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Step it up 10 Simple steps for travelling during prep Cover photo model

Daria Diossi The Unbreakable One Daria Diossi has quickly become one of the world’s top figure competitors in just a few short years.

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Athletes 3 Tips to avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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10 Simple Steps for travelling during prep…


Whether its travelling for business or pleasure, we all need to do it on occasion. Here’s some time and sanity preserving tips for you during prep.

I am constantly asked how I remain motivated year after year. Many athletes tell me they would love to compete but just don’t know how to keep themselves motivated.

13 KAHMA CLASSIC Ding, ding, ding! It’s time for round 3! 2018 will see the Kahma Classic return bigger and better with another huge prize pool including $30,000 cash and a host of great prizes to be won.

14 DISCIPLINE IS THE KEY I’m sure just about every competitor has heard something along the lines of ‘It seems so hard, how do you do it?’.


24 3 TIPS TO AVOID HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN The New England Journal of Medicine published a study a few years back stating the average person gains 3kg-4.5kg (710lbs) over the holidays.

25 2018 Events WFF Calendar Global

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Expozure will be the very first online monthly digital magazine created exclusively for the WFF Federation. The primary objective is to create awareness through an interactive social media platform targeting our global community and to network with all athletes and potential sponsors. Every issue of Expozure will provide you with all the highlights from current WFF events locally and around the world especially the Pro-Am competitions. In addition to this we will be publishing one WFF Country Presidents Bio whilst also interviewing one Pro athlete. Expozure Magazine Publication is a way to give all our WFF Athletes, Country Presidents including Promoters and all our hardworking Social Media crew more exposure and hence the name “Expozure”. Danny D’Mello ‘THINK IMAGINE CREATE’

Facebook Page: Expozure (https://facebook.com/expozuremag/) Email: info@expozuremagazine.com.au

Contributors Graeme Lancefield World President WFF International M +61 408 350 983 info@wff-international.com www.worldfitnessacademy.com www.wff-international.com

Daniel Lancefield Daniel Lancefield has been involved with bodybuilding in one way or another since he was dragged to his first show at the age of four. Since then he’s taken on many roles including developing social media content, compering local and international events, and behind the scenes work with WFF.

Blair Loveday Blair Loveday is an accomplished bodybuilder, coach and judge. He has competed for 25 years, won multiple titles and competed internationally 10 times. Blair is a highly ranked WFF national and international judge. Blair holds the International position of WFF Pro Director and reports directly to the WFF World President.

Katelyn Seary (Bartlett) Katelyn has a Bachelor and Master degree in Business however, she left the corporate world to follow her passion for health & fitness. She became a personal trainer in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. In 2016 she set her mind to use her love for weight training to compete in the sport of bodybuilding. Katelyn went on to win numerous WFF shows and was crowned as the WFF Pro sports model along with the title of Miss Galaxy Super model and Ms Universe Pro Sports Model in Rio de Janeiro in 2017.

Katy Lamb Katy is a Northern Territory Firefighter, Figure Bodybuilder, and a Personal Trainer with a Diploma of Nutrition. She has won several local and national competitions and is a WFF International competitor, and continues to compete and share her experiences in bodybuilding.

Cheryl Frost Cheryl is a Professional WFF Figure Athlete and an international competition coach and judge. Cheryl has been competing for 15 years and has proudly represented Australia at the World Championships and the Miss Universe nine times. Cheryl is passionate about Pro-Metabolic Nutrition and hormonal balance. Cheryl is also an accomplished author and actively blogs on social media.

Tammy Balfour Tammy is a WFF Pro Sportsmodel and has a personal and professional interest in health and fitness. Tammy enjoys the challenge of competing and is happy to help others learn through her own trials and experiences. She aspires to deliver straight-talk that is sometimes lacking in the fitness industry.

Chief Editor & WFF International Photographer Danny D’Mello Danny is a professional photographer who has always dreamt about travelling the world capturing beautiful countries. WFF Federation has allowed him to travel with the team and work alongside many WFF country presidents and great coaches to capture the hard work of many International athletes on and off stage and giving more exposure to the competitions on social media. His passion for photography and working with the WFF team has inspired him to start the Expozure magazine. While always looking to capture the perfect shot he has marked his signature in the WFF bodybuilding community by capturing the best Fun shots and help everyone get more Expozure. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danny_dmello_fit_photography Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/DannyDMelloFitnessPhotography/

Photographer contributors ‘Dallas Olsen, Glenn Morris, Jampix Photography’

Message from our

WFF World President We embrace this new year with the launch of our EXPOZURE on-line magazine thanks’ to the initiative and dedication of Danny D’Mello our WFF international Social media director.

