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Exposeur Magazine is the career opportunity of a life time. It is often said it’s not who you know, but who knows you. That has never been truer. A lot of aspiring stars are under the misconception that all you need is talent to succeed in the entertainment industry. I want to dispel that myth right now. Talent like taste is subjective. What someone else may think is talent, someone else may disagree. Talent is regional, cultural and generational. For example, I once walked into a grocery store that was operated by individuals I consider of Arabic descent. The radio was on and the music was playing very loud. The operators of the store were smiling, patting their hands and moving their heads to the beat of the music they were listening to. They were obviously enjoying what they were hearing, I was not. Besides talent being subjective, it can also be over and underrated. I’m sure you can, as can I point to a number of individuals who in our personal opinions are not talented. I’m not going to name names, but if you remove the various industry props that help support and sometime carry certain unnamed talents. You would shake your head as to how they are even a success. This is true in the every area of the entertainment industry, fashion, acting and performing. A lot of people are supported by artist careers and a lot is riding on keeping or making that artist succeed. So every trick in the book is used to sell that artist, model or entertainer to the public. Talent can also be underrated. In my line of work, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing individuals. All that was missing is an opportunity to show the world their talent, that big break. This is why I do what I do. From my television entertainment showcases and model talk shows. My goal is give each and everyone who wants to be a star, that chance. I have found the best way to do that is to give that talent exposure. To let the world see what that individual has to offer and to be that starting place for an amazing entertainment career. This is why Exposeur Magazine is so important to an entertainer’s career. Exposeur Magazine is another way to offer a new talent the exposure they need to launch his or her career. Exposeur Magazine is an industry trade journal that is mailed to industry professionals. It offers industry insiders the chance to see fresh talent monthly. Serious entertainment professionals know the importance of career exposure. This is why fashion models mail their comp cards to modeling agencies. Why actors mailed their photographs to casting agents and why bands invite A&R reps to their music showcase. It’s not just about talent. It’s about getting someone to see the talent. This is why Exposeur Magazine is fast become the choice publication for serious entertainment professionals to be seen it. It’s the most important thing a entertainer can for their careers. Exposeur Magazine offers aspiring new talent in all entertainment fields a way to be showcased and recognized. It is truly the career opportunity of a life time. Ceo and Founder Exposeur Magazine

Terrence Pharos

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To build an entertainment career, you need a blue print

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Cynthia Lawes

L’Entreprise is understanding the supporting role of entertainment professionals and their connections to an artist career and importance to the success of an artist.

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Booking Agent

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Casting Agent

Tour Director Manager Modeling Agency

Publicist Warren Thomas, career took a totally different direction from the one he planned for himself. Warren plans to pursue a career as a song writer took a turn, while he was cleaning out a closet. While helping music director Shannon Woodall, a close friend, organize his closet. Shannon commented on his organizational skills and suggested that he might want to look into helping entertainers keep their careers organized, as a publicist. Warren’s first response, as would have been most of ours, “What’s a publicist?” After some initial research and finding out a publicist is a person whose job is to generate and manage publicity for public figures especially celebrities. One of a publicist's main functions is to generate press coverage on behalf of clients and to serve as the bridge between clients, their public and media outlets. Along with writing press release, managing campaigns and performing other public functions. Warren dived-head first into his new career and never looked back. That was eight years ago and since then Warren has worked with on some very notable projects, starting as a correspondent for UPN Television's national campaign 'Kids Are Paramount', which won the 1998 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award for Best Children's Programming. He also has acted as National Media Coordinator of the internationally acclaimed UniverSoul Circus. He has worked a wide range of media projects from STOMP THE YARD, to Versace's 2007 Rodeo Walk of Style, Benita Farmer & New Journey, All Star Weekend 2006, Danity Kane, Ebony Magazine, Essence best-selling author Brenda L. Thomas, and many other movies, music, fashion and literature projects. Warren tells Exposeur Magazine that his passion for the work is what has contributed most to his success. “You must live and breathe it, everything else is second, and you have to give a 100 percent” Warren says. What does he find most difficult about the business? Warren says it is the constant changing of how the public receives access to celebrities. First it was, then, then, and who knows what’s next? You constantly have to be aware of these new outlets because given your celebrity client the exposure their career may need may depend on the next social networking site. What’s next for Warren? What does the future hold in store for him? He’s currently revitalizing City High’s Claudette Ortiz and helping promote her new single. He’s also working with Grammy nominated Eric Roberson. Although, enjoying every minute of his current projects, His dream project would be to work with, Nicki Minaj or a brand new artist. Why? I want to help celebrities grow their careers, make them big and make them last, and say I helped them do that, Warren explains. Publicist Warren Thomas may not be a name that you recognized immediately, but those in the know, know its people like him, working behind the scenes, promoting, directing, planning an entertainer’s career, that are the nuts and bolts of the entertainment industry. And without Warren and others like him, it would be almost impossible for a person to do all the things that needed to be done to turn themselves from an entertainer into a celebrity.

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