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eXpression! January 11

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RESOLUTION the best representation of the gay community possible. eXpression! January 2011

5 prepared and on my game at all times.  The way to succeed is to be ready when opportunity strikes!

6 life to the fullest, make it happen and pay it forward! My new passion is my community. I’m tired of all the talk show women like Joy Behar, Chelsea Handler, Ellen, Oprah and Whoopi speaking up for us. Its time we hear an all gay male point of view on hot topics. 2011 is our time, this is our movement and I aim to make it happen! the voice, the beat, and the anthem of 2011’s dance f loor. I also hope to spread awareness for the two foundations my family is deeply involved in: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Pat Cronin Foundation. 2011 is going to be a heart f il ed year!

...continue challenging myself and to always remember that success is def ined by oneself and not by popular opinions.

...have more sex with Asian people.

...savor the journey. Too many of us, myself included, don’t stop to smell the roses. Happy New Year, everyone! Bring on your fabulousness in 2011.

eXpression! January 11

...reconnect with my family and stop judging people. I realized this year that I have been so concerned about friends and family not loving me unconditionally and have been putting all sorts of conditions on them for my love. No more! I am going to practice what I preach...and Mormon’s can be pretty preachy.


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eXpression! January 11

Its beautiful rooms and suites with lanais and vistas of the ocean, beach, mountains and courtyard is surrounded by tropical ambiance, island décor and bountiful amenities, such as Serenity beds, high-speed Internet access, cable TV, iPod docks, refrigerators, travertine bathrooms, and breathtaking panoramas of Kauai’s coast.  


What qualifies a property to be TAG approved? Enforce non-discriminatory policies including sexual orientation Treat heterosexual and domestic partners equally in personnel policies Enjoy a refreshing swim in four swimming pools surrounded by a tropical landscape of cascading waterfalls, exotic lagoons and ocean vistas. Can’t forget that body! Get energized in the fitness center. Experience a rejuvenating spa experience at the Hawaiian Rainforest Spa & Fitness Center, a peaceful oasis on the Kauai coast.   Indulge in the natural flavors and ambiance of Kauai Beach Resort’s open-air restaurants and cafés including Hawaiian and Pan-Pacific cuisine with beautiful ocean views at Naupaka Terrace. Want to get wet? Drift up for poolside cocktails at Driftwood Bar & Grille and top off the evening with tropical drinks and island music at Shutters Lounge.

Lastly, Kauai Beach Resort is TAG approved so that means, you can be yourself and as gay as you want to be—and proud of it!


Provides LGBT diversity and sensitivity training for employees Empower customers and employees to be “watchdogs” of its gay and lesbian business practices Gives back to their community Employs staff who reflect the diversity of their community.


typical household in the 70s included a stay home mom, a working dad and a few kids in school uniform. My mom was a working artist and my dad was nowhere in sight. My siblings played in bands and drove muscle cars. I was the only “child of divorce” in my class and the neighborhood parents divided themselves into two groups, the ones who felt sorry for me and the ones who wouldn’t let their children come to my house. When I was nine, my classmate’s mom told me that my mom was “too modern”—I wasn’t very sure what that meant, but the fact that she shooed me out of her house lead me to believe that modern moms were nothing to brag about. Now that two thirds of all marriages end in divorce I sometimes wonder what the average family really looks like today. Who are the modern day parents? Surely the culprit to such decline of such fine institution has something to do with all the gay people wanting the special right to wed! It couldn’t possibly be that ‘straight’ folks have started to look at marriage as a temporary

endeavor, could it? I am sure that all the weddings performed in the thousands of chapels in Vegas start with two responsible adults deeply in love who wish nothing more than to start a family. Right? Ask three year old Saxoni and he won’t think twice, his concept of family is simple and clear. Family is love and laughter thrown together in the comfortable house he shares with his younger brother, his ‘daddy’ and his ‘papy’. When I arrived at the Frank-Luna residence I was immediately at ease. Theirs is a house where anyone can kick back and relax. Amongst beautiful Christmas decorations I sat down with a family that would’ve been considered highly unusual just a decade ago. Bo Frank and Tom Luna have been a couple for the last ten years. Their children, Saxoni (3) and Sakoda (7 months), played happily while we chatted. Here’s what this modern day family had to say about adoption, marriage and living happy.

