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It’s November already and this month it’s time for T, no not a brew (although mine’s milk, two sugars if you’re mashing), we’re talking about the T in LGBT. For those of you who don’t know, it stands for trans*, that is all people who are transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming. For far too long, many groups and individuals have been guilty of ignoring the trans* members of our community despite being instrumental in the campaign for LGBT equality (insert rant about the exclusion of trans* people from the Stonewall film here). This is now slowly improving with some notable examples this year including the LGF (Lesbian and Gay Foundation) changing to the LGBT Foundation and Stonewall starting to campaign for trans* equality. Sadly, however, we still have a long way to go with trans* people regularly facing abuse, violence and discrimination. On Friday November 20 we mark the annual International Day of Transgender Remembrance. This day is marked worldwide to remember those who have lost their lives to transgender violence. At time of writing, the official TDOR website details 38 cases this year alone (and there will be more unreported). While this is an improvement on previous years, as far as I’m concerned as long as there is one person on that list, it is one too many.

In Sheffield, as we have now done for a number of years, LGBT Sheffield will be marking the day with a candle lighting memorial service in the Peace Gardens and talks in the winter gardens. This year, however, the event has been extended. Following a memorial service and talks, the Odeon will be screening the premier of ‘Trashing Transphobia’, a documentary film made by E.D.E.N. Productions, a LGBT charity running film making workshops here in Sheffield. For those wanting to continue later into the night, head to the ‘Trans Presence’ at Sheffield University Students’ Union giving the opportunity to celebrate our diverse community. All events are open to everyone, both trans* and allies. If you are looking for other places to socialise and/or access support check out to find trans*-friendly venues in Sheffield. There are groups at both universities: SAYiT’s Trans*Formers youth group and T-Boys group for trans guys. And whether you are trans* or not, Sheffield is a diverse welcoming city and we all play a part in ensuring that it continues to lead the way in being an example to others in welcoming all people, regardless of gender. Right then. I am off for a brew now, so until next time, love, solidarity and gender diverse kisses.


FRI 20TH NOV International Day of Transgender Remembrance - Candle Lighting Memorial Service @ Peace Gardens followed by screening of the premier of ‘Trashing Transphobia’, a documentary film made by E.D.E.N. Productions at the Odeon. Later that night - ‘Trans Presence’ at Sheffield University Students’ Union.

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