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Medical Liposuction L CIA SPE NDS E ON SO

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Nip Tuck AP

After 150 years of service, the Capitol dome is being prepped for a $60M face-lift 10


Emotions overflow in Boston as American Meb Keflezighi wins 12 FLIGHT, RISKS

Teen survives after flying to Hawaii in an airliner’s wheel well 4

Have a D.C. license? You’ll need to visit the DMV for a new one 8 am

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eye openers


Easter Bunny Was Hiding Eggs Where They Couldn’t Be Found Members of the Northampton, Mass., Fire Department hopped into action when they heard the Easter Bunny was trapped and needed help. Four members of the department on Sunday rushed to help after getting a call from a woman who said the bunny belonging to the little girl she was baby-sitting escaped and hid under the porch. The Republican of Springfield reports that firefighter Jesse Rosnick had to crawl through the dirt to grab the girl’s furry friend. (AP) THOUSAND-DOLLAR MENU



Learning From Obama’s Error Rhode Island’s Bryant University is asking students to resist the urge to take selfies with its president while receiving their diplomas. University President Ronald Machtley says students ask him to take selfies on the Smithfield campus all the time. But he says having more than 800 students snap photos with him as they get their degrees will slow down the already hourslong ceremony. (AP)

WHO’S HUNGRY? Members of the brotherhood of the Bessieres prepare a giant omelet with thousands of eggs on Monday as part of a traditional Easter celebration in Bessieres, France.

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TV’s Future in Court’s Hands Justices’ decision on Aereo could reshape how we watch shows Washington An obscure Internet startup is roiling the television industry with an old-school technology: the antenna. The startup, Aereo, uses thousands of tiny antennas to capture broadcast television programs, then converts the shows into online video streams for subscribers in 11 cities. What Aereo doesn’t do is pay licensing fees to the broadcast networks that produce the programs. And that has put Aereo at the center of a fierce debate over the reach of copyright laws, the accessibility of public airwaves and the future of TV. Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a civil case filed against the 2-year-old private firm by ABC, CBS, NBC and other major broadcasters alleging that Aereo is no different from cable and satellite firms that are required to pay hefty fees to rebroadcast their shows. “Quite simply, Aereo takes copyrighted material, profits from it and does so without compensating copyright holders,” said Gordon Smith, president of the National Association of Broadcasters. But Aereo argues that it is enti-


Aereo’s Argument When a cable company rebroadcasts an ABC show, for example, it is offering a “public” performance and must pay the network retransmission fees. But because licensing payments are not required for private performances, people without cable can use antennas to capture over-the-air TV programs for their viewing. Aereo argues that it is no more than an antenna rental service. Its customers pick the shows they want to watch and Aereo assigns them an antenna and positions it to capture the show from local airwaves. That makes Aereo merely a mediator of “private” performances, the company argues, because each antenna rebroadcasts to just one subscriber.

Do We Get It Here?

Aereo operates in New York, Boston and Baltimore, among other locations. Plans for the D.C. area were held up last fall by problems negotiating space for its local “farm” of antennas and servers. The company hopes to launch in the District later this year and eventually expand nationwide. But it is unlikely to survive if it doesn’t win the case. (T WP)

tled to draw freely from programs transmitted on public airwaves. If successful, the argument has the potential to blow apart the expensive channel bundles that have been forced on American households and dramatically change the way people watch programs. Live sports and other popular shows that are available only on broadcast TV or cable television could be accessed

more conveniently and cheaply over the Internet. That could lead many consumers to cut the cable cord in favor of a much cheaper alternative: a broadband Internet connection and subscriptions to Aereo, Netflix and Hulu. The average price of basic cable is nearly $100 a month. Broadband Internet plus subscriptions to Aereo and Netflix is less than $60. (Aereo’s service starts

The proportion of American households that have cut the cable cord, meaning they’ve canceled their cable or satellite TV subscriptions while keeping high-speed Internet services — up from 4.5 percent in 2010, according to a new report from Experian Marketing Services and reported in USA Today.

12.4% The proportion of households that include at least one millennial (ages 18 to 34 ) that go without cable TV, up from 4.5 percent in 2010. (E XPRESS)

at $8 a month for about two dozen local over-the-air stations.) District residents Katrin Verclas and Bob Boorstin are anxious for a way to cut their cable subscription, but they’ve kept it for baseball games and other programs. They cringe at the thought of paying $130 a month for cable so Boorstin won’t miss Nationals games. With Aereo, baseball site MLB.TV, and maybe another app, they would gladly use the Internet for all their video news and entertainment. “I’d rather spend money on faster Internet,” Verclas said, “than hundreds of channels we never watch.” CECILIA KANG AND ROBERT BARNES (THE WASHINGTON POST )

In Brief


Defendant Dies After Being Shot in Courthouse A defendant died Monday after being shot by a U.S. marshal during an attack on a witness during a racketeering trial in federal court in Salt Lake City. The FBI said Siale Angilau, 25, was shot in the chest as he rushed the witness with a pen in an aggressive manner. Authorities said Angilau, who had not been restrained, was shot several times in front of a jury that had been selected Friday. (AP) SEATTLE

Scouts Ban Church That Let Gay Man Lead Troop The Boy Scouts of America has revoked its charter agreement with a Seattle church that refused to remove a gay troop leader after the organization withdrew his membership. Rainier Beach United Methodist Church was told last week that it no longer could host troops under the Boy Scouts name. The church has stood by leader Geoff McGrath, 49. (AP)

Correction A caption with the Local photo “Comic Relief” on Monday’s page 11 included the incorrect day that Jessica Jellish was spotted wearing her excellent Express dress at Awesome Con. She was at the event Saturday. Spot an error? Let us know at

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Runaway on the Runway Teen evades security, survives flight in wheel well of plane


The number of known people worldwide who have stowed away since 1947, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Counting the California teen, 25 made it alive, for a survival rate of about 1 in 4. The FAA notes that the rate may be lower, because people could have fallen out without anyone knowing. (AP)

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A 16-year-old runaway scrambled over an airport fence in San Jose, Calif., crossed a tarmac and climbed into a jetliner’s wheel well, then flew for five freezing hours to Hawaii — a misadventure that stirred concern about possible weak spots in the security system that protects the nation’s airline fleet. The boy, who lives in Santa Clara, Calif., hopped out of the wheel well of a Boeing 767 on the Maui airport tarmac Sunday. Authorities found him wandering around the airport grounds with no identification. He was questioned by the FBI and taken to a hospital, where he was found to be unharmed. FBI spokesman Tom Simon said the teen did not remember the flight from San Jose. It was not immediately clear how the boy stayed alive in the unpressurized space. Wheel-well


San Jose, Calif.

A teenager is placed into an ambulance Sunday at Kahului Airport in Hawaii.

stowaways tend to lose consciousness at high altitude from lack of oxygen, and their freezing bodies go into a state somewhat similar to hibernation. At 38,000 feet, the outside air temperature is about -85 degrees. That would usually be deadly, but some people survive because their breathing, heart rate and brain activity slow down. On Monday, authorities tried to determine how the boy slipped through multiple layers of security, including wide-ranging video


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surveillance, German shepherds and Segway-riding police officers. The San Jose airport is surrounded by fences, although many sections do not have barbed wire and could easily be scaled. Isaac Yeffet, a former head of security for the Israeli airline El Al, said the breech shows that U.S. airport security still has weaknesses, despite billions of dollars invested. “Shame on us for doing such a terrible job,” he said. “Perimeters are not well protected. We see it again and again.” The boy was released to child protective services in Hawaii and not charged, Simon said.



You may be able to participate if you: • Are 21–55 years old • Have used opiate pain pills in the past for a medical or dental condition • Don’t smoke cigarettes

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Nation OSTEOARTHRITIS It Interferes with Everyday Life

Officers’ New Orders: You Must Leave the Army Fort Bragg, N.C. After the 9/11 attacks, tens of thousands of young men and women joined the military, heading for the rugged mountains of Afghanistan and dusty deserts of Iraq. Many of them now are ofďŹ cers in the Army with multiple combat deployments under their belts. But as the wars wind down and Pentagon budgets shrink, a lot of them are being told they have to leave. Captains who battled insurgents and saw roadside bombs kill their comrades are now nervously waiting as their fates rest in the hands of evaluation boards that may spend only a few minutes reading through service records before making decisions that could end careers. Army commanders will have to force as many as 3,000 ofďŹ cers to leave by the end of October 2015. Of


If you have osteoarthritis of the knee, you may qualify to participate in a clinical research study for an injectable gel for osteoarthritis of the knee. Qualified participants will receive at no charge: • Study related physical exams and follow-up visits by a board certified rheumatologist • Study injection • Compensation for time and travel

The Problem During the peak war years, the Army grew to about 570,000. Already down to about 522,000, it must shrink to 490,000 by October 2015, and then to 450,000 two years later. If automatic budget cuts resume, the Army will have to get down to 420,000 — a size service leaders say may not allow them to wage even one major campaign. (AP)

those, nearly 1,500 are captains, 550 are majors. Behind some of those numbers are soldiers in their late 20s who will be forced out of their military careers long before retirement age and into the still struggling job market. They would leave with honorable discharges, but would not be eligible for retirement beneďŹ ts. LOLITA C. BALDOR (AP)


No Getting Drunk With Powder — Yet Don’t expect powdered alcohol to hit store shelves anytime soon. A product called “Palcohol� gained widespread media attention in recent days after it was reported that the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved the powdered alcohol, including vodka and rum varieties. (Just add water!) But a representative for the federal agency said late Monday that the approvals were issued in error. Palcohol’s parent company said it will resubmit the labels for approval. (AP)


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The number of pounds of Oscar Mayer wieners that are being recalled

because they may mistakenly contain cheese, federal inspectors say. The recall, which the Los Angeles Times says amounts to nearly 1 million hot dogs, is because “Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners� may instead contain the company’s “Classic Cheese Dogs.� (AP)

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Vice President Joe Biden brought his aviators with him Monday to Ukraine. KIEV, UKRAINE

Biden Visits Ukraine Vice President Joe Biden on Monday launched a visit to demonstrate the U.S. commitment to Ukraine and push for urgent implementation of an international agreement aimed at de-escalating tensions even as violence continues. The United States will decide within “days, not weeks” whether Russia is abiding by the accord, a U.S. diplomat said. (AP)

Mokpo, South Korea South Korean President Park Geun-hye castigated the captain and some crew members of a sunken ferry on Monday, saying their actions in abandoning a vessel with hundreds of passengers still aboard were “tantamount to murder.” Park’s comments came in the face of criticism about her government’s response to the disaster amid a growing sense of fury in South Korea about alleged criminal incompetence aboard the ferry Sewol.

