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Innovation has become something of a buzzword in recent years. Whether it’s a reference to tech start-ups like Facebook or Instagram, a new design on some sort of common product or nothing more than lip service, companies today are putting renewed focus on developing the next big thing. And it’s easy to see why in an age when technology is so rapidly building upon itself. So it’s exciting to see companies that have truly innovative ideas at the ground floor. In the June 2015 issue of Exploration World, readers will be introduced to an innovator called LiquiGlide, the company that could soon be involved in some way in nearly every facet of their lives and could soon save the oil industry billions of dollars. In addition to Exploration World’s look at this ground-breaking company, readers will learn some of the nuances of recruiting the right people for project commissioning, all before meeting the top 10 E&P companies in the world. It’s my sincere hope that someone reading this is the next great innovator, so in addition to enjoying this magazine, please be inspired. World and as always, please enjoy.

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6 Processing and Refining

LiquiGlide and the Innovation to Save the O&G Industry Billions

14 Business & Operations

The Nuance of Finding the Right Talent

24 Top 10

E&P companies from the past year

USA 32 Petro Star

MIDDLE EAST 40 Specialist Services

AFRICA 50 Nigerdock

BRAZIL 78 Karoon Oil & Gas




June 2015

TOP 10 E&P Companies from the past year

24 40 Specialist Services


Petro Star

78 Karoon Oil & Gas




With a first-of-its-kind technology, Liq massively reduce opex throughout th W R I T T E N B Y: I A N H A N N E R

6 June 2015


quiGlide is set to he industry.


PROCESSING & REFINING AS WE MOVE further into the digital age, the pace at which truly groundbreaking companies come along seems to be speeding up. Call it exponential growth or the “Law of Accelerating Returns,” as inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil penned, but technology does seem to build upon itself. While everything starts with an idea, the capabilities that modern technology brings to an aspiring inventor are unparalleled by any century past. So how often can we expect to see an innovative company like Google make a splash? “We’d really like to become the next Google of the materials space,” said Dave Smith, inventor of LiquiGlide and CEO of the company by the same name. “We think we have one of the most groundbreaking materials or coating technologies in the last several decades.” LiquiGlide seems elegantly simple at a glance, but the science is basic. In a nutshell, LiquiGlide is a range of patented substances made from natural sources that impregnate solid surfaces and create a microscopic buffer of fluid between the surface and the material resting on it. In that sense, materials resting on a surface don’t 8 June 2015


technically make contact, but rather glide just above it— hence the name. Visually, LiquiGlide— or more technically the observable effect of LiquiGlide— looks very similar to various hydrophobic sprays that have gotten popular over recent years, shooting beads of water off of flat surfaces and preventing shirts or shoes from getting drenched in the rain. But according to Smith, there is much more to this new technology. “It’s not as simple as it looks,” he said. “I’d say it’s an elegant solution, but it’s not a simple solution. The idea of trapping a liquid inside a textured surface is not new, but those surfaces usually aren’t slippery. We figured out how to make this stable, or how to make a liquid-impregnated surface slippery beneath another product.” Smith developed LiquiGlide as a PhD student at MIT. With help from his professor— and LiquiGlide cofounder— Kripa Varanasi, Smith created LiquiGlide for applications in the oil and gas industry, though the larger implications of the technology became apparent quite quickly. In an effort to raise awareness and funding, as well as to potentially expand into other prospective industries, Smith

E A N D T H E I N N O V AT I O N T O S A V E T H E O & G I N D U S T R Y B I L L I O N S

LiquiGlide demonstration

coated the inside of a ketchup bottle to demonstrate the way solid-state materials would behave on LiquiGlidecoated surfaces. It didn’t take long for a 15 second video of the ketchup bottle in action to go viral and that’s when inquiries from consumer packaged goods companies started flooding in. Seeing an opportunity, Smith and Varanasi founded LiquiGlide Inc. in August 2012, with more than 2,000 inquiries from prospective clients at that point. In the time since, the company has fielded a huge volume of inquiries from interested parties, many interested in

uses that neither Smith nor Varanasi had pictured. In the oil and gas industry, a very large portion of operations has to do with the movement of liquids through enclosed spaces, be it up a well or through a pipeline. In fact, preventing clogs in oil and natural gas pipelines was the specific purpose that LiquiGlide was originally invented for. So it made perfect sense when Smith said that LiquiGlide was already in talks with many of the largest oil companies worldwide (though he was unable to be specific due to nondisclosure agreements).



LiquiGlide has the potential to dramatically reduce the amount of energy used to transport oil, among countless other uses. “In a very plain-terms overview, we can help things to slide or flow through pipes very easily,” Smith said. “There are lots of viscous materials that take a lot of energy to pump through pipes. We can create self-cleaning surfaces. As you can imagine, there are tons of sticky materials in the oil industry. The surfaces have to be cleaned frequently and they’re very messy.” Estimates on the impact of blockages and buildups in pipe systems tend to vary to a degree, but put simply, LiquiGlide seems poised to save the industry billions of dollars in maintenance and upkeep costs. Then 10 June 2015

there’s the flowability aspect. Many heavier oils tend to resist flowing through pipelines, meaning operators have to use a lot more energy just to keep the oil moving. Even more extreme is bitumen, such as what’s developed in the Canadian oil sands, which can be nearly solid at room temperature. In order to allow bitumen to flow, the substance must be diluted, typically with other lighter oils or oil derivatives. Not only is that an expensive process, but it requires extra steps further down the supply chain when the bitumen has to be stripped of adulterants.

