “High levels of Facebook use may also serve as an indirect temptation for physical and/or emotional cheating.” (T WP)

even paying attention to it, could be this important — I was very surprised.” Many of the marriages in Hall’s study had their roots in early social net work s such as Myspace a nd, before Facebook and Twitter’s rise. Hall thinks social networking’s more recent hold on our daily lives means a big wave of marriages is yet to come. What fascinates researchers is how social networks are able to connect potential lovers who circulate in similar worlds, with similar interests and backgrounds. After they met, Alexander and Dowell-Vest realized they had often been to the same events and parties.

Dating experts and communication researchers say social networks also offer clues — shared news links, pictures from daily life, how people interact with friends — that dating profiles don’t typically expose. And activity there tends to be more honest. Some 54 percent of online daters suspect people have misrepresented themselves in profiles, according to a Pew study. And Hall said dating profiles have a way of limiting choices. “You’re looking at very narrow criteria like physical appearance and age. You can diminish your quality of choices. Social networks weren’t designed this way.” MICHAEL ROSENWALD ( THE WASHINGTON POST )

Last year, an illness in Teresa DowellVest’s family had them spending long hours at a hospital. Michelle Alexander impressed her partner’s family by packing enough food that nobody would have to leave the hospital room. Dowell-Vest, left, was overwhelmed with love and ready to propose. She enlisted some of their friends to get candles and meet them that night at a park, where she took Alexander for a walk. Dowell-Vest got down on one knee and proposed, a moment captured on YouTube (of course). Alexander accepted. “It was perfect,” she said. (T WP)


Teresa Dowell-Vest and Michelle Alexander fell in love through a status update. The District couple had gazed at photos of each other while commenting on Facebook updates of acquaintances. They added each other as friends. One day, Dowell-Vest, 42, reminisced about her grade-school Trapper Keeper folder. Alexander pounced, finding a photo online of a similar folder. She posted it to the status update. Dowell-Vest’s heart danced. “And it was all she wrote from there,” Alexander said. They will be married this week at Meridian Hill Park in Northwest. With studies showing that one-third of married couples started their relationships online, finding romance via URLs is no longer as novel — and creepy — as it once seemed. But now the digital aisle to marriage is transforming, moving from dating sites to social networks, where couples say encounters are more revealing and, with witty tweets and thoughtful status updates, more like flirting in the analog world. “You can follow someone over time and see consistency in character,” said Alexander, a writer and activist. “You can sit back and watch to see if it’s someone you want to reach out to.” A recent study found that nearly 21 percent of people who discovered their spouses online and got married between 2005 and 2012 met through social networking sites, representing about the same amount of people who met offline through school. “What’s amazing is that this has basically happened without anyone really noticing,” said Jeff Hall, a University of Kansas expert on flirting styles and the author of the study. “The idea that social networking, without anyone researching it, without anyone



Followers and Friends Laura Olin and James Hupp, both 32, met on Twitter. He’s a digital content strategist at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She works in digital campaigns; she was the voice behind President Barack Obama’s Twitter account during the 2012 election. Several years ago, Hupp tweeted that he was looking for a good D.C. political movie. Olin replied, suggesting “The More the Merrier,” a comedy from 1943. He started following her. And they began exchanging tweets. Their online courtship was long and halting. They bumped into each other at parties. At one point, Olin unfollowed him and deleted many of her tweets as she began working on Obama’s campaign. One day she followed him again. Their common friends, seeing love in their Twitter streams, encouraged them to get together. Finally, they began dating in March 2013. (T WP)

14 | E X P R E S S | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | T U E S D AY

T U E S D AY | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 15

Sports Right-hander hasn’t lost since his first start of the season

10:15 P.M. Today | MASN2

After a forgettable first outing, Doug Fister has fit right in at the end of the Nationals’ rotation. The right-hander, who missed the first month of the season with a lat injury, has surrendered only eight earned runs in his past five starts — all games the Nationals won. And it hasn’t just been his fastball that’s been working for Fister. In his most recent start against the Phillies, he worked his curveball for a few strikeouts, and his changeup kept hitters off-balance. “The main focus is staying down in the zone and being able to move in and out,” Fister said. When searching for a pitcher to round out the rotation in 2013, the Nationals turned to Dan Haren. But that acquisition didn’t work out, with Haren going 10-14 with a 4.67 ERA. This year, the Nationals replaced Haren with Fister and are reaping the benefits of the trade with Detroit.



Right-hander Doug Fister is 4-1 with a 3.19 ERA in his first season with the Nationals.

In six starts this season, Fister (4-1, 3.19 ERA) has walked only 1.4 percent of the batters he’s faced, according to His WHIP is 0.982 and he’s struck out 28 batters in 362 ⁄3 innings. “He’s awesome, isn’t he?” right

fielder Jayson Werth said. “You gotta love playing behind a guy like that. He’s into the game. He works fast. He throws strikes. There’s not a whole lot there you don’t like.” Fister has also shown his athleticism in the field. In the series

finale against Philadelphia, Ryan Howard hit a ground ball to first baseman Adam LaRoche, who then attempted a double play by throwing the ball to Danny Espinosa, who was covering second base. Fister covered first and did his best to try to catch Espinosa’s throw before Howard could reach base. He extended his leg as far as possible before he was in a full split. “I t hou ght he ble w out ,” LaRoche said. He didn’t. Fister got up and walked back to the mound to finish the inning. The 6-foot-8 righty will be on the mound today against the NLleading Giants. Prior to Monday’s game, the Nationals had won seven of their past 10 games. “Playing together and well adds a lot of momentum to us,” Fister said. “We’re able to come in every day and put forth the energy, the focus and drive to play this game.” JASON BUT T (FOR E XPRESS)

U.S. Lands in Brazil for World Cup


Two Parties in One The University of Connecticut had double the celebration at the White House on Monday. President Barack Obama welcomed the school’s men’s and women’s basketball teams to mark their NCAA titles. Obama joked that while he’s trying to cut duplicative programs, UConn might be carrying things too far. (AP)

The U.S. World Cup team has arrived in Brazil. The Americans landed in Sao Paulo on Monday morning on an overnight commercial flight from Miami and reached their downtown hotel on a bus with the American flag and the slogan “United by team, driven by passion.” Motorcycled police with the Stars and Stripes sticking out of their wheels preceded the bus, and a helicopter hovered. Four soldiers in fatigues, about two dozen police in riot gear and what appeared to be several plain clothes security stood outside the hotel, which is adjacent to a park



U.S. goalkeeper Brad Guzan, bottom, and Michael Bradley arrive in Brazil.

on a tree-lined street. The team was met with applause when it entered the lobby. The Americans will train at nearby Sao Paulo FC until Friday. They then fly 1,450 miles north to Natal for their Group G opener Monday against Ghana, the team that eliminated them from the last two World Cups. An initial training session in Brazil was scheduled for late afternoon. U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann remained in Miami to scout Monday night’s warmup game between Ghana and South Korea. Appearing in their seventh straight World Cup, the Americans also play Portugal and Germany in the group stage. RONALD BLUM (AP)


Fister Finds Winning Formula Retief Goosen walks to the 18th green during a U.S. Open practice round.

Pinehurst Is Going All Natural U.S. Open Pinehurst No. 2 is anything but perfect for the U.S. Open, at least in the traditional sense of major championships in America. USGA executive director Mike Davis could not be any more thrilled. “It’s awesome,” Davis said Monday as he gazed out at a golf course that looks like a yard that hasn’t been watered in a month. Sandy areas have replaced thick rough off the fairways. They are partially covered with what Pinehurst Resort officials refer to as “natural vegetation,” but what most anyone else would simply call weeds. The edges of the bunkers are ragged. The turf is uneven just off some of the greens, with patches of no grass. Instead of verdant fairways from tee-to-green, the fairways are a blend of green, yellow and brown. That was the plan all along. Shortly after this Donald Ross gem was awarded its third U.S. Open in 15 years, the fabled No. 2 course went through a gutsy project to restore it to its natural look from yesteryear. DOUG FERGUSON (AP)


Fine given to Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade for flopping. A review showed he overexaggerated a foul during Sunday’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals that was charged to San Antonio’s Manu Ginobili. (AP)

16 | E X P R E S S | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | T U E S D AY

Sports Receiver has plenty of competition with offseason additions Redskins Santana Moss turned 35 this month and has played 13 NFL seasons. The Redskins made upgrades at his position this offseason by signing wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Andre Roberts as free agents. But when it was suggested to Moss last week that he faces more competition than usual to secure a spot on the Redskins’ season-opening roster, he said the situation is nothing new from his perspective.

“I’ve never not had to go work for my job,” Moss said following an offseason practice at Redskins Park. “So at the end of the day, there’s always competition.” Even so, Moss acknowledged that his approach to the sport has changed in recent seasons. “Honestly, the more you hear, the more you’ve been around this league, you mature a lot more and appreciate what you’re doing a lot more,” he said. “For the last four or five years, my appreciation of the game has been a little different.” Moss had 42 catches for 452 yards and two touchdowns last season as the Redskins went 3-13 and then fired Mike Shanahan as


Moss: Working for Spot Not New

Redskins receiver Santana Moss had 42 catches for 452 yards last season.

their coach. Moss said there’s plenty of work to be done to ensure that things will be different under the team’s new coach, Jay Gruden.