Katmandu, Nepal

U.S. Probing a Potential Chlorine Attack in Syria

Buddhist monks cremated the remains of Sherpa guides who were buried in the deadliest avalanche to hit Mount Everest, a disaster that has prompted calls for a climbing boycott by Nepal’s ethnic Sherpa community. Nepal’s government said late Monday it would consider the Sherpa’s demands for more insurance money, more financial aid for the families of the victims, the formation of a relief fund and regulations that would ensure climbers’ rights. A committee formed with guides, rescuers and others will make its recommendations today, said Maddhu Sudan Burlakoti, head of the mountaineering department. A total Sherpa boycott could critically disrupt the Everest climbing season, which is key to the livelihood of thousands of Nepali guides and porters. Everest climbers have long relied on Sherpas for every-


Parents: More Girls Than Reported Taken in Nigeria Some 234 girls are missing from the northeast Nigerian school attacked last week by Islamic extremists, significantly more than the 85 reported by education officials, parents told the state governor Monday. The higher figure came out a week after the kidnappings. (AP) BAGHDAD

33 Killed in Iraq Attacks Suicide bombings and other attacks across Iraq killed at least 33 people and wounded nearly 80 more on Monday, officials said, the latest in an uptick in violence as the country counts down to crucial parliament elections later this month. (AP)

Family members continue to grieve for missing passengers aboard the Sewol.

could complicate the already emotional proceedings. During a meeting with advisers, Park criticized the captain for leaving a 25-year-old third mate — “an


entry-level worker” — in charge of navigating the narrow waterway where the ferry ran into trouble, according to a transcript from the presidential office. Park also noted that a maritime operator on shore repeatedly urged the Sewol to evacuate its passengers — something the Sewol crew members said was impossible because the vessel had already tilted drastically. “Right after the accident, the captain didn’t comply with orders for evacuation from [the maritime operator] and told the passengers to stay where they are,” Park said. “But he then abandoned them and escaped first. This is unthinkable legally and morally.” CHICO HARL AN ( THE WASHINGTON POST )

Yemen Kills 55 in Strike on Al-Qaeda Base

Sherpas May Strike After Tragedy


The U.S. is looking into whether a toxic chemical was deployed in areas of Syria that are controlled by rebel forces seeking to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday the chemical was likely chlorine, if it was used. (AP)

The captain, Lee Joon-seok, was arrested Friday along with two other crew members, and prosecutors on Monday said four additional crew members — two first mates, one second mate and an engineer — have been detained. All face charges stemming from the quick abandonment of the ship and their failure to first assist passengers in evacuating. As South Korea mourns and prepares for a long series of funerals, it is also grappling with an emerging criminal case that could sort out some of the responsibility for the disaster. Some South Koreans, though acknowledging the apparent irresponsibility of the crew, said Park’s comments on the case were made prematurely and

Sanaa, Yemen



President compares captain’s reaction on ferry to murder


S. Korea Leader Pulls No Punches

In Brief

Family of killed mountaineers mourn Monday at a funeral in Katmandu, Nepal.

thing from hauling gear to cooking food to high-altitude guiding. Some Sherpas had already left the mountain by Monday, either joining the boycott or mourning their friends and colleagues. At least 13 Sherpas were killed

when a block of ice tore loose from the mountain and triggered a cascade that ripped through teams of guides hauling gear. Three Sherpas missing in Friday’s avalanche are presumed dead. BINAJ GURUBACHARYA (AP)

Yemeni forces, reportedly backed by U.S. drone strikes, hit al-Qaeda militants for a second straight day Monday in what Yemen officials said was an assault on a major base of the terror group hidden in the remote southern mountains. The government said 55 militants were killed so far. The assault appeared to be a significant escalation in the U.S. and Yemeni campaign against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terror group’s powerful branch in the southern Arabian nation. The United States has been striking al-Qaeda positions in the country heavily with drone strikes the past two years, trying to cripple the group after it was driven out of several southern cities it took over in 2011. (AP)

The number of grams of sugar — 360 calories worth — assumed to be an average acceptable daily intake on food labels in Mexico, far more than the 25 grams recommended by the World Health Organization. The labeling rules are supposed to help fight obesity, but activists say they may actually encourage the public to consume high levels of sugar. (AP)

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National Capital Region

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D.C. to Reissue Licenses All District IDs must be replaced to comply with a federal law Washington There’s no good way to break it to you, D.C. license holders. You’re going to have to make a trip to the DMV, all 540,000 of you. Starting May 1, the District will start issuing REAL ID licenses that conform to stringent federal regulations, the Department of Motor Vehicles announced last week. Any driver’s license issued before that date will need to be replaced by Oct. 1, 2014 to enter


The number of states that have updated licenses, including Maryland, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Virginia was granted an extension until Oct. 10.

certain federal buildings and by 2016 to board a domestic flight (a passport can still be used, too). Although the D.C. DMV changed the design and security features of its licenses in November in anticipation of the REAL ID rollout, licenses issued since then do not have the REAL ID credential, according to Department of Motor Vehicles Director Lucinda Babers.

Get Inspired! Make YOUR Next Step Count!!

So even if you have one of the updated licenses, which feature a blooming cherry blossom tree, you will still need to take a trip to the DMV to update it. The only visual difference between the two will be a star in the upper right corner. To avoid a worse-than-usual crush at service centers, the agency will notify residents in writing when they need to present identifying documents to revalidate their identity, social security number and address. The re-opening of Georgetown’s DMV on April 29 should also help. Residents who wait for notification will not be charged a fee to convert their licenses.

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Research for New Flu Treatment


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Healthy volunteers are needed for Flu-IVIG PK (14-I-0043)—a research study to develop an antibody-based treatment for influenza at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. The study is testing flu antibodies to see what the best dose is to activate the immune system. Study participants who qualify after a screening visit will receive one infusion of flu antibodies and return for 4 additional clinic visits over 1 month. All volunteers will be compensated.

For more information, call:

1-800-411-1222 (Reference Study 14-I-0043) TTY: 1-866-411-1010 Se habla español

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Are Air Bags the New Stereo for Thieves? Fairfax police report the safety devices stolen from 50 cars Fairfax County, Va. Enterprising thieves have turned laundry detergent into “liquid gold.” They’ve stripped copper from churches. Now, add a new item to the list you’d never thought they would target: air bags.

Fairfax County police report the safety devices have been stolen from more than 50 cars this year. Arlington police said a couple of weeks ago air bags were stolen from multiple cars in the Fairlington, Va., area. Ditto in Maryland’s Howard County in March and Montgomery County last year. Police and experts say there is a healthy black market for the items. Air bags retail for about $1,000, but stolen ones only cost $50 to $200,

according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The group reports about 50,000 air bags are stolen across the country each year, totaling $50 million. Crooked repair shops install stolen air bags and then pocket the difference between the lower black market price and the market rate they charge the insurance company. “It’s become so brazen and bold they are selling these air bags on eBay and Craigslist,” said AAA Mid-

Atlantic spokesman John Townsend. “When a shop is installing an air bag that’s stolen, it could be compromised. That’s a potential safety risk — they may not deploy as they are supposed to.” If car owners are having an air bag installed, Townsend suggested they ask a repair shop to see the box the safety device came in or a receipt from the manufacturer. The most recent air bag thefts in Fairfax County targeted seven vehi-

cles in the Fairfax City area during the overnight hours of April 4 and 5, police said. Nine vehicles parked in the Annandale area were also hit overnight on April 9 and 10. Some of the cars have been unlocked, but in the majority of cases thieves are smashing out the rear window of a locked vehicle, police said. The suspects open the hood, disconnect the battery and remove the air bag. JUSTIN JOUVENAL (THE WASHINGTON POST)

McAuliffe Touts Achievements of His First 100 Days Richmond Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe marked his 100th day in office Monday by trumpeting a range of accomplishments and vowing to redouble his efforts to push for his still-elusive goal of Medicaid expansion. In a speech at the Library of Virginia and in a glossy 32-page booklet issued for the occasion, McAuliffe recapped work to strengthen ethics in government, prioritize transportation spending and reform school testing, among others. Republicans noted that some

of the biggest initiatives McAuliffe took credit for originated with legislation proposed by GOP legislators. “The Governor also attempted today to take credit for several significant initiatives championed by House Republicans,” Matthew Moran, spokesman for House McAuliffe Speaker William Howell, said in a written statement. McAuliffe vowed in his speech not to give up on plans to expand

Your Best Shot | Submitted by Jim Havard of Washington

Medicaid to as many as 400,000 Virginians. McAuliffe and a slim majority of the Senate support expansion, saying that it would help needy citizens and create 30,000 new jobs. The Republican-dominated House is opposed, saying that the federal government cannot afford to make good on its promise under the federal health-care law to pick up most of the $2 billion-a-year tab. The impasse has held up passage of the state budget and could lead to a shutdown of the state government if it is not resolved by July 1. LAURA VOZZELLA (THE WASHINGTON POST)

Police: Shooting Occurs Near Zoo

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CYBER OPERATIONS Secure the country’s infrastructure with a master’s in strategic cyber operations and information management.


A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE: “The Awakening” statue appears to menace a plane as well as the giant ferris wheel under construction at Maryland’s National Harbor. The 180-foot attraction is scheduled to open in May.

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Two men were shot and wounded late Monday afternoon near the National Zoo, which thousands of people had visited on the beautiful Monday after Easter. The men suffered injuries not considered to be life-threatening in the shooting, which occurred at 5:17 p.m., said a D.C. police spokesman. It was not known what led to the shooting. The address is across from one of the main zoo entrances, but there was no indication that the shooting involved the zoo or its visitors. MARTIN WEIL AND CLARENCE WILLIAMS (THE WASHINGTON POST)

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Cover Story

Dome-Improvement Project Stripping and Priming

When the U.S. Capitol dome was built in the 1860s, cast iron was the high-tech building material of its day, easier to erect than stone, more fireproof than wood. But if the people’s business never stops below, neither do the wind and rain above — and now, after 150 years of duty as Washington’s symbol of democracy, the dome is getting an overdue, $60 million makeover. The building will be closed to the public until April 28 to allow preparatory work, but will be open for the entire two-year process.

Statue of Freedom The nearly 20-foottall bronze Statue of Freedom is not part of this project except for its castiron base, which will be restored.


All 10 layers or more of old paint will be blasted off with garnet grains, one roughly 3,000-square-foot section at a time. Containment structures around each section will keep contaminants out of the air. Blasting equipment

Layers of old paint

Primer layer New paint layer



Crack filled with epoxy

A few things have to occur before the repair begins. The Rotunda will be closed while interior work is done to protect visitors and art from debris that could be shaken loose. After that, intense exterior work will start.

Staging Area The staging area will be an acre-size zone at the northwest corner of the grounds. From there, a series of hoists and stairs will ferry people and supplies onto the dome.

“Apotheosis of Washington” fresco

Surrounding the Outside Fifty-two miles of scaffolding is being erected around the 199-foot dome. The cupola’s curves can’t bear weight, so scaffolding will bridge those areas. Most work will be at night, with symmetrical lighting offering interesting photo ops.


Finding the Problems Many cracks are obvious — the largest is about 2 feet long — but even tiny ones can spread if not repaired. In an effort to find them, workers will examine the bare metal. When they see small cracks, they will use magnetic powder and magnets to reveal edges.

Repainting Uncoated cast iron begins to flash-rust within eight hours, so each section will be primed with a rust inhibitor immediately. After repairs are done, about 1,215 gallons of paint will be sprayed, rolled and brushed over the primer. A “Dome White” top-coat sealer should last 12 to 16 years.