We embrace this new year with the launch of our EXPOZURE on-line magazine thanks’ to the initiative and dedication of Danny D’Mello our WFF international Social media director. Remember change and progress are inevitable. We both share a vision and a belief that the performance of bodybuilding improves our fitness level, reduces the risk of cholesterol and stress, increases strength, stamina, coordination and improves energy. These are far more appealing attributes than poor health and self indulgence. In addition we also learn valuable living skills like determination, commitment, camaraderie, goal-setting, loyalty, sacrifice, self-esteem and most importantly purpose. Respect and discipline are the tools in achieving not only our bodybuilding objectives but also teach us family values.

The transformation does not transcend upon us overnight but more likely takes several years to administer and perfect through choice and perseverance.. Many of you will embark upon the journey and although there will deviations and obstacles along the way remember it only takes a second to be photographed. Life is a collection of those experiences, sometimes multiple failures are necessary before we truly capture the essence of our physical and spiritual contentment. In the meantime strike a pose “funshot”   “THE MUSCLE TOUR MUST GO ON.” Kind regards, Graeme Lancefield M +61 408 350 983 info@wff-international.com www.worldfitnessacademy.com www.wff-international.com


2018 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year thanks to the tireless efforts of the World President Mr. Graeme Lancefield, the Intercontinental Vice Presidents, Country presidents and the support of diligent and focused promoters who are tirelessly providing the opportunity to compete as professional athletes.

The WFF International footprint continues to grow with new countries joining our WFF family. This year we have a Professional Pro-Am event in every calendar month spanning every continent for the first time ever. I was personally delighted to attend Pro-am events with Paul and Con Gallanos in Sydney Australia, Mr. Kamaldip Singh in Melbourne Australia, Mr Antonio Osbaldo Alberto Moreno in Celaya Mexico and rounding out the tour with our esteemed Asian Vice President Mr.Dennis Tew at the Asia Pacific in Singapore. For those professional athletes that have never joined the WFF International muscle and model tour…what are you waiting for! This year our professional athletes also have the opportunity to compete at any WFF International ProAm event without paying contest registration. The annual WFF International Professional Licence subscription includes the entry to all events. To Register as a 2018 WFF PRO - https://form. jotform.co/71208714807860 via PAYPAL http:// www.wff-international.com/shop.html The 2018 registration is due on the 1st of January 2018 and is valid for the entire calendar year. Current professional licences are to be attached to the contest entry submissions. All professional athletes are reminded that

they must keep their licences current and they must compete in a minimum of one professional Pro-am event each calendar year to maintain their Professional status with WFF International. As a new initiative for WFF Pro-Am events, Cheryl Frost along with myself will be holding a WFF Professional athlete press conference that will be live streamed internationally prior to the Commonwealth Classic Pro-am on the 22nd of April 2018. This is something different, provides exposure to the elite athletes from our stages and will be quite a bit of fun. For those pro athletes competing at the Commonwealth Classic, feel free to contact the promoters at for further details: Commclassic@procompteam.com Exciting times ahead and I am look forward to meeting all of our professional athletes as the Muscle and Model tour builds momentum in 2018. Happy prepping, Blair Loveday Pro-Director WFF International. Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/ cherylfrostcompcoach/

Want to put yourself to the ultimate test and really see how far you can challenge your mind, body and soul? Have you started but feel lost or been left in the dark? We offer a simple online service with weekly update to keep you accountable and also adaptable to your lifestyle. The pair has over 40 competition experiences in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Tyler Hope - trainingwithhope@gmail.com Nellie Hope - preppingwithhope@gmail.com

10 Simple Steps for travelling during prep… Whether its travelling for business or pleasure, we all need to do it on occasion. Here’s some time and sanity preserving tips for you during prep. A huge part of competing is a routine. Not just the run-of-the-mill daily routine, but a strict, conditioned, and bespoke routine created for you. This means that you have certain meals at certain times, training takes priority over sleeping in, and stress levels can sky rocket if the routine is messed with. There are ways to keep your calm…

Bring your own utensils and a bowl/ container. This means that if you must resort to going to the grocery store for food, you can have similar or the same food that you would normally. This is especially relevant if you spend time in a car, or your family decides to have an event at a restaurant!


