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The Town of Pike Road

The Town of Pike Road

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A quintessential Alabama “hometown,” The Town of Pike Road welcomes all to experience its well-blended mix of old and new.

Connected & Community-Focused Starting where Montgomery’s eastern side ends, the Town of Pike Road is a perfect snapshot of smalltown life, offering pastoral scenery and a more leisurely pace that feels a whole world away, yet is only minutes from all that the capital city offers. The Town of Pike Road is somewhat new; it was incorporated as a municipality in 1997. But a thriving community has flourished in the area for over 175 years. The old and the new are inextricably intertwined in the Town of Pike Road. Today, the area is growing again, drawing new families, those

looking for both the peaceful appeal of days gone by and the excitement of a reinvigorated town with fresh ideas. The Town’s sprawling meadows and woodland glens are dotted with over 35 unique neighborhoods, each with its own personality and including some of the region’s oldest settlements. The population of approximately 5,400 residents is diverse, with citizens across the demographic spectrum calling the Town of Pike Road home. A Proud Heritage In 1815, the arrival of three families — the Marks, Mathews and the Meriwethers —marked the beginning of the Pike Road community. They took to the area’s fertile land and began farming and were joined by other families who did the same. Soon, a small but booming town sprouted up at the intersection of the highly traveled Pike and Meriwether Roads.

A Prosperous Present Its ability to attract such a variety of people is proof of its appeal, and perhaps the town’s biggest asset is its commitment to preserving the past while planning wisely for the future. Small family farms and equestrian facilities maintain the town’s ties to its agricultural roots, as new businesses and new neighborhoods come to the area, creating a harmonious mix of yesterday and today. “Our motto is ‘welcome home,’” said the Town of Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone. “These words exemplify the spirit of this town and the feeling we try to convey to everyone who comes here.”

Kids Come First In keeping with the priorities and goals set forth by the residents of the Town of Pike Road, 2011 is the “Year of the Child” and will feature a variety of events and activities to celebrate kids and all that the town has to offer families and children.

A PROMISING FUTURE Since its incorporation, the Town of Pike Road has come full circle and is at a new crossroads, near the intersection of Pike Road and Vaughn Road, the location of the new Town Hall facility. To ensure continued prosperity, the Town of Pike Road allows citizen input to determine its direction and drive it there. One major priority is now being realized. In December 2010, the town established a public school system, with the first school set to open in 2015. The town also started the first phase of its Natural Trails System that highlights the beauty of its rural landscape and connects neighbors, family and friends. Phase I is a four-mile stretch of multi-use trails for walking, running and biking. When complete, the system will have over 30 miles of trails and form a loop around the town.

Who Knew? The original Pike Road community, and then the Town of Pike Road, took its name from one of two major thoroughfares in the area, Pike Road. The road got its name from the toll or “pike” that travelers had to pay to use it.

The Town of Pike Road “Year of the Child” Events July 4: Town of Pike Road Fourth of July Parade and Summer Fest. Families, neighborhoods and individuals are encouraged to decorate a float and participate in the annual parade, which begins at 10am at Pike Road Baptist Church. The Waters will host Summer Fest, and the gates open at 5pm. Summer Fest features games for kids of all ages and ends with a fabulous fireworks show after dark. August 4: Back-to-School Bash September 11: Grandparents’ Day Patriotic Art Show October 23: Town of Pike Road Founders’ Day Celebration and Fall Family Fun Day November 4: Fifth Quarter December 4: Town of Pike Road Christmas Tree Lighting

As published in The Montgomery & River Region Visitor Guide 2011

Town of Pike Road  
Town of Pike Road  

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