“I just feel like last year things didn’t go as well as we had planned,” he said. “And it should have. I feel like the coaching staff, they did a tremendous job of getting us ready every week. At the end of the day, we went out there and laid the eggs. … Right now we’re trying to build so we don’t have that same lapse.” A coaching change always brings optimism in the NFL, Moss said. “When it’s new, everything is all good,” he said. “It’s just like getting that new girlfriend. You had the old one and she got on your nerves. The new one ain’t gonna get on your nerves until down the road. When it’s new, everything is all good.” MARK MASKE (THE WASHINGTON POST )


Rays’ Medicine Man The slumping Tampa Bay Rays have turned to a Seminole medicine man to change their fortunes. Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon, above, invited tribal elder Bobby Henry to Tropicana Field on Monday in an attempt to help his team, which has the worst record in the majors. “We just turned him loose on the Trop,” Maddon said. (AP)

200 years after the British invaded Maryland, we invite you to do the same. This summer, come celebrate the 200th anniversary of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in the state where the Anthem was born. From festivals to fireworks, concerts to crab cakes, re-enactments, tall ships, the Blue Angels and more, celebrating history has never been more spectacular. And never so much fun.

Celebrating 200 years of our National Anthem with four months of star-spangled fun. JUNE–SEPTEMBER 2014 # STARSPANGLED200.COM # 800-543-9315

T U E S D AY | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 17


Heat guard Dwyane Wade, right, has averaged 16.5 points a game in the NBA Finals.

Wade, Heat Fully Ready For Spurs’ Counterpunch NBA Finals Dwyane Wade thinks there’s no one better than the Miami Heat at dealing with the mental challenge of the playoffs. In his eyes, only one other team might compare. He’s talking about the San Antonio Spurs. That’s why Wade believes these NBA Finals are just getting started. When he looks at the Spurs, he sees qualities his own team has, including an ability to break down a loss and quickly correct things. It’s what Miami did before Game 2 of the Finals, and it’s what Wade expects the Spurs to do before the title series resumes with Game 3 in Miami tonight. “You never put them away,” Wade said. “I think they always believe and it’s the same with us. You can’t, you won’t, put us away because we’re always going to believe. That’s why this is a perfect, different animal, kind of series. They’re the other team like


us. They don’t lose much and when they do they come back and be better in the next game. So we’ve got to come out and do the same thing.” That would explain why on Monday, instead of a day off, the Heat gathered to watch video of Game 2. By winning in San Antonio to even the finals at 1-1, home-court advantage now belongs to the Heat. But no one in their locker room thinks it’s going to get easy now. “They came out great. They played a great game,” Spurs guard Tony Parker said after Miami’s 98-96 win in Game 2. “Now it’s our turn to go over there and get one. We played pretty well all season long on the road and so we’re going to have two great opportunities to try to come up with a win.” TIM REYNOLDS (AP)

George Mason Names New AD

More than two decades after winning a Super Bowl ring with the Redskins, Brad Edwards is back in the neighborhood as the new athletic director at George Mason. GMU doesn’t play the sport that made Edwards famous, and his arrival doesn’t mean the university plans to add football anytime soon. “The financial numbers of football are very tough,” President Angel Cabrera said. The former safety will use football to play the fundraising game, though, having retained Redskins connections in the area. (AP)

Former UCLA star is lead plaintiff in suit against the NCAA College Basketball

The battle to give top football and basketball players a cut of the billions of dollars flowing into college athletics began in earnest Monday with former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon taking the stand in federal court to describe how he spent long hours working on his game and as few as possible on his grades. The lead plaintiff in a landmark antitrust suit against the NCAA said his goal at UCLA wasn’t to get a degree, but to get two years of college experience before being drafted into the NBA. “I was an athlete masquerading as a student,” O’Bannon said. “I was there strictly to play basketball. I did basically the minimum to make sure I kept my eligibility academically so I could continue to play.” The testimony came as a trial that could upend the way col-



O’Bannon Takes Stand

Former UCLA star Ed O’Bannon helped lead the Bruins to a national title in 1995.

Meanwhile … As the trial began, the NCAA announced it had reached a $20 million settlement in a related case involving video games that used the likeness and images of players without getting their permission. NCAA attorney Donald Remy acknowledged that the settlement in a suit brought by former Arizona State and Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller will result in some current players getting money but doesn’t change the NCAA’s strong belief that the collegiate athletic model is lawful. (AP)

lege sports are regulated opened, five years after the suit was filed. O’Bannon and 19 other plaintiffs are asking U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken for an injunction that would allow athletes to sell the rights to their own images in television broadcasts and rebroadcasts. If successful, the plaintiffs in the class-action case — who are not asking for individual damages — could pave the way for a system that uses some of the huge money flowing into television contracts to pay athletes for their play once they are done with their college careers. TIM DAHLBERG (AP)

HEALTHY MEN NEEDED FOR A RESEARCH STUDY If you have ever taken prescription pain pills for a medical condition such as a broken bone or dental surgery, we need you for a paid research study at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The purpose of this study is to learn more about how opiate pain medication affects the body and brain. Both outpatient and inpatient study visits are required. There is no cost to participate. Study participants receive money for time and local travel.



You may be able to participate if you: • Are 21–55 years old • Have used opiate pain pills in the past for a medical or dental condition • Don’t smoke cigarettes

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Learn how you can volunteer in a research study of an investigational vaccine designed to prevent malaria!! Principal Investigator: Dr. Judith Epstein

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Malaria kills one child in Africa every 30 seconds.

Steve Coburn said he’s “ashamed” by his remarks after the Belmont Stakes.

Chrome Co-Owner Apologizes Horse Racing

Volunteer for a Malaria Study Short Title: “A Clinical Trial of the PfSPZ Vaccine”


health directory

California Chrome co-owner Steve Coburn apologized Monday for his bitter remarks after his horse failed to win the Triple Crown. Coburn said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” he was “very ashamed. I need to apologize to a lot of people, including my wife, Carolyn.” She tried to intervene as Saturday’s interview got out of control, explaining that her husband was “very emotional and I was trying to calm him down.” Coburn also apologized to the connections of winning horse Tonalist, saying: “I did not mean to take anything away from them.” On Saturday, he had said that Tonalist took “the coward’s way out” by skipping the first two legs of the Triple Crown. On Sunday, he doubled down by pointing out that “it wouldn’t be fair if I played basketball with a child in a wheelchair because I got an unfair advantage.” (AP)

$27.1M Amount of money FIFA paid to help fund a movie about the World Cup featuring Tim Roth as its president, Sepp Blatter. FIFA finance director Markus Kattner says funding for “United Passions” was agreed at the 2009 congress in the Bahamas. (AP)

T U E S D AY | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 19

Guinea Pig | Sweet Spot Close your eyes and take a bite of one of thinkThin’s new Lean Protein & Fiber Bars ($2 each,, and you might mistake it for something from a cookie jar. But the snacks — available in five flavors, including chocolate almond brownie and honey drizzle peanut— are gluten-free and boast respectable nutrition stats: 150 calories, 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of sugar. It’s something sure worth thinking about.

See your weekly Gold’s Gym ad in today’s Fit Section

Picture This Guy on a DVD

Kevin Mullins, a competitor on “The Next Top Trainer,” leads a Super Hero Workout class at the Sports Club/LA in D.C.

“If you don’t know why you’re doing it, that’s a problem,” Campbell says. Mullins, however, cleanly and clearly demonstrated his moves, which included a pushup with a knee tuck and a squat with a rotating press. Those compound movements are at the core of his personal fitness philosophy, so he was in his comfort zone. The judges questioned whether he had enough years under his belt in the industry — nothing is more important than experience, Campbell says — but they were won over by his work ethic, energy level and education. In addition to having a degree in kinesiology and a personal trainer certification, Mullins is also a certified Olympic strength coach. Plus, he teaches group exer-


The call went out to buff dudes across the country. Men’s Health is on the hunt for new talent — someone well versed in exercise science, instruction and motivation, and who looks good while putting it all together. In other words, the magazine hopes to find “The Next Top Trainer.” “We want someone who’s an expert in everything,” says Adam Campbell, Men’s Health fitness director and one of three judges for the weekly Web series, which debuted Monday. (Find episodes at The realityshow-style competition dangles a coveted prize in front of its contestants: The winner will star in his own workout DVD, contribute to the magazine and score some cash. And one of the eight guys in the running is Kevin Mullins, 25, a trainer and group exercise instructor at the District’s branch of the Sports Club/LA. The strapping University of Maryland grad had only limited oncamera experience when he auditioned in New York two months ago. (“I had done some shirtless modeling in college — I was a favorite of art students,” he says.) But Mullins was well rehearsed, and appeared confident as he stepped in front of the panel to present his two-minute fitness challenge. There were many ways to mess up, and many other guys did, Campbell says. If their form was off, they were dinged immediately. If their programming didn’t make sense, ditto.