“There has been a lot of interest from up in Canada around bitumen,” Smith said. “Another category of applications is in anti-corrosion,” he added. “Our coating can act as a protective layer. It can prevent corrosion from forming and it can also prevent a buildup of deposits on surfaces, which can often cause clogs in pipelines.” LiquiGlide’s ability to make surfaces self-cleaning is also hugely beneficial for other subsectors of the industry, with implications for refinery equipment, tanks, tankers and much more. Smith said he expects to see

LiquiGlide used in certain oil and gas applications by the end of this year (though the exact applications are confidential at this point) and deployed in miles of pipeline within roughly three to seven years. “In the oil industry, I expect in the five to 10 year timeframe some major pipe suppliers will be supplying pipes with our coating on them,” he said. “We’ll see lots of different instruments and surfaces and refineries will have our coating on them. Given the timeframe that it takes to bring technologies like this to broad commercialization, I expect that we’ll 11



Month 2014


Dave Smith, inventor of LiquiGlide and CEO of company by the same name. (LiquiGlide)

“We’ll see lots of different instruments and surfaces and refineries will have our coating on them. Given the timeframe that it takes to bring technologies like this to broad commercialization, I expect that we’ll still be growing a lot at that point, still reaching new, harder applications and developing different types of coatings that can survive different extreme environments” - Dave Smith

still be growing a lot at that point, still reaching new, harder applications and developing different types of coatings that can survive different extreme environments.” LiquiGlide’s story up to this point has all the makings of a classic startup positioned well for nearly explosive growth. Whether the company can live up to expectations is something that only time can determine, but some are already willing to bet that it will. On March 9, the company announced that Roadmap Capital had invested $7 million in equity funding for LiquiGlide, “enabling LiquiGlide to secure commercial deals in multiple market verticals and accelerate its growth strategy.” This newfound capital also allowed LiquiGlide to move into a new 11,000 square foot office and laboratory space in Cambridge, Mass., allowing the company to bring on more personnel and ramp up production to bring this exciting product to market. “I believe we will [become in time] a company generating billions of dollars of revenue and solving problems in just about every industry,” Smith said.






June 2015


Don’t underestimate the necessity for proper recruiting on any project.

R I T T E N B Y: A N D Y G R E E N W O O D & S T E V E F I E LD


BUSINESS & O P E R AT I O N S WITH FIRST OIL the primary target of the commissioning phase, there can be a tendency to underestimate the challenge of finding the right personnel and then mobilizing them safely and compliantly for this critical stage of the project lifecycle, advises Air Energi’s Andy Greenwood and Steve Field. Commissioning and planning are essential elements in successfully handing over assets into production on time. There are huge penalties involved for the contracted parties should delivery deadlines be missed and a project fall behind schedule. Yet it is often the case that commissioning is not afforded the same level of detail as the design, construction and production phases of a project. Certainly, if a project has been planned and constructed correctly for the operating environment, then the equipment and facilities it comprises should function as intended. But commissioning tends to be undervalued in scenarios where the expectation is that it has been done correctly, and that everything will run smoothly as a result. One such example is where the commissioning of a gas plant was affected due to poor planning, which 16

June 2015

meant that a supply of mainline electricity was unavailable. A temporary power generation solution was required, which was not only extremely costly but caused a delay in the project schedule. Although this would appear a relatively basic yet essential requirement, the fact that this can still occur in a project costing hundreds of millions of dollars is illustrative of just how important it is to have full insight into design schedules. It also highlights the consequences of misalignment between various departments or sub-projects, which can happen when changes or rescheduling occur. The success of any commissioning project can be attributed to a single factor – its workforce. Having the correct personnel (not only experienced but with the right attributes) is not always the cheapest option, but the potential increased cost of securing a talented workforce pays dividends when minimizing risk around schedule delays or disruption. Meticulous planning reduces the risk of things going wrong. As such, it follows that with poor planning, there is greater chance for risk. Commissioning can therefore be

R E C R U I T I N G : T H E N U A N C E O F F I N D I N G T H E R I G H T TA L E N T

likened to taking out an insurance policy, where investing in the best talent available at the outset can see true value coming to the fore if and when issues arise. Early stage recruitment It is the responsibility of the commissioning manager to organize, plan and manage a team for timely execution of commissioning activities as per the project and contract requirements. The key is bringing in the right person for the right job at the right time.

The commissioning manager must be appointed at an early project stage to look at how the development will be delivered from an operational perspective and provide guidance on timeframes for the commissioning scope of work. Engaging them prior to the onset of commissioning can prove invaluable – especially when the person is involved in final design, hazard and operability (HAZOP) reviews. Ideally, they will have the overall knowledge of both construction and commissioning processes and activities. 17


Michael Schwartz

Within the commissioning function, requirements will normally be defined in five key disciplines: electrical; heating, ventilation and airconditioning (HVAC); instrumentation; mechanical; and telecommunications. As the commissioning stage approaches, senior engineers are recruited to support the commissioning manager in coordinating mechanical completions, preparing commissioning schedules, procedures and dossiers. 18

June 2015

The commissioning manager will work closely with construction and design functions, a particularly important approach because design engineers spend little time onsite. Those involved with commissioning bring the practical experience of running the equipment together as an operational unit. Once commissioning starts to gain momentum, the project sees significant ramp-up. There could be one commissioning manager, three

