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Types of Solar Systems Photovoltaic System (PV) Commercial

Utility - Converts direct sunlight into electricity right in the panel - Used in residential, commercial and large scale power generation - Less expensive and less heat/conversion losses

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Utility - Sunlight is used to heat up salts in the main tower to 400 -500 degrees - Used in large scale power generation - Less expensive and More heat/conversion losses

Concentrated Solar Panel (CSP)

Photovoltaic System (PV)

Residential Solar Installation  Grid Connected Systems  Grid acts as a battery for excess energy generated  Best option for markets with 80% or higher Grid Efficiency  Pros: Inexpensive  Cons: Grid goes down, PV goes down  Off Grid Systems  Needs batteries to store energy  Pros: Supplies power at all times  Cons: Expensive, requires sizeable space for batteries

Grid Connected System Panels


Distribution Box


Net Meter

Grid Connected Solar Layout

Grid Connected Solar Layout

Grid Connected Solar Layout • Solar panels installed on the roof PANELS

• DC to AC inverter installed close to the panels INVERTER


• Net meter replaces the existing meter • The new meter shows positive or negative depending on usage

Sun Light Hours In Sri Lanka - US department of international development - High sunlight resources for Sri Lanka

Product Line  Solar Panels by REC  Norwegian company with new manufacturing plant in Singapore  4th largest by market capitalization as of 30th June, 2012  Inverter by SMA  American/German Company  Biggest supplier for String inverters in the world  1.7 billion Euro in sales in 2011

REC Panels  They produce from silicon to wafer to

solar panels – complete system  Gradual degradation as opposed to high initial degradation  Proven quality for the past decades

Product Line – SMA Inverter  High Efficiency  Option of 3 phase or single phase  Comes with automatic power off switch if Grid shuts down

Online Monitoring

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