A local fitness nut lunges for glory in ‘The Next Top Trainer,’ an online reality show

Mullins is one of eight competitors on Men’s Health’s new weekly Web series.

cise classes, which translates well to a DVD, Campbell adds. “I’m a student of fitness because I want to be able to handle any training situation,” Mullins says of his varied background. For his workouts, he keeps it interesting by changing things up — playing flag football on the Mall, alternating between rowing on an erg and kettle bell swings, or asking other trainers to kick his butt. Viewers will see how that back-

Don’t Just Sit There Anyone can watch Kevin Mullins on “The Next Top Trainer.” Members of the Sports Club/LA (1170 22nd St. NW; 202-974-6600, can also work out with him. In addition to private training, he teaches two classes: Athletic Interval (Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.) and Super Hero Workout (Fridays at 7 a.m.). Both will test your muscles and deliver results, he promises. (E XPRESS)

ground holds up as Mullins and the other contestants take on a series of challenges. All eight episodes were filmed in New York in May over the course of a single week. In Monday’s premiere, the guys got worked to exhaustion, and then needed to find the energy to step up and teach. Future episodes feature equally telling tests, Campbell reveals. In one, they’re given a piece of fitness equipment and must show several ways to use it. In another, they’re tasked with completing as many variations on the pushup as possible. (Be prepared for some stunners, says Campbell, who’s still reeling from seeing one guy do a “flying pushup,” which involves pushing off so powerfully that you’re not touching the ground, and have time to spread out your arms and legs like you’re Superman before landing.) It wasn’t easy, Mullins admits. But he wouldn’t have wanted it to be. “Iron sharpens iron. By being around that experience, I got better,” says Mullins, who can’t reveal how he did. One trick he picked up? How to be so motivational that people “have no option but respond well to it,” he says. Campbell wants viewers to learn a few things along the way as well. Trainers are normally seen as “meatheads,” he says, so he hopes this series, which emphasizes their knowledge base, can challenge that perception. And it’s an education for people who want to find a top trainer of their own. If you’re unsure of the person you’re working with, “Top Trainer” will provide smart questions to ask and skills to look for. No one in D.C. needs to look too hard, however, Campbell says. He knows a guy. VICKY HALLETT (EXPRESS)

20 | E X P R E S S | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | T U E S D AY

fit wellness

1221 Mass. Ave NW 202.628.7979 703 D Street NW 202.628.1288

A Run Won’t Wreck Knees

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New marathoners in a study didn’t have any loss of cartilage MATTHEW MEAD (AP)

Massage Solstice

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Makes Six Servings

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Us + the kids having the best time. together. It’s your


Every Thursday in Express XX0165 2x2.5

Everyone seems to believe that running is bad for the joints, particularly the knees, even though a number of studies have shown no evidence of increased knee problems among typical runners. Today, the modern view holds that excess body weight and too little exercise are the big culprits underlying knee and hip arthritis. Still, old beliefs die hard, while new imaging technologies promise better evidence of joint wear and tear. Then, there are special populations, like first-time marathoners who build their training to get ready for 26.2 miles. What would happen if you focused the new technologies on this group, which is widely thought to have high injury rates? Research published in Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology,

Heat the oven to 450 F. Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil, then coat it with cooking spray. In a medium bowl, combine the goat cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, scallion greens and lemon zest. Halve the jalapenos lengthwise and carefully remove the ribs and seeds (wear rubber gloves if necessary to protect your hands). Stuff each half with the cheese mixture, being sure to use all of the cheese mixture. Wrap a slice of prosciutto around each stuffed jalapeno half, overlapping the ends of the prosciutto on the bottom of the jalapeno. Arrange the poppers on the prepared baking sheet, then bake on the oven’s center rack until the prosciutto is slightly crispy, about 15 minutes. (AP)

The American Lung Association brings its signature fundraiser, the Fight for Air Climb, to the area for the first time this year. Participants — who must pledge to raise $100 — can tackle the 28 floors of the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center either once or twice. “This will make you appreciate your lungs,” ALA’s Kira Koon promises. It’ll also make you appreciate the work of firefighters, several of whom will be participating in their full gear.

110 calories; 60 calories from fat (55 percent of total calories); 7 g fat (4 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 25 mg cholesterol; 2 g carbohydrate; 1 g fiber; 1 g sugar; 10 g protein; 540 mg sodium.

Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, 5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria; Sat., 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (participants will get a wave time 72 hours before the event); alexandria-climb-fy14.



New research dispels old beliefs about the toll marathons can take on knees.

Arthroscopy did just that by following the progress of 10 subjects. And it produced results similar to those seen previously: The runners’ knees remained essentially unchanged by training for and completing a first marathon. The authors conclude: “High-impact forces during longdistance running are well tolerated even in marathon beginners and do not lead to clinically relevant cartilage loss.” A MBY BUR FOOT (REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION OF RUNNER’S WORLD ©RODALE INC.)


Fight for Air Climb

event horizon Dancing Mind in Falls Church is celebrating Virginia Yoga Week. THROUGH SUNDAY

Virginia Yoga Week The commonwealth is for lovers — of yoga. Nine studios are proving it this week by offering free and $5 classes. Get hooked? You can keep the habit up all summer: Starting June 25, Prasada Yoga (1900 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria) will offer free classes Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Details at

T U E S D AY | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 21

asking you to relocate to a yurt in Turkmenistan). Now if you’d, um, consider considering a move, then here are things to think about: You don’t love your job and you can’t possibly “know” a move would be permanent. Maybe you can negotiate a probational move with a plan to re-evaluate in two years.

The Coast Isn’t Clear My boyfriend is itching to move across the country because he thinks the West Coast suits him better. I don’t love my job, but I love my friends and the fact that my family is nearby in Philadelphia. And I know that if we move, it will basically be deciding to settle there. Marriage is not imminent, but we’ve been together for two years and we both want it to happen. Is it wrong that I’m not willing to consider this? HAPPY HERE

Second Opinion


No, it’d be wrong for me to tell you what’s acceptable for your relationship. But are you truly not willing to consider it — as in, you would choose the East Coast over being with him? If your mind is made up that way, then I wonder if there’s enough love for you to be even thinking about marriage at all (it’s not like he’s

My husband is a marriage counselor who thinks we should separate. I wish I were kidding. We have been having problems for years, but he has never given legitimate counseling a try. For what it’s worth, we don’t have children, but how can I get him to practice what he preaches? DON’T WANT TO THROW IN THE TOWEL

I never like hearing about therapists

who don’t seem to believe in therapy, but I don’t know much backstory here. Perhaps he believes (rightly or wrongly) that marriage counseling is no match for a fundamental incompatibility. One thing your husband sees on an hourly basis is that counseling can’t force the desire to stay together if it’s missing. It won’t come as a surprise that I think that individual therapy could benefit you. It’s time to work on maximizing your own fulfillment, even if it means breaking away from something you think you want.

By Dr. Andrea Bonior

Send your questions to Dr. Andrea Bonior at Andrea is a local clinical psychologist and author of “The Friendship Fix.”

WEEK TEN: “Pushing myself to the limit”







263 lbs.

223 lbs.

40 lbs.



257 lbs.

228 lbs.

29 lbs.



228 lbs.

201 lbs.

27 lbs.



225 lbs.

201 lbs.

24 lbs.



233 lbs.

212 lbs.

21 lbs.



280 lbs.

265 lbs.

15 lbs.


Points awarded weekly for % of body weight lost and competitive challenge.

“Things went great last week! I feel like I’ve really settled into my groove and continue to move full steam ahead! I used to think I just didn’t have the time to exercise and that I needed a workout buddy (especially in a group setting) to motivate me. But now I know that taking time for myself is an essential part of the health and wellness puzzle—and I’ve met a lot of people like me in my Zumba classes!”

“This past week was tough. The hardest thing I did, other than my workout with Megan, was taking the Body Pump class. It was both tough and rewarding because Body Pump gives you a full-body workout. I also plan to incorporate several new workouts over the next few weeks, including running and boxing.”

— Tony

— Emily

TR AINER TIP “Have a backup plan to keep from skipping a workout and always give yourself choices. Are you in the mood for kickboxing, or is it too nice outside to pass up a jog? The question should always be: ‘Which workout?’, not ‘Should I workout?’”

— MEGAN CHALLENGER: Tony LOCATION: Van Ness Gold’s Get Chal lenge Gold’s Get FitFit Chal lenge

Summer is almost here! Join now with $0 enrollment. Visit for a location near you!

“During my training session last week, we used the TRX suspension trainer. It’s amazing how you can get a full-body workout from it just using your body weight! The hardest part was the triceps exercise. I have such weak arms, I really had to push myself! I was actually sore for days after. My favorite part: squats. I love the way squats shape my legs. Give me any leg workout and I’ll gladly do it!”

— Krystle

22 | E x p r e s s | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | T u e s d ay




Accountant: BS in Accounting/Finance w/ 2 yr exp. Knowledge of finance & accounting principles & practices, financial markets, banking & analysis & reporting of financial data, accounting software & comp. appl. Ability to resolve problems & implement sols. Resumes to HR, Shalini Gupta & Asso, 8860 Columbia 100 Parkway, # 104, Columbia, MD 21045

Landscape Designer Practice design and planning of landscapes, green infrastructure, and graphic presentation. Min. Req: Bachelor in Landscape Architecture; computer graphic skills to produce realistic 3D renderings; drawing skills including sketching and watercolor; knowledge of architecture and Chinese language. 40 hours/wk. Resume to LSG Landscape Architecture, Inc. at 1919 Gallows Rd, Suite 110, Vienna, VA 22182 (Job location).

