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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the City of Independence. Whether you are visiting for the first time or a returning guest, you will find that Independence is a place like no other. Let us help you plan your activities at the Visitors’ Experience Center located in the Historic Truman Courthouse on the Independence Square. We are eager to share with you our authentic American story told through Eileen Weir one-of-a-kind museums Mayor and galleries, walking tours, historic neighborhoods and local folklore, as well as our exceptional sports teams, hotels, shops and restaurants.

We’re happy you’re here.



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TRUMAN SITES CLINTON’S SODA FOUNTAIN 100 W. Maple • 816.833.2046 The site of Harry Truman’s first job, this is a privately-owned soda fountain and gift shop on the Independence Square. Hours: Mon-Sat 11am – 6pm, Closed Sunday


Visitor Center: 223 N. Main • 816.254.9929 Truman Home: 219 N. Delaware This was the home of President Harry S. Truman for more than five decades. During his presidency, 1945–1953, it served as the “Summer White House.” Guided tours are limited to 8 people. Tickets must be purchased at the Harry S Truman Visitor Center. Hours: 8:30am– 5pm, No Tours November 1 thru Memorial Day on Mondays. Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Year's Day Cost: $5 adults, ages 15 and under free

Clinton’s Soda Fountain

HARRY S. TRUMAN OFFICE & COURTROOM IN JACKSON COUNTY'S HISTORIC TRUMAN COURTHOUSE 112 W. Lexington • 816.461.1897 Jackson County's Historic Truman Courthouse on Independence Square is the home of the Harry S. Truman Courtroom and Office, Brady Courtroom, Jackson County Museum of Art, City of Independence Visitor Experience Center, and Jackson County Historical Society Local History Center and Bookshop. The surrounding grounds feature statues of United States Presidents Harry S. Truman and Andrew Jackson. Other markers commemorate pioneers, the Civil War, and migration west—Santa Fe, California and Oregon Trails—that marked Independence Square as their starting point. Hours: Mon-Sat 8am– 5pm Tours: Complimentary tours at 11am & 2pm

Jackson County's Historic Truman Courthouse

Harry S Truman Home


TRUMAN SITES HARRY S. TRUMAN LIBRARY AND MUSEUM 500 W. U.S. Highway 24 • 816.268.8200 or 800.833.1225 • Since its dedication in 1957, the Truman Library has welcomed nearly 8 million visitors and attracts approximately 75,000 people annually. Hailed as America’s “Best Presidential Museum” (Dallas Morning News), the Truman Library offers theaters, a museum store and dozens of interactive and hands-on exhibits. Step into a replica of President Truman’s Oval Office, test your presidential potential in the White House Decision Center and experience some dramatic moments in American history. The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum is one of 13 presidential libraries administered by the National Archives and Records Administration. Hours: Mon-Sat 9am – 5pm, Sun Noon – 5pm, Closed New Year’s, Thanksgiving & Christmas Days. Cost: $8 adults, $7 seniors, $3 ages 6–15, 5 and under free.



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Present ad to save $2 on 1 regular adult admission . One per party per visit; not valid with other discounts. May exclude special events. Exp 12/31/16 PROMO IND.VG

OPEN DAILY | $8 Adult, $7 Senior, $3 Youth (6-15)

816.268.8200 4

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Truman Depot



1111 W. Pacific

Main & Truman

This was the final stop on Truman’s 1948 Whistlestop Campaign. After leaving the Presidency in January 1953, he was welcomed home here by 8,500 admirers. Today, the depot is an Amtrak stop.

Beginning at the Truman Home Ticket Center at Main and Truman Roads, the 2.7-mile trail includes 43 plaques embedded in the sidewalks through the National Historic Landmark District. Brochures are available at the Truman Ticket Center and the Visitor Experience Center.


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City of 1990s, the In the early series of historic plans for a developed heritage e our rich to celebrat le walking trails and remarkab ble events of memora Historic Walking The Truman individuals. From humble of the series. eight Trail is one ed marking that envision life beginnings d with the sites associate 19. Bess Truman or nine principle into a Home Site the plan grew 610 North Delaware Truman, of Harry (Private) d of 43 stops. This stately old Burr trail comprise stood in the front Oak once comprehensive yard of Truman’s friends, Wallace Home homes of before that house the was replaced The sites include To walk by the two trees. present building and even city.and her in 1922. Bess Wallace associates around the parents lived trip on this site from is a healthy 1887 to 1903. entire trail Bess sites and her mother take in the to park and into the Gates/Wallacemoved all of You may want House at 219 N. Delaware you enjoy that year. e. We hope out of sequenc

26. Mize Peters 631 North Delaware House (Private) Built circa 1905 and home to several families before Mize R. Peters lived here from 1924 to the early 1950s. He ran store on the Courthousea drug Square.

