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GRIFFITH PARK By Michael Kovalsky

While all of the rain we’ve had in Los Angeles lately has made driving a struggle, it has also made everything much greener than it’s been in years. Act now and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see much more than the dust and shrubs you typically see on a hike in LA! A great place to see the change to green is also one of the largest urban parks in the country and the second-largest city park in California: Griffith Park. The park covers over 4,300 acres and is full of attractions: an observatory that's free to the public, the Batman cave from the original series, the Greek Theater and, of course, the Hollywood Sign. Quick tip: be sure to check the schedule for the Greek Theater online before visiting. It’s better to avoid the park when they have an event because the time and stress from the traffic you'll deal with isn’t worth the trip. Surprisingly rugged for an urban park, Griffith Park will not disappoint the hiker in you. Come see the green during the day, or perhaps catch a sunset and explore at night. You’ll have the opportunity to see rabbits,

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deer, coyotes, skunks, and owls, though most of the wildlife comes out to play at night, so bring your headlamp. The nighttime views of the city are spectacular here, and most nights you can see downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and even the coast. The city lights give visitors a completely different perspective of the park, and it's well worth any anxiety you may have about hiking at night. There's one good hiking map out there by the city of Los Angeles which I’ve included on my website, www.exploremorenature. com/griffithpark. Please note that the park has very few trail signs, so it’s a great idea to print the map, highlight the route you plan to hike and bring it with you. Also on my website I've put together a brief description of the two best trails to take where you can see an amazing view of the City (like the photos in this article) while avoiding the crowds and the hassle of parking by the observatory. So make it an exciting date or bring your family and friends! Have a picnic with a view and enjoy a park that’s free to the public and not too far from your own backyard. Enjoy!


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March 2017 t Hill Section Life


Griffith park hill section life march 2017  
Griffith park hill section life march 2017