R E C R U I T I N G : T H E N U A N C E O F F I N D I N G T H E R I G H T TA L E N T

lead engineers, and eight engineers beneath them responsible for recruiting some 80 to 100 technicians in total. Working back From the outset, it is vital to obtain a full understanding of the workforce requirement and work back to ensure the necessary resources can be mobilized on time. Key workforce considerations in this phase include the skill sets required, the location of

the project, and the type of project being undertaken. Due to their complexity, offshore projects typically demand professionals with experience. However, with a large number of offshore projects currently at commissioning phase, experienced professionals are in short supply. It is therefore important to recognize that where offshore specialists are required, the lead-time to bring them on-board will be longer. This can prove 19


one of the most challenging aspects of commissioning. For example, if an operator needs new recruits to start in June, and the development is in a country where the visa process takes a month to complete, then CVs would need to be collated, reviewed and shortlisted by the commissioning management team mid-way through January, enabling the interview and candidate selection process to be completed by February. This will then leave sufficient time for the necessary 20

June 2015

onboarding processes. The technicians being recruited will likely be based at construction yards in locations such as South Korea, Angola, Brazil, Dubai, Indonesia or Singapore. Getting these resources to the required locations safely, and determining the best approach to ensure compliance with local tax laws, are key challenges. Clear processes Commissioning requirements differ

R E C R U I T I N G : T H E N U A N C E O F F I N D I N G T H E R I G H T TA L E N T

by project – depending on finances available, the cost and difficulty of the commissioning phase itself, and the type of project (onshore, offshore, conventional, or unconventional). Having proper plans and procedures in place early enough can eliminate a lot of the risk faced. Experienced leadership, project procedures and plans are paramount for the safe and cost effective delivery of any project. ‘Laid back’ will never deliver safely, or on schedule. This is one of the reasons why the majority of operators engage a specialist workforce solutions provider under a prime vendor agreement to manage the complexities of resourcing the commissioning phase. Ensuring compliance with local laws requires clear and well-defined processes. When arranging visas for countries such as Angola or Nigeria for example, medicals and inoculations are required. In locations such as these, meet and greet services will be necessary to comply with operators’ corporate policies on health and safety, and security of personnel. Safety remains the top priority for both workforce specialists and operators. Some recruitment

specialists will go to great lengths to ensure that the corporate health and safety specifications of their clients are mirrored in the contracts signed by candidates. They might also offer full private medical cover, which extends to repatriation or Medivac (Patient Transportation Program Policy) situations if necessary in hardship locations. This provides assurance to both the operator and the individual that there are systems in place should they need to be evacuated quickly. Retention bonus Given that commissioning projects run to an invariably tight timeframe, knowledge continuation is vital. For example, where a team of ten has worked on a vessel for many months, they will have an excellent knowledge of exactly how it operates and all its nuances. Should those ten people be lost to another project, this is guaranteed to have a knock-on effect. Nevertheless, a high rate of retention can be achieved by maintaining regular contact with the workforce and addressing any issues they have at an early stage. In addition, they should be engaged on a competitive rate from the outset, and incentivized by building 21


an attractive package of completion and retention bonuses. These must be considered carefully, with each bonus structured in a way to meet key business drivers. Consultative approach Commissioning is a critical phase in the lifecycle of oil and gas projects. It is also arguably the most high 22

June 2015

profile, since it is the penultimate step to first oil. It is therefore important to work with commissioning teams that truly understand the full range of commissioning processes and procedures, and the factors that make the delivery of a project successful. Likewise, working with a specialist provider of workforce solutions


with access to a trusted network of professionals and a track record of both successful deliveries and high retention rates, can help operators mitigate workforce related risk and maximize return on investment at the commissioning phase. Crucially, a consultative approach must be adopted, whereby the requirements are fully understood

and guidance given on how best to deliver them. Resourcing of the commissioning phase must therefore be an integral part of the overall project plan, rather than being planned in isolation. Furthermore, it’s not just a question of hiring people in a timely manner, but bringing in the right candidates, for the right jobs at the right time. 23

TOP 10

TOP 10 E&P COMPANIES THE PAST YE The 10 best non-integrated oil and gas companies Written by: Ian Hanner



TOP 10 It takes a lot to run a business that distinguishes itself. Whether that’s by corporate citizenship, revenue, profit or a litany of other possible ranking criteria, the motivation is the same: everyone wants to be recognized for something of value. But how do you distinguish a business who’s working best when its impact isn’t seen and whose customer usually doesn’t even recognize that it had a hand in the development of the product they’re purchasing? That’s part of why Platts puts out its annual list of the 250 top companies in the energy industry. In the most recent 2014 ranking, Exploration World chose to look at the top 10 oil and gas E&P companies in the world, excluding the businesses that Platts defined as integrated oil companies. The number corresponding with each subhead is the company’s overall rank among all companies in Platts’ top 250.


26 June 2015

INPEX Corp. – 61st Inpex bears the

distinction of being the largest E&P company in Japan. While based in the South Pacific, the company boasts over 70 active projects in 27 different countries across the globe, including a majority interest (62.245 percent) in Ichthys LNG— one of Australia’s highly anticipated, massive liquefied natural gas developments. According to the company’s investor fact sheet, it held roughly 2.532 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe) in proved reserves by yearend 2014. Further, the company has a daily production rate of about 409,000 boe. INPEX appears to have been relatively insulated from the price crash of the latter half of 2014, having brought in over $1.542 billion in net profit— actually slightly higher than 2013 when oil prices were more favorable.


