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26-28th August 2010

Natural Products Expo Asia


Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre Hong Kong, China

Grow Your Business – Visit the Leading Natural, Organic and Healthy Products Sourcing Expo in Asia 26-28th August 2010

The Asia Factor: Why You Can’t Miss the Wealth of the Continent

ny casual read of the publications of a market research company these days would probably come across cheering news on the booming natural and organic market in Asia. Take the Organic Monitor article titles listed under the Asia online column – “India: Government Sets Ambitious Organic Export Target” (May 17), “The Philippines: President Signs Organic Agriculture Act” (April 19), “Thailand: Soya Milk Company Seeks Strategic Partners” (April 19)… the message is clear: Asia is a market - any company in the industry with potential for growth must be part of. Indeed, one is tempted to feel more than cautiously optimistic about the growing demand for natural and organic products in Asia. The aging population in many Asian countries has been seen by many as equipped with a formidable purchasing power. Asian consumers have a tendency to save money for their elder years. China, in particular, is expected to see its consumers change their saving habits and unleash spending power with the government’s universal healthcare expected by 2011. Conversely, foods scares over the past few years have also drawn the attention of Asian consumers to a healthier and even an organic diet and lifestyle. Since the 2008 Chinese milk scandal, there has been a substantial increase in the demand for organic milk and dairy products in China, as remarked by Terry Yu, the General Manager of the organic health retailer LohaoCity in Beijing and Shanghai.

Statistics tell us the potential for growth in the nutrition industry is strong across the globe. According to Nutrition Business Journal, the total sales of the global nutrition industry increased 8% to $270 billion in 2008, and sales are said to rise another 6% to 10% this year. Even countries that may be intuitively dismissed as lacking in market potential are now becoming major contenders. A case in point is Vietnam. According to Euromonitor International, a renowned provider of global business intelligence and strategic market analysis, despite a rather modest disposable income per household (US$3213 in 2008), the Vietnamese health and wellness consumer base is starting to build momentum, with double-digit annual growth rates recorded over the past few years in many food, beverage and OTC (over-the-counter) categories. Natural Products Expo Asia will help you tab into your growth potential as these figures and examples demonstrate immense opportunity waiting. Not only does the Expo bring you a diversity of ingredients and natural products to source, it is also an indispensable chance for you to interact with representatives from across all sectors of the industry, identify trends and devise strategies to gain success in the Asian market.

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26-28th August 2010


NATURAL AND HEALTH PRODUCTS BUSINESS Since the first edition of Natural Products Expo Asia, the event has attracted international exhibitors on an impressive scale from the natural, organic and healthy products industry. It is now widely regarded as the place where thousands of the industry’s most notable executives and buyers gather to source the latest products, learn the latest trends and exploring serious business opportunities. In 2010, the Expo boasts the participation of 275 companies from 17 countries.

Named as the “Spa Capital of Asia” during the AsiaSpa Awards 2009, Thailand has the most outstanding spa and wellness offerings in the region in terms of quality, quantity, diversity, authenticity of treatments, service and design. This year, 15 Thailand companies led by The Thai Spa Association will exhibit their unique and innovative products and technologies at Natural Products Expo Asia 2010.

A number of brand new zones categorized by product type have been created so you can easily locate the hottest products. Major pavilions include the Living Green Pavilion, Beauty Pavilion, Supplement Pavilion, Food & Beverage Pavilion, and Supply Pavilion.

A total of five Country Pavilions are formed for the 2010 show, including Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and USA .

A convenient location near the registration counter that will preview the newest product offerings from around the world.

Co-located with Natural Products Expo Asia 2010, Nutracon Asia is a high-level conference providing premier education for the health and nutrition industry.

Led by industry associations and trade boards, the buying delegates will be coming from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, as well as big cities in China like Guangzhou and Shanghai.

A cocktail reception held on the first night (26 th August 2010) of the Expo with delectable food and drinks. The reception will be the perfect opportunity to connect with professionals from all sectors of the natural and organic industry.

26-28th August 2010


Nutracon Asia is a premier conference for the health and nutrition industry. Covering key issues facing the development of supplements, healthy and functional food & beverage, organic and personal care products. Sourcing tactics, regulatory issues, marketing strategies, plus emerging trends will all be discussed and supported with case studies. Join our comprehensive workshop sessions complete with networking opportunities to maximize the potential of your business.