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34. Noel House 409 North Pleasant 38. Minor House (Private) Large frame Queen 314 North Spring 41. George Anne Home (Private) built by Colonel 1885 Victorian Wallace House 43. Truman William F. house with Boyhood Hearne about a mixture of architectural 605 West Truman Home 1890 and sold Road by his daughter elements from (Private) to her niece, 909 West Waldo the Italianate, (Private) Maggie Noel Second Empire Bungalow built 1886 Queen and James Noel. and Stick styles. for Bess Anne home to The Noel family This two-and-one-h Truman’s brother, young Harry Truman retained alf George control of this for six house has a complex story Wallace, and years. The area property until his wife, mansard around this 1998 when it roof, gabled 1916. The property May, in house changed was donated dormers, from rural to was Preservation Renaissance to decorative bracket part of the Gates/Wallaceonce urban after the under the of Truman family Independence eaves and a wrap / Truman home left in 1902. The 20. Thice/Twa for resale with around porch. grounds. It is house was preservation chman The Minor family now owned by covenants. The changed with House acquired the the National the addition property was property in 1900 Park Service as totally rehabilitated made to the 618 North Delaware and the Minor part of Harry east end and in 1999 – 2001 sisters lived here S the Truman National removal of the This English Cottage (Private) by the present until 1982. Historic Site. wrap around owners. house was porch. What had built before 1916 28. Allen House been for the 39. garden DeWitt House 42. Frank and carriage McDavitt family 619 North Delaware Wallace house areas are who operated 35. Palmer 412 North Spring (Private) House now other home a drug company House Colonial Revival (Private) sites. on the 406 North Pleasant house with Italianate house 601 West Truman Courthouse a gambrel roof theSquare. The built in 1885 (Private) Road occupied by contact Queen Anne and home to ion Thice (Private) 44. frame family, several influential Homer Allen Harpie Club house with both practicing into the 1930s. ent a wrap around Independence For more informat lawyers, Bungalow built 101 North lived here for front Rehabilitated families in the for Bess several years. Tourism Departm Main as a single family Built about 1890, porch. 19th and 20th m Truman’s brother, (Upper floors home in 1998 centuries. Roger the house Independence private) Frank – 99. was occupied J. and Mary Mildred Wallace, and Independence by William 0 • www.visi 21. Bullene/Choplin DeWitt his wife, Natalie, Harmonicon Palmer, the SuperintendenL. C. occupied this in 1915. The (800) 325-789 Society met on House house for many 29. Spargo property was t of the upper floors House Independence years after 1935. once part of the Gates/Wallace of this building. 702 North Delaware Schools. Both 601 North Delaware Mary Mildred he The building by the and his wife, (Private) DeWitt purchased / (Private) Truman home Ardelia, taught was remodeled Apossible two-story Queen Split level ranch the Vaile grounds. made the and is Trumans. built enlarged Anne It Mansion is trail in 1968 house The Palmer family now owned by plaque. and began restoration around 1921 dating fromeach for Stanley and The walking the National for the Farmers 1887. Features Dorothea sold the house to prevent its listed on Park Service as and Merchants after spending demolition. She Spargo on the part of Harry of the donors many stained glass windows, Bank on the first site of the over 100 years left the Vaile S Truman National generosity floor. After the a corner tower, in it. It is estate to the earlier P.D. Bush Historic Site. bank closed, City a bay currently under home as part of Independence the building housed and a wrap-around window rehabilitation of Urban Renewal. after her for a drug store, a single family porch. death in 1983. It a confectionary Sited on a double home. the modern buildingsis one of store a paint corner lot. built store, a grocery after construction store and a 36. Jackson of 40. Trinity loan company 22. The “Neck” House Presidential Library. the Episcopal at street level. 300 North Pleasant Church Professional offices Delaware & Bess (Private) Truman Pkwy. were Built in 1873, 409 North Liberty located on the it was home to Refers to the 30. Duke House African-Americ upper floors. Nathaniel and n No. 1 Built in 1881. an neighborhood Annie The Boston 511 North Delaware Fire Statio that once in the early 1900s. Jackson architectural firm (Private) occupied this Frame Italianate He was an of Sturgis valley. It was electrical engineer house that was and Brigham OF PROPERTY. are credited with built circa 1885. that turned residents could for platted as the Hendrickson to bookkeeping The Hickerson in 2002 so the design of INDICATE LOCATION facilities Addition, Davis and later ran the early Gothic family, including ON PLAQUE again use the Place ARROWS s an seven once Revival and insurance children, the * Church. Local agency. It was performance Atkinson Addition lived in the house 112 West Lexington and between renovated in meetings, dances, until they left contractors William NO. 1 33 renovation 1973. 1858 and 1888 Independence events. The 1932 – M. Randall with small 1. Fire Station in 1914. By and athletic bear the name did the brick narrow lots that work, P. 1920, William expansion plans as presiding provided space 223 North Main B. Duke 37. First Baptist was did the foundation Morgan ian for the this building purchased the domestic help of Harry S Truman and J. W. Built in 1928, property and Church 7. First Presbyter Adams was the for building middle class use as the visitor lived there for carpenter. Harry judge. This families of renovated for several years, 500 West Truman Church and Bess were parts of all Delaware Street. National Park moved out and married here Road on incorporates center for the on McCoy Park then again Original section 100 North Pleasant courthouses June 28, 1919; Nier, S Truman National of the First lived there in Margaret the firm of and Bess Truman preceding brick Service’s Harry the 1940s. Parkway were Baptist Church Designed by Truman married 1832 to 1932. and builtcreated after was built in 1983 – 84. Clifton Daniel this site from the Truman Historic Site 1895 by the congregationin Hogg and Byram Christian on April 21, 1956 Library was located 31. Burrus and Mrs. House after the earlier to the by local contractors Truman’s funeral and building was 503 North Delaware W. Adams innorth. was held here 5. Truman 2. 