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List of items restricted when sending an International Courier to UK

Sending of parcels abroad can get much simpler if it is sent through Overseas Courier. There are many companies that offer to send International Courier to UK and other countries on your behalf. You can take their help and make your work done by just sitting at home. Sending an International Courier to UK through this professional help not only offers you with the convenience of sitting at home but also assistance to you whenever required.

You can be sending parcels to any of your near and dear ones living far across the globe or sending either to meet your business requirements. Relocation and diversified business concept are a very common agenda today and people are required to send tons of parcels every day from one part of the world to another. This surely requires a lot of effort as sending parcel overseas in not very simple and when speaking about regular shipping it is burdensome for the individuals. At such times it is better to just put all their work on the professionals, who are very much skilled and experienced in sending such International Courier to UK or anywhere around the world. They can help in sending small parcels to large and bulk consignments irrespective of the place you want to send your shipment.

There are many barriers that are needed to be cleared before sending any item from place to another. Especially at such high alert time, when strict restrictions and regulations have been implemented on the goods that are to be sent through courier it very necessary to be transparent. All the major international airports are following strict security checks to all their passengers and as well the luggage. This also goes same for the cargoes that are being sent either personally or through an Overseas Courier. However, when you send them through a notified body you can be rest assured that they will carry out all such clearance and paper work for you.

The restrictions on items sent through Overseas Courier differ from area to area. There is a certain list of products that has been restricted by law in that geographical area. You are not allowed to carry, send personally or may attempt to use a courier service to send the following items in and across that country. Nevertheless, the person doing such can be given penalties like fine and imprisonment.

Here are few of such restricted items that not permitted in the U.K. Sending of such items using courier service is also strictly prohibited. They are as follows:

Aerosol cans, Sprays, Ivory products, Fire extinguishers, Explosives, Fireworks, Radioactive materials and any other items or boxes with Hazardous labels on them.

Deactivated or Replica Weapons and Munitions, Firearms, Swords, Knives, Weapons and Life Jackets.

Engines, Generators, Gearboxes or any part containing or having oil or petrol, unless decontaminated.

Pornographic materials.

Live animals, Animal skins, Furs or any other animal parts.

Paint, Adhesives, Chemicals, Flammable resins, Solvents, Liquids, Compressed air and Magnets or items containing ferromagnetic material.

Illegal drugs, Tobacco or tobacco products, Perishable food and Household goods containing flammable or corrosive liquids.

Jewelry over £250.00.

Human remains and etc.

If any of such items is found in the Overseas Courier, the parcel will be ceased and also the sender can be penalized with large fines. So, it is better you get information regarding restricted items

before sending your courier overseas. Anyhow, when you engage with an international courier company for sending your courier abroad, you will not be required to worry about all this. They will take care of each and every aspect and will give you a hassle free shipping service.

List of items restricted when sending an International Courier to UK  

Sending of parcels abroad can get much simpler if it is sent through Overseas Courier. There are many companies that offer to send Internati...

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