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Regular guy, incredible future Camilo Andrés Escobar Sarmiento 9A Tommy was a regular seventeen year old; he enjoyed going out with his friends and sometimes caused a trouble or two. He lived alone with his mother and he was really close to graduate from school. One day he was walking back from school when a sudden breeze appeared. He was surprised; he never saw the trees in the park move with such strength Once he realized that it was getting late he decided to go back home, he passed next to a fountain that he had never seen in the park, he thought he was lost and tried to go back but a beautiful woman appeared and said: -You must be Tommy, you should come with me -How do you know my name? Who are you? - replied Tommy -My name is not important; we should go now before it’s too late Behind that fountain there was an oddly shaped vehicle, she used her fingertip to open it and she said: -C’mon in, you never saw a time machine before? Tommy was shocked and replied: -A time machine? Are you from the future? -I am, now c’mon in, there’s something I have to show you She set-up the time machine to the year 2060 and said: -You are going to be surprised!

He woke up next to the same weird fountain; the young girl was nowhere to be seen so he stood up and looked for her. He didn’t see her so he decided to go back where his house was, all the streets were alone and the houses looked like if they have been abandoned, the little trees that were in the park were on fire and in the ground were pieces of wood, the soil was dry and eroded. This depressing landscape was scaring Tommy so he began to run, suddenly a group of men appeared and said to Tommy: -Who are you? Who do you think you are? Tommy nervously answered -I’m Tommy I used to live in this neighborhood. -Well obviously you haven’t been here in a while, we ruled this neighbor now and unless you want to get killed gives us clean water or all your money. Tommy didn’t know what to say; suddenly one of the guys took out a knife and said: -I’m not going to repeat what I just said And when he was about to stab Tommy a gunfire was heard, the group of men began to run and Tommy looked behind him. It was the young girl who saved him and she said: -You shouldn’t be walking by yourself, come with me They walk to his old house and she said to him: -We are now in your old house, and it’s time to tell you about our plan. A few years back, US was still the most powerful country in the world, but once water and oil began to be a limited resource a war exploded and all the countries began to fight for this valuable resources, this lack of water and oil originated a shortage in food and fails in the electricity all over the country, so we had no other choice but to look after you and trust you this important work, you will have to raise awareness in the earth and prevent this awful future to happen.

Tommy nodded and said to her: -But why me? - He asked -Because someone like you, a regular guy like you, is capable of changing the planet if it commits to do it. Tommy was sent back to his house and he began with his work It is now year 2080 the pollution in planet earth doesn’t exist anymore, we have long rivers and we no longer need oil, we learned to live for the planet and all of this is thanks to a regular guy, a regular guy like Tommy.

Short Stories 9A