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Contact information Vestervangsvej 8 DK-8800 Viborg 1


Since 2002 we have

We have the best and

been the total supplier of

dedicated employees in

exhibitions solutions. We

Denmark and the industry.

have a customer-oriented

Today we employ 34

approach, a large network

employees, of who are

and more than 25 years of

half installers and project

experience in trade fairs.

managers. They will go the

We think of common sense

extra mile to meet your

and have the feet planted

requirements and satisfy

in reality, which have


made us Denmark’s most innovative exhibition and trade fair company. We cooperate with exhibitions companies in Europe, the United States and Canada.

there are more than 9800 m2 of buildings, consisting of rental equipment, logistics facility, warehouse,

We deliver individual

carpentry shop, graphic

exhibition stands based

production, showroom and

on Danish design, quality


and design according to your wishes and needs. We will be your unique and innovative partner through planning, preparation and follow-up of your trade fair.


At our address in Viborg


OUR SKILLS Counseling From start to finish, we will be ready with advice, whatever it is about exhibition, planning, guidelines and more. Our skilled employees have more than 25 years’ experience in the trade fair industry and are familiar with the issues and challenges that may arise.

Concept Development If you are missing inputs for your exhibition stand, or are you looking for a brand new concept, our skilled employees have the idea for you. With the interaction of our sellers, designers and you, we find the right concept for you.

Project Management

Once we have taken your Over half of our employee consists of project managers. They make sure you get everything for your stand, handling and packing, setup and removal of the stand. They will be in close dialogue with you before, during and after the show.

booth down, you do not have to find storage for your exhibition materials - let’s keep it for you! At our address we have a warehouse, where we also have room for you.


Follow up

At our address in Viborg we have all the production. Through many years, we have built close relationships with our suppliers, ensuring you high quality and delivery on time.

Our sellers will build a close relationship with you. This is based on regular follow-up, where we ensure that you are satisfied throughout the process. After the exhibition, we will complete a final follow-up, again to ensure full satisfaction.



In the drawing room are our two creative designers. It’s the ones who design and draw your exhibition stand. In close dialogue with you, they design your stand up to the smallest detail.

Once you have approved your exhibition stand with us, just sit back and enjoy we take care of all the processes. We take care of all logistics from packaging of your exhibition stand to transport, from setup and removal.


Warehouse hotel

In close cooperation with you, we will be your innovative and unique business partner. We participate in all processes from start to finish.



01 Project: Magnet Gaming Year: 2017

02 Project: Polytech Year: 2016

03 Project: Mita Year: 2017


04 Project: Neas Energy Year: 2016

05 Project: Maersk Line Yaer: 2017

06 Project: A2SEA Yaer: 2015 7





Briefing You give our seller a briefing about what wishes and needs you have for your exhibition stand. This may include showing your previous stands and explaining what works and what does not. Then the seller gives a briefing to our designers who will proceed to the next step.

Concept Development During concept development, our designers are investigating your business needs. They typically do this based on your identity, the fair you are participating in and, of course, from the briefing our sellers have given them.


Design When the designers have gone through concept development, then they go in the process of designing the exhibition stand. This is done in cooperation with the seller’s inputs so that they constantly have your wishes and needs in mind.

Presentation When the stand is designed finished you and our sales representative hold a meeting where he will present our proposal for you. If you have any adjustments in relation to the exhibition stand, we will listen to you and adjust the status accordingly.



Production Once you have approved the stand, we will start the production. We have regular suppliers we have worked with for many years, ensuring you high quality and delivery on time.

Montage Our project managers and installers provide all handling, packing, assembly and removal. Just sit back and focus on your trade fair.




Warehouse hotel At our address we have more than 9800 m2 of buildings where we have built up a warehouse hotel. So, if you’re missing a place to store your exhibition stand or material for this, we have the facilities for it.

Evaluation After your exhibition participation, we evaluate together with you how the process has been. What worked well, what worked less well? We wish to develop us, and therefore listen to your criticism.

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Our employees have more than 25 years’ experience in the trade fair. Every day they make extra effort for Expo Partner and for our customers. With their huge experience, they can handle the most pressing situations and challenges, so we reach the goal with

PIA HARTMAN Accounting

the best results for you.




SØREN JUUL Sales Manager/ Partner

GLAUS GRUD Key Account Manager

CHRIS BRØCHER Graphics & Print





WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAYS “Thank you for your effort to get Automatica to play !! We got incredibly nice feedback at our showstand, and much of it is your profit.”

—Maria Gravesen Universal Robots

“We had a really good fair and were extremely pleased with the position. All in all, really positive - it worked both visually and practically. “

—Maria Lundsgaard Neas Energy

“Expo Partner has been a good and flexible sparring partner from start to finish. The many compliments from the visitors to the stand spoke their own language. Another successful fair with Expo Partner. “

—Michael Niebling Sensor Media


“In every way you have been super professional and service minded throughout the process. I heard from all colleagues that our stand was the best. “

—Camilla Odgaard Chr. Hansen

You all did an amazing job throughout the whole process of orchestrating everything. This was our biggest and most important event of the year and Expo Partners really helped Noble stand out. From what I hear from the owners and others who went to the show this was the best event on record. In fact, one of the neighbors to our booth ended up throwing away their 10x10 popup at the end of the show, because of our booth. Again thank you for everything. It was a pleasure.

—Darrell Crone Noble

“It was an absolute positive experience to come to Brussels last Friday. The stand looked good (was much longer than I expected) and there was 100% control on things. In short: A great experience to work with Expo Partner for the first time!”

—Morten Toksværd Grafisk Maskinfabrik A/S


Contact information Vestervangsvej 8 DK-8800 Viborg 14

Company presentation - Expo Partner  

Exhibitions worldwide - Since 2002 Expo Partner has been total supplier of individual exhibition stands based on Danish design and quality...

Company presentation - Expo Partner  

Exhibitions worldwide - Since 2002 Expo Partner has been total supplier of individual exhibition stands based on Danish design and quality...