Fixing Ornaments Repairing Cracks

More than 100 cast-iron pieces, such as grape clusters and acorns, have fallen off over the years, and many more have broken, cracked or rusted. They will be replaced or recast. Damaged area

The Civil War-era cast iron is less than half an inch thick but so dense that the dome weighs nearly 9 million pounds. Welding would crack the brittle metal even more, so a stitching technique will be used to repair cracks and attach Dutchman patches.

Damaged area

Cast iron

Steel pin

Shearedoff pin

Steel lock



Replacing Some ornaments, as well as large, damaged areas of the dome, may need to be replaced by cutting out a chunk and attaching a new piece. That type of repair is called a Dutchman.

Recasting Missing ornaments will be recast at a foundry in Utah. New ornaments must match the old ones as closely as possible, so some molds may need to be made by hand. Recasting an ornament can take up to 12 weeks.

Sources: Eugene Poole, project manager for Architect of the Capitol; Carlos Elias, superintendent of the Capitol building; Gary J. Reed of Lock-N-Stitch; John Allen of Allen Architectural Metals; Thomas McGonegal of Safway Services.

Window Work

Protecting the Inside

The dome’s windows, 36 per level, are the original, greenlead glass placed during the Civil War, anchored in wooden frames. Broken windows will be removed, repaired or replaced.

A five-layered, doughnut-shaped netting made of rope and fabric will hang in the rotunda throughout the repairs to catch any falling debris. The “Apotheosis of Washington” fresco will be visible through the hole in the middle.

Stitching Cracks Metalworkers drill holes along the entire length of the crack, then insert steel pins threaded like screws. The pins overlap slightly and are coated with a sealant for a watertight fit.

Smoothing The Surface The pins’ heads are designed to break off uniformly. The remaining bits of shaft are then ground with a handheld wheel or file so the surface is smooth.

Locking the Edges Shallow beds are drilled across the metal surface and steel locks are inserted for a stronger seal. These pins have special threads to pull metal edges tight.

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Sports Comparing Ages of NBA Teams



Wizards forward Nene, left, scored 24 points and grabbed eight rebounds Sunday in Washington’s Game 1 victory over the Chicago Bulls.

It’s a Big Man’s Game Now The Wizards are back to relying on their big men. Forget the highly drafted guards who are supposed to be the team’s core; they provide regular-season entertainment. The postseason belongs to the real men underneath, the gritty performers who throw elbows and sweat their way to loose balls. Washington’s frontcourt was the key to the Wizards’ first Game 1 victory in a playoff series since 1986. Their 102-93 beat down of the Chicago Bulls on Sunday shows the Wizards By Rick aren’t content just Snider making the playoffs for the first time in six years. Guards John Wall and Bradley Beal, supposedly the soul of the offense, converted only 7 of 25 shots Sunday. The Wizards’ offense went through the frontcourt. Forwards Nene and Trevor Ariza and center

Marcin Gortat combined for 57 points. The frontcourt starters have playoff experience with former teams, and Nene especially showed he was ready for the big stage with 24 points and eight rebounds. The 11-year veteran controlled the game and outdueled Chicago’s Joakim Noah. Nobody expected that, but Nene has always been Washington’s true leader. Wall was Washington’s first overall pick in 2010 and he’s the franchise player for the long term, but the now belongs to Nene. That’s why the team was so patient during his six-week

rehab from a sprained knee. Before his injury, Washington was 60-61 with Nene and 8-34 without the Brazilian, who came to Washington in March 2012. The Wizards were able to go 12-9 down the stretch of the regular season without Nene, but they always knew his return was needed to make a playoff run. Nene played in four of the final five games to get back up to speed for the playoffs, and his 14.3 points per game average in that stretch mirrored his season average (14.2). The Wizards can’t survive the down-and-dirty Bulls without the frontcourt grinding away. On Sunday,

The Wizards can’t survive the down-and-dirty Bulls without the frontcourt grinding away.

Nene took charge early and the backcourt mostly watched. Reserve Andre Miller pitched in with 10 big points, but Wall’s 16 points seemed to overstate his impact on the game. Wall and Beal missed their combined three 3-point attempts. Instead, it was Ariza taking advantage of his chances by hitting 3 of 5 from outside and scoring 18 points overall. Ariza has played for six different teams in his career, but his experience is valued by the Wizards. Chicago will surely refocus to counter Washington’s frontcourt, making it vital Wall and Beal recover. If Washington’s guards thrive in Game 2, Chicago won’t have a solution. If the Wizards’ backcourt fails, the big men must prove invincible again. Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter @Snide_Remarks

As the Wizards gradually shifted their roster this season — adding Al Harrington, Drew Gooden and Andre Miller, while shipping out Jan Vesely and rarely playing Otto Porter Jr. — there started to be some confusion about whether this should still be considered a “young” team. But are they young? Here’s a calculated average age (weighted by minutes played) of every NBA playoff team through one postseason contest. This only takes into account the minutes distributions in the opening games of the series over the weekend. It doesn’t account for injuries, or foul trouble. The ages are as of Feb. 1, which is what provides. And there are slight rounding issues; every team that played four quarters isn’t credited with exactly 240 minutes. Still, in rough terms at least, here are the 16 playoff teams, from youngest to oldest: Houston Rockets Toronto Raptors Charlotte Bobcats Portland Trail Blazers Washington Wizards Indiana Pacers Oklahoma City Thunder L.A. Clippers Chicago Bulls Atlanta Hawks Memphis Grizzlies San Antonio Spurs Brooklyn Nets Miami Heat Dallas Mavericks

25.4 25.4 25.9 26.1 26.9 26.9 27.2 28.2 28.3 28.4 29.5 30.1 30.7 30.8 31.3


Today’s Game 9:30 P.M. TNT GAME 2

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Dental Bug

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Meb Keflezighi ran a personal-best 2 hours, 8 minutes, 37 seconds Monday.

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American Wins Boston Marathon Meb Keflezighi is first U.S. man to take home title since 1983 Boston Marathon

Version 1.0 01 October 2013

NMRC Clinical Trials Center Located at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Campus 8901 Wisconsin Ave., Bldg 17, Suite 2B, Bethesda, MD 20889

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“The Star-Spangled Banner” played over Boylston Street in honor of an American winner of the Boston Marathon. One year after a bombing there killed three people and left more than 260 injured, Meb Keflezighi added Boston to a résumé that includes the New York City Marathon title in 2009 and a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics. Running just two weeks before his 39th birthday, he had the names of the bombing victims on his bib. “At the end, I just kept thinking, ‘Boston Strong. Boston Strong,’ ” he said. “I was thinking ‘Give everything you have. If you get beat, that’s it.’ ” Kef lezighi completed t he

26.2 miles from Hopkinton to the finish on Boylston Street in Boston’s Back Bay on Monday in a personalbest 2 hours, 8 minutes, 37 seconds. He held off Kenya’s Wilson Chebet, who finished 11 seconds behind. Keflezighi went out early and built a big lead. But he was looking over his shoulder several times as Chebet closed the gap over the final two miles. After realizing he wouldn’t be caught, Keflezighi raised his sunglasses, began pumping his right fist and made the sign of the cross. He broke into tears after crossing the finish line, then draped himself in the American flag. No U.S. runner had won the race since Lisa Larsen-Weidenbach took the women’s title in 1985. The last American man to win was Greg Meyer in 1983. Meyer and Keflezighi embraced after the race. “I’m blessed to be an American and God bless America and God bless Boston for this special day,” Keflezighi said. PAT EATON-ROBB (AP)

Jeptoo Repeats at Boston Rita Jeptoo, left, of Kenya successfully defended the Boston Marathon women’s title she said she could not enjoy a year ago. Jeptoo finished in a course-record 2 hours, 18 minutes, 57 seconds. American Shalane Flanagan, who went to high school in nearby Marblehead, Mass., finished seventh after leading for more than half the race. She gambled by setting the early pace, but fell back near the 21-mile mark. (AP)

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In Show of Defiance, Thousands Run Race Under heavy security that included a battery of surveillance cameras and police officers on rooftops, nearly 36,000 runners hit the streets Monday in the first Boston Marathon since last year’s deadly bombing, sending a powerful message of resilience. “I showed up, I’m back, and I am going to finish what I didn’t finish last year,” said Mary Cunningham, 50, of St. Petersburg,

Fla., who was stopped a mile short of the finish line by the explosions on April 15, 2013. The two pressure-cooker bombs that went off near the end of the 26.2-mile course killed three people and wounded more than 260 in a hellish spectacle of torn limbs, smoke and broken glass. This year, police were deployed in force along the route, with helicopters circling above and bombsniffing dogs checking trash cans. A total of 35,755 athletes were


Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon had the secondlargest field in its history Monday.

registered to run, the second-largest field in its history, with many coming to show support for the city and its signature sporting event. “Boston Strong” — the unofficial slogan adopted after the terrorist attack — was everywhere. At 2:49 p.m., the time the bombs went off, spectators observed a moment of silence at the finish line. It was followed by some of the loudest cheers of the day as people whooped, clapped and rang cowbells. (AP)




O’s Ruin Boston’s Day The Orioles scored six runs off Clay Buchholz, above, in the third inning then held on to spoil Boston’s Patriots’ Day morning game with a 7-6 win Monday over the Red Sox. The game began at 11:09 a.m., about an hour before Meb Keflezighi crossed the Boston Marathon finish line just over a mile away. (AP)

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Qualified participants must: • Be 18 to 65 years of age • Have been experiencing depression symptoms for at least 8 weeks • Have taken one or more anti-depressant medications that failed to relieve their depression symptoms

For more information call: 1-866-856-3259 (toll free) or 301-319-9320

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Sports NBA


Noah Earns Honor Bulls center Joakim Noah is the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year, joining Michael Jordan in 1988 as the only Bulls players to win the award. Noah helped Chicago win 48 games and capture home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs against the Wizards. (AP)

Mike Woodson had the Knicks on top of their division and in the second round of the playoffs, destinations that had become unreachable and practically unimaginable in New York. A year later, he was out of a job. Phil Jackson fired Woodson and the entire coaching staff on Monday, making his first big move since becoming team president in March and saying in a statement

that “the time has come for change throughout the franchise.” The dismissal comes shortly after the Knicks completed a 37-45 season that began with their belief they were a serious contender. Instead, they started poorly, making Woodson’s job security practically a season-long distraction. A late surge wasn’t good enough for a postseason spot or another year for Woodson, who took over in 2012. It was a stunningly swift fall for Woodson, whose .580 winning



Knicks Fire Coach Woodson After Lost Year

Coach Mike Woodson led the New York Knicks to a 37-45 record this season.