1859 Jail destroyed by Yetter and J. in 1982. (Private) house fire. This building, three elaborate ’s Home Frame Italianate Barber Shop y Court Marshal r sited at the end house 1888. Features (Private) is one Count 23. Truman of the originalenhouse of n in gable ends. the older 417 West Maple was located houses on 217 North Main the Jackson LibraryJackso Pleasant Street, rose windows 16. Kelly/Etz shop & by Museum is an wing was Delaware, dating The original n House Open for tours Society. The Street. structure whenHouseimposing The education to the 13. Buchana Main 1870s. (Private) North US approached The Symington 24 Hwy & North (Private) at 214 the County Historical family lived from the south.426 North Delaware added in 1924. Delaware Home addition to 310 North Delaware house on the House Designed by It has hadfamily moved into here at the turn This brick shop made about Revival Gentry two-story brick 11. Truman several additions of the 20th The Kelly and was for the Spanish Colonial duplex for Voscamp and u House over thehome built for the Delaware century. By 1924, Miller Home as a years. Neild moved street was home 219 North 8. Bundsch this 1910 and Olney and Kelly built in 1926 her and their shop (Private) Somdal of Louisiana. by Bess Truman’s the two-story Charles and Sadie and 1965, Maple Bell family. NOEL HOUSE Buchanan Marshal Built Henry J. 601 West Baldwin the rear was Harry’s PorterfieldBurrus resided here. Mrs. Ella W. Massman J. Bundschu attached to GeorgeHe County deputy was Truman’s here. George stone jail is grandfather by Salvatore Built for Anton remodeled and was a Jackson father’s daughter and son-in-law, Pattifinishedattorney Doris was Bess’s in 1885. years. It is a The early 20th and companies built itGates and barber and and Ora C. Myers. of the house. in 1956 – 57. around 1890 sheriff for several brick addition to update and mother his son Rufus was Frances and In 1967, 1907 brothersattorney craftsman style hairdresser. a southernBess, for P. D. and Pearle century two-story the family after four square wingher for her grandfather’s Harry S Truman. Purchased by it less offices for offices and make a hipped roof was added and to who later deeded is now used moved the home and home that has l Building death the Bush in 1945 space and the courtyardStore Bundschu 32.the eaves. 6. Memoria Bridges House in 1904 after was daughters museum exhibit the gift shop. home Victorian. The with bellcast the enclosed in 1972. Upon his it to their twin is majoron thisAfamily 416 West Maple renovation and Sailors her father. 423 North Delaware (Private) Elizabeth Bush. original kitchen ofexpansion was built by in 1928. Soldiers and Harry Truman Virginia and ennings Square Prairie completed thewas Built as the Carl H. style in 2001.marriage to Bess, re in 1926, with east side of 17. Sawyer/J house Four Square House Elizabeth married They lived Drugsto The circa in.built Memorial Buildingas architect 1905 3. Clinton also moved House namefor the Burton Sapper Jr. in 1955. in (Private) Truman 24. the Tree family, Stewart House Alonzo H. Gentry as builder. but property sold 24 HIGHW Building remained in 9. Ginkgo 510 North Delaware deathbyinthe early teens, there until the AYas designed by 635 North Delaware the Joseph and M. T. Colgan E. Moore. 100 West Maple W. Clinton until Bess Truman’s Bridges family 611 West Maple Built in 1887 (Private) byEthe Sawyer served as a tree first 1992 to LaVonne owned by G. Ahistoric 1937 frame lived This building for the Aaron here. The It is now it closed house of Constructed fire A registered T. B. Smith ce that1982. as partBridges was center until ran a block after Service home Independen son, Lock H. grocery 24 HIGHW AY the community to the Stewarts National Park House store on the Square as a commercial 23 the marked by family. Aaron’s Truman, a World Truman for several e National earlier building for 14. Compton decades. 25 years in 1931.Byron the house to in 1996. Harry Truman S Club sold Delawar its and destroyed the Harry he A. Garden Stewart Sawyer, was a member oversaw 22 in the 318 North Drugstore old tree and was family of thisco-owner War I veteran, of the Stewart in 1906. Clinton corner Historic Site. City Council for 20 years. was fond of Frank Jennings on July 4, 1926. (Private) was doing honored by the Electric The family owned that itCompany dedication builder Robert 1920s. It was and relocated into often told it the house Choplin Built by architect and occupied early walks. and an the fire. attorney into the/1950s. County Historical on his with Complete restoration partner John 12. Leonard building after in 1913 a good job the Jackson n was completed L. McBride County for their W. Clements. rehabilitatio family in the 4. Jackson House Society in 1976 (Private) by the Sollars use in the T. 33.Delaware efforts. MILL Mitchell Courtho Dunn family 304 North 10. Joseph preservation House is one two-room 1910s; the 25. Sea/Hare 414small brick House d in 1995, it Polly Compton Pleasant (Private) House Built as a North Noland Rehabilitate 1920s and 1930s; The Italianate Queen Anne 633 North Delaware A good in 1853. Independence and 1970s. house Frame 216 North Delaware of the few brick in Cross in the 1960s front was added rairie 1937 over a 25-year(Private) Gable brick house craftsman/p two-story built circa of ConstructedTudor Revival houses remaining house 1908 example of to a number for Hiram the late 1850s built 1858. Home . 21ce. John W. Kerrwas in by the period betweenand Julie Independen Sea. style architecture to 1921, it family, but this house wasHe was a lawyer purchased prior 1880s, who the worked by families Ruebenfamily and as the Choplin B. manager Mitchell byby 20 House Harry Truman’s 1916. occupied lived in by of the Johnfrom 18. Bostian 24 (Private) He purchased It was 15. No Plaque Abstract Nolands, Sea Fred 70 years. interest 25 Anne over Shelton’s relatives, theCompany.It The 602 North 19Delaware the George forOtt Installed M. Hare family Queen 1994 when in the C. COLLEGE 1986. is now and in Sons purchased damaged Funeral Homeof 1900 through An 1887 frame26 T. Cooper house in the 18 by W. National Parkthis which collapsed because WALDO wallbecame 1951. front It was S out Mitchell and owned by that was built 27 Maria J. of Harrysold of the as part drainage problems Ott. The Mitchell home 28to family 43 foundation Service Hare in 2001. and was family lived Site. 17 widow who took in Historic herewas untilsuccessfully after 1954. and Truman National Fletcher, a 29 was sold through The house rehabilitated boarders. 16 30 in 1905. efforts. 31 community to 32the Bostians

