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YELLOW Since I was a kid I had my favorite color that was sunny and full of energy: Yellow I remember the first time a called my speaker supplier to ask for yellow speaker, his answer was: C’mon, stop kidding! When I received the first prototypes, that were lemon yellow, it was clear to me the idea was right, but I needed to fine tune it… Today I receive yellow pictures and items from all over the world.

In the meantime we were conquering many new markets, but the great thing that I’m really proud of is, since then, we gained a respect and enthusiasm aura that everybody was perceiving from the passion my team was putting on the brand. One of our top-endorsers, Cliff Hugo (Supertramp) said this about us: “YOU TRANSFER THE QUALITY OF YOUR PEOPLE INTO THE PRODUCTS YOU MAKE!”

When we introduced the first yellow series at Namm and then at the Musikmesse… the brand took off… of course it wasn’t just for the color, because that year we introduced the first 2 kilos amps against the average weight of 7/8 kilos of our competitors… It’s rewarding looking to other brands today promoting their amps weight (anyway, they’re still heavier than our products). IN THE MEANTIME THE TEAM GROWS

A DREAM INSIDE THE DREAM While all these events were happening, my company was becoming a leader brand in the bass amp business and a lot of my musical myths that I’ve ever saw inside other brands booths started becoming not only my endorsers, but real friends as well. We always talk about endorsements in this business but I can be proud of myself for perceiving my relationship with artists in a pretty original way. Every single endorser working with Mark World has first of all a human interaction with me and my team, then they all love my instruments and they’re really involved in the products development, because we share experience and knowledge, being them the real stage leading people. Of course in the beginning I had exclusively Italian endorsers and I’ll be thankful forever to all of them for believing in me and in Markbass sound before it was a worldwide phenomenon.

Mark World 2016 Catalogue  

This new 2016 catalogue shows the full range MARKBASS and DV MARK products

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