OAO Novatek – 55th

At 9.7 percent of Russia’s total natural gas production, Novatek is the country’s single largest independent natural gas producer.

T O P 1 0 E & P C O M PA N I E S F R O M T H E PA S T Y E A R

Marathon Oil’s Visionarium allows geologists and engineers to better Robert Lawler, vizualize data and plan operations. CEO of (Marathon Oil Corp.) Chesapeake Energy. (Chesapeake Platts reported East and Africa. Platts reported Energy Corp.) that in 2014,

Novatek held roughly $17.154 billion in assets with revenue around $8.553 billion. That meant roughly $3.156 billion in net profit for the company in 2014, significantly lower than the company’s previous year.


Marathon Oil Corp – 54th

Based in Houston, Texas, Marathon Oil Corp is one of many oil and gas companies who’ve made the self-proclaimed “energy capital of the world” their home. Marathon has activities throughout North America, Europe, the Middle

that in 2014, Marathon held about $35.620 billion in assets with $14.565 billion in revenue.


OAO Tatneft – 48th

Tatneft’s primary area of operations is in the territory of Tatarstan in Russia. Along with its production operations, Tatneft is also involved in the refining of a range petrochemicals and other refined products. In 2014, the company held roughly $19.337 billion in assets and brought in $13.052 billion in revenue.Mexico in 2014 and early 2015. Watson had a 27

TOP 10 combined income of about $24.017 million in 2013, according to AFL-CIO.


Apache Corp. – 45th

Apache Corp was founded in 1954 in Minnesota under the name Apache Oil Corporation— later shortened to Apache Corp. According to their website, the company was one of the very first in the nation to register a drilling program with the SEC. Apache held roughly $61.637 billion in assets in 2014, with $16.229 billion in revenue.


Canadian Natural Resources – 41st–

“Our financial discipline, a strong balance sheet and capacity to internally generate cash flows provide us the means to grow,” reads the Canadian Natural Robert Lawler, CEO of Chesapeake Resources website. The company Energy. (Chesapeake Energy Corp.) has operations throughout North America, including the Canadian oil sands, as well as the North Sea and offshore Africa. Platt’s reported that in 2014, Canadian 28 June 2015

The Apache-operated Varanus Island gas hub. Apache holds assets across the globe, but Australia is a major focus area. (Photo courtesy of Apache Corporation)

Natural Resource held $47.490 billion worth of investments and brought in $14.815 billion in revenue.


EOG Resources – 39th

EOG Resources is one of the largest non-integrated oil and gas companies in the United States. The company holds assets in the United States and Canada, Trinidad, the UK and China. According to the company’s website, EOG Resources held 2.497 billion barrels of oil equivalent in proved reserves as of Dec. 31, 2014. Platts reported

T O P 1 0 E & P C O M PA N I E S F R O M T H E PA S T Y E A R

that EOG holds $30.574 billion in assets and brought in approximately $14.456 billion in revenue last year.


Oil & Natural Gas Corp. – 21st

Oil & Natural Gas Corp. is an Indian company with international holdings and operations. The company is involved in the upstream and refining segments of the industry, producing a range of crude oil derivatives. The company has the added distinction of being one of the few on this list with electricity generation segments as well. Platts reported than the company made $29.290 billion revenue in 2014 with $54.935 billion worth of assets.


explosive natural gas demand as the country slowly moves away from coal. The company reported that as of yearend 2014, it held 4.48 billion boe in proved reserves and had an average daily production rate of nearly 1.128 million boe. The company reported total revenue for 2014 at almost $44.272 billion, with net profit of $9.704 billion.

A CNOOC production platform. With a range of assets, CNOOC is one of China’s most powerful, and successful, oil companies. (CNOOC)

CNOOC – 12th

CNOOC was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1999. Not only one of the largest independent oil companies in the world period, the business is also the single largest producer of offshore crude oil and natural gas in China, which has seen 29

TOP 10


ConocoPhillips – 10th ConocoPhillips is definitely the largest company on this list, with most considering it one of the six supermajors. In fact, the company qualifies as the single largest independent E&P business in the world. ConocoPhillips holds assets in nearly every continent to the tune of $118.057 billion in total value. Last year the company brought in net revenue of approximately $56.856 billion, despite the severe downturn in oil prices.

As CEO, Ryan Lance spearheads ConocoPhillips, the largest company on this list. (ConocoPhillips)

30 June 2015

The ConocoPhillips headquarters. (ConocoPhillips)

T O P 1 0 E & P C O M PA N I E S F R O M T H E PA S T Y E A R


Petro Star

An Alaskan Refiner for Alaskans Since 1984, Petro Star has been faithfully serving its very niche market in Alaska. Written by: Ian Hanner Produced by: James Hayes



North Pole Refinery Truck Loading Facility


f you don’t live in Alaska, you may not know the name Petro Star; but if you do live there, there’s a significant chance that you have them to thank for heating your home in the winter. Petro Star was founded in 1984 in a state more than twice the size of Texas. Servicing an extremely diverse area – in terms of geography andenvironment , the company has been geared toward filling a very specific role in the Alaskan market from the very beginning. “While other [Alaskan] refineries were processing a wide variety of petroleum products, Petro Star’s 96

June 2015

founders recognized the need for a refinery that would process middle distillates such as heating oil, diesel and aviation fuels for homes and businesses in Alaska,” the company’s website states. While their business has evolved greatly since then, that mission still remains the core of their operations, according to Mark John, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. He said Petro Star got its start when two enterprising employees who worked at a refinery in North Pole, Alaska , saw a need for a home-grown refining company that specialized in the