Scientist I. Provide scientific direction, coordi nation, & oversight in complex research studies & scientific proj involving comm -based interven tions for pub health & global devt org. Dev, design, & serve as lead scientist for a variety of applied programmatic research studies, incl formative assessments, process & impact evals, & ops research. Reqts: PhD in Pub Health, Comm Devt, or Reg Planning OR Master’s in same + 3 yrs exp in the job. Also required: 1 yr exp w/ quant research design & methods, incl multi stage sampling proc; 1 yr exp w/ stats, incl scale & index construction & use of stats packages (SAS or SPSS); & 1 yr exp conducting comm based research in resource poor settings. All exp may be gained concurrently through work exp and/or acad coursework. Job in DC. Mail cov ltr & resume to FHI360, Attn: HR Dept – DC Office/Brianne Burke, 1825 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20009.

ACCOUNTING Sr Accountant: Degree in Acctg, Finance, Mgmt. MS w/ 2yr or BS w/ 5yr of exp. Web based acctg, payroll & Income tax form & regs, payroll & tax software. Conduct training. Good comm. skills, Comp. Skills-MS Office, Finance module SAP reports e.g. Profitability & cost, Financial forecasting & Planning & Payroll Svcs. Resumes to: HR, Sareen & Associates, 10702 Vandor Ln, Manassas, VA 20109

Medical/Dental NEEDED NOW Medical/Dental Offices NOW HIRING. No Experience? Local Job Training & Placement Assistance Available. 1-800-416-8377

Newspaper Carriers



needed to deliver

Administrative Assistant Computer Packages Inc, a 45 year old Intellectual Property software company, is seeking an Administrative Assistant to work at our headquarters in Rockville, MD. Strong communication, organization skills and proficiency w/ MS Office req. Bachelor's degree preferred. Recent grad's welcome. Excellent benefits including health insurance, pension and strong opportunity for growth. Resume only to: Application Analyst/Developers: Master’s degree in science/ eng related. Expertise in OOP, OOAD, Adv. Computer Arch, software eng principles, Oracle DBMS, Data Mining, Network Mgmt, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Adv. UNIX prog. Resumes to Confiminds LLC, 13800 Coppermine Road, Suite 327, Herndon, VA 20171

Asst Managers & Security

For gentlemen's clubs in MD. Apply nightly after 9pm at Bazz&Crue, 7752 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD AUTO TECH- For a Busy Import Shop . Must have 3 Yrs Exp. Valid Lic w/ clean record. Good Benefits. Fax resumes to 410-267-8421

To apply, call 202-334-6100 (Please press “0” once connected.)

Healthcare/Medical • Dental Pharmacy Technology


CALL 1.855.445.3276 TEXT “IGNITE” TO 367847

CAREER TRAINING NOW HIRING! Experienced caregivers for live-in and hourly shifts with high profile clients across the D.C. area. We offer top pay, flexible hours, and great benefits! Must have CNA License or Certificate. Must provide 2-3 professional references. Must have a work permit or SSN.


PHLEBOTOMY Training workshops 301-567-5422




Financial Aid Available for those who qualify. Career Placement Assistance for All Graduates. For consumer information, visit

Trainees Needed Now!

Dental Offices now hiring. No experience? Job Training & Placement Assistance Available. 1-800-678-6350

Interviewing all day Mon - Fri. Call one of our three offices. Bethesda: 301-654-1525 McLean: 703-356-4333 Fairfax: 703-746-8084

CUSTOMER SERVICE / RECEPTIONIST Must have fun & flare. No exp necessary. Please call 240-619-2598

Program Manager /Systems Administrator Bladensburg, MD

career education


Healthtech Institute, Inc. in Bladensburg, MD seeks F/T Prog Mngr, Sys. Admin. resp. for directing & overseeing the admin. & mgmt. function of the org. Support for teachers& educ. progs. Reqs: Bach in comp sci or rel field & 2yrs of rel. exp. in admin mgmt. & sftwr admin in an academic envir. for learning &/or mentally disabld students. If interested, submit resume or curriculum vitae to:


XX740 1x.25

HOUSEKEEPER/CHEF Potomac LIVE/IN or live/out. Meal preparation, laundry, beds, cleaning, etc, dog care. Nonsmoker, mature, Fluent English, references required. Background checks. Call 301-518-5224 Leave Message. Describe yourself.

If you have the spark, we have the programs to guide you toward a rewarding career. FORTIS offers programs in the following areas:

TELEMARKETERS/CANVASERS - METRO ACCESS to Vienna, then transfer to Gold1 Bus to Layton Hall. Homefix is hiring for PT & FT positions. Hours are flexible. Usually btwn 12p-8p. Exp strongly pref but not necessary. Must have a good speaking voice & desire to succeed. Clean fun work environment w/ exc comm pkgs+hourly. Open interviews, wkdays at 3-4pm at 10301 Democracy Ln Suite 203, Fairfax VA, Call Chris wkdys 2p-5p 703-383-0400 or or 1506 Joh Ave, Suite 188, Baltimore MD 21227. Call Will 410-760-1777.

CDA, AA TEACHERS - 3 years experience. Call 202-450-4886, Apply at 1547 1st St. SW.

Drivers-Needed for local, OTR & regional CDL positions. No CDL? We train. Start at $45k+. Classes forming now, accepting aps today! 1-800-251-3946


Downtown D.C. All shifts. Weekly pay, no exp necessary. Dress professionally Apply M-F, 9a-3p, CES Security, 8555 16th St, Ste 100, Silver Spring, MD. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

Great part-time income opportunity! Transportation required.

Call Jamie at 202-797-9655



in DC, MD and VA areas.

Earn $1320-$2200/mo. FT/ career.



The Washington Post

For Reproductive Rights! Work with Grassroots Campaigns to: - Defend a Woman’s Right to Choose - Oppose Attacks on Healthcare Access



Change your life now! Get skills in demand

Transportation reimbursement available

OPEN HOUSE June 11th 10am or 2pm Are you currently unemployed? Need help with job placement? Not happy with your current job?

NO HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA REQUIRED TO SIGN UP! Medical Programs: • Medical Assistant • Medical Office Administration Learn Electronic Health Records (EHR), EKG, Phlebotomy, Images do not represent actual students Triage, Injections, CPR and more!

CALL TLC NOW! (202) 688-2100 Space is limited

Computer Program: • PC Specialist Learn MS Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keyboarding, QuickBooks accounting, Web Page Design, and more!

TECHNICAL LEARNING CENTERS 1720 I St. NW Suites LL & 200, Washington, DC 20006 Next to Farragut West & Farragut North Metro Stations Visit our website:

All Programs Nationally Accredited By

to enroll in the

Criminal Justice* program at

TESST College of Technology! Call Now!


1520 S. Caton Avenue • Baltimore, MD 21227 4600 Powder Mill Road • Beltsville, MD 20705 803 Glen Eagles Court • Towson, MD 21286 For more information on our program and its outcomes visit TESST does not guarantee employment or career advancement. Programs vary by campus. *Additional academy training or education may be required for law enforcement positions.

t u e s d ay | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | E x p r e s s | 23







ADOPT A CAT/KITTEN Vet checked. Call Feline Foundation. 703-920-8665

Geno Baroni

In 10 Weeks

Trainees Needed Now

Medical Offices now hiring. No experience? Job Training & Placement Assistance Available.




PHARMACY TECH Trainees Needed Now Pharmacies now hiring. No experience? Job Training & Placement Assistance Available 1-877-240-4524

COMPUTER & IT TRAINING PROGRAM! Local Training can get you trained & ready for Certification!

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Day & Evening Training! Call CTI for details!



TRAINING PROGRAM! CTI can prepare you for an exciting career working in Hotels, Cruise Ships, Resorts & Tourism! Career opportunities include


TRAINING AVAILABLE! Hands on training can get you trained & ready to start work!

Arena Stage,Nationals Ball Park,& Shopping


In 10 Weeks


Med Tech/CPR 19 Days CNA to GNA 240-770-8251 OR 301-333-6254 Financial aid*

Get Microsoft certified!

Call CTI for details!

Day/Eves & Weekend Classes 6475 New Hampshire Ave., #501 Hyattsville, MD 20783 CALL 301-270-5105 Job Placement Assis/Financial Assis Avail. Out of State Endorsement

Get the skills you need to begin a career in:


Hands-on training at CTI can get you job ready!


Training can be completed Mornings, Afternoons or Evenings!