his life, Presiden Throughout ere he ble pace everywh keep a fashiona love of walking his enduring went. To honor together n has put his hometow g and history, Trail. Consistin Historic Walking the Truman trail features ble sites, the ’s of 43 memora life of America places in the important the way are along t. Included 33rd Presiden friends of Truman’s and homes ve landmarks a descripti by s, each marked pace and associate ce. Harry’s its significan the sites, plaque noting to enjoy all been too fast l may have us for a delightfu you to join but we invite memory lane. trip down

Sites. our Truman

27. Fullerton House 627 North Delaware (Private) Frame home for the Abraham Myers family when first built in 1918. It changed hands twice more until it was purchased by the Fullerton family.



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LEXI Truman Preside ntial Museum & Library




*Brochure also available at





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Hours: Mon-Tue 9am–9pm, Wed-Fri 9am–5pm, Sat 1pm–4pm, Closed Sun



In 1926, this facility was erected through the efforts of Harry Truman and other civic leaders as a tribute to those who died in WWI. Renovated and rededicated in 2002, it serves as a War Memorial and recreation center. Included are Veterans Hall and video program, meeting and banquet space, plus an auditorium and gymnasium.


416 W. Maple • 816.325.7843



1 2 4 3 44




318 W. Pacific • 816.325.7575 • Discover the excitement, challenges and heartbreak faced by pioneers as they headed West during America's expansion in the 1800s. Independence was a starting point for several of the great Westward trails created by explorers. At the only museum in the nation that interprets five of these trails - Lewis & Clark, Santa Fe, California, Oregon and Mormon Pioneer - visitors will see authentic trail artifacts, read quotations from diaries, letters and journals kept by the pioneers, and engage in hands-on activities. Relive the drama where ordinary people, just looking to create a better life, dared to risk it all and ended up changing the world. Hours: Mon–Sat 9am–4:30pm, Sun 12:30–4:30pm Closed New Year's, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Cost: $6 adults, $5 seniors 62+, $3 ages 6 –17, under 6 free. Experiential History: Pioneering People & Path To Progress SATURDAYS, APRIL 23 - OCTOBER 29, 2016 (Except weekend of September 2-5) Hours: 10am-4pm Independence Square | National Frontier Trails Museum| 1827 Log Courthouse Chicago & Alton Depot | Bingham-Waggoner Estate | Vaile Mansion Embark on a journey, immersing yourself in the pioneer life of the 1840s in Independence, MO. Travel back in time to 1849 where gold was on the mind of thousands and the streets of Independence were bustling with wagon trains arriving and departing from the trails west. As the starting point of the Santa Fe, California and Oregon trails, we invite you to step back in time and encounter Independence as it was in 1849. Stand where American legends were made, ride a covered wagon, hear period music and interact with people of the past. The struggles. The dangers. The rewards. This is edutainment only Independence, MO can deliver. For more information visit

1827 Log Courthouse



PIONEER & TRAIL SITES 1827 LOG COURTHOUSE 107 W. Kansas • 816.325.7890 This wooden structure served as Jackson County's first courthouse from 1827 to 1836. It also served as a Mormon mercantile store and Harry Truman held court here in the 1930s. Hours: April–October, Mon-Fri 10 am–2pm. By appointment after 2pm

1859 JAIL & MARSHAL’S HOME MUSEUM 217 N. Main • 816.461.1897 • The dungeon-like cells of the 1859 Jail housed thousands of prisoners during the bloodiest time in Jackson County’s history. Hear the stories of the famous to the infamous, including Frank James and William Clark Quantrill. Experience pioneer justice in the 1859 Jail & Marshal’s Home Museum. An 1870s schoolhouse completes the site. Hours: Mon–Sat 10am– 4pm, Sun 1–4 pm, Closed November, January – March Cost: $6 adults, $5 seniors, $3 ages 6–16, under 6 free Holiday Tours: Day after Thanksgiving – December 30, Closed December 23–25 Cost: $6 adults, $3 ages 6–16, under 6 free

318 W. Pacific Independence, Mo 64050 (816) 325-7575 FRONTIERTRAILSMUSEUM.ORG



800.748.7323 • The driving tour includes five stops for the First Battle of Independence, one of the first urban battles of the Civil War on August 11, 1862. Ten stops for the Battle of the Little Blue on October 21 – 22, 1864 — a battle between 15,000 Union and Confederate forces. Call or see website to obtain a driving tour brochure.


Pick up outside 217 N. Main • 816.456.4991 • Be entertained by the Wrangler with historical tales while riding in a covered wagon or sleigh. Reservations recommended. Tours: April–November, Mon–Sat 9:30am-4:30pm. By appointment the rest of the year.


318 W. Pacific • 816.325.7955 • Built in 1879, the depot is believed to be the oldest restored two-story frame depot remaining in Missouri. The first floor contains a Waiting Room, Station Agent's Room, and a Freight Room, all restored to look as it did at the turn of the 20th century. The second floor served as the Station Agent's family living quarters and is totally restored and furnished with Victorian era period furniture. The building was moved to the National Frontier Campus in 1996. Hours: April – October, Mon, Wed – Sat 9:30am–4:30pm, Sun 12:30–4:30 pm, Open on weekends from Thanksgiving to Christmas Cost: Donations welcome


816.461.0065 • This is where thousands began their journey west and Harry Truman started his political career. Take a covered wagon tour or shop in more than 20 specialty and antique shops. Enjoy fine or casual dining at one of the many restaurants, a firstrun movie at the Pharaoh Theatre or a game of bowling at Diamond Bowl.




1333 S. Noland • 816.833.2955 One-of-a-kind museum pays tribute to the Victorian-era art of hair jewelry and wreaths with 300 framed hair wreaths and over 2,000 pieces of jewelry made of hair. In the 1800s, family members would craft these keepsakes from locks of their loved one’s hair. Hours: Tue–Sat 9am–4pm Closed Sun and Mon. Cost: $15 adults, $7.50 seniors 65+ and children 12 and under


1500 N. Liberty • 816.325.7430 • www. This 30-room mansion was built in 1881 by frontier business tycoon Harvey Vaile. Recognized as one of the finest examples of Second Empire Victorian architecture in the United States, the opulent estate boasted conveniences such as flushing toilets, a built-in 6,000-gallon water tank, and a 48,000-gallon wine cellar. Hours: Mon–Sat 10am–4pm, Sun 1–4pm, Closed November, January – March Vaile Mansion Cost: $6 adults, $5 seniors, $3 ages 6 – 16, under 6 free Holiday Tours: Day after Thanksgiving–December 30, Closed December 23–25 Cost: $6 adults, $3 ages 6 -16, under 6 free