Bulk storage at the Petro Star Refinery in North Pole Alaska.

needs of Alaskans and lacked the bureaucracy that came with some large, Lower 48 corporations. “So these two gentlemen went off and raised some money to put up a plant, basically, right next door to the refinery where they used to work,” John said. “It was really to fill a need in that market, which at the time, was predominantly heating oil for the Interior of Alaska and diesel fuel destined for the North Slope. Soon thereafter, jet fuel sales to the military took on a far greater significance.” Ultimately, one of Petro Star’s original investors, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (an

Alaska Native Corporation), became the sole owner, giving Petro Star the financial strength and leadership necessary to expand its operations. To understand the growth Petro Star has experienced over the years, you have to understand the needs of Alaska— the United States’ most remote state. While other refineries tend to process a wide range of products from their supply of crude oil, Petro Star sticks to middle of the barrel—that’s products in the diesel and jet fuel range. Today a large part of the company’s business comes from sales of aviation fuels to both the w w w. p e t r o s t a r. c o m


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P E T R O S TA R private sector and the military in the region. Petro Star is the largest supplier of fuel to the U.S. military in the State of Alaska, producing JP8— an aviation fuel— to Eielson Air Force Base in North Pole and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage. They also produce JP-4—a low freeze point helicopter fuel of which Petro Star is the only refiner in the U. S. that produces this product—and JP-5, a low volatility jet fuel which the Coast Guard and Navy use predominantly onboard ships. While primarily a refining company, Petro Star also operates a number of retail and marketing operations that serve markets across the State of Alaska. So while it’s clear that Petro Star serves a very niche market in the region, it might seem at face value that they have little room to expand in Alaska without a dramatic increase in demand. That is far from the case, according to John. “Room to grow for us means expanding our current production of similar products and actually looking at some new products,” he


said. “Those products would be made from utilizing different parts of the barrel besides the diesel part, whether that’s the heavier part of the barrel or possibly the lighter end of the barrel. Alaska is driven by the price of crude so the economy here is dependent on that price, but we are definitely more in a growth mode now than we have been for a while.” What’s driving some of that growth is the recent changes in market due to a shuttered refinery. When Flint Hills Resources ceased refining operations in 2014 and converted the site into a terminal, they took offline one of the larger refineries in the state. That 37-yearold facility was much larger than the Petro Star refineries, meaning that Flint Hills left behind an underserved market. “We’re trying to make sure that we can serve our existing customers and expand to meet any potential new demand in Alaska” John said. “So that’s been our focus for the last year.” That’s a tall order, but John said that Petro Star’s two refineries— two of three remaining in the state— are up to the challenge. w w w. p e t r o s t a r. c o m



Kirby Marine www.kirbycorp.com





Experienced and flexible, with a history of quality and proven success! Let our expert team provide a foodservice solution for your organization today.



P.O. Box 1745 Houston, TX 7 7 2 51 - 17 4 5

Putting AMericA’s WAterWAys to WorK contact us 713-435-1000


For some fundamentals, Petro Star operates two refineries in Alaska: the North Pole and Valdez refineries, which respectively, can process 22,000 and 60,000 barrels per day of Alaska North Slope crude oil, drawn directly off the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). Of that oil, about 2530 percent is used for the company’s range of products and refinery fuel, with the remaining volume being sent back into TAPS. While the company has been successful in Alaska, there are no current plans to expand outside the state’s borders and John said the company will remain focused on the state’s market for the foreseeable future. “Alaska is such a big place that just doing business here is like someone in the Lower 48 covering a large part of the U.S.,” he said. “We have an operation out in Dutch Harbor and Dutch Harbor is 1260 miles from Petro Star’s Valdez refinery. Our parent company is based in Barrow and if you look at a map, that’s at the very, very top of Alaska, and they actually barge fuel clear up there. So right now the current plan is to stay Alaskan-based.”

Company Information INDUSTRY

Oil Refining, Marketing HEADQUARTERS

3900 C Street Suite 802 Anchorage, Alaska, United States FOUNDED


Not Disclosed REVENUE

Not Disclosed

w w w. p e t r o s t a r. c o m


A Global Perspective ensures success for SPECIALIST SERVICES Written by: Nye Longman Produced by: Heykel Ouni

20 man SBM accommodation unit 41


MWD units for Oceaneering

The supplier to the oil and gas industry has cemented its place in the Middle East through a careful, multifaceted strategy


June 2015


pecialist Services was founded in 1982 to supply the Middle Eastern oil and gas industries with modular buildings and equipment packaging solutions. Since then it has grown to a truly international level, with operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Aberdeen, Singapore and Perth, and has a greatly increased portfolio of specialist products and services. CEO Ian Rogers has been with the firm for over 5 years and has extensive experience working in its key operational territories. Alongside the offshore building solutions that helped Specialist Services make its name, the company also provides drilling, testing and production products, service and maintenance, spare parts, and modular buildings for hire. Understandably, the company


provides services to organisations in oil-rich countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The strategic acquisition of Aberdeenbased Labtech Services Limited three years ago endowed Specialist Services with a subsidiary that not only had long-standing experience supplying modular buildings to the oil and gas sector, but one that has a Western hub capable of servicing the UK, much of Europe, and Scandinavia. From its acquisition of Labtech, to starting from scratch in Singapore, Specialist Services has built a solid network that now covers Europe, the Middle and Far East. Rogers summed up his company’s deceptively simple strategy: “If we are going to meet and exceed the expectations of our

New 33ft accommodation module for hire

Early production facility for FODE

w w w. s p e c s e r v e . c o m


SPECIALIST SERVICES clients we need to be present in those markets, and we have a geographic strategy such that we can deliver on our client’s requirements.”