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percentage with the Knicks ranks behind only Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy, and who finished third in the NBA’s Coach of the Year voting after going 54-28 last season. Jackson has said he won’t insist the Knicks run the triangle, the offensive system he used with the Bulls and Lakers, but has made clear his belief in it. TNT analyst Steve Kerr, who played for Jackson with the Bulls but has never been a coach, has repeatedly been mentioned as a candidate. BRIAN MAHONEY (AP)

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Guinea Pig | Dry Run When sweat drips off your brow, it’s the pits. And underarm deodorant won’t do you much good. We tried mopping up that perspiration with Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths ($3.59,, damp wipes with “PowderSilk Technology” that promise to cool on contact and leave skin dry all day. The first whiff of the open package worried us, but the stench of alcohol faded quickly. One warning: Avoid using near freshly shaved skin.

See your weekly Gold’s Gym ad in today’s Fit Section

Anacostia’s Central Perk Strength and cardio equipment are free to use at a new outdoor ‘Fitness Zone’ gym

Curious kids have been trying out the squat press and other equipment.


Harvey and Karen Pitts took a tour of the new gym in their neighborhood Sunday morning. While Harvey, 44, tested out one of the situp benches, Karen, 43, pumped out a set of lat pulldowns. They explored the rest of the strength training equipment — which includes stations for chest presses, squats and pullups — and then examined a cluster of cardio machines. “This is perfect. You can tone up and do your stretches and walk on home,” Henry decreed as he adjusted to the swinging handles and gliding pedals of an elliptical. And you can’t beat the price: free. That’s because they were working out in Anacostia Park at the District’s first Fitness Zone, which officially opens with a ribbon-cutting at 11 a.m. today. The project is part of a nationwide push for outdoor exercise facilities by the Trust for Public Land, a San Franciscobased organization that promotes park usage. Since the program started in 2007, the trust has established nearly 40 Fitness Zones, mostly in Los Angeles and Miami. In 2012, the trust worked with the National Park Service to identify eight potential sites in the D.C. area. Anacostia Park was at the top of that list. Some outdated fitness equipment was already sitting in the middle of a field there, says Julie Kutruff of the National Park Service. The time was right to replace it with nicer stuff, she adds, especially since the ongoing development of the Anacostia

Anacostia resident Kathryn Payton lifts herself on the lat pull station at the new Fitness Zone in Anacostia Park.

Riverwalk Trail was making the park more accessible. “It’s another reason to get people to come here,” Kutruff says. And the more people visit the park, the more they’ll appreciate the nature that lives there, she says. The park service purchased the equipment for $25,000 but didn’t have funds to install it — until the Trust for Public Land secured a $30,000 donation from the consulting firm ICF International. Installation began on April 1. As soon as the security fencing came down on April 11, folks rushed in to try out the equipment, says the trust’s Kent Whitehead. He sees that as an indicator of the need for a Fitness Zone. “When you look at where gyms are located in the District, this neighborhood doesn’t have them,” he says.

It’s also a sign that the Trust for Public Land has figured out proper placement from its experience with previous Fitness Zones, Whitehead adds. One strategy that works: setting up the equipment around a play area (in this case, the pirate ship marooned at Anacostia Drive and Nicholson Street SE), so parents can use it while watching their kids. The combo makes sense, Kutruff

says. Adults have one fewer excuse for skipping a workout, and they can set a good example for children. Each of the 18 pieces of equipment has a sign explaining how to use it, so anyone can follow the Pitts family’s lead and just start exercising. Whitehead and Kutruff have also reached out to local trainers, encouraging them to bring clients to the park and host classes incor-

The Play Must Go On Typical playgrounds have swings, slides and monkey bars for kids. What do grown-ups get? Boring benches. That doesn’t seem fair, says D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation spokesman John Stokes. So as part of Play DC — an initiative to overhaul 40 of the city’s playgrounds — many of the spaces are being outfitted with adult exercise equipment. “We wanted to look at the life span of facilities, and offer options for all ages,” Stokes says. Like the larger Fitness Zone in Anacostia Park, the

porating the equipment. No one can reserve the Fitness Zone. “But if we have a line of people waiting to use a machine, that’s a good problem to have,” says Whitehead, who hopes fitness experts will post exercise ideas to the park website. (The pushup bars, for instance, can also be used as hurdles, he says.) Probably no one will be as good at coming up with alternative uses for the equipment than its most active users: kids. The Fitness Zone may be designed for adults, but the playground set is also eager to row, bike and hoist heavy stuff. After inspecting the setup on Sunday, Jason Vezina, 36, said he suspected his daughter would be spending a lot more time with the situp bench “because she could slide down it.” VICKY HALLETT (EXPRESS)

sites encourage physical activity among adults who lack the time or money to get it elsewhere. At the opening of the $2.6 million renovation of the Benning Park playground in Ward 7 last fall, DPR planner Ella Faulkner said the six pieces there (including a cardio stepper and balance steps) were selected with community input. Mayor Vincent Gray, on hand for the ribbon-cutting, looked approvingly at the dragon-themed setup. “It’s a place for entire families,” he said. His favorite diversion? The We-Saw, a supersized version of a seesaw that’s big enough for six people — even people as big as him. V.H.

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grating on your last ner ves), trying to bridge the gap is good for everyone. Could they visit you, or meet up somewhere else that might make things easier? Can you plan activities that will help neutralize whatever is off-putting about these visits? It’s time to talk about what you want your future in-law relationships to look like.

Worst Week Ever? Every summer we get pressure from my in-laws to spend a week at their house. Usually we spend a couple of days and it’s all we can take. This summer, my husband wants to have us spend the whole time there. He feels that our kids don’t know his parents as well as they know mine. The thought of even one hour more with them is making me crazy! DON’T WANT TO DO IT

The Ex Factor


The obvious answer here is to compromise with just one or two extra days. But I’m guessing this issue goes deeper than that, and this trip-planning is a great opportunity to acknowledge the discrepancy between your kids’ relationships with their two sets of grandparents. Even if one set is naturally harder to spend time with (whether by geography or just

I work with a woman who used to date my boyfriend, and I think she’s constantly trying to sabotage me. I have confronted her several times and told her to keep her distance. She doesn’t. I constantly hear her whispering about me, trying to turn the rest of the staff against me. How do I make her back off? GET HER AWAY FROM ME

If her behavior is truly sabotage, t hen you need to doc u ment everything she’s done and talk to a supervisor. But I can’t help but wonder whether there’s some understandable extra sensitivity here on your part due to this complicated situation. Are there other times you’ve felt this way about women connected to your boyfriend? Is it common for you to feel harassed by people? Protect yourself, but give some thought to your underlying emotions that might be making this worse for you.

By Dr. Andrea Bonior

Send your questions to Dr. Andrea Bonior at Andrea is a local clinical psychologist and author of “The Friendship Fix.”


“A fun way to burn calories!” CHALLENGER






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250 lbs.

7 lbs.



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“My absolute favorite class is, hands down, Body Pump. I love the intensity, and I feel and see results immediately after the class. It’s the class that made me realize that women can do strength training just like men, actually using a bar to do squats, lunges and chest presses. I also love that they have new releases every few months; it really keeps you from getting bored and keeps your body guessing!”

“Body Combat was the hardest class— an hour of throwing punches and kicks is difficult! I really enjoy spinning classes, which help to build up my leg strength and wind. Spin also helps me complete the other Gold’s Gym classes and gets me ready for my weekly personal training session.”

— Tony

— Krystle

“Body Pump is a class I recommend for gym newcomers. It’s a fun workout that helps develop muscular endurance while also incorporating high intensity interval and stability training.”

— LUNA CHALLENGER: Nikki LOCATION: South Arlington Gold’s Get Fit Challenge

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“I’ve tried to take as many classes as possible. It’s a fun way to burn calories, and the great instructors and fun music make the time fly. If I could pick one to do every day, it would be Body Flow, because I love the way it focuses on strength and flexibility. I need that to recover from the stress of the day! It’s also nice to slow down and breathe. I always leave that class feeling energized.”

— Nikki

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phys ed fit


event horizon


The Zombie Run SATURDAY | There’s running from zombies. And then

there’s running from zombies through a muddy obstacle course. And then there’s running through that course at night. Options 2 and 3 are what’s in store for participants in The Zombie Run’s Extreme and Black Ops events. Runners will have to deal with a full 5K of complications, including cargo nets, climbing walls and hordes of zombies. High Point Farm, 23730 Frederick Road, Clarksburg, Md.; Extreme starts between 9 a.m.12:30 p.m., Black Ops starts at 8:30 p.m.; $45-$150;


Rock the Box If it ain’t breakin’ — well, you’re probably at the wrong festival. The Lab DC Breakin’ School (, which specializes in teaching break dancing, is hosting this all-ages celebration of the hip-hop arts. The event will feature one-on-one competitions (for adults and kids) and several dance workshops (in capoeira, tap and — of course — breakin’). Also on hand: graffiti artists, food trucks, health screenings, face painting and additional vendors. Aqua, 1818 New York Ave. NE; noon7 p.m., $10 in advance, $12 at the door;


The Science of Extreme Sports Not all scientists wear lab coats. Some of them dress in bathing suits, especially when they’re looking at the physics behind catching a huge wave. As part of the USA Science & Engineering

Festival Expo, a trio of champion athletes — surfer Maya Gabeira, Ironman Chris Lieto and kayaker Tao Berman — will explain how science plays a role in their physical and mental training. Reporters from News Channel 8 will lead the two hourlong discussions. Walter E. Washington

now accepting deposits for the

2014 Pool Season

Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Place; Sat. at 1:30 p.m. and Sun. at 10 a.m. (the expo is 9 a.m.-6 p.m. both days), free;


Get Fit for Summer Workout Classes Vida Fitness and the Capitol Riverfront BID are hosting free outdoor workouts in The Yards Park all summer. The schedule kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Monday with a boot camp on the boardwalk. There’s at least one class (boot camp, yoga or Zumba) each day the rest of the week, except Sunday. See the website for times. The Yards Park, 355 Water St. SE; free; private events info: VIDA Fitness 1612 U Street, NW

Opening at The Yards July 4th

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fit nutrition



CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The One Day for Every Day event for people with relapsing MS and their care partners.


Get information from MS experts, learn about an oral treatment option, and connect with the community. Breakfast and lunch will be served. Free parking is available. We hope you’ll join us. MS EXPERT PANEL: A neurologist, people living with MS, and others will discuss MS and a treatment option, and answer questions – so bring yours. Featuring: MATTHEW MEAD (AP)

Heidi Crayton, MD, MS Center of Greater Washington • Sangiin Oh, MD, Maryland Institute of Neurological Disorders and Sleep

WORKSHOPS: Join 1 of 3 different sessions led by experts: Effectvely Communicate Your MS Story Make Technology Work For You MS and Your Relationships MS HEALTH FAIR: Organizations, companies, and support groups devoted to people living with MS will be on hand to talk, share, and help. WASHINGTON COURT HOTEL 525 New Jersey Ave. NW Washington, DC 20001 SATURDAY, MAY 3, 2014 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM


(Registration and MS Health Fair open at 10:00 AM)


Are you overweight?