Four workshops will be held to address various topics related to the health and nutrition industry.

Partial List of Conference Speakers

Albert Leung

Business Development Executive Hong Kong Cosmetic Technical Resources Centre, Hong Kong

James Tonkin

President Healthy Brand Builders, US

Andre Leu

Daniel Tsi

Vice President GOMA and IFOAM Accreditation, Australia

Regional Director EAS Strategic Advice, Singapore

Lewis Luk

Rajeshwar B.Smarta

Founding President Hong Kong Brands Protection Alliance, Hong Kong

Conference Partners

Managing Director Interlink, India

Edward Wyszumiala General Manager Dietary Supplement and Functional Food Certification Programs NSF International, US

Sam Leung

General Manager H&S Solutions Limited, China

Ewa Hudson

Head of Health & Wellness Research Euromonitor International, UK

Selina Gan

Managing Director Country Farm Organics, Malaysia

Hui Hui Lim

Senior FMCG Research Analyst Euromonitor International (Asia) Pte Ltd, Singapore

Wai Mun Poon

Regional Regulatory Affairs Manager EAS Strategic Advice, Singapore

Huw Bowles

Chairman Organic Trade Board, UK

Zheng Wei-Dong

Director Foods and Cosmetics Testing Center of Guangdong, China

26-28th August 2010

PRODUCTS PREVIEW United States • Booth No.D12 Best Formulations

Hong Kong • Booth No.G15 Catalo Naturals Ltd.

Q-Best® is a patent-pending crystal-free CoQ10 softgel formula with the highest absorption and bioavailability of any CoEnzyme Q10 formula available.

Catalo FlexiJoint Formula offers effective and comprehensive care to joints. This premium natural formula relieves joint pain and fatigue, replenishes joint fluids, lubricates and promotes flexibility, and strengthens and repairs joint structures.

China • Booth No.G20

Aolv Agricultural And Subsidiary Product Co., Ltd. Our grains are safe and delicious. Stay happy and healthy as you dig into our rice!

Japan • Booth No.F01 Dr’s Choice Co., Ltd.

Dr’s Choice Co., Ltd provides unique made-in-Japan health foods, supplements, beverages and cosmetics.

China • Booth No.D01 Chengzhi Life Science Corp.

Hong Kong • Booth No.E22 ECOG Limited

The core technologies of our company are natural microbial fermentation, botanical extraction, premix and process technology. Its finished products include tablets, capsules, granules, paste, and liquid.

Aims to offer better ways to a healthy and sustainable living with the highest quality of certified body and skin care products. Let’s go green at EcoG Limited!

United States • Booth No.B07 Earth Friendly Products

United States • Booth No.B17 Coral LLC

100% Biodegradable, Neutral pH, No Synthetics, Kitchen and Bathroom All Purpose Cleaner.

Coral LLC is the largest supplier of coral minerals. We offer bulk material, finished products, private label, and custom formulations.

United States • Booth No.A02 FDC Vitamins LLC Hong Kong • Booth No.H10 OrganicLink Health Foods Co., Ltd.

We use only the purest raw materials for our vitamins, minerals, herbs, and food supplements. All raw materials are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure its purity, consistency, and maximum potency.

Since 1952, Mossop’s operates over 2,500 beehives involved in the production of various own brand honey, beeswax, propolis, etc., distributing products in New Zealand and other countries.

Chile • Booth No.F27 Nutra Andes Limitada

Hong Kong • Booth No.F02 Dr. Welllife Limited

Look good and live well with Welllife’s signature beauty and nutrition formula.

Through a cold press extraction process, an orange yellowish oil with a pleasant walnut taste is obtained from linseed (flax seed). One of the unique characteristics of this prodigious oil is the high proportion of omega 3 fatty acid in relation to omega-6.

26-28th August 2010

Korea • Booth No.E02 Fineco Ltd.

Holland • Booth No.F03 Frenchtop Natural Care Products BV

Silk-based All Natural Skin Care Lines is developed according to European guidelines, which are already highly recognized in countries throughout Europe and Asia. We provide a variety of products for men, women, and babies.