Ian Rogers, CEO

Safety in numbers Ensuring the wellbeing of its staff is not simply an HR issue for Specialist Services; it can actually be a matter of life or death due to the nature of the oil and gas industry. In addition to its compliance with the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 initiatives, the company has its own unique methods for ensuring employee safety. Rogers said: “I regularly visit our workers’ accommodation to check food quality, cleanliness, whether people have hot water, and generally that people are being well looked after. We know from experience that if an employee is well fed and well rested they are much less likely to have an accident.” Rogers said that very soon the company will have gone 500,000 man hours without the occurrence of a lost-time incident on an EPC project for Petrofac/Zadco in Abu Dhabi, which goes to show that management’s personal involvement in safety measures is

“From its acquisition of Labtech, to starting from scratch in Singapore, Specialist Services has built a solid network that now covers Europe, the Middle and Far East” – Ian Rogers, CEO 44

June 2015


Power skids for SIEMENS

certainly paying off. Furthermore, the Dubai Municipality for Health and Safety recognised the company’s approach to safety in 2014, awarding it with role model status specifically for its management of occupational health and safety. Rogers received an award on behalf of the company for their participation in a Health, Safety and Environment Week hosted by Yokogawa Middle East and Africa. Aside from making sure its workers are safe and well catered for, Specialist Services makes sure that employees who champion safety are trumpeted throughout the business. Furthermore it provides long term loyalty packages, in addition to awarding competency-based bonus payments to its employees to ensure a motivated team.

500k The number of man hours without lost-time incident on the Petrofac/ Zadco project

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Specialists in Combined Pressurisation, Fire & Gas Control Systems (CPFG) Supply, Manufacture & Installation of ATEX and IECEx Control Systems

PDC Systems Limited

PDC Systems Limited

PDC Systems Limited

PDC Systems Limited

PDC Systems Limited


Crude oil custody transfer metering system for Emerson

Investing in the future Specialist Services has made major changes to its operational capabilities, leveraging new developments in software to improve efficiency across multiple levels of the business. Recently the company rolled out Microsoft Dynamics AX across the whole company in order to provide a single, centralised port of call for resource planning, Rogers said: “We are finding that’s enabled us to scale up the organisation and get away from multiple excel spreadsheets that other businesses use.” The company is also in the process of deploying a competency-based HR management

“We’ve got a significant number of engineers so we can design and engineer solutions for our clients; we aren’t just a fabricator” – Ian Rogers, CEO

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Specialist Services’ service and maintenance Team

MWD units for Oceaneering


June 2015

software system, Rogers commented: “We use competencies for performance enhancement, learning development, to drive recruitment and selection, and for strategic HR planning. This will help us develop our employees, as well as manage employee resources.” Specialist Services has a willingness to use new technology which does not stop at a single operation within the business – it is a company willing to roll out the best solutions to cover as much as the company as possible. This attitude has also influenced the company’s approach to its products, specifically with the creation of its new G4 modular buildings that are currently the only modules that comply with the four major certifications, in accordance with oil industry standards, European law, North


American regulations, and global directives. This innovation allows a Specialist Services client to manage its offshore pressurised building fleet at a truly international level, without having to make any modifications or navigate through layers of red tape. Rogers was keen to highlight the successes of his team, he said: “We’ve got a significant number of engineers so we can design and engineer solutions for our clients, so we aren’t just a fabricator.” Spending money is not a taboo subject for Ian Rogers; investing in the operational capacity of his company is a source of much pride. He said: “We’ve invested very heavily in yard facilities, particularly in the Middle East; we now have six yards in Dubai and Abu Dhabi combined. We are building greater numbers of office, workshop and accommodation units and are investing in geographic expansion to support our clients. The Modular Hire fleet will have around $5 million invested in this calendar year.” Specialist Services survived the 2008-9 financial crisis and came out fighting, which is how Ian Rogers predicts the company will weather the current oil price slump, he even admitted, “Our EPC yards, they are so busy it’s hard to find how we can do more work.” It is therefore becoming clear that dedication to employee wellbeing and having the courage to invest across the board is proving to be an equation for a sustained, successful performance for Specialist Services.

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Exploration Services, Modular Buildings, International Carrying, EPC containers, Health and Safety

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West Africa’s Leading Oil & Gas Services Company Written by: Sam Jermy Produced by: Richard Deane


NIGERDOCK The company, which is strategically located on Snake Island Integrated Free Zone in Lagos, focuses on upstream oil and gas services (EPC- Green&Brownfield Projects); Marine Services (Ship Repair & maintenance); Base Support services (Logistics, accommodation, catering, Real estate); Training and Development services (Welding, Fabrication, Machining, HSE, etc).