Prep as much as possible-bring spare food/ meals. The more you can prep and travel with, the more comfortable you will feel. Its also important to take a spare meal or two; just in case you get stuck or plans change. This is where all those little free containers that come with supplements come in handy!


Keep up water-plane travel can be especially deceptive, but anywhere where your environment and temperature are changed can fool your body. You should be aiming for a certain literage of water daily, it also helps with curbing cravings between meals!


Take your time eatingseriously! It takes 20min for your brain to register that you are full, based on the chemical release and balance of leptin and ghrelin in your stomach. By timing your meals to take at least 20min-chewing slowly, sipping water in between mouthfuls and using herbs and spices to flavour your food, means that you will feel full and less likely to snack later!


Take your time eating-seriously! It takes 20min for your brain to register that you are full, based on the chemical release and balance of leptin and ghrelin in your stomach.

Know your limitations and variations for food especially if you are working with a macrobased plan. There are a multitude of phone apps such as myfitnesspal that offer tools for working out equivalent macros, amounts and types to keep you on track. Also, good to keep it simple, ask your coach how to set yourself up for success while travelling and maintaining your diet.


Wear compression gearon planes most people tend to hold a little water, or feel bloated from the hours of sitting around. Even getting up and walking around isn’t the same amount of activity for most athletes, so you



still end the flight feeling “blugh”. Compression tights, socks and tops can help with this and make you feel more normal at the end. Keep your regular meal times-the change in time zones can mess you around a little or a lot, and while having a shorter time between meals can seem like a treat or a cheat…having to then wait an extra 30, 60 or even 90 minutes for your next meal can be torture!


Train as usual. Investigate where you are travelling to see if there are suitable gyms or training areas available. Have training variations in case there is no gym. Not all gyms offer casual passes, or are even open when you’d normally train. Cardio is one option, or have simple tools such as resistance bands, skipping ropes and a little bit of prior research for bodyweight exercises and circuits. Or utilise some time for a rest day.


Katy Lamb

Sleep and stretch a lot-take the opportunity whilst travelling because you often have extra time (due to not spending your usual hours in the gym!), to stretch, foam roll, meditate and/or sleep.

Stay strong, prep well, and focus on your goal. This is how champions are made.

Don’t give in to the temptation. Your friends and family will feel like they are helping by offering you something they may think is healthy, or they don’t understand why you eat the way you do and will try to tempt you “just this once” or “its just one meal, what difference could it make?” It can be easy to give in to peer pressure. Stay strong, prep well, and focus on your goal. This is how champions are made.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k8ee_pt Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/foodNweights/

Interview with

Daria Diossi The Unbreakable One By Daniel Lancefield

Daria Diossi has quickly become one of the world’s top figure competitors in just a few short years. At 29 she has already earned five Universe titles (two amateur and three professional) and two Pro World Titles, not to mention a host of other accolades. Her three back to back WFF Pro Universe victories in France, USA and Brazil have cemented her legacy as a living legend. Living half a world away from each other, we try to keep in touch as often as we can. She currently resides in Novosibirsk, Russia, a city that appreciates the benefits of good central heating. Although she doesn’t mind the cold, even freezing cold, she never passes up the opportunity to spend time in the sun at the beach.