STUFF 2PC Queen Pillowtop Mattress Set $139, King Pillowtop Set $229. Brand-new in plastic, Delivery available. 301-399-7870 2pc Sectional $295, 4PC Cherry Bedroom Set $185!! Both never used Still boxed. Deliverable. 301-343-8630



XX740 1x.25

For consumer information please visit\disclosure

all within Close Walking Distance

2nd Largest Residential Pool in SW DC

Classes start soon • PHLEBOTOMY-10 WK • CNA 4 WK • CNA to GNA - 72 HOURS • CPR & FIRST AID


*2bdrm Unit Available*





Training can be completed Morning, Afternoon or Evenings! For consumer information please visit\disclosure

Quality First Career Center

For consumer information please visit\disclosure


Luxury Affordable Housing




Hands on training includes onsite Externship!


For consumer information please visit\disclosure

Beautiful 1BR Now Available!



Program Eligibility Subject to Min. & Max. Income Requirements.


Congress Heights, SE- DC- Sparkling 1&2BR clean, quiet, secure, $800/$1,000 + Utils . Nr Bolling AFB 501 Mellon St. SE 20032 301-552-2989

DC BASEMENT APT FOR RENT. 1BR, 1BA, W/D. Cable, util. inclu. $1200/mo + sec. dep. 202-384-5906.

CARVER Large Apartments Homes 1,2, and 3 Bedrooms for Move-in June and July Comcast Event Hurry Limited Time Only *on approved credit* *income restrictions apply* 888.891.8472

(202) 584-1688 3738 D St. SE 20019

Professionally Managed By CIH Properties, Inc.



2BR Special 1150 1095 If moved in by 7/11/2014

No Application Fee! Available for Immediate Move In!!!! • Energy-efficient systems • Brushed Nickel Accents • Stainless steel appliances • Large Closets • Microwave • Dishwasher • Central Air Conditioning • Kitchen Breakfast Bars • On-site Management • Washer & Dryer • On-site Maintenance Professionally Managed by

2100 Maryland Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002 1025 Vermont Avenue N.W., Suite 200 Washington, D.C. 20005

Now approved for federal financial aid for those who qualify.

Call Now: 1-888-445-6223



XX609 1x1

Our programs include: • Practical nursing • Registered nursing

SE - 2 BR apts on Greenline, utilities included w/ Vouchers Approved. Secure, quiet. Great floors. Available Immediately. Call 703-912-4885 SE- 4190 Livingston Rd. Quiet 2BR, CAC, w-w carpet. $900 + utilities. Call 301-952-6495

Metro Accessible Controlled Entry Free Parking

The New

Make a difference in: • Nursing homes • Hospitals • Urgent care facilities • Physicians’ offices

2 Bedrooms from $1,255* Washer/Dryer Gated Community Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Spacious Floor Plans


*Limited time offer, call for details


1 Month FREE Rent!*

2 BRs starting at $1240* • Washer & dryer • Individually controlled A/C • Wall-to-wall carpeting • Complimentary Alarm Syst.

NE-3BDR and 2BDR 1BA apts. newly renov. wash/dry. Sec.8 and Urban League Vouchers-OK. $1300.00 - $1800.00. 202-744-2851

Banneker Place

NE- Huntwood Crt. Under new management. 1BR $860+. 2BR $920+. 5000 Hunt St NE. 202-399-1665 NMI Prop Mgmt.

Radians College can prepare you to enter the growing field of nursing.

NW-6501 14th St 1BR $1,325. Eff $1095. 2BR $1450. All utils included. W/D. Metro in frt. 16th/ Georgia Ave. 301-661-0510, 9-5

Spring is Here


Reduced Application Fee*

ROYAL COURTS 202-969-8558 3719 4th Street SE

SE-Hanover Court. Under new mgmt. 1BR $775+. 2BR $850. $50 app fee 2412 Hartford St. #202 SE. 202-506-6416 NMI Property Management





S.E./Forest Cove -2BR condo, W/D, CAC. $930 plus utilities. Located near the new Homeland Security Agency. Call 202-889-9226.

NE/Ft Totten Metro/Red Line- 1 BR in Shared SFH with 3BR, 2.5BA W/D, Cable, Wi-Fi, Maid Service. $935 ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED 202-494-3692



1414 V. St., NW, DC

Download an application today at

NE - 1850 Kendall St - 1 & 2 BR, CAC, W-W. Renovated. $700 - $800 + utils. Application fee $15. Immed occupancy. 202-582-7155

An Extraordinary Career,

Washer/Dryer In Home Wall-to-wall carpeting Walk to U St. Metro Pet-Friendly Surrounded by shops & restaurants Renting at $ 1700+elec.


*Call for details. Restrictions apply SE

A Great Place at a Great Price! River Hill Apartments!

1 Bedrooms at $829

No Application Fee/Deposit Special! Individually Controlled Central Air Dishwasher/Garbage Disposal Laundry Room in every building!

(202) 562-5060

2942 2ND St. SE Wash, D.C. 20032 Professionally Managed By CIH Properties, Inc.

24 | E X P R E S S | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | T U E S D AY

Central A/C, Convenient to Green Line Metro, Onsite Laundry, Parking, Vouchers Welcome


M-F 8:30 - 5 PM SAT. by appt only


• Studios & 1 Bedroom Apartments M-F 9-6 • All Utilities Included Sat. 10-5 • Fitness Center/Swimming Pool Sun. 12-4 • Ask about our Tax Credit Program*



201 I Street, SW • Washington, DC 20024 Located NearThe S.W. Waterfront

2343 Green Street SE • Wash. DC 20020


SW-Madison Ct. Under New Management. Starting at 1BR $845+, 2BR $945+. 32 Chesapeake St. SW 202-561-7368 NMI Property Management


Call For Information on Specials! EFF, 1 & 2 BRs $ Starting @





Min. To National Harbor, Mins. from I295, I395, I495, On-site Laundry/Parking, Vouchers Welcome

AFFORDABLE APARTMENTS FOR RENT XL Studio starting at $900 2 Bedroom Duplexes starting at $1105

SPECIAL! • $200 OFF 1st Months Rent

202.561.4675 4200 S. Capitol St. Wash. DC 20032

5327 Carswell Avenue Camp Springs, MD 20746 301-899-8800

SOUTHWEST/Metro Convenient!



116 Irvington Street SW



W/W carpet, CAC/1 Air/Heat, Dishwasher, Laundry facility, fee

Apartment homes from $935*

EFFICIENCY $700 1BR fr. $775 2BR fr. $870

Ask about our specials* Community Center Pets Welcome Walking Distance to Bus & Metro

M-F 9-5 • Sat 10-4

Housing Choice Vouchers Welcome where rents are within voucher limits Southeast


1 BRs fr. $860/mo 2 BRs fr. $985/mo Meadow Green Courts! $20 APPLICATION FEE!

Convenient to shops, schools, Dishwasher. Walk-in closets., w-w carpet 5% DISCOUNT: METRO & DC GOVT employees

Call for details

*limited time offer. Ask for details


District Hts.


(877) 464-9774 3539 A St. SE



Mon.-Fri. 9-5. Sat. 10-4

Housing Choice Vouchers welcome where rents are within voucher program limits.

Application Fee waived with This Ad!

4 Bedroom Specials!! (Income restrictions apply)


Still the best way to kill time during your commute. XX133 1x1

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM - 5pm

6617 Atwood Street District Heights, MD 20747

DC Rider

301-735-2104 XX609 1x.75


Metro accessible to Addison Rd. & Suitland Rd. Stations

FORESTVILLE $1000/mo. Utilities included. 1 BR. Newly renovated, near metro & mall. 202-528-8385


MD RENTALS Hyattsville

Cypress Creek

Ask About Move-in Specials! Rents from $1020

Summer Ridge

1 Bedrooms from the $1000’s 2 Bedrooms from the $1300’s

Regency Pointe • Exciting renovations • Spacious floor plans • Pleasing closet space • Pet friendly

• Spacious Floorplans • Fully equipped contemporary kitchen • Washer and Dryer in each home • Fitness center, clubhouse and pool


Immediate move-in specials


*ask for details





*with no carpet

*with carpet

from $850*

We Offer Second Chance Program

from $910*



from $950











Contact Jackie or Paula at 301-773-8484


1829 Belle Haven Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20785



price is for 1st Mo. Rent/ 1 BR only

On residential street next to DeMatha HS Off-st parking • Ceiling Fans (tenant pays electric • carpet extra)


HYATTSVILLE Green Line Metro 1BRS Available Ask For Specials!!! Walk to Metro, parks & community center. Bus F-6 & 13 at your door. Rosa Parks Elementary School across the street. Se habla español! 888-735-6478



GATED COMMUNITY • Free gas and water • State-of-the-art fitness center


• • • • • • •

FREE Internet & Cable* (*1-BR only) State of the Art Fitness Center Stainless Steel Appliances** Granite Countertops** Washer & Dryer** Free Gas (cooking & heat) & Water Outdoor & Indoor Pools (**Select Units) *Subject to change.



• Right across from the NEW WEGMANS

6400 Riverdale Road • Riverdale, MD 20737

888-251-1872 Mon.-Fri. 8-5, Sat. 10-4, Sun. 12-4

• Remodeled w/brand new Kitchens


• Licensed daycare on premises



• Roomy, modern apts. • Private balconies/patios • Cathedral ceiling

(Select Units Only)

MAPLE RIDGE 2252 Brightseat Road • Landover, MD 20785



(when you sign a 12 mo. lease).