Meji Platform - Chevron


June 2015

igerdock is West Africa’s leading indigenous upstream oil and gas services company focused on Oil & Gas construction and marine services including offshore fabrication, ship building and repair, industrial training and specialised Oil & Gas and Maritime support. It is strategically located on Snake Island Integrated Free Zone, in Lagos, with immediate access to the open seas. Snake Island Integrated Free Zone is a leading West African industrial development. Focused on Maritime and Oil & Gas Services and Operations, it offers tremendous opportunities for International Businesses to participate in Nigerian and West African Deepwater Projects. The company said: “We lead the development of Nigerian content in our industries, achieve operational excellence and growth by


Snake Island Integrated Free Zone

continuously training our workforce and investing in technological resources enabling us to deliver value to our shareholders, customers, employees and the nation. “Nigerdock adds value to the Nigerian Oil and Gas and Maritime Industries and the Nigerian Economy by providing products and services to world class standards of safety quality and on-schedule delivery.” Company Vision Nigerdock plans to create and operate a fully functional support centre to the Deepwater Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria, through the active attraction of investment and creation of employment opportunities resulting from the progressive development of an efficient, secure,

“Nigerdock adds value to the Nigerian Oil and Gas and Mariitime Industries” -Nigerdock

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About U

Wellmann gr shop supply Front end En Heavy lift, W out operatio competent p own and ope trailers(SPMT modular Jac

We Specialise In • • • • • •

Ballast Operations Heavy Lift Operations Modular Weighing & Jacking Marine Logistics & Cargo Barges Land Reclamation & Creek Improvement Front End Engineering Design

Our Partners


T 053-321788 F 053-321789 M 08023324933 info@wellmanngroup.com www.wellmanngroup.com


roup offer a one stop y chain solution comprising ngineering and Calculation, Weighing, Jacking, Load ons utilizing skilled and personnel. wellmann also erate Self-propelled modular T),offshore barges, and cking and weighing systems.

Block 22 • N.P.A Housing Estate • Airport Road • Warri-Delta State • Nigeria


THE WELLMANN GROUP The Wellmann Group evolved in 1991 as a result of successful completion of high profile projects in the Oil and Gas industry, utilizing the resources and expertise of local and international companies. This evolution has resulted in the current group capacity to undertake major projects in Fronts end engineering, Heavy lift, Marine movement, Modular Jacking and Weighing System. Other members of the group are Pritod Construction, Brazerville International and limelight Entrepreneurs. She owns and operates a vast fleet of self propelled modular trailers, offshore Barges, synchronized Jacking/Weighing System, Mooring Winches and Ballast pumps. The Wellmann Group have delivered on the following projects, to mention but a few are ; Chevron Agbami FPSO Project, Snepco Bonga FPSO Project, Chevron EGTL Project, Total Ofon Project, Chevron EGP3 Project, Total Usan FPSO Project, Shell Ovhor Concrete Barge Towage, ExxonMobil Satellite Field Project, Chevron Didbi & Olero Concerte Barge Towage and Total OWL Module Loadout etc. CEO/Founder Chris iyovwaye is a graduate of international studies and diplomacy from university of Benin Nigeria. He hails from Delta State Nigeria and speaks English fluently.

Website: www.wellmanngroup.com



commercially effective support infrastructure, and its continued cost-efficient operation. The organisation’s training school offers world class training of personnel in the fields of Welding, Pipefitting, Plating and Machining. The Training School has been selected as a centre in Nigeria for the training and certification of welders to International Standards. This programme is being coordinated by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and actively supported by stakeholders in the Industry. It is part of the Federal Government’s Nigerian Content Development Policy for the Oil and Gas Industry. “The Training School has fully equipped classrooms which can be utilised for most training requirements including Rigging, Safety,

“Nigerdock adds value to the Nigerian Oil and Gas and Maritime Industries and the Nigerian Economy by providing products and services to world class standards of safety quality and on-schedule delivery” – Nigerdock

Bonga FPSO - Shell

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+234 (0)84-301-858 • +234 (0)803 500 6525 info@inspe



Core Values The ITL Brand is unique because we are a God-fearing people willing to go the extra mile any time, any day. We are resilient and adaptable to the needs of our client and show transparency with moral ethics in our business dealings. Above all we always put ourselves in our client’s shoes to better understand and meet his or her needs.

Km 1 Eleme-Onne Road • Off Eleme Junction Flyover • Opposite Bristow Quarters • P.O.Box 5

ectionandtests.com www.inspectionandtests.com

Who are we? Founded in 1997 by seasoned professionals, INSPECTION AND TESTS NIGERIA LIMITED (ITL), an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company, has become a topmost local brand with both an international outlook and a multinational reach – Ghana & USA, and various Nigerian branches.

testing to above 20,000 Psi, Post Weld Heat Treatment as well as Training and Manpower development in Welding Inspection and other Engineering Supervision scopes such as AWS, API & PCN Schemes & Welder Training to IIW Schemes under NIW

Multiplying her tentacles of services from quality control, quality assurance and non-destructive testing services to allied and complementary services in the oil, gas, marine and energy industries – including integrity assessment, technical integrity verification, blasting, painting and corrosion control services, lifting inspection, shop floor & expediting, PMI, OCTG Controls, testing & management, pressure

Our Destructive Testing Laboratory is in a class of its own and offers all that is needed to qualify both welder and procedure for any project scope and specification, manned by mature professionals operating up-to-date ultramodern equipment. Our personnel are trained to the best schemes and levels obtainable in the industry and we are proud of their tenacity of purpose and commitment to professionalism and ethics.