If you’ve never had the chance to meet Daria or talk to her about training, bodybuilding and life, I urge you to do so. Here’s a little bit about her to get the conversation started. DL: When did you start training? What motivated you to get into the gym? DD: I started training in 2008. My first step into weight training was actually not to get fit or get stronger. It was only to start to do something to be more physically active. I did nothing in school, no physical classes; I wasn’t interested in team sports. I did dancing for couple of years but I don’t really count that in the same way. I was in my second year at university studying economics, I started to workout but with no real

purpose or goals in mind. My dad is a bodybuilder but he never pushed me to follow his footsteps. He only advised me to go to the gym, workout and walk on treadmill to feel better and more energized. And after a few months I noticed changes in my body, and I became more interested bodybuilding. Than my father began to teach me basics about nutrition, training and after that I trained with him in the gym. Since then I’ve been captured by the beauty of bodybuilding. DL: Tell me about your very first competition and what inspired you to compete. DD: When I started to train seriously and got really into bodybuilding, I was dreaming

about competing… but only dreaming. I admired athletes who built a really aesthetic physique. In 2011, I met someone who was preparing athletes for a Russian event and she offered me an opportunity to compete. My prep took 12 weeks and it was my very first experience. It was so interesting to see what’s hidden there under my skin. I always had a good figure, even when I didn’t work out, but I was curious what I can do with that. All I wanted to do was to be better and improve myself. DL: You enjoy travelling, and you’ve lived in a few different countries now. What is the experience like when you go overseas to compete? DD: Competing overseas has a lot of nuances. I prefer to focus on the only positive aspects. Of course, you have to take your food with you all the time, which means that sometimes don’t have enough time to see everything you want, but for me it’s not a problem at all. The fun of competing and traveling takes the focus off any inconveniences. I like to meet new people and thanks to bodybuilding I have friends all over the world. Competing gave me the chance to meet so many beautiful people. Wherever we travel it’s always a new culture, new views, new places. Can’t imagine my life without that. Plus, it gives me a great

weak points and strengths. To be honest and critical with yourself. Some people think they are perfect and don’t see anything to improve but that’s impossible. There is always something to work on. What a lot of people don’t realise is that the better you are, the more you have to work. The same is true knowledge and experience. The more you learn the more you realise what you still don’t know.

opportunity to share my point of view on female bodybuilding. I’m see it as an art and I want to inspire people with my example. It’s not just about lifting heavy things, and that’s what I want to present.

DL: What do you enjoy doing outside of bodybuilding and the gym? DD: I don’t have much free time, but when I do I like to read and just be alone with myself. I also love to spend time with family and just live the quiet life. Recently found out I really like target shooting, so when I will have some free time I’ll definitely do more of that. While she hasn’t confirmed where she’ll be competing this year, the rumour is that she’ll be in Singapore for the WFF Universe.

DL: When you were here in Australia last year you announced you were going to start your own team of athletes. Tell me a bit about that. DD: I want to create a team of people who have similar mindset as me, and help them to build their ideal physique. I’m talking about aesthetics like the golden era of bodybuilding. Great character and a common passion. DL: What do you think is the most challenging thing about bodybuilding? DD: To be realistic about yourself and really know your

You can follow Daria on Instagram @dariadiossi_nabbawffpro or on Facebook by searching Daria Diossi.

To be realistic about yourself and really know your weak points and strengths. To be honest and critical with yourself.


Ding, ding, ding! It’s time for round 3! In 2016 the bodybuilding community was sceptical when we said there’s a car, motorbike, scooters and cash on offer to be won at the Kahma Classic. Then WFF Pro champions David Cutler, Sherrie Gossow, Laura Morel, Michelle Kimberlee, Mathew Zeven and Bridget Bailey all took home fantastic prizes. No doubt plenty of competitors were kicking themselves afterwards for missing out. 2017 came around and it was time to up the ante with a $30,000 prize pool and plenty of other great prizes. David Cutler and Michelle Kimberlee returned to capture their second consecutive Pro Kahma Classic titles.

Don’t miss out on the Kahma Classic this 25 March in Melbourne at the Encore Events Centre. Check out the Kahma Classic Facebook page for more updates and information about the show this year.

2018 will see the Kahma Classic return bigger and better with another huge prize pool including $30,000 cash and a host of great prizes to be won.