Recipe File


Consider participating in a clinical research study. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, is seeking overweight Caucasian males to participate in a study to collect data about changes in your energy expenditure when exposed to different environmental temperatures. All study-related tests are provided at no cost. Compensation is provided. You may be eligible if you are: • 18-35 years of age • Overweight with a Body Mass Index of 30-40 • In general good health • Able to commit to a two week inpatient stay at the NIH Clinical Center

You may not be eligible if you have: • A heart, liver, kidney, or thyroid condition • Diabetes or iron deficiency • High blood pressure • Psychiatric conditions

For more information: Call the research team at 301-594-6799, or Patient recruitment at 1-800-411-12222. Or go online, Refer to study # 12-DK-0097

1 pound (about 1 bunch) asparagus, tough ends discarded 3 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided Salt 5 ounces shiitake mushrooms, stems discarded, caps cut into quarters (or sixths if caps are large) 1 pound large raw shrimp, peeled and deveined 2 teaspoons minced garlic 2 teaspoons minced fresh ginger 1 small red or green chili, such as a jalapeno or serrano, seeds and ribs discarded if desired, thinly sliced 1 cup low-sodium chicken broth 2 tablespoons oyster sauce 1 tablespoon cornstarch Cooked brown rice, to serve

Makes Four Servings If the asparagus stalks are very thick, use a vegetable peeler to shave off the thick skins starting just below the

tip and down to the bottom. Cut the stalks into angled ½-inch pieces. In a large skillet over high, heat 1 tablespoon of the oil. When the oil is almost smoking, add all of the asparagus and a pinch of salt. Reduce the heat to medium-high and saute the asparagus, stirring, until it is crisp, tender and golden at some of the edges, 4 to 5 minutes. Transfer the asparagus to a bowl and set aside. Return the skillet to the heat and add another tablespoon of the oil, the shiitakes and a pinch of salt. Reduce the heat to medium and saute the mushrooms, stirring, until they are barely tender and golden around some of the edges, about 3 minutes. Transfer the shiitakes to the bowl with the asparagus. Return the skillet to the heat and add the remaining tablespoon of the oil and the shrimp. Saute the shrimp, stirring, for 2 minutes. Add the garlic, ginger and chili and cook, stirring, for 1 minute. In a bowl, whisk together the broth, oyster sauce and cornstarch. Add the mixture to the skillet, whisking, and bring to a boil. Return the asparagus and the mushrooms to the skillet and simmer for 1 minute. To serve, spoon a mound of rice onto each of 4 plates, then top with a quarter of the asparagus and shrimp mixture. (AP) 270 calories; 110 calories from fat (41 percent of total calories); 12 g fat (1 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 170 mg cholesterol; 14 g carbohydrate; 3 g fiber; 4 g sugar; 27 g protein; 500 mg sodium

T U E S D AY | 0 4 . 2 2 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 19

Reach over 300,000 readers daily




Newspaper Carriers

Work with Grassroots Campaigns on behalf of the nation’s leading organization on monitoring and fighting hate groups. Fight Hate. Teach Tolerance. Seek Justice.

The Washington Post


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Credit cards accepted.

Client Support Representative/Specialist Computer Packages Inc,. a 45 year old applications software company, is seeking a Client Representative to work at our Rockville, Maryland office. Strong computer skills & experience with client support required. Bachelor's degree preferred - Recent graduates welcome. Excellent benefits including medical insurance and opportunity for growth. Resume only to: DRIVER

in DC, MD and VA areas. Great part-time income opportunity! Transportation required.


To apply, call 202-334-6100 (Please press “0” once connected.)

YOU IGNITE YOUR FUTURE? If you have the spark, we have the programs to guide you toward a rewarding career. FORTIS offers programs in the following areas:

NOW HIRING! Experienced caregivers for live-in and hourly shifts with high profile clients across the D.C. area.

Healthcare/Medical • Dental Pharmacy Technology

We offer top pay, flexible hours, and great benefits! Must have CNA License or Certificate. Must provide 2-3 professional references. Must have a work permit or SSN.

Part Time Driver Springfield, VA Overnight Hours Monday-Sunday

Interviewing all day Mon - Fri. Call one of our three offices.

Responsibilities: • Loading trucks and delivering bundles of newspapers throughout the metropolitan area (3-5 stops) generally within a 50-mile radius of Springfield, VA • Must be able to lift up to 60 pounds • DOT Reporting as required Requirements: • Valid CDL-A REQUIRED • Zero points on your current driving record •2 – 3 years’ experience in driving Tractor Trailers and Straight Trucks over 26 Ft •Knowledge of Washington metropolitan area helpful


Bethesda: 301-654-1525 McLean: 703-356-4333 Fairfax: 703-746-8084

CALL 1.855.445.3276 TEXT “IGNITE” TO 367847

SECURITY Armed & Unarmed Security Officers for prestigious D.C & NO. VA. locations. Must possess DC SPO comm or DCJS reg & 2 yrs exp, good work history, salary commensurate w/ exp. Call Mon-Fri 9am-3pm 202-293-8011 or 703-824-0742 or fax resume to: 202-293-1095 DC#SAB0444. DCJS#11-2468





Financial Aid Available for those who qualify. Career Placement Assistance for All Graduates. For consumer information, visit

To apply:

career education

Drivers - 47 CDL Trainees needed now. FT/PT. No CDL? No problem. Training avail. Start at $45k+. Call now 1-800-251-3946 Greenspring is an Erickson Living managed Continuing Care Retirement Community in Springfield, VA, and we are hosting an Open House Job Fair for all departments on our campus: Housekeeping, Security, Nursing, Wait Staff. Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 11am – 2pm in Hunters Crossing Conference Center at Greenspring – 7430 Spring Village Drive Springfield, VA 22150. Apply online at and click on “Job Search” and search for jobs in the Springfield, VA area. ALL CANDIDATES MUST APPLY ONLINE PRIOR TO ATTENDING THE OPEN HOUSE. EOE. Candidates must park outside of security gates and ride Job Fair Shuttle onto campus! Candidates must bring this ad to enter the job fair. IT Sr. Software Developer: Degree in Eng/Comp. related. MS w/ 2 or BS w/ 5 yr exp. Expertise in SharePoint Server Adm & Dev, SharePoint Designer, MOSS 2007, .Net Framework, SQL, T-SQL, ITIL processes, C#, IIS, Web services, strong problem solving & technical skills. Travel/Reloc. Resumes: Comptel Inc. 2114 Tysons Executive Court, Dunn Loring, VA 22027 Medical/Dental Trainees NEEDED NOW Medical/Dental Offices NOW HIRING. No Experience? Local Job Training & Placement Assistance Available. 1-800-416-8377 Model Call - Sunday 4/27, 3-6pm. If you know you have the look to become a model we are looking for you. 733 Euclid St NW. 301-805-9140

Network Engineer Computer Packages Inc., a computer software company & leader in Intellectual Property Management for 45 years, is seeking a network engineer for the administration & maintenance of CPI's hosted environment in Maryland. At least 5yrs experience managing networks & configuring components therein. Exp w/ complex troubleshooting, Cisco IOS, firewalls, security procedures, & disaster recovery required. Salary commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits. Resume only to: XX740 1x.25


Call Jamie at 202-797-9655 Architect — Licensed DC architect for DC remodeler. Call: 202 546 0700. CDA, AA TEACHERS -Waterfront Child Care. 3 years experience.202-450-4886 Apply 1547 1st St. SW. Open House Saturday, please call.

To place a classified, call


needed to deliver

$1,320-$2200/mo. PT/FT/Career



U to enroll in the

Criminal Justice* program at

TESST College of Technology! Call Now!


1520 S. Caton Avenue • Baltimore, MD 21227 4600 Powder Mill Road • Beltsville, MD 20705 803 Glen Eagles Court • Towson, MD 21286 For more information on our program and its outcomes visit TESST does not guarantee employment or career advancement. Programs vary by campus. *Additional academy training or education may be required for law enforcement positions.

20 | E x p r e s s | 0 4 . 2 2 . 2 0 1 4 | T u e s d ay

JUST MONTHS TO A BRAND NEW YOU! career education

Train for a new career as a


Call Now!



Baltimore • Beltsville • Towson Information about programs at Programs vary by campus.


Financial Aid

(For those who qualify)

In just a few months, CTI can get you trained & ready for Industry Certification!

Classes Start April 25!

Career opportunities include



JOIN THE EXPANDING MEDICAL FIELD Registered Nurse (RN) Practical Nurse (PN) Nurse Aide (NA)

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Training available Morning, Afternoon or Evenings! On Campus or Online!

Call CTI for details now!


866-440-3535 SERVING THE DC, MD & VA AREA



For consumer information please visit\disclosure

In 10 Weeks

1-800-417-8954 CTO SCHEV



BERGERIE UPHOLSTRY NEW LOCATION! DC, MD, & VA 202-337-8727 301-277-2090

GET THE MEDICAL SKILLS EMPLOYERS WANT Registered & Practical Nurse Training GLOBAL HEALTH COLLEGE SCHEV certified, ACICS accredited, PN ACEN accredited



2PC Queen Pillowtop Mattress Set $139, King Pillowtop Set $229. Brand-new in plastic, Delivery available. 301-399-7870 2pc Sectional $295, 4PC Cherry Bedroom Set $185!! Both never used Still boxed. Deliverable. 301-343-8630 All New Queen Mattress Set—$85, Still in Plastic with warranty, can deliver, 703-887-7666 BDRM 4PC Cherry Set $175—New in Boxes, Headboard, Rails, Chest, Nightstand, Can Del, 703-887-7666

25 South Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA 22314 SCHEV Certified, ACICS Accredited, PN ACEN Accredited


Hands on training includes onsite Externship!


Training can be completed Morning, Afternoon or Evenings! For consumer information please visit\disclosure

Trainees Needed Now!


Call Now:

(202) 223-3500

Technical Learning Centers

All Programs Nationally Accredited By

ADOPT A CAT/KITTEN Vet checked. Call Feline Foundation. 703-920-8665 GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES F1B, family raised. Ready May 15. $1,699. Call for more info 304-671-4516



1 BRS $1250

Plus Electric & Cooking Gas

• Hardwood floors • Ample closet space • Minutes to green line subway & grocery • Credit/Background Check Performed


3533 Ames St. NE Washington, DC 20019




Fort Dupont Park - Fully renovated 2BR apts, central Heating/AC, new appliances. $1,170. Sec 8 welcome. Immed move-in. 202-710-7034 Ft Dupont/Congress Heights - 1, 2 & 3BRs Avaialble to fit your budget vouchers accepted. Call Russ Brown 202-256-5964

1 BRS $750

$750 Security Deposit Minimum Income $27,000/Yr ● Credit/Background Check Performed ●

Classes Start April 25!


PHLEBOTOMY Training workshops 301-567-5422


Med Tech/CPR 19 Days CNA to GNA 240-770-8251 OR 301-333-6254 Financial aid* 3533 Ames St. NE Washington, DC 20019

1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms for move-in in May

1 Bedroom Handicap Accessible Available NOW Hurry Limited Time Only *on approved credit *Income restrictions apply

2003 Maryland Avenue #101, Washington DC 20002


PARADISE AT PARKSIDE 1 Bedrooms @ $750

5 minute walk from the Minnesota Ave Metro Controlled access entry • Laundromat facilities on-site Free summer camp • Community Center Gas heat & cooking • Central A/C and much, much more!