BINGHAM-WAGGONER ESTATE 313 W. Pacific • 816.461.3491 • Built in 1852 along the 1846 alignment of the Santa Fe Trail, this magnificent home was once owned by George Caleb Bingham, famed Civil War artist. It was also home to the Waggoner family, founders of Waggoner Gates Mill, from 1879 –1976. Extensively renovated in the 1890s, it contains many original furnishings and accessories. Gift shop located in the Carriage House. Hours: Mon–Sat 10am– 4pm, Sun 1– 4pm, Closed November, January – March Cost: $6 adults, $5 seniors, $3 ages 6 –16, under 6 free Holiday Tours: Day after Thanksgiving – December 30, Closed December 23 – 25 Off Season Tours: Steve Schreiber - 816-304-8422 Cost: $6 adults, $3 ages 6 –16, under 6 free

Bingham-Waggoner Estate



Community of Christ Temple

COMMUNITY OF CHRIST INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 816.833.1000, ext. 3030 • The Temple and Auditorium serve as the international headquarters for Community of Christ, a worldwide Christian denomination with approximately a quarter of a million members. Audio tours available at the Temple for individuals and small groups: 30–35 minutes long. Tours conducted at your own pace. Auditorium: 1001 W. Walnut Designed in the 1920s, this green-domed building features a 5,600-seat conference chamber, a 113-rank Aeolian Skinner pipe organ and Children’s Peace Pavilion. Temple: 201 S. River Spiraling 300 feet into the air, this facility houses a museum, two theaters, a bookstore, a 1,600-seat sanctuary, multi-cultural artwork and a 102-rank Casavant Fréres pipe organ. Tour Hours: April –October, Mon–Sat 9am–4:30pm, Sun 1–4:30pm November – March, Mon–Fri 9am–4:30pm, Sat, 10am–4pm Closed Sunday Free Pipe Organ Recitals: September – May, Sun at 3pm June -August at 3pm daily Prayer for Peace: 1pm daily Cost: Free

HERITAGE PLAZA 1034 W. Lexington • 816.833.1000 • Includes the 1826 Flournoy Home and 1830’s FM Smith Study, spanning Latter Day Saint history in Jackson Country from 1831 to 1946.




This church sits on the original temple lot dedicated by Joseph Smith in 1831. Two originally inscribed cornerstone markers displayed in the Visitors Center were found in 1929 during an excavation for the spot of a proposed temple. Hours: October–April, Mon–Fri 9am–4:30pm, Sat 9am–noon May–September, Mon–Sat 9am–5pm


Corner of Lexington and Walnut, this is where President Truman announced that the U.S. would become a signatory to the United Nations. The only other Plaza in the world dedicated to the UN is located in New York.

We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.

Guided Tours Monday–Friday...... 9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Saturday...................10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Sunday......................1:30-4:00 p.m. (Apr.–Oct.)

All Are Welcome!

Organ Demonstration Recitals June–August ............ 3:00–3:30 p.m. Daily September–May ...... 3:00–4:30 p.m. Sundays Children’s Peace Pavilion Visit or Call (816) 521-3033 Prayer for Peace Daily....................1:00–1:15 p.m.

INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS River and Walnut Independence, MO

For more information

(816) 833-1000




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Mormon Visitors Center




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space in ed his home tailoring for Whitm trade. a Clay Count Alexander Donip er’s han, repute wrote, y lawyer of growin g “Peter Whitm make me er was a a suit of tailor and clothes.”

Lot 10 A popula r inn, the Noland House was located on the northwest corner of Main and Maple


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I emplo Liburn W. Boggs yed him to





held in this s hotel under house arrest while awaitin trial. Occas g ionally free Temple to walk Lot. Parley about the P. Pratt wrote, town, the forest but prisoners our enemi visited the es had since “When we saw and it now it last it lay was a noble Independenc desolate, or clothe robbed it of every vestige d with grass e we were of timber once or , twice invited and weeds…Whi le at to dine with Gener al



Beginning at Walnut and River, across the street from the Community of Christ Auditorium, the trail is one mile long with 14 plaques depicting key early Mormon sites. Brochure available at key sites. 15




*Brochure also available at

937 W. Walnut • 816.836.3466 •

Thousands of visitors tour the center to see how the early Latter-Day Saints pioneers came from the east to the frontier lands to establish their communities. Re-creations of an 1830’s cabin and the first printing press west of the Mississippi River are presented. Hours: Free guided tours daily from 9am–9pm

MORMON VISITORS’ CENTER Free guided tours daily

9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

See how the early Latter-Day Saints pioneers came from the east to the frontier lands to establish their communities. Re-creations of an 1830s cabin and the first printing press west of the Mississippi River are presented.

937 W. Walnut






Center for the Study of the Korean War 1401 W. Truman on the Graceland Campus • 816.833.0524 ext. 4303 Hours: By appointment Mon–Fri 8am–noon


112 W. Lexington, Room 103 Independence Square Courthouse • 816.252.7454 • Hours: Mon–Fri by advance appointment


318 W. Pacific at the National Frontier Trails Museum • 816.325.7575 Discover the accounts of your pioneer ancestors at the Mattes Research Library. The library contains thousands of original diary accounts of emigrants who traveled the Oregon, California, and Santa Fe Trails in the 1800s. Maps, photos, and secondary resources further enhance your research. Hours: By appointment during regular hours at the Trails Museum


3440 S. Lee’s Summit Rd. • 816.252.7228 • As the largest free-standing public genealogy facility in the nation, MGC has more than 750,000 free resources, complimentary programs, ancestor charts plus assistance from our librarians to help you begin to research your family’s history. Visit our website in advance to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with a genealogy consultant. Hours: Mon–Thur 9am–9pm, Fri 9am–6pm, Sat 9am–5pm, Sun 1–5pm, Closed holidays


Unique. Locally-Owned. 816.461.0065




quare S e h t o t Round Come a truman 6 3 10 16








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kansas 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

