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Express Air Logistics – Courier services and its types Courier Services are required by many organizations to reach out to different parts of the world. There are various types of needs which exist on daily basis and therefore existence of Courier concept came into being. Operating from one country, couriers and packages can be sent to any other country in just few hours or days thanks to the International Courier Services. Such fast and reliable service is subject to availability of a good courier service provider. This article talks about the various types of couriers and their needs.

1. On-Board Courier Apart from chartering a plane, this type of courier is the most in depth and expensive courier service. The deal with items of extreme importance and often has to travel internationally. Some of its examples can be medical cargo, critical tools or parts or sensitive legal or business information, International courier for food items and others which are of high importance level.

2. Personal Courier Just as the name suggests, this type of courier is meant for personal items and things. They are often used in big cities and over relatively shorter distances. In certain cases, such couriers are also bike couriers when they use motor bikes or pushbike to navigate within the city quickly and deliver packages to the right person in a timely manner. However, the courier boys may also use typical transport as well like vans, cars or trucks.

3. Overnight Courier There are many couriers which are required to travel within the night. Such ones are known as Overnight Courier. Due to increased urgency, such couriers came into being. They are often cheaper than the ones listed above but can be more expensive than the standard

courier charges. The destinations offered may vary, but most of the couriers can cover a large distance within this time.

4. Same Day Courier Again the name speaks for itself; such couriers are meant for delivery within the same day. Though the distance has to be reasonable, it normally carries items of urgent or delicate nature. The same day courier service comes at an additional price.

5. Standard Courier Standard Courier services are the most common and familiar ones which are used by individuals and businesses. Although these services are usually not as fast as other courier services, but they are appropriately priced for this purpose and do the job fairly well. Most of the courier services require a signature of the receipt and also holds the ability to track down one’s package; such facilities offer security and timely delivery that regular mails often cannot provide.

6. Part Loads and Back Loads This type of service is often utilized by the businesses and large organizations which require frequent delivery of items from a courier. This system is a bit different from the rest and operated on a commonsense delivery system. This operates less on the factor or urgency but can save business bucks while still delivering a positive result. For example, in this case packages are delivered when the courier is travelling to an area anyway such as in the case of someone else ordering a same day delivery service. In short, items and packages wait until the courier is visiting a particular part of that city or country.

Thus, understanding these six types of courier services can help one and one’s business to pick up the best option for the situation and need. It also ensures savings in terms of time and money and makes one happy with the package delivery arrangements. Overseas Couriers are a new way of bringing the world closer and have completely transformed the way packages are sent from one place to another.

Courier services and its types  

There are various types of needs which exist on daily basis and therefore existence of Courier concept came into being. Operating from one c...

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