How did you meet? Bo: The first time we actually saw each other was when our High Schools played volleyball against each other. For years after that we saw each other numerous times, but it wasn’t until we were both in college that we actually met through a common friend. Tom: We didn’t really start dating until 2000.

Whose idea was it to have children? Bo: We both wanted a family, it was something we talked about from the beginning so it was a natural progression from talking to actually doing something about it.


Were you set on adoption or did you look into other options? Bo: We thought about a surrogate mom, but that didn’t work out so adoption was the next best thing and it worked out very well.

Tell me about the first adoption, how did you become Saxoni’s parents? Tom: <laughs> Here’s a long story for you… Bo: I’ll try to summarize it! <laughs>. Saxoni is from Guatemala. We were matched with him when he was only a couple of weeks old. When he was 2 months old I flew to Guatemala to meet him. I thought there would be some formal meeting in which I’d get to spend some time with him but I wasn’t prepared for what actually happened. Which was… Bo: Which was somebody dropping him off with me for days! I loved it but that first night was quite the adventure. He wasn’t feeling well and needed a diaper change every hour or so. At some point I ran out of diapers! Guatemala is not the place where you can run out at any time and find a Wal-mart so I was stuck with him in my hotel room, and

no diapers! <laughs> I had to get creative so I used my socks! Every time he made a poop I’d wash the sock and replace it with another one! As soon as the stores opened next morning I was ready to shop! Three months later we both went back to Guatemala to get him but there were problems with the paperwork and he was not released to us. It was very difficult coming home without him. Another five months went by and then I get a call from the agency saying that there were problems with the immigration and that we may not be able to adopt him after all. I left work immediately and went to try and solve whatever the problem was. Tom: We were VERY determined to bring him home at this point. Bo: Sure! He was our son! We had bonded, I had cared for him! I had used all my socks as diapers! What happened then?

Bo: At first all immigration would tell me was that there was a mistake made when we filled the papers but they wouldn’t tell me what it was, so I was beside myself with anxiety. They told us it would take two months to correct this mistake but Guatemala was about to close international adoptions and we didn’t have time to wait around. We used every resource we had and finally got him out of there in the nick of time. Saxoni was able to come home for Christmas, unlike 5,000 other children who got stuck there once Guatemala ceased adoptions. Tom: It was very sad for a lot of people and we felt very blessed to have our son with us.

How about Sakoda? Where is he from? Bo: His was a domestic adoption. We had read a lot about open adoptions and decided that it would work for us. The whole process took 14 months, just as with Saxoni, but it was much easier. This time around we prepared a brochure introducing ourselves and our ohana to the prospective birth moms and the agency sent tons of them out. Finally, a woman chose us out of a hundred possibilities and we were matched up. When she gave birth we were right there and we even had our own private room in the hospital so that Sakoda came directly to us. We stayed in

Texas for a month until all formalities were completed and then we came home as a family. Do you stay in touch with his birth mom? Tom: Yes, we talk to her on the phone almost daily, we send pictures… she’s part of his life in that way. But she is not the only female in his life, is she? Tell me about your household. Bo: About five years ago a friend and her son needed a place to stay and came to live with us for a while. It worked out really well. Josh was about 13 at the time and needed a father figure, we got a chance to practice being around a teenager and now that we have the boys Sharon is wonderful with them and help us out tremendously. You are both cheerleading coaches for Radford High School.

How has your jobs prepared you to be parents? Bo: In our line of work the importance of trust in relationships is everything. If we can’t find a way to relate to our students we can’t connect with them and then they won’t connect with us or as a team. We both try to keep an honest connection with our students, to let them know that they can trust us that we trust them, and we do the same at home. It seems like a good plan, how does your team respond to this approach? Bo: Very well! We just won the State Championship for the sixth consecutive year. How has your families reacted to alL this? Tom: They are very supportive and they LOVE the boys! <laughs> Bo: Yes, there is no shortage of love around here!

eXpression! January 11

Was it a joint adoption? Did you have any problems with the agency regarding your relationship? Bo: Not really, the agency knew we were a couple

and we didn’t have any problems with them however, Guatemala does not allow gay people to adopt so we filled for a singleparent adoption and we are looking to have Tom co-adopt him now.