BeHereNow Café Verona Clinton’s Soda Fountain Courthouse Exchange Diamond Bowl El Pico Mexican Restaurant Gilbert, Whitney & Co. Ophelia’s Restaurant & Inn

11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Poly’s Soda Pop Primary Colors Gallery Studio on Main Square Pizza UpDog Wild About Harry Yogurtini

9 Main Street Coffee House 10 Pharaoh Theatre





Historic Sites & Attractions 1. Harry S Truman National Historic Site Visitor Center 2. 1859 Jail & Marshal’s Home Museum 3. Pioneer Trails Adventures 4. Clinton’s Soda Fountain & Gifts 5. Historic Truman Courthouse/ Visitor Experience Center 6. 1827 Log Courthouse 7. Bingham-Waggoner Estate 8. National Frontier Trails Museum 9. 1879 Chicago & Alton Depot 10. Truman Depot 11. Puppetry Arts Institute 12. Mormon Visitors Center 13. Community of Christ Auditorium 14. Church of Christ Temple Lot (Temple Lot Historic Marker) 16


15. Community of Christ Temple 16. Truman Home (buy tickets at site #1) 17. Noland Home 18. Harry S Truman Library & Museum 19. Vaile Mansion 20. Pioneer Spring Cabin 21. Leila’s Hair Museum 22. To I-70, Independence Center Shops, Hartman Heritage Conference Center and Silverstein Eye Centers Arena 23. Midwest Genealogy Center 24. Englewood Arts District 25. Truman Memorial Building 26. Heritage Plaza



23RD ST. TO M-291




Be Here Now

HISTORIC INDEPENDENCE SQUARE Main, Lexington, Maple and Liberty 816.461.0065

Twelve restaurants, more than 20 gift and specialty stores and antique shops.


18801 E. 39th located at I-70 and M-291 816.795.0770 • Features 150 stores, restaurants, & contemporary shopping in a climate-controlled mall.


Winner Rd. and Sterling Ave. • 816.254.9044 The Englewood Arts District is home to locallyowned art galleries, shops and dining. The Puppetry Arts Institute is also here. Every 3rd Friday at the Englewood Art Walk, dozens of shops open their doors throughout the evening, displaying visual and performing arts.





39th St. and Crackerneck Rd.


40 Hwy. and Little Blue Parkway 913.648.6900

EASTLAND CENTER M-291 and 40 Hwy.


Jackson Dr. and Little Blue Pkwy.


Hub Drive North of 23rd St. • 816.325.7843 Features a lazy river, three water slides, interactive family pool, climbing wall and lap pool. Summer Hours: Monday – Friday noon – 8 p.m. Saturday – Sunday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Holidays 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Cost: $9 adult, $7 youth/senior, under 2 free with paid adult


1601 S. Speck • 816.325.7115 • 86 acres of forest, lakes, hiking trails, campground, family picnic area, rain gardens, pavilion and wildlife. Seasonal exhibits in nature center. Hours: Operational hours change seasonally. Call for more information.


201 N. Dodgion St. • 816.325.7370 41 parks and facilities with sports, classes, workout equipment, programs and activities for young and old.

FAMILY TIME Paradise Park is a 15 acre indoor and outdoor Family Entertainment Center for guests of all ages. We are focused on creating a safe, clean and fun environment that is everchanging in themes, events, and activities throughout the year. So each time you visit with your kids, grandkids, friends, and coworkers, the experiences are fresh… but the memories will last forever.

1 FREE Adult Discovery Play Area Admission w/ purchase of a child admission. Not valid w/ any other discounted offer. Exp. 12/31/16 IVG

$5 OFF Indoor/ Outdoor Not valid w/ any other discounted offer. Exp. 12/31/16 IVG


1021 NE Colbern Rd. • Lee’s Summit, MO 64086 816-246-5224 •



19100 E. Valley View Pkwy • 816.442.6100 • More fun for your money! Whether it’s a hockey game, soccer game, concert or ice skating outing, there’s no better place for sports, entertainment and recreation than Silverstein Eye Centers Arena. Located just off of Interstate 70, Highway 40 and MO 291, Silverstein Eye Centers Arena always delivers fast-action excitement, first-class amenities in a family-affordable environment. Additional information about upcoming events or to purchase tickets visit the Silverstein Eye Centers Box Office at Independence Events Center, call 800.745.3000 or visit For tickets to Missouri Mavericks, call 816.252.7825 or visit www.missourimavericks. com. For tickets to Missouri Comets, call 816.478.2255 or visit For concert tickets, call 800.745.3000 or visit


Little Blue Trace Walking Trail is accessible from Hartman Heritage Center, Eastland Center and Little Blue Parkway (I-70 and Little Blue Parkway) and extends north to Blue Mills Road (just north of 24 Highway). The pedestrian and bike trails are approximately 14 miles long.

2100 S. Hub Dr. Independence, MO



• Monthly Puppet Shows • Special Exhibits • Hazelle Rollins Puppet Museum • Daily Puppet Making Workshops • Gift Shop & Puppet Parts ★ Birthday Parties ★ 11025 E. Winner Road Independence, MO 64052 “In Englewood”

8 1 6 .833.9777


11025 E. Winner Road • 816.833.9777 Located in the Englewood Arts District, Puppetry Arts Institute is the home of marionettes created by the renowned puppet manufacturer Hazelle Rollins. Unique museum exhibits plus daily puppetmaking workshops and monthly shows. Hours: Tue-Sat,10am-4pm Cost: $6 for show, $7 for workshop Museum Tour Only: $3 for adults; $1.50 for children under 16

Puppetry Arts Institute


1001 W. Walnut • 816.521.3033 The Peace Pavilion is a unique interactive children’s museum designed to teach concepts of peace through creative, fun, developmentally appropriate learning activities. Every element in the museum is designed to empower children to incorporate peacemaking skills into their everyday lives. Allow 1-2 hours. Hours: Open admission on Wed and Fri. Reservations by appt for groups, scout troops and families Mon, Tues, Thurs, and weekends. Call 816-521-3033 or email to make an appt. Visit for current hours of operation. Closed most U.S. holidays. Cost: Free (donations are accepted and are tax deductible)


RECREATION & ENTERTAINMENT Other Regional Recreation JACKSON COUNTY PARKS+REC 22807 Woods Chapel Blue Springs, MO 64015 816.503.4800

Over 22,000 acres of land and water recreation including hiking, boating, beaches and historical sites.

