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As the Notes Fade

Š 2014 expresseum poetics press Authors retain sole copyright of their individual poems, lines or fragments. Poetry and visual image collage: Mark Goodwin Visual images: Nikki Clayton Poetry: Helen Fortescue-Poole, Mark Goodwin, Mike Green, Sheila Lockett, Sheila Sharpe, Elaine Wheeler, Pat White.

The poems in this pamphlet were created from the Locks, Bells & Pealing Wallpaper series of poetry workshops facilitated by Mark Goodwin in 2013. The series of poetry workshops was a Writing East Midlands’ Write Here Residency.

Funded by: Writing East Midlands, Museum Development East Midlands & expresseum poetics

a crimson leaf spirals

from a deeply foliaged tree

late september wind

blows through the park

draws scent from the pines

hairs trembling

as sound wakens neurons

autumn arrives, a familiar comforting chink in the warm gold wedding ring of the wheel of the year

step by spiral step as through labyrinthine meditation, re-counting the resonant pilgrimage

rises then falls

tune on the edge

of recognition rusted. silent

rustling leaves

thud of conkers

pebbles glisten at the bottom and that is time here bent and distorted, but so clean so solemn and deep and unhurried

like a gold drifting feather

in the sun

wiggly lines of sound displayed straight, even, marked with bars and a treble clef

into a brass and leather cacophonic peal

smudged musical notes soft silver teardrops

with dragonflies, butterflies

fingers mark paper

it is a certain alchemy that can transform ashes

as the notes fade

the hum lingers

in your wake just to see them splash

you walk out into the pond, eating air greedy. Tossing wedding bands

charcoal echoed

fingers grow thin and rings slip dead trees pointing

chalk echoed

orange song wordless as each tiny clunk each

released leaf makes

from aeroplane above engine sound falls around us

cars pass by on the road

cockatiels rattle through pebbles searching for insects

hiss of wings

pigeons in formation fly in to roost, settle, softly cooing

all leaf is here


we know


of dahlias chrysanthe mums

yellow orange green

something just seen

far away places

a bell echoed

trees like

wedding bands

ring inside stones tossed into ponds ; ripples

a tower surrounded

by air’s

halo the halo fattening on vibration

through this brick ringing chamber

intentions through stone

As the Notes Fade  

An anthology of poetry inspired by the Carillon Tower & Queen's Park, Loughborough.

As the Notes Fade  

An anthology of poetry inspired by the Carillon Tower & Queen's Park, Loughborough.