I’m so happy we didn’t. There are hard times, but the good times are worth every minute. If this is what you really want, stay with it! What is the most challenging part of being a parent? Bo: Making sure that we can provide for our kids… we all want to give our kids better opportunities than what we had and it can be stressful at times, but not impossible. What is the best part? Tom: Coming home to them every day! Bo: Without a doubt, getting through the door and getting the big hugs and smiles…best thing in the world!

What would you like other people to understand about your family? Bo: That we are, in many ways, like a lot of other families, and that what makes us different also makes us stronger.

If marriage became legal in Hawaii, would you get married? Bo and Tom: Yes!


Wow! It seems like you talked about this. How would a legal marriage benefit your family? Bo: We have paperwork that protects the boys in case something happens to us, but marriage would make the whole process a lot easier and safe.

What is the most asked question you get when you are both out with the boys? Bo: People think that we are two dads watching the children while the moms are shopping! We get a lot of compliments on how lucky our wives are! Sometimes it’s a little annoying, but we can’t let it bother us. Tom: We can’t go around explaining our family to everyone we meet in the park! What advice do you have for couples who are thinking about starting a family? Bo: Don’t give up! There were so many times when we could’ve given up, but

What would you want your children to know, more than anything? Bo: That we love them and always will—no matter what. We want them to be proud of who they are and also of our family. Our dream was to have children and although the journey wasn’t always easy, through hard work our dream came true when we adopted Saxoni and Sakoda. We hope they’ll learn to work hard for their dreams as well.

So it seems that a lot has changed since my childhood. My mom would hardly stand out at the PTA meeting today. As we watch the divorce rates rise, we are forced to ask ourselves what it is that we have been taught

about relationships and family ties. So much has been said about family values during the recent debates regarding gay unions, that one must wonder what exactly so many people have to fear. The astronomical number of broken families has crashed the argument that straight couples are better competent in matters of relationships today. Gay couples, without the luxury of coming upon accidental pregnancies, are forced to put a lot of thought into the decision of starting a family. One must wonder what the world would look like if every single couple considering children had their actual ability to parent scrutinized as those who consider adoption. What would happen to child abuse rates if every parent was suddenly and irrefutably made accountable for every child in their household? Marriage benefits extend far beyond tax breaks; it assures all people that our country cares about their efforts to become a responsible part of their community. In Hawaii, the word Ohana means more than a group of people related by blood or law, it describes the power of love when shared by those who have come together as an entity. If in the future we can’t think of no other reason to defend the rights of others to be a legit part of their own ohana, we should at the very least, think of the smiling faces of Saxoni and Sakoda, and the love that their family so willingly share with the world.

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In addition to the money, he admits he enjoys Adult film star Carsten Andersson proves boys wanna have fun too in his new pop dance single, filming erotic scenes; though he says he has a “Fun”. The track is Carsten Andersson’s first stulot to learn. dio release since being ousted from the kid band EastBloc—after his gay porn past was revealed.   “Porn stars are supposed to be these everlasting horny guys with a twenty-four hour boner,” he “Fun is what I’m all about,” said Andersson at the laughs. “That’s not me. I have my insecure, shy announcement of the release. “It should be what and calm sides. I can’t hide them.” everyone strives for. The reason we are born is   to live so why not infuse life with as much fun as “Ultimately, I’m not an actor,” continues Andersson. “I see my films more as ‘take a look possible while we’re here?” through the keyhole and watch Carsten have   sex.’ The guy on film is the real me.” A fun-seeking globe trotter, Carsten has been known to be surfing on the beaches of Waikiki   one weekend and skiing down the snow capped Just as the guy singing about “Fun” is the real him. Swiss Alps the next. He describes his ideal weekend as one spent with close friends, in a “My life goal is to one day come to the point bar by the beach, drinking cocktails and dancin my life where I can say ‘you went the right ing on tables. way’”, reflects the blonde Adonis. As far as being kicked from the band,   Andersson harbours no resentment, only “Whatever way that was.”    regret. “We recorded some top-notch productions. I think if things had continued to go as well What’s new in your world, Carsten? as they had been going in the studio before the I’m a little exhausted these days. It’s been nonnews of my films broke, it would have been a stop travelling to promote my new record. well-received music project.”   He feels no regret over his decision to participate in gay porn, however. “I am a student. Modelling allows me to finance my education.”