2100 S. Hub Dr. 2100 S. Hub Dr. Independence, MO Independence, MO



Little Blue Trace Trail


816.373.2800 • 13710 E. 42nd Terr.


816.373.8300 • 4141 S. Noland Rd.


816.254.0100 • 800.WESTERN 4048 S. Lynn Court Dr. (see ad on page 33)

COMFORT SUITES 816.373.9880 • 800.4CHOICE 19751 E. Valley View Pkwy.

CROSSLAND ECONOMY STUDIOS 816.350.2151 • 800.EXTSTAY 14800 E. 42nd St.

DAYS INN 816.340.6365 • 13712 E 42nd Terrace S.



CLOSE TO KC. FAR FROM ORDINARY. As the newest addition to Stoney Creek Hotels — this spacious urban lodge offers a whole new kind of hotel experience that offers many beautiful guest rooms and suites that provide a warm woodsy feel and modern rustic decor. With complimentary wi-fi and hot breakfast, we look forward to your next stay at Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center! DID YOU KNOW? Stoney Creek has 31,000 sq. ft. of space perfect for meetings and events. Call us today to book your event!

18011 Bass Pro Drive, Independence, MO | 816.908.9600 |




816.313.1200 • 10301 E 40 Hwy.


816.795.9393 • 800.378.7946 20300 E. 42nd Street S.


816.795.1616 • 888.236.2427 18700 E. 37th Terr.


816.833.0880 • 15912 E. 24 Hwy.


816.836.0292 • 877.836.0292 200 N. Delaware


RESIDENCE INN BY MARRIOTT 816.795.6466 • 888.236.2427 3700 S. Arrowhead Ave.


816.994.2700 19400 E. 39th Place S.

STONEY CREEK HOTEL 800.659.2220 18011 Bass Pro Dr. (see ad on page 24)

SUPER BUDGET INN 816.373.7500 15014 E. 40 Hwy. KC, MO 64136

816.350.3000 • 877.STAYHGI 19677 E. Jackson Dr. (see ad on page 23)




816.795.8889 • 866.631.6331 19901 E. Valley View Pkwy. www.hiexpress/

816.350.7816 • 800.4MOTEL6 4142 S. Noland Rd.

816.833.1888 • 800.800.8000 4032 S. Lynn Ct. Dr.


816.373.8856 • 800.4.CHOICE 4200 S. Noland Rd.



Ophelia's Inn

Bed & Breakfasts


816.220.2820 • 2200 S. Crenshaw Rd. Vineyard-winery setting, full breakfast, Satellite TV (see ad on page 31)




816.252.2607 • 1 Hawthorne Place (see ad on page 31)

816.886.5656 1212 W. Lexington Ave.




816.461.4525 • 201 N. Main

Bed & Breakfast

816.833.4719 • 800.203.4299 116 S. Pleasant 816.838.9508 1114 S. Noland


816.254.1815 • 888.254.3750 (reservations) 406 S. Pleasant

Our 1856 home features four beautifully appointed rooms as well as a secluded cottage. The Inn blends the elegance of a bygone era with the comforts of today.

1114 S. Noland Rd., Independence, MO 64050 • 816-838-9508 • 26


CALENDAR OF EVENTS Information is subject to change. For current dates and event information, go to

SECOND SATURDAYS Etsy at the Exchange

The Exchange Event Space Join us second Saturdays on the Square for a fun, free event featuring more than a dozen local Etsy shops – all under one roof. Meet the artists and designers, while you find great deals! We’ll also have refreshments for purchase and special offers from Square restaurants and retail shops. Hours: 10am-2pm Cost: Free


Truman Library and Museum 500 W. US Hwy 24 816-268-8200 * Temporary Exhibit: "A More Perfect Union: How Critical Presidential Elections Reshaped the Constitution." Hours: 9am-5pm

APRIL SATURDAYS, APRIL 23 THROUGH OCTOBER 29, 2016 Experiential History Program: Pioneering People

Except weekend of September 2-5 National Frontier Trails Museum 318 W. Pacific • 816.325.7575 See page 6 for details Cost: Regular Museum admission applies

7 • Girls Day Out on the Square

Independence Square • 116 W. Lexington 816.461.0065 • Hours: 4pm-8pm


Truman Library and Museum 500 W. US Hwy 24 816-268-8200 * Hours: 11am

LEGENDS WERE MADE HERE. Retrace Their Steps.

“Queen City of the Trails,” was host to more than 400,000 travelers seeking gold, religious freedom or new lives out west. Stand where their fate was unknown, retrace their steps and hear how American legends were made. Find YOUR Independence.



Truman Library and Museum 500 W. US Hwy 24 816-268-8200 * Hours: 11am

8 • Truman Birthday Celebration/ Buck Days

Truman Library & Museum 500 W. U.S. Hwy. 24 816.268.8200 • Open at 8:30 am, wreath-laying at 9 am, "President Truman" from 1:30 - 3:30, birthday cake at 1:30 until it's gone. Cost: Free admission for the wreath laying; $1 admission (Buck Days) rest of the day.


