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A WonderfulBeginning María Paula Quintero Toro 8° B

A long time ago, when there was no sun, when men and forest were still one, a little girl named Anya had a disease that could not be cured. She was suffering a lot and everybody thought she was in her last days. Her mother loved her more than anything in the world. She would not believe she would die, so she wanted to fight and give everything until her daughter that day came. Anya’s mother plunged into a hard depression, and went to speak to the forest. Near the oldest sacred tree of their tribe she cried a lot. She asked the tree if he could save her daughter, she said that she just wanted one thing, for which she was and what she had done in her life. She just wanted to save her daughter even if she had to die. When she was leaving the place, a root began to move and touched her. When she felt the root, she could see the way to save Anya.

The next days, hetookAnyaand herolder brotherTintaio to the bluest lake that has ever existed. Anya did not stop coughing; she was so pale and had a high fever. The mother asked her son to get into the west bank with his sister and she went to the other side. When they were inside the lake, their mother took a knife and stabbed it in her heart. Tintaio was scared, and he did not know whetherto allowAnyato drownorgobyher mother, he did not know if the right decision would be to save his mother or leave his sister because she would die. When he wanted to leave Anya he saw the lake full of blood, the lake shone until he could not see anything. When the lake stopped shining, he could see his mother was not there and his sister was just like nothing had happened to her.

Anya grew up knowing about her mother’s sacrifice and in Titanio’s company. When she was fifteen years old, she went to the lake where her mother had died. When she was there, she went into the water, and when she was in the deep place she was so tired that she could not swim to the surface. When she was in the middle of her way, she was really tired. At that time, she thought she would die, so she began to move her arms and, whensheblinked, shewasonthesurface. She did


not understand what was happening. When she wanted to touch the water, the water moved; then sherealizedthatshe could controlthe water.

She ran to show this to the tribe. The leader, the wise man, told her that the only thing she had to be careful about was falling in love with the man who controlled some other elements because if that happened, the control of the elements would be finished, and nobody would take care of the forest. Anya nodded and continued her life.

When she was twenty, she went to take a walk in the forest. She saw the stars, the wonder of the universe, she saw a man, he was tall, and he had green eyes, brown hair, a beautiful face and a wonderful body. His name was Geranio; he saw her and her incredible beauty, she was unique. Theyapproachedand beganto speak, after atimethey kissedand spent all night talking. The next day, in the morning,each wentto their tribe, they werethinking about each other. Theycontinuedwith their meetingsevery day. After awhile,sherealizedhe controlled the element “earth�andhaditspowersbecausehis brotherhadsacrificedforhim because a bear wanted tokillhimand,he knewshe controlledthe water. They knewthey could notbe together; however, theycontinuedto have their meetings. A day aftera long time, andstill in love, they decidedto marry. They werefrom different tribes, so they had todoa ceremonywiththe twotribes. When the ceremony was about to finish, the people discovered the secret, and there was a war because everybody wanted to kill Anya or kill Geranio. They ran together, but when they were arrested, they kissed each other; a light appeared from the couple. They could see there was not a partner, but there was a big ball in the sky that shone and kept warm the place. After a few hours they saw the moon. This was the beginning of the sky.


The FirstForest Daniel SantiagoPiñerosLaverde 8° B

It was a long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place that perhaps you have seen in your dreams. For the story that you are about to be told… took place in the gods worlds of the ancient time. Now, you have probably wondered where forests come from. If you haven’t, I would say it is time you began! When the world was created, the gods of all elements united for something very special, a present for the great god, the god of gods, the largest, the oldest, the eldest god, his name was Alpha. The occasion was very special because it was his birthday number one hundred, one of the greatest god. All the gods of elements had different powers and names: Daniel, the water god; Diane, the ground goddess; Byron, the steel god; Volkner, the electricity god; Francesco, the fire god; Sarah, the air goddess, and Sophie, the wood goddess. Five of this seven elements lived in peace, but two of them did not. Byron and Francesco were very bad with the other gods. All gods started to bring ideas for the gift: Daniel suggested “ to make a big sea”, the biggest in the world full of fishes and beautiful sea animals, but no one agreed. Diane suggested “a very big plant that would grow in the ground”, but no one agreed either. Volkner proposed “a show with rays in the night”; Sarah exposed her idea, “a very big show too, but with air”. Sophie said “I want a big statue with wood”, but no one agreed with any plan. Francesco and Byron laughed for a long time because they thought that all plans were very foolish. The big day was near and the gods were very distressed because they did not know what gift they would give to Alpha. The day before the big day, Daniel had a great idea, he thought: “If we unite all our powers we can impress Alpha, we can build something new, something called …

called … forest!!” Then, he went to see the other gods, when he said the idea to the others, they agreed. For all the night, until the next day, they worked and worked and they made it very well. With Daniel’s water, Diane’s ground and Sophie’s wood, they made beautiful trees, one hundred one trees because those were the years that Alpha would be. Sarah and Volkner put other things to the forest. The forest was beautiful. But Byron and Francesco were jealous and they started to destruct all the forest with fire and lots of bad things. When all the gods saw this terrible destruction, they were very sad, but they were very angry too. Byron and Francesco did not see what they had done, and then they opened their eyes, they grieved with all and they learned that being evil and jealous was not good. They thought that they could help and they apologized. The other gods accepted and started to work (again), but this time with two new friends: Byron and Francesco. In the morning, Alpha was so excited about the gift, that the gods went to present him with it. Then, when Alpha saw the forest he did not say anything, but he was so enchanted and happy with his present, that he gave that present to all the world for all the people to be able to enjoy this beautiful gift. That is the story of the forest and how it was born… THE END

Short Stories 8B