Travel is fun!

It is. I’m from a small village in lower Saxony in Germany, so it’s nice to finally see what the world is like outside my village.  

eXpression! January 11


Where have you visited?

The funny thing is it’s become a blur. I literally wake up and have to ask my manager what country or city we’re in. I’ve been all over Europe and now that we’re focusing on breaking in America, I’ve done shows in California and Hawaii.  

What did you think of California?  

I love the climate and the people. My dream would be to eventually live in California.  

Did you do anything fun?

Sadly, no. I didn’t really have time to do much for fun this time around. I did get to see a few friends and it’s always nice to bask in the sun and imagine all my friends in Germany freezing in the cold.  

You didn’t hit the surf?

What a waste, right? But I did manage to squeeze in some beach time in Hawaii!  

Nothing beats the Hawaii beaches…

Yeah, but I’m a white German kid. I got a really bad and painful sunburn in Hawaii.  

What’s fun for you, Carsten?

So many things. I love long summer nights at a bar with my friends or romantic and intense nights with a hot guy on the sand.  

Sex on the beach?

For me, it’s usually not just the sex itself. It’s more about the guy. I like when the guy knows what he is doing and has kind of cracked the code to my likes and dislikes. That’s when it’s really fun.  

Are you a wild child?  

I don’t think I am too wild, really. People assume I am because of my film work but truly, what I’m into sexually is not too crazy.  

Why did you decide to do porn?

The main reason was simply to do something new, crazy, and extreme. I guess I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.  

Was having sex with famous porn stars a motivation?

I can admit that yes, that was probably a motivation, too.

Did you fear it might derail your singing career?


In the beginning I thought it might but then I thought about what other music artists have done in their past, things like drug dealing and rape. They’re still singing. They still have their success. My doing porn isn’t hurting anyone.  

Porn has actually helped some careers.

Exactly. It sure helped Paris Hilton. I sometimes wonder, is there any Hollywood celebrity who doesn’t have his

private porn out there?  

How did the news of your porn first break?

A person who had been a friend, and used to work with me, broke the news to the papers.  

What was the initial reaction from EastBloc?

They were surprised. I had always been the shy guy in the band. I was the youngest and seemingly the most innocent.  

How quickly did they decide to kick you out of the group?

Faster than I could even think about what they might do. EastBloc was a kid´s band, produced by a kids channel similar to the Disney Channel here in the states. We were dressed in pink and baby blue; singing, dancing and teaching young kids funny moves.    

How did you feel when you were told you were no longer a part of EastBloc?

Angry. Betrayed. Many of the band’s ideas had been my ideas.  

Did you consider legal action?

No because deep down I knew the band was right to cut off ties with me. I knew no kids magazine would report on a gay porn star. No kids’ toy company would work with us. I understood that I was no longer a suitable role model for young guys and girls.  

Did you ever think you might hang up your singing career?

Sure, I did.  

What made you change your mind and decide to go out on your own?

I wasn’t embarrassed by what I had done. I didn’t feel it was a mistake. I figured it was time to be responsible for myself.  

Why did you decide that your first release would be “Fun”?

Honestly, it was the only song I had. We worked for days in the studio just trying things out, experimenting with melodies and harmonies. Somehow, this song called “Fun” came out, and I liked it and I simply said to my team, “okay guys, we got it.”  

Did you write the song?  

No I don’t have the talent for writing. I left it up to my production team who have written songs for Aaron Carter. I figured they would do better work if I spared them my ideas.  