Promoter: Kamaldip Singh +61 433 029 051

Kahma Classic Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/Kahma-Classic-197390857264226/

DISCIPLINE IS THE KEY I’m sure just about every competitor has heard something along the lines of ‘It seems so hard, how do you do it?’. Well for those who do or have prepped for a bodybuilding or body sculpting show, you know that it takes a number of things – money, time, motivation, discipline – just to name a few. However, I find the most prominent, re-occurring factor is discipline. It is a fundamental skill that I think prepping for a show both requires you to have and teaches you to develop. Discipline with your food, so you have energy, maintain muscle, and lose fat. Discipline with money, so you can afford your fees, suit, the tan, … Discipline with time, so you fit prep and everyday chores into your week – do you see what I mean? Not everyone has discipline however, especially when it comes to nutrition and exercise, but it can be taught. I’ve personally found prep to be both a great motivator and teacher for developing it and challenging its consistent use in every part of my life. Prep taught me to flex and strengthen the discipline I already had – just like a muscle – to take

it to a new level. Unlike a muscle though, it’s a skill you need to practice it daily to get better at it. You could take a rest day, but good habits and structure we form through discipline are far quicker to break than they are to form, so daily practice, in some form, is essential. Starting doesn’t require a huge goal, or an extreme, either and for most is probably best done in small steps. For example, I can tell you now – on my first prep I did not eliminate those sneaky snacks I had straight away – I weaned them down. Novice stages are normal - this is a marathon, not a sprint. It might also help to watch those who exert discipline in the ways you wish to – let them motivate or inspire you, because they probably have someone like that for them too, the same way coaches who compete often have a coach too. Just remember that everyone always has something to learn, so don’t be too harsh on yourself when learning, but don’t make excuses either. You will learn!

Tammy Balfour | Instagram: tammybalfoursportsmodelpro

100 CONTEST PREP SECRETS As coaches we see athletes suffering from a multitude of issues. Eating disorders, dysfunctional relationships with food, metabolic damage and unbalanced hormones are some of the more common conditions reported. This is often caused by dieting too hard, dieting too long, performing too much cardio or eating from a plan that eliminate entire food groups such as complex carbohydrates, simple sugars, saturated fats and dairy. There is a better way. We have written this book to show you how to make the entire contest prep process healthier and more enjoyable. ProComp follows a Pro-Metabolic nutritional philosophy. A ProMetabolic nutrition plan focuses on increasing thyroid functioning that will in turn increase metabolic rate, increase protein uptake and expedite fat burning. Our nutritional framework is based upon the research of American’s foremost endocrinologist and hormone researcher, Dr. Raymond Peat. The Pro-Metabolic nutritional framework will improve health, help reduce cortisol, balance estrogen, support efficient thyroid gland functioning, will stabilize insulin, reduce inflammation and encourage a fast metabolism with outstanding results.   A healthy body with a fast metabolism will lose fat effortlessly. Forcing fat loss from a stressed, damaged body is a miserable and difficult experience. The ProComp Nutrition system challenges conventional thinking about the art of contest preparation.

What every competitor should know about Pro-Metabolic Nutrition, hormone balance, mindset, getting lean, muscle gain and contest prep.

Be prepared to relearn what you previously believed as fact. We ask that you keep an open mind as ProComp presents our coaching secrets and all the tips and strategies we have learnt over 25 years of competing, judging and coaching. Never sacrifice your health, your hormones or your metabolism in the pursuit of a better-looking body. In this book we; »» Explain how we use Pro-Metabolic Nutrition to eat more food, increase calorie intake, increase metabolic rate and create a great looking body »» Discuss Metabolism – how to improve it, how to heal it and how to repair it once damaged. »» Go into detail about the specific foods to eat that will help you up-regulate metabolism. We also identify the foods to avoid that will

down-regulate metabolism. »» Explain the specific dieting strategies to shred fat whilst still eating a balanced, nourishing diet full of delicious variety. »» Table strategies to reduce cellulite, minimise bloating associated with PMS, to avoid mood swings and to keep energy levels stable. »» Explain how to prevent both food cravings and rebound weight gain; »» Provide sample meal plans that our contest athletes use offseason and on-season all of the way through to the final 2 weeks prior to a show. »» Share the training principles that work to chisel your body and build muscle. »» Reveal invaluable competing tips directly from the judge’s table »» Give you our peak week philosophy – carb loading, depleting, sodium and water manipulation. »» Finally, we teach you powerful mindset techniques that we have learnt and practice to achieve success Your Coaches Cheryl Frost and Blair Loveday ProComp International Cheryl Frost and Blair Loveday, the ProComp directors and coaches, are two of the most experienced, knowledgeable and successful contest prep coaches in the industry today. Both are still actively competing international athletes and coaching international teams to compete throughout the world.

https://www.procompteam.com/product-page/100-procomp-contest-prep-secrets-1 Click the link above to purchase Procomps Downloadable Contest Prep Ebook.