Hennaplus Long Lasting Colour guarantees an intensive, long lasting colour result with 100% grey coverage and the best possible care for your hair. All colours are free of p-Phenylenediamine.

Australia • Booth No.C11 Gen-Tec International

Gen-Tec Nutrition’s “ULTIMATE THERMO FUEL” has been designed for pre-cardio and weight training. Aims to assist energy levels with an emphasis on reducing bodyfat. This innovative product is in liquid form for fast, complete absorption.

Hong Kong • Booth No.G16 Fish / Vegetable Marketing Organizations

We support local farmers and fishermen for the marketing of their products, introducing to the public a full range of local vegetables and fishery products.

India • Booth No.F29 Girmes Wheatgrass

Girmes Wheatgrass – India’s leading wheatgrass powder (food supplement) brand since 1998. Own organic farm & HACCP certified unit located 300 Km. east of Mumbai. Welcomes dealers in all countries worldwide

Hong Kong • Booth No.G01 Great Eastern Healthcare Limited Hong Kong • Booth No.H14 Green at Heart

Our organic, natural and fine foods come mainly from Taiwan and USA. We have more than 100 food kinds, including dried fruits, nuts, biscuits, candies, cereals, grains, seeds, noodles etc. 超個百多種天然及有機食品,主要來自台灣和美國, 當中包括果乾、果仁、餅乾、糖果和麵條等。

Hong Kong • Booth No.G09 Gushen Edible Fungi (HK) Co., Ltd.

We provide 1st class health products made with valuable fungi such as cordyceps militaris, ganoderma lucidum (lingzi), coriolus versicolor, hericium erinsceoues mushroom, shiitake, etc.

Hong Kong • Booth No.B16 Herbal Path Limited

Hilde Hemmes’ Herbals provide a comprehensive collection of herbal cream, capsules and teabags, focusing on the strengthening of the immunity system, and promoting anti-aging, detox, and weight loss.

Australia • Booth No.C09 Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd.

Spa-Herbs was established in July 2001, with the aim of providing natural spa products with the finest ingredients in order to create satisfaction for our customers.

Our products help control hunger, minimize diabetes symptoms, prevent low blood sugar, and provide a continuous source of energy for even the most strenuous activities. Stabilize blood sugar for up to 9 hours!

26-28th August 2010 United States • Booth No.B15 Jarrow Formulas, Inc.

Jarrow FORMULAS ® QH-absorb ® has been clinically shown in humans to increase Co-Q10 levels up to 777% (6.14x) over baseline at 300 mg per day intake.

Hong Kong • Booth No.G04 Keystar Therapeutics Limited

Made of a natural blend of fine herbs, Magee® is the result of over a hundred years of collective clinical experiences that effectively relieves symptoms such as obesity and swelling.

Singapore • Booth No.F09 Incontech Pte Ltd.

SlimSpa is formulated through extensive research and development by leading experts in the market. For 5 consecutive years, SlimSpa remains the winner in the Slimming & Detox category in Singapore.

Hong Kong • Booth No.F16 Sealand Enterprise Ltd.

Yunzhi PSP, a unique product that alleviates the side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, such as poor appetite, pain, anxiety, vomiting and other undesirable symptoms.

Hong Kong • Booth No.B19 Life Nutrition International Co., Ltd.

Organic acai berries and pomegranate have been named as one of the most nutritious fruits the world over, loaded with high ORAC antioxidant power and rich supply of natural amino acids, omega fats, vitamins and minerals.

Taiwan • Booth No.F07 Ko Da Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

KO DA products are all extracted from herbs and contain various essential oils. The result is a high curative effect with a low dosage.

Australia • Booth No.C27 Mangrove Naturals

Rich in EFAs, Mangrove Naturals Purely Refined Natural Crocodile Oil has amazing abilities to penetrate and moisten aged, dry, cracked, itchy and irritated skin.

United States • Booth No.A26 National Enzyme Company

ZIP EX2 is an enzymatically enhanced energy product. It uses enzymes, B complex vitamins and herbs to combine the benefits of sustained energy. It is all natural and uses only non-stimulant ingredients.

China • Booth No.A10 Konzern US Holding Corporation

BeThin helps you achieve weight loss while maintaining normal blood sugar and lipid level. Suitable for people with hypertension, hyperlipemia and diabetes.