Application Fee $25.00

for one adult 18yrs and older or two adults $35 3551 Jay Street NE, Washington DC 20019

M-F 9am-4pm Saturday 10am-2pm

New Extended hours on Wednesdays 9am-7pm

Call TLC! (202) 223-3500

Large Apartment Homes


3308 - 3312 SHERMAN AVE

1-800-460-4138 PHARMACY TECH Trainees Needed Now Pharmacies now hiring. No experience? Job Training & Placement Assistance Available 1-877-240-4524 VETERANS NEEDED Use your GI Benefits NOW for training in Healthcare. JOB PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE Offered. Call Now 1-888-395-8261

Spring is Here


Dental Offices now hiring. No experience? Job Training & Placement Assistance Available. 1-800-678-6350

XX740 1x.50

Wednesday from 10am-4pm Space is Limited! ~ Call to RSVP! • Financial Aid Available for Those Who Qualify •MEDICAL ASSISTANT • Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Classes •MEDICAL OFFICE • Transportation Reimbursement Available ADMINISTRATION • Receive a Computer Upon Graduation • No High School Diploma Necessary •PC SPECIALIST




Call Now: 1-888-445-6223

anted! ★ ★ Veterans W

CTI can prepare you for an exciting career working in Hotels, Cruise Ships, Resorts & Tourism! Career opportunities include


Now approved for federal financial aid for those who qualify.




1025 Vermont Avenue N.W., Suite 200 Washington, D.C. 20005

Job Placement Assis/Financial Assis Avail. Out of State Endorsement



Our programs include: • Practical nursing • Registered nursing

Day/Eves & Weekend Classes 6475 New Hampshire Ave., #501 Hyattsville, MD 20783 CALL 301-270-5105



Make a difference in: • Nursing homes • Hospitals • Urgent care facilities • Physicians’ offices


Classes start soon • PHLEBOTOMY-10 WK • CNA 4 WK • CNA to GNA - 72 HOURS • CPR & FIRST AID

Trainees Needed Now

Call for benefit assessment!

Radians College can prepare you to enter the growing field of nursing.

Quality First Career Center

Medical Offices now hiring. No experience? Job Training & Placement Assistance Available.

Take full advantage of your GI Benefits now at CTI! Healthcare, Computer & Hospitality training is available!




Schev Certified, ACICS Accredited, PN ACEN Accredited

An Extraordinary Career,


1305 10th St. NW Efficiency $1,045-Sec. Dep $500 Heat & H/W Include-Launddry RM Tnt Pays Cooking Gas + Electric Housing Choice Vouchers Welcome Call Ms. Carcamo @ 202-556-9457 The Barac Co @ 202-722-2100 EHO NW-DUPONT CIRCLE 1614 17th St. NW Efficiency & 1 BDRM + Electric From $1,250 + Partial S/D Heat, Gas & Hot Water Included Laundry Room & Manager On-Site Housing Choice Vouchers Welcome Call Mr. Harper @ 202-462-0599 The Barac Co @ 202-722-2100 EHO

SE- 1560 27th St. 2BR apt, $925 all utils incl, hardwood flrs, near metro, secure building. Call Delwin Realty 202-561-4675 SE - Furnished room, w2w carpet, CAC/heat, near bus. $165/week. SPECIAL - utilities included. 202-207-5569 or 202-399-0396 SE-Hanover Court. Under new mgmt. 1BR $775+. 2BR $850. $50 app fee 2412 Hartford St. #202 SE. 202-506-6416 NMI Property Management SE - Newly renovated, 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms. Central air and heat. W/D in unit. Section 8 welcome. Starting @ $1200. Call Jerome 202-321-5596



NE- Huntwood Crt. Under new management. 1BR $860+. 2BR $920+. 5000 Hunt St NE. 202-399-1665 NMI Prop Mgmt.

NW - 1BR $969 - $ 1019 incl utils. Laundry on-site, Lead Safe!! Ms. Mitchell 301-316-4590


XX740 1x.50


DC Rider


XX609 1x.75


T U E S D AY | 0 4 . 2 2 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 21


FRIENDSHIP CROSSING APTS. Minutes to 295, 395, 495 and Downtown DC.

Reduced Application Fee*

• FREE HEAT • GAS • WATER • W/W Carpet • Modern Kitchens/ Breakfast Bar • Gated Community • Laundry Facility in every bldg

Washer/Dryer Gated Community Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Spacious Floor Plans

2 Bedrooms from $1,255*


Download an application today at *Limited time offer, call for details

(202) 5 6 2 - 5 0 60

ALL NEW GATED COMMUNITY with AFFORDABLE RENTS & Unbelievable Views • 24 hr. concierge service • Moments to the Metro rail • Metrobus at your doorstop • Computer, Fitness, Business & Community Center • A Salon, and much, much more

$45,180 $51,600





All found at THE OVERLOOK


Hop on In To

1 BR $849

1 2

professionally managed by

Professionally Managed By CIH Properties, Inc.

Our Apts are EGG-Cellent

*Income Limits Apply

Family Size Maximum Income


Skyland Village APARTMENTS

OPEN HOUSE William C. Smith & Co./EHO

2333 SKYLAND PLACE, SE • Washington, DC 20020


Professionally Managed By CIH Properties, Inc.

EHO GAS HEAT, FREE GAS COOKING 1 BRs fr. $860/mo & WATER 2 BRs fr. $985/mo Southeast

$ 2 BRS 895

Central A/C, Convenient to Green Line Metro, Onsite Laundry, Parking, Vouchers Welcome


M-F 8:30 - 5 PM SAT. by appt only


2343 Green Street SE • Wash. DC 20020


1 Month FREE Rent!*

2 Bedrooms fr. $1240* • Washer & dryer • Individually controlled A/C • Wall-to-wall carpeting • Complimentary Alarm Syst.

ROYAL COURTS 202-969-8558 3719 4th Street SE *Call for details. Restrictions apply

Camp Springs—$1650, 3 bedrm, 1 ba, 1 1/2ba, 3 Fls, 6534 Beechwood Drive, 703-459-5136, DW, Hw Flrs, WD, HSI, Nr Pub Transp, pkg, garbage, water Chevy Chase—$2700, 2 bedrm, 2 ba, 1 1/2ba, 2 Fls, 6675 Hillandale Rd, 808-388-5087

Sell out the show!

1 Bedrooms on Special for $875

• Reduced Application Fee • $100 Holding Deposit Waived • $300 Off First Month’s Rent • $99 Deposit for Qualified Applicants

3738 D St. SE 20019


Contact us at 202.334.6732 or

Meadow Green Courts! $20 APPLICATION FEE!

Convenient to shops, schools, Dishwasher. Walk-in closets., w-w carpet 5% DISCOUNT: METRO & DC GOVT employees

Call for details

(877) 464-9774 3539 A St. SE

Mon.-Fri. 9-5. Sat. 10-4

Housing Choice Vouchers welcome where rents are within voucher program limits.

SOUTHWEST/Metro Convenient!


116 Irvington Street SW



Rosecroft Mews

3 Bedrooms @ $1199 per month *Vouchers Welcome

District Hts.

WOODLAND SPRINGS 4 Bedrooms for $1530

• FREE UTILITIES • Swimming Pool • Private balconies and patios • Minutes to The National Harbor & Brand New TANGER Outlets



FREE UTILITIES • Walk to Elementary School

908 Marcy Ave. • Oxon Hill, MD 20745

888-583-3047 LANDOVER

GATED COMMUNITY • Free gas and water • State-of-the-art fitness center • Right across from the NEW WEGMANS • Remodeled w/brand new Kitchens • Licensed daycare on premises

• Minutes to the NEW WEGMANS • Granite Countertops* • Stainless Steel Appliances* *Select units only




W/W carpet, CAC/1 Air/Heat, Dishwasher, Laundry facility, fee


3402 Dodge Park Rd. • Landover, MD 20785

M-F 9-5 • Sat 10-4

Housing Choice Vouchers Welcome where rents are within voucher limits

With $0 Security Deposit

Open House Sat. 4/26/14 • Clubhouse & Fitness Center • Washer & Dryer • Renovated Apartments Available • Less than Five Minutes from 495 • Swimming Pool • Central A/C & Heat


Call today to schedule an appointment tour! Hyattsville

Summer Ridge * w/approved credit **Limited Availability

*Income Qualifications

2252 Brightseat Road • Landover, MD 20785

# Occupants

Maximum Income









6617 Atwood Street

• Walk to Metro



We Offer Second Chance Program


• Computer Lab • Metro Accessible • After school programs


1829 Belle Haven Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20785

Performance. People. Pride.



1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Apartments Starting @ $975

Spacious Floorplans Renovated Laundry Rooms On-Site After Care/Summer Camp MD Food Bank Donations Minutes from Addison Rd Metro Station Housing Vouchers Welcome


EFFICIENCY $700 1BR fr. $775 2BR fr. $870

Move In Special

3839 64th Ave Hyattsville MD 20784

(202) 553-3814

SW 150 Joliet St. Large 2 bedroom apartment, $950/month + utilities. Delwin Realty 202-561-4675 SW-Madison Ct. Under New Management. Starting at 1BR $845+, 2BR $945+. 32 Chesapeake St. SW 202-561-7368 NMI Property Management WASHINGTON, DC - 1BR, 2BR & 3BR. NE & SE. Starting at $1,000. Section 8 welcome. Please call 202-270-4279

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

$20 Application fee Metro Accessible Controlled Entry Free Parking

(202) 584-1688


**Only 1 & 2 BRs available.

2942 2ND St. SE Wash, D.C. 20032

Banneker Place



• Renovated Kitchens • CloseTo 295, 495 & RTE 50 • Spacious Floorplans • Central HVAC

Program Eligibility Subject to Min. & Max. Income Requirements.

River Hill Apartments!

Wall To Wall Carpet Dishwasher/Garbage Disposal Individually Controlled A/C Hurry! Our Pool OPENS IN MAY!!! No Application Fee/Deposit Special


Immediate Occupancy*


It’s WARMING up here at

1 Bedrooms From $799


Luxury Affordable Housing

*Alcove Studio

Deposit 99 0 0 Security Special

Professionally Managed By CIH Properties, Inc.


XX195 1x.75

Application $ fee

15 0 0


XX740 1x.25







• • • • • • •

FREE Internet & Cable* (*1-BR only) State of the Art Fitness Center Stainless Steel Appliances** Granite Countertops** Washer & Dryer** Free Gas (cooking & heat) & Water Outdoor & Indoor Pools (**Select Units) *Subject to change.



6400 Riverdale Road • Riverdale, MD 20737

888-251-1872 Mon.-Fri. 8-5, Sat. 10-4, Sun. 12-4



• Roomy, modern apts. • Private balconies/patios • Cathedral ceiling



5409 Riverdale Road • Riverdale, MD 20737


Free 6-Week Summer Camp

Come Visit Us: Mon. thru Fri. 8 am - 5 pm • Sat. 10 am to 4 pm • Sun. 12 pm - 4 pm

22 | E X P R E S S | 0 4 . 2 2 . 2 0 1 4 | T U E S D AY




Arts District



price is for 1st Mo. Rent/ 1 BR only

(when you sign a 12 mo. lease).