2 April 2016 – First place Singapore Mortal Battle May 2106 - Qualified as sponsored Singapore Athlete to compete at WFF Asia Pacific in Adelaide/AU May 2016 qualified for my first WFF Universe in Orlando, where I won 2nd Sports Model Pro in June’16 2016 won the WFF Pan Pacific Pro Am in Auckland NZ and AFC WFF Sport & Fitness Cup in Bangkok Thailand in the same year 2016 ...I competed 7 times in 2016. Biggest win so far was the WFF Universe as Sports Model Pro Champ in Rio in June 2017 and I managed to carry home a big trophy and price money from the NABBA/WFF int. 2017 – First place in Kuwait Cup ‘17 https://instagram.com/mario_worldpro


WFF Universe 2014 South Korea, Seoul - women extreme, 3rd place NABBA World championships 2015 Malta - trained figure 1C, 10th place WFF Universe 2015 France, La Ciotat -women superbody, 1st place -women professionals, 1st place NABBA Lithuanian championship 2015 - trained figure 1C, 1st place NABBA Universe 2015 U.K., Southport -trained figure 1C, 1st place -figure overall, 1st place WFF world championships 2015 South Africa, Pretoria - women professionals, 1st place WFF Universe 2016 USA, Orlando - women professionals, 1st place WFF European championships 2017 Lithuania, Kaunas - women professionals, 1st place WFF Universe 2017 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro - women professionals, 1st place Instagram @dariadiossi_nabbawffpro

Jefferson Aguiar Junqueira


Champion II Open Borders 2014, in the category Mens Fitness Classics I. NABBA / WFF Federation; Champion II Open of borders 2014, in category Class I - Federation NABBA / WFF; State Champion 2015, in the category Class I - NABBA Federation; Brazilian Champion 2015, in the category Class I - NABBA Federation; World Champion 2016, Category Class I - NABBA Federation; Champion II Open Pantanal 2016, in the Class I Class - OPEN; Champion Expofitness MS 2016, in the Extreme category above 100 kg OPEN; Champion Overall Expofitness MS 2016 - OPEN; Champion MR. Universe 2017, Extreme category over 100kg - WFF Federation; Conquering Procard; Overrall Champion MR. Universe 2017 - WFF Federation; Champion PRO MR. Universe 2017 WFF Federation.

Instagram: @Jeffaojpro


2014 GNC Muscle Pump WFF Universe in South Korea Bikini Model Pro 2nd 2016 WFF Universe Championship in USA (Olrando) Bikini Model Senior 1st 2016 WFF Universe Championship in USA (Olrando) Bikini Model Pro Winner 2016 WFF World Championship in Irland Bikini Model Pro Winner 2017 WFF World Championship in Cyprus Bikini Model Pro Winner Instagram: @fit_yuri_h


Competing in my first comp back in 2015 at the NSW Titles, winning Nabba class 1! then moving on to winning the Nabba Overalls title after battling it out against some great competitors including two good mates Mac Percival and Thomas Masi. Competing at the Canberra Classic in 2017 where I won Nabba class 1 then on to win the Nabba Overalls. Competing at the NSW Titles in 2017 where I won class 1 and then winning the Nabba Overalls Competing at the 70th year anniversary Nabba/wff Australian PRO-AM championships! I made weight and competed in WFF Superbody class and won. Then won the Overalls becoming Wff Aus Champ and was offered my WFF Professional Divisions Licence by Graeme Lancefield which I accepted! Then jumped in the pro line up against 2 of Australia’s best David Cutler and Jamie Bradshaw where I placed 2nd! Later that day I jumped in the Nabba Class 1 line up where I just got away with the win with Micheal Brown hot on my tale. Then had the pleasure to battle it out in a tough overalls line up along side one of my favourite bodybuilders, Justin Wessels.. where he went on to win becoming Nabba Mr Australia. Winning return flights thanks to Paul an Con Gallanos.. where I travelled to the other side of the world with good friend Codi Deaves and coach Steve Baudo to compete in the 2017 WFF World Championships, Cyprus! Codi won Junior Figure Miss World, An I also won WFF Pro Mr World! Since I’ve never been out of Australia I was very grateful that I got the chance to explore another part of the world alongside some other great Australian WFF athletes Johnny Moore, Simone Moore, Wesley Newell, Codi Deaves, Steve Baudo and legend Daniel Lancefield! Can’t wait to see where the muscle tour takes me next Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/b_a_z_z_a_h



I am constantly asked how I remain motivated year after year. Many athletes tell me they would love to compete but just don’t know how to keep themselves motivated.