Have you heard from any of your old band mates?  

I still hear from Angel every once in a while. She encourages me so much. I tell her what good and bad things are happening to me and she motivates me to go on. She loves the song and I am sure

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eXpression! January 11

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she will support me all she can. She promised that we would one day perform together again.  

How do you feel about your EastBloc bandmates today?

I wish them all the best. They are good people. They simply have different ideas about their music careers. I don’t blame them.  

What would you say to them if you passed them on the street?

To one of them I would not say a thing. To the other two, I would ask them what was new and how they feel. Janina emailed me just a few weeks ago that she will be joining a big musical in Hamburg. She is a wonderful artist.  

You obviously have no regrets shooting porn.  You’re about to shoot another one!

I am! Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to talk it about yet. Ask me later and I will let you know all you want to know.  

Do you fear it may scare away potential

mainstream fans?

Who cares about mainstream fans.  

Where do you see your career five years from now?

In bed with, in a tent with, on a horse with…Brad Pitt. Shooting Brokeback Mountain 2.  

What’s next for you?

We are working on an electrifying remix version of “Fun”. It’s going to be great. But in the meantime, more promotion and shows.  

What city are you off to now?

London! I’m excited to see a good friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while.  

What fun things will you do there?

Who knows? I’ve discovered that making plans is a waste of time. They never work out and things always turn out differently anyway. Right now it’s work before play.  

It’s a little ironic, isn’t it?

Yeah, who knew releasing a song called “Fun” would be so much work? But it’s worth it.




Gone are the days when poor weather outside meant sitting inside with nothing to do but watch television and play board games. The video game revolution known as “motion gaming” is proving to be a great way to boost indoor activity levels while spending time with the whole family or in good company with your fabulously gay duo or friends—making quality time an attainable goal in 2011.   Motion gaming allows the dancing queen in you to dance or swing your arms in order to win the games. The newest example of the genre is SingStar Dance, which adds dancing to the traditional vocal game play, so gamers can sing along to the hottest new hits and learn how to shake and groove alongside favorite pop stars like the diva they are inside.   The introduction of motion gaming consoles has brought more active video games into homes. Dancing, Disc Golf, Gladiator Duel, Beach Volleyball, Archery, Table Tennis and Bocce games all provide exercise as well as fun. But video game manufacturers have upped


the ante with the latest era of motion gaming: the new Playstation Move Motion Controller for PS3 features more accurate motion control than previous controllers, allowing anyone to shoot arrows or aim tennis balls with greater precision. The control system is easy to learn, too; new players can simply pick up a controller and play, although technical skills necessary to beat some of the games’ challenges may take extra time to develop.   One game, Sports Champions for the PlayStation Move, takes full advantage of the controller’s capabilities. Players can compete against each other in six sporting events: archery, bocce, table tennis, gladiator games, beach volleyball and disc golf. The game is fun for all ages and skill levels—it’s even fun to watch. Yes, that means you too, Aunty Merna!

graphic design that makes you smile

OPINION WWII U.S. Army Veteran Dr. Franklin Kameny & Former U.S. Army Infantryman Dan Choi

by: John Berry


photo courtesy of Marvin Carter

Honorable John Berry was appointed last year by President Obama to serve as the Director of the Office of Personnel Management, and today is considered the highest ranking openly LGBT appointee serving in this Administration. However, his views shared here are considered personal rather than official.

Right now, the LGBT equality movement is filled with

how wrong our government was. It seems silly to suggest otherwise.   On Friday, October 15, 2010, Dr. Franklin Kameny, World War II U.S. Army veteran and lifelong civil rights activist with West Point grad and former U.S. Army infantryman Dan Choi, joined forces at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. to witness the formal display of Dr. Kameny’s preserved picket sign declaring “Homosexual Citizens Want to Serve Their Country Too.”

eXpression! January 11

conflicting emotions, intense passions, and nervous energy—just like the rest of the country. We are not alone in our angst.   When Dr. Franklin Kameny was fired from his position as an astronomer with the U.S. Army Map Service in 1957 because of his sexual orientation, it was the policy of our government to deny any openly-gay American Federal employment. “The homosexual is a security risk… [we] will not permit their employment,” wrote one official. Of course, today we know


