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Detached from Italy and geologically older, Sardinia has a magical story to tell. Between beautiful beaches, fascinating traditions, hospitable people and great food are listed here some of the secrets of this wonderful island that deserve to be discovered. Sardinia could correspond with the lost continent of Atlantis? This is an intriguing hypothesis formulated by many researchers. What is certain is that millions of years ago was a single block with Corsica and was attached to the European continent. Following drifted to North Africa going to occupy the current position. The oldest secret in this region concerns the so-called Tombs of the Giants, mostly concentrated in the inner part of the island. These structures consist of slabs of stone as high as 30 meters probably used for funeral purposes. The legend says that they were built by giants with supernatural powers, story that fuels his mysterious aura by the fact that at that time the construction techniques were underdeveloped. The second secret is represented by nuraghi, beehives stone scattered on the island, dating back to the Bronze Age. They can also be formed by towers 20 meters high, connected by a labyrinth of passageways. There is still debate about their purpose: they were fortresses, temples or meeting rooms? The Sardinia's nuraghe most famous is certainly that of Barumini, a small town in the south of the island: this site is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Taking into consideration the coast, Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp in the various episodes of "Pirates of the Caribbean", would surely have rejoiced in front of the vitality of the seas of Sardinia, overlooking caves, coves and often became witnesses shipwrecks, such as the one involved saw the Isonzo, a relic from the Second World War lying in the depths of the Gulf of Cagliari and so well preserved that divers can swim safely in the engine room surrounded by fishes. Another secret is definitely the underwater cave of Neptune, in Alghero in the north-west of the island: it has the distinction of being the largest sea cave submerged in the Mediterranean. The backdrop there are huge banks of coral rust mostly appreciated by local jewelers. Among the fascinating underwater world is certainly signaled the ancient city of Nora, the ruins of which are partially immersed in the sea. Used as a trading post by the Phoenicians in the eighth century BC, is now a destination for interesting diving expeditions through which you can also admire the

beautiful mosaic floors. Another fascinating secret of Sardinia regards the duration of life: here the average number of centenarians is twice the world average. What would all this be attributed? Some speak of particular genes, diet and other lifestyle miraculous. And speaking of diet, are noteworthy Cannonau wine, dark red, the quality of which would benefit the heart, saffron, rich in minerals and antioxidants, important component of some foods such as pardulas, the pecorino cheese, made from sheep's milk, rich in omega 3, the bread, leavened in the traditional way through a slow fermentation and promotes digestion, and even desserts can be healthy, such as those seasoned with bitter honey, local specialty with strong anti-viral properties. The isolation of Sardinia has consented to its flora and its fauna to evolve in a unique way. This explains the existence of some unique species such as the horses of Giara, a dwarf species that lives in the wild. Worth mentioning are also the mouflon (mountain sheep with large horns), the albino donkeys, of mysterious origins, and the monk seal, elusive creature who takes refuge in the bays of the Gulf of Orosei. At higher altitudes, Sardinia is also an important step for migratory birds among the 200 species that pass through the island should be reported flamingos, cranes and ducks. Finally, it is worth mentioning a colony of dolphins in Golfo Aranci allocated and monitored by the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute. If you avoid the resorts of Costa Smeralda, Sardinia can be cheaper than mainland Italy. An example: in Rome, a coffee with a croissant cost on average â‚Ź 3, Sardinia at least 1 euro less. Island buses are comfortable, airconditioned and the ticket price (about 1 euro) is cheap. The prices for vacation homes and Sardinia property for sale are advantageous, such as those proposed, for example, by Explore Sardinia. In Sardinia you can get from strangers but you can get away with one more friend: hospitality to strangers is in fact an important feature of the code of honor of the Sardinians. Perhaps because the pace of life is less frantic than elsewhere, the human aspect receives more attention. Land of great charm, the island is able to surprise you at any time of year: that's why it can be considered the idea of buying a house.

Why invest in a house for sale in Sardinia?  
Why invest in a house for sale in Sardinia?  

Land of great charm, the island is able to surprise you at any time of year: that's why it can be considered the idea of ​​buying a house.