Consistent weight training, eating well, staying focused and focusing on achieving has absolutely nothing to do with motivation. As a professional athlete, it has never been about motivation. If focused training and eating only occurred on the days I was feeling pumped or motivated, I would have achieved very little over my career. The truth is that it is not about motivation at all. It is all about commitment. Everything I have every achieved is because I have been committed to my goal and the path needed to achieve it. There have been plenty of times that I would rather stay in bed then do mindless cardio, plenty of times when my motivation to train was lacking. Some days I’d rather stay on the couch instead of hitting the gym, and countless times the lure of a caramel slice appeared far more attractive than fish and fruit. But It has been my steadfast commitment, and not my motivation that drives me to train, eat well and hit my physique goals. Motivation only serves to get

one started. It provides the initial energy, the enthusiasm and the passion. It is commitment that maintains the drive a long time after motivation has worn off. Motivation is an emotion. Motivation comes and goes and only commitment remains constant. Commitment is a nonwavering, steadfast decision that is required to get what needs to be done to reach goals…. every time…. every day…no matter what. If I had only relied upon motivation over the years, there would have been many excuses to stay on the couch. Excuses are not an option when there are goals to achieve. Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after motivation has passed. When you are committed to your success, you ensure that goals are achieved every day whether you are motivated or not…. regardless of how you feel and what obstacles life puts in your way. As an athlete, you are what you do, not what you say you will do.

The commitment as an athlete means that: You train. There is no place for excuses. You eat according to plan. You only allow positive thoughts. Your daily habits are aligned with your objectives. You stay focused on your goal You are committed to achieving success.

motivation and commitment. When you are motivated in doing something you do it only when it’s convenient. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses and only results.” – Kenneth Blanchard. My message is to commit to your success. Commit to your goals. Commit to your health, your body and your life.

Your success in any endeavour is a direct result of your commitment and not how motivated you are. “There is a difference between

See you on stage Cheryl Frost WFF Professional Athlete Director ProComp International

If you are interested in reading more of my thoughts on mindset and focus, you’d love my eBook, The Unbeatable Mind. 50 powerful mindset and motivation strategies for stage success. How to achieve more discipline, focus and inspiration. https://www.procompteam.com/product-page/the-unbeatable-mind Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cherylfrost_procomp Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/cherylfrostcompcoach/

There is a difference between motivation and commitment. When you are motivated in doing something you do it only when it’s convenient. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses and only results.” – Kenneth Blanchard.


AVOID HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN The New England Journal of Medicine published a study a few years back stating the average person gains 3kg-4.5kg (710lbs) over the holidays. Another study by the British Dietetic Association stated, “the average person will consume 6,000kcals on Christmas day alone, with most people consuming an additional 500kcal per day over this period which results in a weight gain of 2.6kg (5lbs) by New Years”. However, from my observation with my clients, this actually occurs over all holidays taken! From the Australia Day long weekend,

a romantic Valentines surprise, Easter long weekend or that special anticipated escape for a week away. Why?? A big part of it has to do with mindset. We think because we are taking a break from our normal day requirements we can take a break from the good national habits we had set in place. Then of course we are exposed to a new variety of foods to choose from. We get trapped in the “why not?” frame of mind. From there we can easily continue to justify why to keep indulging.

Here are my 3 tips to implement to keep the holiday weight gain away:



Eat off smaller plates. Our eyes are bigger than our stomach some times. By reducing the size of the plate our eyes will think we are consuming more. Thus you will be satisfied without the EXTRA calories. If you’re at a restaurant ask for a take away carrier and put a portion of your food in there before you start eating. Out of sight- out of mind. Editor: Katelyn Seary (Bartlett) www.facebook.com/katalistpt

While at gatherings, make conversations away from the food/drinks table. This will minimise mindless eating/ drinking. When we are surrounded with temptation willpower often falls short.


