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NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE: THE CIRCUMSTANCE Having know-how, desire, experience and being able to suffer is not enough if there’s not a circumstance making the difference; without dwelling too much on this concept, the most important phenomenons of the 60’s, like the Beatles… Besides all their ideas and intuitions, they wouldn’t have been able to do today what they did at that time. That said, let’s move to my story. In 1996, beside my passions, I received another strong boost, I mean the fact I didn’t graduate in electronic engineering. For this reason I didn’t have the chance to build my career inside big companies, but I was noticing big mistakes while I was working as an employed. One day I decided to quit my job to start my own brand. It was exactly the right moment, because there was the right circumstance. The most popular bass amp brand at the time and all the other brands imitating it had all the same characteristic, I mean they sounded great at the store but they didn’t with the band (I actually played with many bands and many bass players). A big revolution was going on around bass conception because it was turning from an accompaniment instrument, most of the time, to what it is now. New playing techniques were coming out and the instrument itself was developing with a lot of 5 and 6 string basses on production; so bass amps had to follow this new evolution. I’VE BEEN ABLE TO INVOLVE INTO MY DREAMS A SMALL NUMBER OF PERSONS WHO SHARED SINCE THE BEGINNING THE ENTHUSIASM IN A MOMENT WHERE IT SEEMED IMPOSSIBLE TO EVEN THINK WE WOULD HAVE BECOME ONE OF THE FIRST BRANDS IN THE WORLD IN JUST 15 YEARS.

I can’t dwell too much on this catalogue, but I wanna say the team power, my bravery and the fire I had inside for what I was doing is something I can’t easily describe. Today we’re around 50 people, but not everybody can understand and totally realize that period where I’ve had a leading role while a dream was turning into reality with huge difficulties. Today it’s hard to explain even to myself how that was possible. Many people don’t know my first brand was named Parsek, but after a few years of experience it turned into Markbass in 2001.

A DREAM COMES TRUE In 2001, after collecting all the experiences that still had to bring me to my success, but realizing the right direction to follow, once again we used all our foolishness and bravery to create Markbass. Since its establishment, in April 2001, it was clear some intuitions made the difference. We’ve been the first using Neodymium when nobody was believing it. Today it looks like there’s only Neodymium! So we also put on the market new cabinets that not only were delivering what the payoff said: “the real sound of your bass”, but they were 50% lighter than our competitors products. I’ve never thought as an artisan, but I ever thought it was possible to create a factory respecting the handcraft quality while the numbers allowed to access more technologies and components choices. A typical example is about Markbass speakers; all the artisans are forced to use “standard” speakers. I was able to have my own speakers since the first project and I’ve chosen every single parameter… That made the difference… and it still does.

Mark World 2016 Catalogue  

This new 2016 catalogue shows the full range MARKBASS and DV MARK products

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