MD RENTALS Silver Spring

2 BRS $1,075 3 BRS $1,275

On residential street next to DeMatha HS Off-st parking • Ceiling Fans (tenant pays electric • carpet extra)




Ask about our rental coupon special!

from $825


from $950


Move In Special


Our Sizzling Prices Will Make You Shiver Stop in Today






: 1 and Dens : 2 Bedrooms : 2 and Dens : 3 Bedrooms

(when you sign a 12mo. lease)

Present this ad and receive a free application fee



• All utilities paid • No Security Deposit or move-in fees • Metrobus at front door to Pentagon & Van Dorn Metro • Free parking • Convenient to Pentagon, Shopping & I-395 *All Prices & Specials Subject to change without notice.

TAK PK—New Hamp. Ave.


1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only $

Studios from the $1000s* 1BRs from the $1200s* 2BRs from the $1700s*

Close to the Forest Glen Metro Off-Str. Parking/Controlled Access Ceiling Fans Housing Vouchers Welcome UTILITIES INCLUDED

Northampton Apartments is located in Largo, Maryland. The property is ideally situated minutes from the Capital Beltway (I-495) and less than a five minute drive to the Largo Town Center Metro Station | 855.286.0373

$599 price is for 1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only (on a 12 mo. lease)


Furnished Efficiencies: $399 Wk  $1470 Mo Cable  Internet  Utilities  Housekeeping




Silver Spring


A weekly section about how to look and feel and be your best.


WE WILL BUY OR LEASE YOUR HOUSE - Fixer uppers or beautiful homes. 24 hour info line 240-479-2775 WWW.IBUYDMVHOUSES.COM

• 2 Playgrounds • Five Minutes for 95 South & North

Come on in and take a tour.

Central Air • Elevator Off St. Parking • Mid-Rise Apts All Utilities Included


XX740 1x.25

XX740 1x.25

XX740 1x.25

CARS JUNK VEHICLES REMOVED FREE CASH PAY FOR ALL 202-714-9835 NEED A VEHICLE? Over 1,000 Cars, Trucks, SUV’s! You need 2 Paystubs & 1 Bill - Laurel, MD. Gross income must be $2k mo+. Jason 202.704.8213

GYM, Lounge and Business Center

1 BR’s are $1050




• Central A/C & Heating



FORT WASHINGTON- Large house to share. Free cable. Close to Metro. W/D. $150/week. 240-882-8973 GAITHERSBURG, MD - Near metro, bus, shopping. W/D, kitchen. $550 Utils incld. Direct TV & Wi-Fi addtl. 240-821-3039 Hyattsville - $590. Room with private entrance, Cabe, a/c, wi-fi. W/D. Call 301-404-3016 NE/Ft Totten Metro/Red Line- $935 unfurn BR. in 3BR, 2.5BA shared SFH. Also $985 Bsmnt Rm. W/D, Cbl, int, maid svc. all utils incld 202-494-3692 OXON HILL/Nice in Glassmanor- Furn Room N/S Nr Public Trans. 575-650 All Utils Incl. Call 301-848-0418 SE DC - Furn rm in house, share BA/kit. Near metro & harbor. Pref female. $165/wk inc util/cble. 301-922-6393 Springfield—$750, 1 bedrm, 1 ba, 2 1/2ba, 7202 Tanworth Drive, 571-533-4111, Deck, DW, EIK, Fpl, WW Carpet, WD, HSI, pkg, garbage SPRINGFIELD/ALEXANDRIA, VA - Close to Metro & mall.$525+. Room in basement of TH. Call 571-243-2239 TEMPLE HILLS-Furn rm for rent. Pvt entr. shr BA, NS, NP. Nr Beltway. $650 utils inc. Sec dep req. 301-899-3499 UPPER MARLBORO, MD - 1BR in basement of SFH, share kitchen. NS/NP. $600/mo includes all utilities. Background check. Call 240-467-0628

OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK MON-FRI 8:30-5:30 • SAT 10-4PM

• Renovated Apartments Available

XX174 1x1


Columbia—$800, Room for rent in a 3 room house. Near Mall. Contact at or 917499-2303

Limited Time Only

(when you sign a 12 mo. lease).

Tuesdays in Express


Starting at $800

$599 price is for 1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only


Parliaments Open House Annandale, Virginia Saturday, April 26th, 2014 9am-5pm $0 Application Charge Instant Approval All Credits Considered FREE UTILITIES Garden & Midrise w/ No Move In Fees Call Today 866. 913.8090

Why Rent when you can own a home for $1,300/month. Housing Grants for DC & MD Also 100% financing in DC with no money down! Call: FPegues, Realtor Keller Williams Realty Ofc: 240-737-5000 Cell: 301-802-4568 Equal Housing Opportunity Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

99 South Bragg St, Alexandria, VA 22312 703-354-6300

Utilities & Carpet Included! (A/C Extra)

11658 South Laurel Drive Laurel, MD 20708

(888) 450-3292


1BR $825 • 2BR $925

The Villages At Montpelier

MON, TUE, WED, THU 9-7 • FRI, SAT 9-5 • SUN 11-5



Super Convenient Location Close to shops & rec. ctr



Forest Glen Apts. 888-887-6793

Enjoy a Happier Life at NORTHAMPTON


4901 Seminary Rd., ALEXANDRIA, VA

$599 price is for 1st Mo. Rent/1 BR only. (on a 12 mo. lease) 1-BR $1050 | 2-BR $1150

Northampton Apartments


SILVER SPR/Forest Glen Metro


67 Harry S.Truman Drive Largo, MD 20774

• Ceiling Fans • Lovely Setting • Near the New ARTS DISTRICT • Close to Shopping & Metro

• Spacious apt homes conveniently located near AAFB & FedEx Field • Large closets • Pool & Exercise Room • Indoor racquetball court • Washer/Dryers in each unit • Fireplace*


*On select units



1 BRs from $1100’s • 2 BRs from $1200’s




Save $100 off monthly rent for 2 & 3 Br


Up to 1.5 Months

1 BR Special- $949 2 BR Special- $1400* 3 BR Special- $1750*

• Mins from 495, Rt. 50, 295




• Enormous Floor Plans • Noise Dampening Floors • Close to Shopping • Pet Friendly • Washer & Dryers in all 3 BR units

• Renovated Kitchens w/Dishwasher • Central HVAC • All Floorplans w/Balcony or Patio

7742 Finns Lane Lanham, MD 20706



1 BR at $800 • 2 BR at $875



LINDEN PARK APARTMENTS 3600 Jurgensen Drive Triangle, VA 22172


Tuesdays in Express A weekly section about how to look and feel and be your best. XX174 1x1 XX740 1x.25







301-309-3917 WWW.DARCARS.COM

T U E S D AY | 0 4 . 2 2 . 2 0 1 4 | E X P R E S S | 23

Weird Couple Alert Richard Gere and Padma Lakshmi have been quietly dating 27

Sixties Superwoman

Joss Whedon’s latest film, “In Your Eyes,” is available on demand. STREAMING

Joss Whedon Releases Latest Film On Demand In a video announcement Sunday following the premiere of “In Your Eyes” at the Tribeca Film Festival, Joss Whedon said the film would immediately be released as a $5 digital download via Vimeo On Demand and The film stars Zoe Kazan and Michael StahlDavid. Whedon’s 2008 miniseries “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” was among the first high-profile Web series. (AP) FILM

Tarantino Back at Work On ‘Hateful Eight’ Script Quentin Tarantino held a staged reading Saturday of his latest script, “Hateful Eight,” and revealed that he was writing a second draft, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The director previously said he would not continue the project after the first script was leaked online in January. No release date has been set for “Hateful Eight.” (EXPRESS) DEATHS

Celebrities Gather for Peaches Geldof Funeral Model Kate Moss was among those who mourned on Monday at a church in Kent, England, for the funeral of British model Peaches Geldof. The church is the same where Geldof married her second husband, Tom Cohen. It is not yet known what caused the sudden death of Geldof, 25, who was found at her home on April 7. Police say it was “non-suspicious and unexplained.” (AP)

Christina Hendricks says ‘Mad Men’s’ Joan ‘leaned in’ to get ahead in the 1960s Television

Christina Hendricks, who plays the brash bombshell Joan on “Mad Men,” still finds it surreal that the show is coming to an end after seven seasons: After the show airs seven episodes this spring, it will take a yearlong break before concluding with its final seven in 2015. But Joan appears to be in a good place. Over the years, she’s suffered many difficulties representative of what women dealt with in the 1960s-era workplace. But she’s still standing, and is now more powerful than ever. We talked to Hendricks, 38, just as “Mad Men” is starting to film next year’s episodes, and got her thoughts on Joan’s best moments and fans’ relationship with the show.

ing the character?

It was interesting in the beginning because you had to really think about each moment you took and make sure you weren’t reacting like a modern woman who has these opportunities; you had to stop and remind yourself of those things. And I think now it sort of comes second nature to us.

“[The men of ‘Mad Men’] don’t know how to see someone smart and talented and powerful and also take pride in how they look.”

What would Joan think of the “Lean In” phenomenon, in terms of encouraging women to be more aggressive and climb the ladder and not be afraid to speak up?


I think for quite a few seasons you just saw Joan believe that she had the top position she was even capable of getting, and she was going to do the best absolute job that she could and she was. And it sort of helped to see Peggy widen the ranks at work. … I think it took seeing other people do it as well to realize that she didn’t just have to be the best at what she was doing, she could be the best at something even greater.


Are you getting nostalgic for the end, or does it still seem far away?

Are you ever surprised by the topics “Mad Men” covers that people can really relate to so closely today, even years later?

I’ve been nostalgic already for quite sometime, I think I started last season. (laughs) It’s going to be a big change for us, so we’re all feeling it pretty much by this point. Joan is a progressive woman, but she tries to be realistic about the ways a woman can succeed in that era. What’s it like balancing that while play-



In Brief

I don’t think so, I mean, they’re very human stories. And unfortunately, even some of the stuff with racism and sexism and things like that, that stuff still very much goes on today. It’s just easier to talk about it when you look at it [through the lens of] history. … But it also opens up the conversation that it’s still happening. EMILY YAHR (THE WASHINGTON POST )

Baby Crazy: Aubrey Plaza told Vulture at the Tribeca Film Festival that she’s jealous of her “Parks and Recreation” co-star Amy Poehler, whose character is pregnant on the show. “I think they’re doing it to spite me,” Plaza said, “because for years I’ve been begging them to let me get April [Plaza’s character] pregnant and now they’re just getting her pregnant right in my face.” Plaza also hyped Thursday’s season finale, saying it would be “very satisfying.” (E XPRESS)

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The Post’s Chelsea Clinton baby name generator, set up to “find the perfect baby name — one that could possibly be printed on campaign posters in 2052.” You choose the baby’s sex, whether the name should be inspired by popular vote or presidential aspirations and how the last name will be constructed. And voila: “Zoe Southeast Clinton-Mezvinsky.” Maybe.

