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Catalina Pérez Rodríguez

Federico Cortés Páez

6th B

6th B

María Paula Castellanos 6th B

My dear fire …

You give me warm in the cold night When I look at you, i dazzle.

When you extinct, i became ashes. I am happy, when i am next to you.

You cook my dinner, in the kitchen and in the pot. When you are not here I dead of hungry.


Valentina Maldonado Olivares

Sofía Quintero Gaitán

6th B

6th B

The fire is the best

The fire is red, The sky is blue, my heart palpitate so fast, like sunrise of the ray The fire burns, with him left, I feel in flames it is hot!!! The breeze burns at same like the fire, it warms to the sun A wire to plug and I burn, it pains so much that, it scared and shout. I´ve got a boy friend, His name is Sun He warms, to me, He isonlylove.

María Fernanda Martínez Díaz 6th B

María Gabriela Rodríguez Sandoval 6th B


FIRE The fire is hot, the fire is passion, the fire is attitude, it makes me feel my inner strength.

The fire follows me, it feels free.

The fire is a legend, for its animal instinct. If someone tries to kill Will burn. Â

Poems 6b  

María Paula Castellanos 6th B Federico Cortés Páez Catalina Pérez Rodríguez when i am next to you. You cook my dinner, When I look at you, i...

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