11 • Family Fun Day National Frontier Trails Museum 318 W. Pacific • 816.325.7575 Step back in history to explore three different historic encampments: kids crafts and games. Outside activities free, inside activities with museum admittance. Hours: 9am-4:30pm

25 • Breakfast & Blooms at the Bingham Bingham Waggoner Estate • 313 W. Pacific 816.461.3491 • Enjoy a hearty breakfast beginning at the Bingham-Waggoner Estate and take a garden tour around the Independence-KC Metro Area. Live music. Hours: Breakfast 8am-10am, Garden Tour: 10am-3pm Cost: $11 Breakfast only; $25.00 Breakfast & Garden Tour



Hours: 9pm Cost: Free

Pharaoh Theater Parking Lot

4 • Strawberry Festival

Hours: 9pm Cost: Free

Pharaoh Theater Parking Lot

Vaile Mansion • 1500 N. Liberty 816.325.7430 • 100 booths of antiques, crafts, flowering plants, with treats made from more than 600 pounds of strawberries; live music and carriage rides. Hours: 9am-4pm Cost: Free admission to grounds of the mansion. Tours are $6 (Seniors are $5, Students $3) and begin at 10am.

10 • Wine & Brew Walk

Independence Square • 116 W. Lexington 816.461.0065 • Hours: 6pm-9pm


SATURDAYS, JULY 2, 9, 16, 23, 2016 Frontiers Outdoor Theater Production National Frontier Trails Museum 318 W. Pacific • 816.325.7575 See page 6 for details Weather permitting. Time: 8pm Cost: Regular Museum admission applies

9 • 29th Annual Antique & Craft Fair

Bingham Waggoner Estate • 313 W. Pacific 816.461.3491 • 125+ vendor booths. Hours: 9am-4pm Cost: Free admission



CALENDAR OF EVENTS 14-16 • Dog Days of Summer Sale

Independence Square • 116 W. Lexington 816.461.0065 • Hours: 10am-6pm

12 • Updog Hot Dog Eating Contest

Independence Square Pharaoh Theatre Parking Lot 816.461.0065 • Benefiting Boys & Girls Clubs. Hours: 7pm Cost: Call for entry info

SEPTEMBER 2-5 • 44th Annual Santa-Cali-Gon® Days Festival presented by The Independence Chamber of Commerce The Independence Square 800.748.7323 • 816-252-4745

500 craft and 50 food booths, music, and carnival. Cost: Free to attend

10 • 4th Annual "Independence Uncorked" Wine Festival

Bingham Waggoner Estate • 313 W. Pacific 816.461.3491 Hours: 1pm-6pm

SATURDAYS, SEPTEMBER 10 THROUGH OCTOBER 2016 Experiential History: Path to Progress

Bingham Waggoner Estate • 313 W. Pacific 816.461.3491 • Vaile Mansion • 1500 N. Liberty 816.325.7430 • See page 6 for details Cost: Regular Museum admission applies


FRIDAYS: OCTOBER 7, 14, 21, 28 Ghost Tours

Independence Square 816.461.0065 • Experience a “ghostly” tour of the 1859 Jail, Marshal’s Home and Museum plus a covered wagon historical live narrated tour sharing ghost stories and yarns of haunted places on the historic Independence Square. Hours: 7pm & 8pm Cost: Tickets Required

14, 15, 21, 22 • Enchanted Forest George Owens Nature Park 1601 S. Speck Rd. 816.325.7370 • 816.325.7115

Kid-friendly event held on the trails at the park. Effie the Forest Fairy welcomes you before beginning the walk on the trail with short vignettes set along the way. End with a hayride by the parks lakes. Hours: 7pm-9pm Cost: $3 per person

20 • maSQUAREade GALA Auction Fundraiser

Independence Square • 116 W. Lexington 816.461.0065 • The Independence Square will host its 2nd Annual Piccadilly Auction/Fundraiser. Enjoy dinner from one of our restaurants, live auction, wine tasting, door prizes, raffles, and mask contest! Hours: 6pm-9pm Cost: $25, Reservations required

29 • Halloween Parade & Trick or Treat on the Historic Independence Square presented by The Independence Chamber of Commerce

816.252.4745 • 816.461.0065 • Trick or treating followed by a parade. Times TBA.

6 • Girls Night Out

Independence Square • 116 W. Lexington 816.461.0065 • Hours: 4pm-9pm



Bingham Waggoner Estate • 313 W. Pacific 816.461.3491 •

Independence Square • 116 W. Lexington 816.461.0065 •

Hours: Closed Dec. 23-25

Hours: 10am-6pm

11/29-12/30 • Spirit of Christmas Past

26 • Shop Small Saturday

1859 Jail & Marshal’s Home Museum 217 N. Main • 816.461.1897 •

Independence Square • 116 W. Lexington 816.461.0065 •

Hours: Closed Dec. 23-25

Hours: 10am-6pm

11/25-12/30 • Vaile Christmas Tours

18 • Square Holiday Tree Lighting

Independence Square • 116 W. Lexington 816.461.0065 • Mule-drawn sleigh rides from Noon-6pm around the Square with Pioneer Trails Adventures for a fee. Free children's Christmas activities in the Kid’s Winter Wonderland area from 3pm-5pm. Santa from 3:30pm-5pm. Hot kettle corn, hot cocoa, and more will be sold.Strolling carolers will entertain the crowd from 4pm-5pm. Program will begin at 5pm followed by the Tree Lighting Ceremony.

18-19 • Best Little Arts & Craft Show in Independence Roger T. Sermon Community Center SE corner of Truman & Noland Rds. 816.325.7370

Shop the four floors of the Sermon Center filled with over 120 vendors. Hours: Nov. 18: 10am-7pm, Nov. 19: 10am-6pm Cost: Free to attend


11/29-12/30 • Christmas Tours


Vaile Mansion • 1500 N. Liberty • 816.325.7430 Hours: Closed Dec. 23-25

DECEMBER 3 • Champagne & Chandelier Christmas Event

Vaile Mansion • 1500 N. Liberty • 816.325.7430 Victorian Mystery Masquerade Hours: 5:30pm-8:30pm Cost: Call for admission info

4 • Twilight Tour

Bingham Waggoner Estate • 313 W. Pacific 816.461.3491 • Open to the public. Live music, refreshments. Hours: 4pm-7pm Cost: $6 per person


Independence, Missouri 2016 Visitors Guide  

Welcome to Independence, MO

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