Call today to schedule an appointment tour!



• After school and Summer program for the kids • Easy access to 495/295, Metro and Shopping

1 BR at $800 • 2 BR at $875


• Clubhouse & Fitness Center • Washer & Dryer • Renovated Apartments Available • Less than Five Minutes from 495 • Swimming Pool • Central A\C & Heat

Maximum Income

Arts District

• Ceiling Fans • Lovely Setting • Near the New ARTS DISTRICT • Close to Shopping & Metro

With $0 Security Deposit

*Income Qualifications # Occupants



1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments Starting @ $1005

* w/approved credit • Computer Lab & Classes **Limited Availability • Metro Accessible

Performance. People. Pride.

Rosecroft Mews

Move In Special

Receive $300 Off*

*Must move-in now through July 1, 2014 1 Free Application per household




5409 Riverdale Road • Riverdale, MD 20737


XX609 1x1

2 BRS 895 $

The Perfect Location at the Perfect Price


XX740 1x.25



XX740 1x.25


REVIVE Your Lifestyle




• Walk to Metro • Walk to Elementary School • Minutes to the NEW WEGMANS • Granite Countertops* • Stainless Steel Appliances* *Select units only



3402 Dodge Park Rd. • Landover, MD 20785


CALVERT HALL • Gated community • State - of - the - art Fitness Center • Free gas and water • Walk to Walmart 3817 64th Avenue • Landover Hills, MD 20784


Free 6-Week Summer Camp Come Visit Us: Mon. thru Fri. 8 am - 5 pm • Sat. 10 am to 4 pm • Sun. 12 pm - 4 pm

T U E S D AY | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 25

2 BRS $995 3 BRS $1,195

SILVER SPR/Forest Glen Metro

• Mins from 495, Rt. 50, 295

Move In Special

$599 price is for 1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only. (on a 12 mo. lease) 1-BR $1050 | 2-BR $1150




1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only




(when you sign a 12mo. lease) Super Convenient Location Close to shops & rec. ctr

1BR $825 • 2BR $925 Utilities & Carpet Included! (A/C Extra)



1 BR $1021 All Utilities Included 1 BR + Den $1132 2 BR $1255 2 BR + Den $1522 3 BR 1599 3 BR + Den $1746 *Call about our move-in specials

1439 Southern Ave.

888.480.1693 Oxon Hill-3BR, 1BA, eat-in-kit, living room, fenced back yard, near bus line & Washington National Harbor, drive way/carport. $1600. 301-375-7072

Silver Spring



$599 price is for 1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only (when you sign a 12 mo. lease).

1 BR’s are $1050

Central Air • Elevator Off St. Parking • Mid-Rise Apts All Utilities Included


4901 Seminary Rd., ALEXANDRIA, VA

Temple Hills Room for rent shared bath, internet included, $175/week. 202-714-7939

$599 price is for 1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only (on a 12 mo. lease)

Studios from the $1000s* 1BRs from the $1200s* 2BRs from the $1700s*

TEMPLE HILLS-Furn rm for rent. Pvt entr. shr BA, NS, NP. Nr Beltway. $650 utils inc. Sec dep req. 202-740-7141


TYSON'S CORNER- Bdrm and bsmt suite in shared TH, deck, W/D, FPL. Cable TV & internet. Privacy, security. Near shops. $600/900. 703-587-8423


• All utilities paid • No Security Deposit or move-in fees • Metrobus at front door to Pentagon & Van Dorn Metro • Free parking • Convenient to Pentagon, Shopping & I-395 *All Prices & Specials Subject to change without notice.

Andrew’s Ridge


Up to 1½ Months Free* Rents from $1050 $500 Off 1st Month*


1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments $915*-$1,005*

• Classic & Renovated apartments available • Spacious bedrooms • Ample closet space • Exciting community renovations underway!


ALEX CITY/OLD TOWN- N/S, furn rm, all privileges, CATV, all utils, W/D. Next to Metro. $850. 703-967-8915

• Walk to Metro • Immediate Move-In

ARLINGTON- unfurn. rm shrd 2BR condo. Near bus stop & metro. utilities Included. $600 703-231-5282

5601 Regency Park Court • Suitland, MD 20746

Call Now! 301.894.3030



1 BRs fr $



• Spacious apt homes conveniently located near AAFB & FedEx Field • Large closets • Pool & Exercise Room • Indoor racquetball court • Washer/Dryers in each unit • Fireplace*

Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm.

Station Square Apartments Sizzlin Hot Special: Reduce application fee, 1 month FREE rent on 1 and 2 bedroom apartments must move in by 6/8/2014.

LANHAM- Ruxton Dr. 2 Unfurn rooms in SFH, AC, quiet, no-smoking. $550-$580+ dep incl utils 240-645-2380


1 bedroom $1,075

Furnished Efficiencies: $399 Wk  $1470 Mo Cable  Internet  Utilities  Housekeeping

SEAT PLEASANT - Lg room, pvt, close to Metro & shopping. Must see. Starting $170+ per wk. 301-674-9278

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Limited time offer certain restrictions apply.

FT WASHINGTON— Share hse, 4 rms avail shr kit & bath, nr public transp. $150/wk inc uts 703-901-6402.


Offered on select apartment homes all utilities included.



Concerts, movies, events, restaurants and more.

FAIRFAX-Mstr rm $750/mo. Small rm $600/mo. Ready now. N/S. Must have trans. 703-868-0938, after 4:30

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NEED A VEHICLE? Over 1,000 Cars, Trucks, SUV’s! You need 2 Paystubs & 1 Bill - Laurel, MD. Gross income must be $2k mo+. Jason 202.704.8213

Capital Heights/Bowie, MD- Large room, 2 blocks to Metro, male pref. $165-$175. 301-437-6369 / 301-537-5433

Call to hear about our



CAPITAL HEIGHTS - Prof applicant, Furn rm for rent, 1 person, shr Bath & kit. $675 +1/3 utils. 301-502-6581


2 BRs fr

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*Restrictions apply, prices subject to change daily. Please ask a Leasing Consultant for more info.

*Limited time offer on select apartments

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XX740 1x.25


REJUVENATE Your Lifestyle


TAK PK—New Hamp. Ave.


Close to the Forest Glen Metro Off-Str. Parking/Controlled Access Ceiling Fans Housing Vouchers Welcome UTILITIES INCLUDED



Forest Glen Apts. 888-887-6793 7742 Finns Lane Lanham, MD 20706


XX740c 1x3

Your audience reads Express.

Contact us at 202.334.6732 or

XX195 1x1


STERLING-Prof M Shr SFH, 1BR shr BA & kit. $550 incl util + sec dep. Prefer single occupancy only. 703-725-9219 XX609 1x.75

• Renovated Kitchens w/Dishwasher • Central HVAC • All Floorplans w/Balcony or Patio


SUITLAND - Share SFH. Fully furnished room with refrigerator, microwave, CATV, & wireless internet. $150/week. Call 301-310-5663



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XX740 1x.25




301-309-3917 WWW.DARCARS.COM

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A Very Close Call Sandra Bullock was the victim of a burglary at her Los Angeles home 31

John Kerry should call his literary agent: Writing your memoir has become a rite of passage for those leaving the office of the secretary of state. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “Hard Choices” is next in line behind these, written by her four immediate predecessors. BETH MARLOWE (E XPRESS)

Condoleezza Rice (2005 to 2009) In her 2011 memoir, “No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington” ($35, Crown), Condoleezza Rice chronicles what sounds like a stressful eight years — as well as her childhood in the Jim Crow South and her life as an academic. Colin Powell (2001-2005) In 2012, Colin Powell released “It Worked for Me” ($27.99, Harper), a collection of personal stories from his time in ROTC all the way to becoming the first African-American secretary of state. For the full memoir experience (his rise from a Harlem childhood to becoming chairman of the Joint Chiefs) check out his 1995 book, “My American Journey” ($35, Random House). Madeleine Albright (1997-2001) While the words “Madam Secretary” seem common to us these days, they were so unusual when Madeleine Albright became the first female U.S. secretary of state that she made them the title of her 2003 memoir ($18.99, Harper Perennial, paperback). It’s the usual memoir stuff: from a childhood fleeing Hitler in Czechoslovakia to her years as Bill Clinton’s ambassador to the U.N., and then his secretary of state. Warren Christopher (1993-1997) “Chances of a Lifetime” (Scribner) is the 2001 memoir from Warren Christopher, Clinton’s first secretary of state. It follows him from a North Dakota childhood to head of the State Department, working for the Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter administrations in between.