Drink water! Seems simple enough, but too often it’s overlooked. If you are drinking some alcoholic beverages, alternate between glasses of water. I personally prefer sparkling water. The bubbles make me feel full.

www.facebook.com/KatelynBartlett.ProSportsModel www.instagram.com/katalistpt @katalistpt

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Sunday Feb 24th


Seoul, Korea

Jay Song

Sunday March 25th


Melbourne, Australia

Kamaldip Singh

Saturday April 7th



You Qiang Dennis Tew

Sunday April 8th

WFF PRO-AM Ms Galaxy

Sydney, Australia

Paul & Con Gallanos

Sunday April 15th


Cologne, Germany

Markus Kittner

Sunday April 22nd

WFF PRO-AM Commonwealth Classic


Blair Loveday | Cheryl Frost

May 12th

WFF PRO-AM Pretoria Classic

Pretoria, South Africa

Alet Lemmer

Saturday May 19th

WFF PRO-AM Ripert’s Body Show

La Ciotat, France

Olivier Ripert

Saturday June 2nd

WFF PRO-AM Mediterranean Champs

Thessaloniki, Greece

Stratos Hatzidimitriadis

Saturday June 9th

WFF PRO-AM Balkan Championships

Bosnia Herzegovina

BBK Mostar

Saturday June 23rd

WFF PRO-AM European Championships


Markus Kittner

Sunday July 1st

WFF PRO-AM Universe


You Qiang Dennis Tew

Sunday 5th August

WFF PRO-AM Mike Classic


Miguel Barba Ibarra

Saturday 25th August

WFF PRO-AM Pan-Pacific Championships

Auckland, NZ

Alex & Leanne Simays

Sunday 9th September

WFF – PRO AM Rising Star

Hong Kong


Friday 5th October

WFF -AFC Asia Model Search

Bangkok, Thailand

Wilaiporn Wannaklang

Sunday 14th October

WFF PRO-AM Pan-American Cup


Antonio Osbaldo Alberto Moreno

Friday 26th October

WFF PRO-AM Kuwait Cup

Kuwait, City

Graeme Lancefield

Sat 3rd Sun 4th November

WFF PRO-AM World Championships  

Las Angeles, USA

Lauren Powers


WFF PRO-AM Asia Pacific


Saturday Dec 1st

WFF PRO-AM Rocosco Classic  

Quito, Ecuador

Diego Andrade

Meet the


Since his appointment in 2013 Dhiraj has worked tirelessly to develop and promote the NABBA/WFF brand throughout INDIA, his annual NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, so far 5 (Five) have been strategically promoted throughout various parts of India. This major event has created the opportunity to showcase to the Indian Health & Fitness public our brand and engage with the general community. We currently have 18 state units affiliated with NABBA/WFF INDIA; we are expecting the remainder to join us in the 2018 season ahead. Besides District, State & National Championship, we also conduct regional Championships to provide brand awareness at the local level, India is divided into 4(four) Name: DHIRAJ MOHAN DAS Zones viz. East India, West India, North India, South India President: NABBA/WFF INDIA since 2013 & North India. Date of Birth: 28th September’1971 There is a domestic PRO-AM Championships called Married with one daughter. “IFA CLASSIC”, which is our INDIA Qualifier for Season A International events. We also have our National Championship this year 6th & 7th October, which will be the International Qualifier for Season B Team selection. To contact Dhiraj regarding NABBA/WFF Team India, refer. NABBA/WFF INDIA C/o. Apollo Health Club Bye Lane No: 9 (Near Kamdhenu) Dr. Zakir Hussain Path, East Sorumotoria Dispur, Guwahati-781036 (Assam) Email: nabba.india@yahoo.in Call & WhatsApp: +91 94350 48586 Web: www.nabbawffindia.com

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Expozure - March Edition  

Expozure will be the very first online monthly digital magazine created exclusively for the WFF Federation. The primary objective is to cre...

Expozure - March Edition  

Expozure will be the very first online monthly digital magazine created exclusively for the WFF Federation. The primary objective is to cre...