“The arms race to open the first cat cafe in the Americas just had a warhead dropped in its water dish.” — LIZ CLAYTON AT SPRUDGE.COM

reports on Purina’s upcoming cat cafe, which will be open Thursday through Sunday at a coffee shop on Bowery Street in Manhattan and feature adoptable cats from a local animal shelter. Which local shop should bring this trend to our region? Volunteer your pick by tweeting us @WaPoExpress.

“In greater Vancouver, how much you can get for a house depends in part on whether the street address ends with a ‘4’ or an ‘8.’ ” — TOM JACOBS AT PSMAG.COM dissects findings from an Economic Inquiry report that in Vancouver neighborhoods where ethnic Chinese residents make up at least 18 percent of the population, houses with addresses ending with a “4” sold with an average $8,000 discount and houses with an “8” sold at a $10,000 premium. “The pronunciation of the word for ‘four’ is very similar to the word for ‘death’ in Mandarin, Cantonese, and several Chinese dialects,” the researchers wrote. “Conversely, the word for ‘eight’ is phonetically similar to the word for prosperity or wealth.”

WARNING: Alcohol Ruins Lives DO YOU HAVE ALCOHOL AND ANXIETY PROBLEMS? You may be eligible for a research study testing whether an investigational drug compared to a placebo can help reduce your cravings for alcohol. You may be eligible for the study if you: • Are 21–65 years of age • Use alcohol on a regular basis • Often feel anxious • Have tried to stop drinking alcohol but can’t Participants will: • Stay at the Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, for about five weeks • Undergo detoxification (if needed) and receive alcohol treatment • Complete questionnaires, have blood drawn, and have an MRI brain scan There is no cost to participate. Participants will be compensated and may receive travel assistance.


Call now for a confidential screening: C


TTY: 1-866-411-1010

“The White House Easter Bunny is the creepiest thing in the world.” — @ALEXYUDELSON articulates

the general sentiment on Twitter that the White House Easter Egg Roll’s costumed pal, shown above during a tender moment between the president and first lady at Monday’s event, is right out of “Donnie Darko.” Maybe it’s that intense blue eyeshadow? Chilling.

“The Daenerys Targaryen who falls in love with a man who granted her respect when no one else would is different from the Daenerys Targaryen who fell in love with her rapist.” — SONIA SARAIYA AT AVCLUB.COM

points out the difference between the original text and the on-screen version of “Game of Thrones” in its 2011 series premiere. Saraiya calls out the HBO show for having an obsession with rape for the sake of attracting “the all-important male demographic.” The most recent episode again transformed an encounter into the forced, non-consensual variety.

If ad space were real estate, this would be a corner office on K Street. To advertise: 202-334-6732 or


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“I’m guessing Vegas would give you FABULOUS odds on the name ‘Monica’ being chosen.”

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TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You’ll be questioning your own progress throughout the day, but you’ll have a fan who keeps you confident even as you face certain obstacles. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You may have to work longer than usual to achieve a result that is nothing beyond routine, but your day is complicated by many things. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You’ll have a certain amount of freedom with which to do what you most want — but time will run out eventually, possibly before nightfall. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) What feels right probably is right, though some may not agree with such an instinctive method of assessing right and wrong. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Friction between you and a loved one may result from missed communication. This is no one’s fault, and should be forgotten very quickly.

Monday’s Solution

Monday’s Solution

FOUR RACK TOTAL Make a 2-7-letter word from the letters in each row. Add points of each word using scoring directions at right. Seven-letter words get a 50-point bonus. Blank tiles used as any letter have no point value. Scrabble is a trademark of Hasbro in the U.S. and Canada.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) What you hear through the grapevine may have you wondering if you’re really leaving others with the right impression. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Follow your instincts, and you’ll be led straight to one of several doors, each of which offers an unusual, but valuable opportunity.

Need more Sudoku? Find another puzzle in the Comics section of The Post every Sunday and in the Style section Monday through Saturday.



78 48


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) The more pleasure you give another, the more you’ll get in return — and much of what you do can be done in the light of day!

Today: A thunderstorm or two this afternoon. A shower in places tonight.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You’re going to have to work quickly if you want to stay ahead of the competition. A new idea is being exploited by another. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You can expect things to turn on a dime, but you may not have to be quite as lithe and nimble as anticipated in response. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) That which is postponed today must not wait until after tomorrow to be addressed. Indeed, tomorrow may be “today, part two.” ARIES (March 21-April 19) You may be yearning for something just out of reach. Someone close to you holds the key to success, and soon you can have what you want.



65 43 Tomorrow: Partly sunny, windy and cooler

tomorrow. Mainly clear tomorrow night.


Looking Ahead




69 54 79 56 75 49 Sun and Moon Sunrise today: 6:22 a.m. Sunset today: 7:52 p.m. Moonrise today: 2:06 a.m. Moonset today: 12:55 p.m.

Almanac Normal high: 69 Record high: 89 Normal low: 49 Record low: 31


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Accelerated, Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s • Up to 84 transfer credits accepted • Take up to three graduate courses during your senior year – and get a nine-credit head start on an M.S. in Management or M.A. in Human Resource Management • Evening, online, and accelerated courses • Bring all required application materials in person for immediate provisional admissions decision

INFORMATION SESSION: Thursday, May 1, 5:30–7p.m. R .s.v.p.: or call 202-319-5256 Location: Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center (Brookland-CUA Metrorail stop)

Catholic University admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or disability. If you need accommodations for a disability, contact us at the phone number listed above.


Degree Completion and Transfer

lookout puzzles Crossword ACROSS 1 Avant-garde artist Jean 4 Island in New York Harbor 9 Humpty Dumpty-shaped 14 Coffee alternative 15 Should have said 16 A dwindling number of 17 “ ... and so forth,” briefly 18 Part of the American dream 20 “If you’re so smart, why ___ you rich?” 22 Word with “open” or “seven” 23 Byzantine treasures 26 Private school-ish 30 It closes at night 32 Elm or Sesame 34 23-Across, e.g. 36 Measures of loudness 38 Clearasil target 39 “Tat-tat” intro 41 Brownish purples 43 Trumpet accessory 44 “The same as previously mentioned” 45 Delight in the taste of 47 Boy 48 Auto safety device 51 Sanaa native 53 Crustacean with 14 legs 55 Result of jumping the gun 58 Picks up the check 60 It can be a crowd? 61 Camping tool 67 “Now ___ heard everything!” 68 Mature 69 Fire-___ (carnival performer) 70 252 wine gallons 71 Oxlike antelope 72 Wingtip-to-wingtip dimensions 73 Agreeable reply


Prince George’s Community College’s top priority is ensuring that students begin their higher education journey and complete a degree. Through flexible and convenient learning options, students earn


1 “Crack commando unit” of old TV 2 Back, in front


3 Front-runners 4 Bottles returned for deposit 5 Flower necklace 6 Resinous secretion 7 Calligrapher’s supply 8 Causing sticker shock 9 Kind of printing 10 Triumphant letter 11 Bristle on barley or rye 12 Old-time gumshoe 13 Before, long ago 19 Spreads pitch on 21 Thumbs-down 24 Horse-hoof sound 25 Skull cavity 27 Baby conveyance 28 Odd trait 29 Female gossip

31 Progressive decline 33 Mounted a golf ball 34 Oratorio highlight 35 Half-diameters 37 Discontinue, as relations 40 Pulpit of a sort 42 Vague quantity 46 Snooze-takers and hammock-users 49 Add supplementary material 50 Barnyard butter 52 To the ___ degree 54 The Van __ (Dick and Jerry) 56 Songs-and-skits show 57 Coming-of-age period 59 Break off suddenly 61 “Before,” if before

62 Masseuse’s bottleful 63 Bean counter, for short 64 Author Kesey 65 “Give ___ while longer” 66 Swampy bog

Monday’s Solution

degrees, transfer to four-year institutions, and prepare for rewarding careers. We are transforming lives.


• Envision success • Take the journey • Complete your degree


Adolf Hitler admits to all in his underground bunker that the war is lost and that suicide is his only recourse.

Apply online at or call 301-336-6000


Sen. Joseph McCarthy begins hearings investigating the United States Army, which he charges with being “soft” on communism.

1994 13297

Former President Richard Nixon dies after suffering a stroke four days earlier.

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LiLo Sidelined During Her Show by Miscarriage Lindsay Lohan says she suffered a miscarriage during the taping of her reality TV series. The 27-year-old made the disclosure during Sunday’s final episode of “Lindsay,” her reality series on the OWN network. Lohan said the miscarriage was the reason she was unable to appear on the program at one point. She said she was sick and unable to move. (AP)


‘Let’s Bond Over the Failures of Our Marriages’ IMPOSSIBLY SPECIFIC ADVICE

Neil Patrick Harris and fiance David Burtka revealed the secret to their 10-year relationship during an appearance on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” People magazine reported. “Oh, wow, umm, never go to bed angry,” Burtka said when RuPaul asked how they keep their love for each other strong. “Yeah, I haven’t slept for six months,” Harris joked. (EXPRESS)


Media Jackals Go Hungry on Monday

Only one thing would make this photo cuter: Prince George or a baby panda.

Chris Brown’s trial on an assault charge in Washington has been postponed from Monday until Wednesday. A judge delayed it while attorneys work out issues over testimony from Brown’s bodyguard. Both Brown and bodyguard Christopher Hollosy were arrested in October after a man accused them of punching him outside a D.C. hotel. (AP)


In D.C.

Secret to Lasting Love: Be NPH and David Burtka


Please Pack Your Knives and Go Steady Richard Gere and “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi are dating, according to The New York Post’s Page Six. “They have been quietly spending some time together. It is all very new and recent, and happened while he has been filming in New York,” said an unnamed source. Gere is in New York shooting the movie “Time Out of Mind,” in which he plays a homeless person. (E XPRESS)

Khloe Kardashian and rapper French Montana have taken their relationship public, Us Weekly reported. The pair were seen on a date in full view in New York on Friday. They were spotted again dining out on Saturday. According to Us, the couple are keeping their PDA minimal. Both Montana and Kardashian are in the process of divorcing their spouses. (EXPRESS)



Insider advice on what to see, where to go and what’s family friendly

The week’s top exhibits and events, handpicked by our editors

iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Street maps with step-bystep walking and Metro directions

XX0628 5x3

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Don’t Let Back Pain Slow You Down. Our Comprehensive Spine Care Program Can Help. des hope for Doctors Community Hospital’s spine care program provides people who suffer from lower back or spinal pain. With ith a wide range of services that include accurate diagnoses, advanced nced surgical erienced heir pain. + Low back pain + Lumbar and cervical spinal stenosis + + +

+ + + +

rs disease ures

In fact, our spine care program has: + Board-certified surgeons + Fellowship-trained spinal surgeons + + +

In addition to three physical therapy offices, we have convenient locations in Bowie, Clinton and Lanham, Maryland.

Call us today to learn if our spine care program is right for you. 301-DCH-4YOU (301-324-4968)

8118 Good Luck Road Lanham, Maryland 20706

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