‘Hard Choices’ Ahead

Hillary Clinton’s new memoir is open about her political past, but tight-lipped on 2016 Books

Are you ready for Hillary? If not, this is a week to turn off the television, put aside your morning paper, get off the Internet, never look at your Twitter feed, avoid Facebook and stay out of bookstores. Even then you probably won’t be able to avoid the former secretary of state/ senator/first lady, as she celebrates the release of her new book, “Hard Choices” (Simon & Schuster, $35). Compared with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book “Living History,” published in 2003, “Hard Choices” is a more interesting read, enriched not simply by her nearly million miles of international travel to 112 countries but more by her accounts of scores of conversations with world leaders as the administration grappled with one challenge after another. Through nearly 600 pages, she comes across less a visionary and more a practical-minded problem solver. The book opens at a low moment in Clinton’s life, when she has lost the difficult nomination battle to Barack Obama in June 2008. “Why on earth was I lying on the backseat of a blue minivan with tinted windows?” she asks. She was on her way to a secret meeting with Obama, their first encounter since the nomination had been decided. She says it was like “two awkward teenagers on a first date.” From these conversations came


the offer to become secretary of state. Clinton says she was “floored” and declined the offer until, she says, it was clear Obama would not take “no” for an answer. Clinton addresses her possible candidacy with a teasing line. “Will I run for president in 2016?” she writes. “The answer is, I haven’t decided yet.” The book ends with this: “The time for another hard choice will come soon enough.” Within the chapters about difficult policy decisions, Clinton laces a few personal anecdotes. Particularly telling is a funny moment with Obama, who pulled her aside during a meeting in Prague. He whispered in her ear, “You’ve got something in your teeth.” She writes that it was something “only a friend would say, and a sign that we were going to have each other’s backs.”

Clinton seeks to project both a deep understanding of the world and a warm, human side to her personality.


Hillary Live! Check out these events where the former secretary of state will promote “Hard Choices.”


Memoir Mania

Hillary Clinton comes across as a level-headed problem solver in “Hard Choices.”

June 13: Hillary Rodham Clinton will discuss the work with Politics and Prose owner and former Clinton speechwriter Lissa Muscatine. The event is already sold out, but Politics and Prose may have additional signed copies afterward. Check for details. June 14: Clinton will be available to sign her book at the Pentagon City Costco; 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 17: Clinton will answer audience questions at a CNN Town Hall moderated by Christiane Amanpour at the Newseum; 5 p.m.

The approximate number of people who illegally downloaded the new season of “Orange Is the New Black” on Friday and Saturday in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K., according to piracy trackers Excipio. The first season only got 3,850 pirates at its outset, and the second season of “House of Cards” was pirated by almost 91,000 people. (E XPRESS)

T U E S D AY | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 27

entertainment lookout

Goodbye to ‘Gangnam’


The Korean pop star departs from his big hit with a new single

‘Top Model’ Contestant To Play Whitney Houston

Nasim Pedrad Likely Not Returning to ‘SNL’ “Saturday Night Live” cast member Nasim Pedrad revealed Sunday at the ATX Television Festival that she has “an apartment in L.A.,” hinting that she will not return to the late-night sketch show. Pedrad has a co-starring role on new Fox sitcom “Mulaney,” premiering this fall. (EXPRESS) TOGETHER AGAIN

The Kinks to Reunite Former Kinks frontman Ray Davies told London’s Sunday Times that he and his

Yaya DaCosta, left, will play Whitney Houston in a Lifetime movie.

brother, bandmate Dave Davies, are working on new material for an album and tour. The British rock group separated in the 1990s due to disagreements between the brothers. (EXPRESS) LETDOWNS

Tonys Ratings Decrease According to preliminary Nielsen figures released Monday, Sunday’s Tony Awards telecast on CBS had an average viewership of 7.02 million viewers, a dip from last year’s 7.24 million. It was still the second-largest audience in the last five years. The broadcast was up against Game 2 of the NBA finals. (AP)

Even Psy is over “Gangnam Style.” The ubiquitous 2012 hit is one Psy knows he probably will never top, and that makes creating new music quite a challenge. “People always comparing my new thing with ‘Gangnam Style,’ which is unbeatable,” Psy said in a recent interview at YouTube Space LA. “That means I have a severe, heavy pressure on my shoulder.” The colorful video featuring the now-iconic horse gallop dance just surpassed 2 billion views, a record for YouTube. The South Korean pop star also holds the record for most views in a day with 38 million for another single, “Gentleman.” Psy, 36, decided switching genres would be his best bet for another hit with his latest single so he teamed with Snoop Dogg on the hip-hop track “Hangover.” He




Yaya DaCosta, best known as “America’s Next Top Model’s” second-season runnerup, will play Whitney Houston in a Lifetime biopic of the late singer, TVLine reports. DaCosta had recurring roles in “All My Children” and “House,” and appeared in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler.” Angela Bassett is directing the Houston biopic, slated for a 2015 release. (EXPRESS)

South Korean pop star Psy is returning to his EDM roots with his new music.

said the American rapper signed on immediately after only hearing the song’s title. Psy also signed with Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, after “Gangnam’s” initial success. The “Hangover” video, which debuted Sunday on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and Psy’s YouTube channel, serves as a lesson in Asian hangover remedies. “This video is not about dance moves, but it’s about like culture exchanging,” Psy said. Psy will return to his EDM roots on a new EP, due later this year. But this time he plans to include more

English lyrics. “All the people you know, except Korea, they don’t have any idea what I’m saying right? They’re just waiting for ‘Hey, sexy lady,’” he said of an English lyric from “Gangnam Style.” “I figured out like maybe from now on I should communicate more.” But for now he’ll continue rapping in his native Korean on Braun’s advice: “He saying, ‘If you are rapping in English we already have so many rappers who’s way better than you. But if you rap in Korean, you’re No. 1 in this country,’ which is really smart.” NICOLE E VAT T (AP)

Watch Out, Universe!

Are ALCOHOL and ANXIETY taking over your life? YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A RESEARCH STUDY testing whether an investigational drug compared to a placebo can help reduce your cravings for alcohol.


You may be eligible for the study if you: • Are a woman 21–65 years of age • Use alcohol on a regular basis • Often feel anxious • Have tried to stop drinking alcohol but can’t

MISS USA NIA SANCHEZ, formerly Miss Nevada, adjusts her crown after Sunday’s competition. Sanchez holds a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo, and told the judges during the contest’s interview section that women learning to defend themselves is key to lowering sexual assault rates on college campuses.

Participants will: • Stay at the Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, for about five weeks • Undergo detoxification (if needed) and receive alcohol treatment • Complete questionnaires, have blood drawn, and have an MRI brain scan There is no cost to participate. Participants will be compensated and may receive travel assistance.


Call now for a confidential screening: C

301-496-1993 TTY: 1-866-411-1010 3 Email us at: E

28 | E X P R E S S | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | T U E S D AY

lookout online

“And it’s Audra for the six-pack.” — @TIMEOUTNEWYORK reports Audra McDonald’s Tony win Sunday night for best performance in a leading role in a play. McDonald won her sixth Tony award for her portrayal of singer Billie Holiday in “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar And Grill,” making her the most-awarded actress in Tony history. She’s won awards in each of the four performing categories despite only performing in nine Broadway shows since her 1993 debut in “The Secret Garden.”

“Audrey Zhang had a day of high-powered meetings to get to … An entire team of people was waiting to carry out her ideas on this project, which would be seen by millions. She had been paid a lot, and her wisdom was essential.” — MICHAEL CAVNA AT WASHINGTONPOST.COM/ NEWS/COMIC-RIFFS tells the story of Monday’s

11-year-old Google Doodle artist who won the seventh annual Doodle 4 Google student contest. Zhang, who lives in New York, visited Google’s headquarters in California to work with the company’s artists on animating her drawing.

“By the time episode 13 rolled around, I found myself loathing Soso more than I loathe real people who have wronged me in real life.” — ISHA ARAN AT JEZEBEL.COM binge-watched all 13 episodes of the second season of Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” after their 3 a.m. release on Friday. Beyond being left with Piper-on-Pennsatucky-level rage toward one of the prison’s newest inmates (played by Kimiko Glenn, above), Aran was glad to find a “far more self-aware show than it was last season.”

“Humans have put a man on the moon, harnessed the atom and built supercomputers that can perform quadrillions of calculations per second. But try to get five people with telephones talking to each other and our high-tech society can break down.” — ALEXIS MADRIGAL AT NPR.ORG/BLOGS/ ALLTECHCONSIDERED points out that participating

in a conference call will probably always be as frustrating and confusing as it is today, mainly due to the technology involved. “We’re all trying to hack this nearly century-old system of communication to fit the needs of a world that wants everything to act like the Internet,” he writes.

!Lose Weight! Dr. B Medica eale’s l Loss Pr Weight ogram

LET OUR STORY BE YOUR STORY BRAND NEW! UP TO TWO MONTHS RENT FREE! These brand new apartments in Silver Spring offer unprecedented luxury, style, and convenience. Located next to the Silver Spring Metro Station (red line), Eleven55 Ripley provides easy access to work and play throughout the area, while shopping and the hottest restaurants and bars are right around the corner. Eleven55 Ripley’s highly amenitized lifestyle includes a twenty-four hour concierge, rooftop pool with panoramic views, sky lounge, HD theater, and fitness center. Schedule your personal tour today!

