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Seeking Medical Jobs through One of the Top Nursing Agencies in Portland, OR

Express Healthcare Professionals is a premier healthcare staffing agency in Oregon that offers over 75 years of experience to individuals in the medical community. The agency specializes in offering long and short term placement opportunities to a diverse array of health professionals such as RN jobs in Portland, OR. The organization houses a Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission, which proves to the community that they are properly qualified, fully certified, and legitimate for providing nursing careers in Portland, OR. Staffing Services Provided Express Healthcare Professionals aims to staff medical employees across the board, offering a wide range of competent placements to hospitals, care facilities, clinics, treatment centers, and even offers RN jobs in Portland, OR. The facility operates with per diem, direct hire, and contract staffing for nursing careers in Portland, OR. There are several areas of expertise that Express Healthcare Professionals typically staffs in. These areas include surgical technicians, LPN, CNAs, Medical Assistants, long term care nurses, occupational health staff, respiratory therapists, sterile processing technicians and RN jobs in Portland, OR. A Wide Variety of Jobs

Express Healthcare Professionals offers the top jobs for interested medical staff across all of Oregon. It is the most sought after travel nursing agency in Portland, OR, offering coveted positions and competitive per diem placements for qualified staff. Some of the top jobs include CAN II pay, MA pay, MS RN pay, ICU/ER pay, CAN pay, and more. The agency almost always has available contracts, making it easy for medical individuals to apply and seek the jobs they are most passionate about. The Top Vision Express Healthcare Professionals has a mission of providing jobs to as many people as possible while providing the top staff to businesses. This nursing agency provides top quality services to both their clients and the companies looking to hire competent individuals. Professionals in all medical fields can find the positions they need in a quick and successful manner. Apply at Express Healthcare Professionals Today! To guarantee a quality placement in a top clinic, hospital, or treatment center, you can apply for the services granted by Express Healthcare Professionals. As one of the top nursing agencies, the organization works to keep people moving and to keep individuals in the medical field happy. Express Healthcare Professionals offers a unique opportunity to medical employees, which in turn puts a great mark on their resume and makes them more hirable in the future. Because Express offers great opportunities for nursing jobs in Portland, OR, the agency has become the top place to find a job in the healthcare field. More hospitals and clinics are looking to nursing agencies to find quality staff and hard-working employees. Choose Express Healthcare Professionals to find a quality fit and to begin nursing careers in Portland, OR, today! Express Healthcare Professionals in Tualatin, OR is one of the top Full-Service Nursing Agencies that progressively surpasses expectations by placing clinical staff in per diem and contract positions throughout the Greater Portland area and across the nation.

Express Healthcare Professionals

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Seeking Medical Jobs through One of the Top Nursing Agencies in Portland, OR