India • Booth No.G03 Millennium Herbal Care Ltd

INTELLEC is a natural brain function supplement that improves short and long term memory, enhances cognitive functions, and allays anxiety and stress.

Korea • Booth No.C16 Semo Co., Ltd.

Semo Squalene, made with squalene extracted from the liver of the deep-sea shark, delivers oxygen throughout the body, facilitates metabolism and helps boost the functions of the immune system.

26-28th August 2010

United States • Booth No.A16 Nature’s Plus

Korea • Booth No.G23 NeuMed Inc.

Source of Life GOLD represents the next quantum leap in whole food multivitamin supplementation with Acai, Resveratrol, Vit. D3, Vit K2, CoQ10 and over 120 whole foods! Recharge Your Life!

Composed of four herbs, ‘NEUBO HT008-1’ is clinically proven to improve memory and cognitive function, and also have demonstrated safety with no known adverse effects.

United States • Booth No.A08 Nordic Naturals

These easy-to-chew omega-3 fruit flavored treats provide omega-3 fish oil for healthy, happy kids, and a delicious taste for even the pickiest palates.

United States • Booth No.B27 Oregon Soap Company

Based in USA, we provide contract soap manufacturing in the forms of bars, liquid, and bulk liquid soap bases. USDA Certified Organic.

Hong Kong • Booth No.G17 Organic Life

Bioenergy Five Ganodermas Enzyme is formulated by the optimal pro rata of more than ten strictly chosen oriental herbs, vegetables, algae, and five strains of precious ganodermas. It is processed with advanced technology, pure culture, and probiotics like yeast and Bifidus longum.

Hong Kong • Booth No.E28 Organic Mama Ltd.

TrimTox 6 in 1 Formula (Enhanced Version) eliminates harmful toxic substances from your body in 8 hours!! Recommended by USA naturopathic doctors, it has slimming , fat-burning and anti-aging functions.

Taiwan • Booth No.F26 Oryan Co., Ltd.

ORYAN provides custom manufacturing, private labeling, and repackaging services. With OEM/ODM services, all your needs can be supplied via a strong supply chain.

Hong Kong • Booth No.E10 Surewit Profits Ltd.

IGB series are 100% natural with no parabens, no SLS, no artificial color, no harsh ingredients, no mineral oils and no animal testing. Be a Green Lady now.

Australia • Booth No.B30 Yarra Valley Snack Foods

Certified by HACCP, the highest independent food accreditation in Australia, Yarra Valley Snack Foods produces quality organic and gluten free products.

Taiwan • Booth No.H20 Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Green Gem® Chlorella, the king of Chlorella, is the best natural nutritional supplement for human consumption, boasting a high amount of chlorophyll, nucleic acids, CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor), high protein, dietary fiber, minerals, amino acids, and all kind of vitamins.

Hong Kong • Booth No.H01 Premier International Marketing Ltd.

You will be amazed by our Ladyship Essence Extracter performance; it produces higher fibre fruit and vegetable juices by extracting and preserving all essential vitamins & nutrients of the ingredients.

New Hope Natural Media (, a division of the Penton Media, Inc., is the leading media resource and information provider for the natural, organic and healthy products industry with print, in-person/event, and e-business products and services. Penton Media, Inc. is the largest independent business-to-business media company in the U.S., serving more than six million business professionals every month. The company’s market-leading brands are focused on 30 industries and include 113 trade magazines, 145 web sites, 150 industry trade shows and conferences, and more than 500 information data products. Headquartered in New York City, the privately held company is owned by MidOcean Partners and U.S. Equity Partners II, an investment fund sponsored by Wasserstein & Co., LP, and its co-investors. For additional information on the company and its businesses, visit

26-28th August 2010

Hong Kong is an international hub with a vibrant economy and a rich culture. Accommodation is both convenient and affordable. Here are some tips for planning your travel.

Discount airfare from Cathay Pacific is available for groups / delegations (at least 10 people per group / delegation).

Novotel Century Hong Kong, our official hotel, offers a special room rate at US$122 per night for our pre-registrants.

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Buyer Guide 2010  
Buyer Guide 2010  

Since the first edition of Natural Products Expo Asia, the event has attracted international exhibitors on an impressive scale from the natu...