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Weekly program includes: • • • •

Appetite Suppressants & Supplements Vit. B-12/Fat Burner Injections Personalized Eating Plans 1-on-1 Counseling

Lose 11-13 lbs. per Month

Dr. Beale’s Medical Weight Loss Program FSA / Medicaid / Medicare Now Welcomed

202-463-7872 | 301.795.2783 Downtown • 1712 Eye St, NW Anacostia • 2041 MLK Ave, SE

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puzzles lookout Scrabble Grams





GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You may have several difficult choices to make before this day is out — but one or two will be made with the help of a surprise ally. CANCER (June 21-July 22) It’s time to negotiate more aggressively with those who appear to stand in your way. All arguments are valid; you must work for compromise. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) What appears before you may not take the form that you had expected, but you can still do with it what you had planned. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You’re not likely to receive everything you expected according to schedule, so you must be ready to conserve resources. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Your concern for environmental issues — at home and beyond — will compel you to take a few new and surprising steps.

Monday’s Solution

Monday’s Solution

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Your acceptance of certain conditions will in no way suggest that you are willing to compromise your ideals.

FOUR RACK TOTAL Make a 2-7-letter word from the letters in each row. Add points of each word using scoring directions at right. Seven-letter words get a 50-point bonus. Blank tiles used as any letter have no point value. Scrabble is a trademark of Hasbro in the U.S. and Canada.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You’re eager to see a current phase come to an end, but you’ll be sorry to part with certain things that it has brought to you. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Take care that your attitude doesn’t come off as too casual or cavalier. There are some things that you must take seriously.




88 72 Today: Humid today and tonight with a shower or thunderstorm around.

90 71

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) That which is most compelling to you will also compel others, so rely on it to bring you together and focus your energies.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You’re grappling with certain issues that require you to think twice about what it is you really want. Your priorities may shift.



AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You can remain strong and still work closely with others to see that harmony reigns and conflict is set aside — perhaps permanently.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) You may be having trouble expressing yourself, especially when it comes to issues that may not mean the same to you now as they once did.

Need more Sudoku? Find another puzzle in the Comics section of The Post every Sunday and in the Style section Monday through Saturday.

Tomorrow: A thunderstorm tomorrow. A thunderstorm possible tomorrow night.


Looking Ahead




89 70 86 70 86 63 Sun and Moon Sunrise today: 5:42 a.m. Sunset today: 8:33 p.m. Moonrise today: 5:57 p.m. Moonset today: 3:45 a.m.

Almanac Normal high: 82 Record high: 102 Normal low: 65 Record low: 45


30 | E X P R E S S | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | T U E S D AY

lookout puzzles Crossword




CELEBRATES 100 YEARS ON THE OPEN ROAD! Please join us for a free, family-friendly celebration where you can tour an interactive museum, experience our vintage fleet, play games, win prizes, and much more!

Saturday, June 21, 2014 10:30 am - 9 pm Six Flags® America 13710 Central Avenue Bowie/Mitchellville, MD Located near the park entrance. For more information about the Greyhound 100 Year Mobile Tour, please visit or email

The goal of this project (NIH Study #13-AA-0043) is to study whether a naturally occurring human hormone given intravenously affects alcohol administration.

1 Some opera performers 6 Taro corm 10 Big loser’s nickname? 14 Black-and-white cookies 15 Christian name? 16 Sweat source 17 Two-bit hustlers, e.g. 20 Best guess, for short 21 Goes back out 22 Sight and hearing 23 Metabolism descriptor 25 Ancient 26 Command to a dog 28 Downsize or upsize 32 Lowest deck 34 French Sudan, today 35 Victoria’s Secret purchase 38 Where to powder one’s nose? 42 “Absolutely!” 43 Caspian Sea feeder 44 Snafu, basically 45 Open-mike-night participant 48 Aardvark fare 49 Goblet feature 51 French common soldier 53 Cordwood units 55 Alliance 56 Post-wedding title 59 Predictable type 62 “If it ___ broke ...” 63 Large ratite bird 64 Daggers in manuscripts 65 Military headquarters 66 Like some memories 67 Harder to find


Successful volunteers will be: - In good health and drug free - Between the ages of 21 and 60 - Willing to come for two outpatient visits and four inpatient visits (each inpatient visit includes two overnight stays at the NIH Clinical Center). Participants will have a free medical evaluation and paid for doing the study. For more details, email or call


1 Big name in home audio 2 Kind of dealer 3 They’re worn by travelers 4 “Fa” follower 5 Small land masses 6 Like some mushrooms


7 Darkens 8 Anonymous John 9 Tolkien creatures 10 Water soaker-upper 11 Baggy 12 Got on the nerves of 13 Thing to tidy up 18 Alpine transport 19 It’s true to life 24 What little things mean? 26 Sacred 27 Great Lake name 29 Photog’s request 30 Diner or sleeper 31 Pledge of Allegiance ender

33 Fall suddenly 35 Post office purchase 36 Beat badly 37 Some band equipment 39 It’s full of periods 40 Gangster’s gun 41 100 dinars 45 Infuse with oxygen 46 Transfer to a central computer 47 Good vantage point 49 Muscle-fiber furrow 50 Driver’s ed students, often 52 Athena’s blood 53 Strike ignorer 54 Beach lapper

55 57 58 60 61

Monday’s Solution



Bridget Bishop, the first colonist to be tried in the Salem witch trials, is hanged after being found guilty of the practice of witchcraft.


Benjamin Franklin flies a kite during a thunderstorm and collects a charge in a jar when the kite is struck by lightning.


Nelson Mandela calls on South Africans to act against apartheid in a letter written from jail.

“It’s ___ real!” Anger Ruckus Frat letter Lawyers’ grp.

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people lookout LEGAL ADVICE


Can Someone Tell Shaq He Forgot a Few Zeros in There?

George’s Quest to Become Kanye Almost Complete


Shaquille O’Neal recently sold his 3,904-square-foot home near Orlando, Fla., for $10. O’Neal bought the five-bedroom, four-bathroom property in 2012 for $235,000. TMZ cites legal documents indicating the sale went through in March. TMZ reports the buyer is a businessman who owns a tax services company in Orlando. (EXPRESS)

No One Believes You

At Least We Know Who You Are Now!


Antonio Trying Every Trick In the Hot Guy Playbook Actress Natalie Burn, who stars with Antonio Banderas in “Expendables 3,” tells Radar Online that he tried to fix his marriage to Melanie Griffith, above left, before she filed for divorce on Friday. Photos of Banderas and Burn dancing at the Cannes Film Festival sparked rumors she was behind the breakup. Burn insists, “He is deeply in love with her.” (EXPRESS)

Jennifer Lopez’s former boyfriend and backup dancer, Casper Smart, is fighting allegations in The Sun that he was intimate with a transgender model. An insider tells Us Weekly that the rumors of his infidelity are not behind the couple’s breakup. Smart apparently insists to Lopez the rumors aren’t true, and she believes him. (E XPRESS)


That Oscar Looks Like It Could Hurt Somebody Police say they arrested a burglar at the Los Angeles home of Sandra Bullock while the actress was there, but she wasn’t harmed. An official says officers responded to the call of a prowler around 6:30 a.m. Sunday and arrested 39-year-old Joshua Corbett on suspicion of residential burglary. E! News reports Corbett had an obsession with Bullock and kept a diary about her. (AP/E XPRESS)

Are ALCOHOL and ANXIETY taking over your life?

doors opening. welcome home.

YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A RESEARCH STUDY testing whether an investigational drug compared to a placebo can help reduce your cravings for alcohol. You may be eligible for the study if you: • Are a woman 21–65 years of age • Use alcohol on a regular basis • Often feel anxious • Have tried to stop drinking alcohol but can’t

The Metro Rider ’s Guide. Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

Participants will: • Stay at the Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, for about five weeks • Undergo detoxification (if needed) and receive alcohol treatment • Complete questionnaires, have blood drawn, and have an MRI brain scan There is no cost to participate. Participants will be compensated and may receive travel assistance.

Advertisers: Have a metro-accessible location to advertise?

0185 2X4


Call now for a confidential screening:


TTY: 1-866-411-1010

George Clooney is in the midst of planning an elaborate Italian wedding for his nuptials with fiancee Amal Alamuddin, according to The New York Post. Clooney and Alamuddin are planning to wed in a palace in Venice, Italy, sometime in September. The actor decided against holding the ceremony at his home in Lake Como, Italy, hoping instead for a venue with more privacy. (EXPRESS)

“You’re looking for new ways to bond. … For me, in the early days, that meant playing golf and smoking cigars.” — ROB LOW E , TELLING CIGAR AFICIONADO MAGAZINE FOR ITS JULY ISSUE HOW HE “FOUND OTHER WAYS TO HAVE FUN” AFTER HE GOT SOBER IN 1990

32 | E X P R E S S | 0 6 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 4 | T U E S D AY

Snoring is the primary symptom of sleep apnea. We can help you both get a better night’s sleep.

+ +

+ +

+ +

Doctors Community Hospital’s Sleep Center is the only program in Prince George’s County accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. We offer board-certified sleep medicine specialists, a full range of sleep studies and CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) equipment assessments. Also, appointments are conveniently available seven nights a week in our beautiful suites, complete with flat screen televisions and full private bathrooms. Sleep Center

To request a free sleep apnea quiz or learn about sleep studies, call 301-DCH-4YOU (301-324-4968).

8100 Good Luck Road North Building, 6th Floor Lanham, Maryland 20706

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