The sign, carried in protest in Washington D.C. almost a half-century ago, is testament to the decades’ old struggle to grant gay men and lesbians the equal right to serve openly and honestly in military service—and to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”


The artifact from the Kameny Papers Project was given to the Smithsonian a few years ago, and is now on permanent display in one of the Museum’s most popular and enduring exhibits, The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden. The Kameny picket is surrounded by other protest signs, images and buttons that characterize Americans’ First Amendment right to express their opinions freely and to petition their government for redress of wrongs.   I was honored to offer Dr. Kameny a formal apology on behalf of the United States Government last year. Frank stated that even he did not think he would see the day when an openly-gay man would head the same agency which participated in firing him more than 50 years ago. “It’s as if we’ve gone from sea level to 18,000 feet,” he told me in conversation. “The summit is in sight. We’ve just got another thousand feet to go.”   And we have taken many steps towards creating that more perfect union. But in the midst of so much progress, the recent suicides by LGBT youth are especially painful. As sadly, Frank noted, the summit is now within our reach. What an amazing time we live in and how fortunate younger Americans are to be witnesses and participants in the final steps to secure our full civil rights. But too many don’t fully appreciate that amazing reality.   People like Dr. Kameny, pillars of the modern movement for equality, have brought us this far. But as any climber will tell you, the last thousand feet are the most treacherous. After years of struggle, exhaustion can set in. So close to our goal, the air is thin, our bodies tired, the winds of opposition whip increasingly around us.   But we know from history that this same

steep peak—as frustrating and painful as it is to reach—has been conquered before. We tend to look back on history with rose-tinted glasses. But freedom and equality in America have never come easy. We forget that many American colonists saw the pursuit of liberty by our Founding Fathers as treason and would have cheered their hanging.   Recall when half the country—half the country—used any and all means to defend the institution of slavery. Susan B. Anthony was widely mocked in her time. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was martyred. Even the schoolchildren of the Little Rock Nine were spat upon and shouted down as they approached their goal. Every day, we are making progress towards securing the rights and freedoms that belong to all of us. In under two years, President Obama and his record number of LGBT appointees have accomplished so much for LGBT Americans. His and Congress’s historic achievement of securing health care reform finally cements the most important protections for those in our community who need them most—especially those living with HIV and AIDS.   Hospital visitation rights for all Americans, expanded benefits for the same-sex domestic partners of Federal workers, enactment of the hate crimes law, increased coverage for those living with HIV/AIDS, Federal support for LGBT community-based organizations, anti-bullying programs enacted in schools, support for our aging LGBT population, and so much more.   These are real, concrete achievements that are saving and improving the lives of countless LGBT Americans right now.   I realize that this subtle—but dramatic—change is hard to appreciate when full equality is in sight. It’s understandable. I’m not taking my eyes off the goal or asking you to. Indeed, the President is the first to say that change hasn’t come fast enough. But he has called on all of us to charge full speed ahead.

The Tree of Liberty grows only by adding rings. From the Revolution to the Civil War, to women’s suffrage, the Civil Rights Movement, and onward, our entire nation has been enriched by every added ring. Now is our time to complete our ring.   All Administration officials, me included, are accountable to that goal; to the principles upon which our Republic was founded—liberty and justice for all.   We will not rest until discriminatory laws like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act are ended once and for all. And because no one should be denied a job because of discrimination, a fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act must be enacted as well.   So hold us to account. Let us know when we’re right, be the wind in our sails when our momentum flags, and pull us back to the path when we go astray. But whatever you do, don’t turn away. Don’t give up. Don’t relent. Educate yourself, educate others, and fight for your beliefs. Speak up and speak out.   Our path forward is steep, but clear. Just like those who have gone before us, our mettle is being tested in this moment.  History is watching and we will be judged by what we do right now.  But what an incredible time to be alive!  As Teddy Roosevelt said, “Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords.” I couldn’t agree more. Bully!

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