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YOU WEAR VINEYARD VINES whale-print pants, you idolize

Jack Kennedy’s style, and your dog is named Biff. To keep your decor matching your prep rep, try Pottery Barn Teen’s new madras “Mariner” bedding ($30-$170,, which turns the plaid that launched a zillion summer shirts into duvet covers and shams. The patchwork pattern also shows up on a shower curtain ($70) and a beanbag chair ($51$160). Still, don’t over-deck your space with too many checks, unless you’re hoping for a feature in Frathouse Beautiful.


A Whiff Of Style

Hot Headed


GOOD HAIR DAYS are hard to come by, especially when you’re hunching over an AC unit for heat relief. Maybe that’s why the Blowout Bar just blew into the West End (2134 L St. NW; 202290-2109). In a feminine, violetwalled space lit by sparkly chandeliers, stylists offer glamorous updos ($70) and blowouts ($35) in six different styles — curly, beachy waves and more. For $75, you can even have a staffer come to your home for a flat-hair reboot.

YES, YOUR fishcooking roommate/farting cat/ bike-commuter husband brings unwanted smells into your home. No, you don’t have to stoop to a sickly sweet Yankee Candle or bizarre Glade PlugIn to clear the air. Just-launched local company Alassis ( meshes delicate scents (amber and vanilla, mandarin and passion fruit) with art glass diffusers (shown, $30) and elegant candles ($13).

ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS are blue, and outfitting your wedding ceremony with pretty flowers can be *$&%ing expensive. Enter the affordable new Vera Wang Wedding Collection at FTD ($15 and up, bouquets average $80, The iconic designer — hailed for her simple-yet-stunning gowns — lends her talent to the online petal powerhouse with more than 30 bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and boutonnieres in three distinct styles: the Traditionalist (white-on-white blooms), the Romanticist (think pink) and the Modernist (bursts of vibrant colors, shown).


My husband owns a small company with 25 mostly bluecollar employees. Every year, we host a company picnic at a park, complete with hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and games for the kids. I usually wear a sundress, but this year I’m having trouble picking out sandals. Help! —MARISSA Manolo says the annual company picnic is, together with the company Christmas party, one of the most dangerous events on the corporate calendar. There are so many things that can go wrong at the company picnic, such as injury, permanent humiliation, intestinal distress and the long-term unemployment.


Special (Day) Delivery


safari explorers and Hogwarts students know the style powers of a good blazer. So does jacket-mad brand Two Penny Blue, which stars in a trunk show at Sherman Pickey (1647 Wisconsin Ave. NW; 202-3334212) through Sunday. Classic-yetchic women’s toppers include a shapely emerald number (shown, $355), a collarless style in purple ikat ($275) and a black-and-white striped double-breasted ($230).

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Happily, as the boss’s wife, you cannot be fired in the usual way. Unhappily, you will instead be the sort of grande dame, required to arrange for and preside graciously over the festivities. If everything goes well, your husband — who will spend the picnic handing out beers, telling jokes and slapping backs in his role as Lord Bountiful — will get all of the credit. But if the burgers are under-cooked, the potato salad over-warm, the sack race disorganized or even if the rain comes, you will bear the blame for it. Worse, you will have to do all of this while looking better, but not too much better, than all of the other women present. Here is the Salinas from Aerin ($178,, the flat sandal with neon red patent leather trim, appropriate for your boss’s wifely duty. Ask the Manolo a question at Visit the Manolo at

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