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Today Markbass is without any doubt one of the main brands worldwide watching its numbers and market share, but first of all it inspires respect and passion as we can read on all the emails we receive daily… Some excerpts from thousands of nice emails we receive from our customers Worldwide.

This is our big plus, we never lost our artisan spirit and our care on a thousand details that maybe nobody sees but that made our success, starting from the way we live our company.

Great thank you and your products are amazing as good as you say they are I have been playing for 35 years and I’m so glad I found Markbass G.K. (UK) I’m really contacting you to say a few words about your bass amps. I’ve been playing for about 55 years... I’ve been using your amps for about nine years now and I have to say they’re the best amps EVER. So well thought out. The weight, the sound, the compact size all contribute to the perfect amp. I have a CMD 102P and a CMD 121P. I also have a Traveler 151P and a New York 121. And I’m sure I’ll have more on the way. So thank you for making such a wonderful amp. B.G. (USA) ... wanted to say thank you for making gear that sounds so good, that is so reliable. I’ve owned my Little Mark Bass II, 15” traveller, and 2x10 for 6 years. Simply awesome sound. S.D. (Canada) Thanks so much for taking the time to answer me. I will follow your recommendation... The fact that you took your time of day for a relatively unknown musician like me will stay with me, and I’ll remember your act of kindness. May God bless you and it only makes me see Markbass in an even more positive light. All the best. J.F. (UK)

Without losing our focus on two main things as Sterling Ball teached me: Having focus on products and customers. Today Markbass isn’t my only brand anymore as we now have DV Mark… And we have other projects developing on other fields, always keeping that need to imagine something different, the real load bearing axis of the whole story. My emotions are renewed every time I see and hear one of my amps on TV, at the movie, etc…

Thank you... Your customer service and response is second to none in this industry. I greatly appreciate all your help with my questions. It make the purchasing decision very easy. Best regards. J.H. (USA) Thank you very much, the response Time of the MB support is extremely short. This Time it was only seconds. Brillant! M.L. (Germany) I am a semi pro and have gigged this amp on 2 occassions since I purchased it and I have to admit, that it is really everything that is said about, having been an Ampeg user for many years, this little amp certainly has blown me away. Thank you Markbass, I cannot say anymore as there is not much left to say, just THANK YOU MARKBASS. L.R. (UK) Hello Mark, thank you so much for your prompt reply. I love the head - I have owned Trace Elliot, Gallien Krueger, SWR and Ampeg, but none of them can match the quality/light weight/power package that your design offers, especially for the heads. You really have made a huge impact in the music bass industry. Thanks for your ingenuity! Sincerely. A.S. (USA)

Thanks to all our customers, they are very special for us and for our company. Every single customer is like the only one in the world! Anyway, we keep going with our maxim: BORN TO RUN!

Mark World 2016 Catalogue  

This new 2016 catalogue shows the full range MARKBASS and DV MARK products

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