5064 • Port Harcourt • Rivers State • Nigeria


INSPECTION AND TESTS NIGERIA LIMITED Inspection and Tests Nigeria Limited (ITL) is an ISO 9001- 2008 certified Company involved in Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Project Management, Technical Integrity Verification (TIV), As-Built Verification, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Inspection, Material Verification, Boroscopic Examination, Positive Metal Identification (PMI), Leak Testing, Tank Calibration & Measurements, Tank & Tank Floor Inspection, Valves inspection, Corrosion Mapping, Buried Lines identification, Pre & Post Weld Heat Treatment, Pressure Testing, Vacuum Box Inspection, as well as blasting/painting of facilities onshore/offshore. We also conduct Lifting Inspection for Offshore Containers/accessories and handle Tubular (OCTG) management and inspection to relevant specifications. We carry out basic Nondestructive & Destructive Testing for onshore/offshore operations. Our NDT capabilities include Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, Industrial Radiography, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Dye ! Penetrant Inspection, etc while our Destructive Testing covers Charpy V-Notch, Bend, Tensile, Compression, Hardness, Macro & Micrography, etc. COMPANY PROF We also conduct advanced inspection and testing services including AUT, PAUT, Eddy Current, etc. We also conduct various Training and Manpower Development for the Oil, Gas, Marine and Power industries, including QA/QC management, API & NDT Training and Certification, and in collaboration with our Joint Venture partners. Welding Institute of UK (TWI), we conduct welding inspection training to internationally recognised certification. (CSWIP)



Adriatic VIII Refurbishment - Transocean

Quality and First Aid. It has the ability to train and test Welders in SMAW, MMAW, FCAW and TIG processes, in all positions and to any Client’s requirements whilst certifying to Lloyds, ABS and DNV standards. All trainees must attend a thorough induction program including basic safety and quality training.� the management commented. Pipefitters and platers are trained in practical and theoretical fabrication techniques including manual and machine burning and cutting, layouts and fit-ups, auto-levelling, measuring, preparation methods and tacking. Machinists are trained in manual and semiautomatic processes including detailed marking out, turning and screw threading on lathes, metal

Eiffel Living Quarters - Total

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Devoted to the development and prosperity of NIGERIA WATER TREATMENT



Abuja 138 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, FCT Abuja, Nigeria Tel: +234 (0)9 461 1362 Fax: +234 (0)9 461 1364

Lagos 269B Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria Tel: +234 (0)1 271 4167 Fax: +234 (0)1 271 4168





joining through processes, machining of intricate components, sinking dies, cutting of Gears and machining of bushings and eccentric turning. Atlantic Aviation Free Zone Enterprise is a Nigerian helicopter services company dedicated to providing safe and efficient aviation support by adhering to the highest standards of integrity and quality. It is dedicated to serving Nigeria’s offshore oil & gas industry to provide transportation to platforms and other offshore installations, helicopter maintenance repair & overhaul, and Search & Rescue (SAR) operations. Operations Nigerdock is the leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor,

Atlantic Aviation Free Zone Enterprise



Energo Nigeria-Ltd. is a private, engineering & contracting company founded in 1990. Years of experience has taught us to be fast and agile, keen and smart to take chances and stand for what we believe in - Create value for all our stakeholders.Responding to the needs of electric-power providers, industries, Government and Public authorities in Nigeria and worldwide Address: Aminu Kano Crescent No.138, Wuse 2, Abuja Tel: +234 9 4611362 Fax: +234 9 4611364 Email: office@energonigeria.com

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West Africa’s Leading Oil & Gas Services Company

“We have the best Training School in the country constantly training the Offshore Welders, Grinders, Fitters, Blasters, Painters, Scaffold¬ers and Riggers to the highest levels” – Nigerdock 64

June 2015

specialised in the fabrication of topside mod¬ules, subsea manifolds, jackets, wellheads, satellites, process platforms, process piping, buoys, piles yokes, and double joints. It also specialised in offshore installa¬tions of pipe spools, supports, platforms and heat shielding including pipe coating and the installation of MOV’s, flowmeters, P&T transmitters, and F&G detection systems. Management said: “We have the best Training School in the country constantly training the


25,000DWT Offshore Welders, Grinders, Fitters, Blasters, Painters, Scaffolders and Riggers to the highest levels. This attains the best capability and expertise that are required to deliver in accordance with international quality and safety standards. Our team is sprinkled with National and International expertise and experience deliver projects safely, on time and within budget. “The Pressure Vessel Division has the resources to manufacture pressure vesÂŹsels, columns, drums and process plant packages for the

Size of Nigerdocks graving dry dock

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We Value Safety, People, Commitment, Integrity, Adaptability and Flexibility, Trust and Customer Satisfaction


0803 309 0279 0903 316 3426 info@palmasinternational.com palmas_international@yahoo.com www.palmasinternational.com 6 6 March 2015



Oil & Gas Industry and is ASME U & R Stamp Certified. Process modules and large skid packages are also manufactured in conjunction with the Offshore Fabrication Division. “The company as a whole is capable of producing design engineering to all international codes of construction and has recently invested in new plant & equipment including a CNC plate cutting machine, plate rolling to 100mm thick, columns & booms for semi-automatic welding techniques, rotators, a pipe profiling machine and more all in accordance with the latest technology.” Nigerdock’s Shipyard Division is the largest facility of its kind in West Africa with an out-

Dry Dock

Ofon Phase II Projects

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Avoid costly delays.

Partner with us and reduce your downtime for scheduled maintenance and unforeseen shutdowns of your processing assets. Our integrated nitrogen, cleaning, and drying process maintenance services are designed to do one thing: get you back up and running as fast as possible. And our multi-skilled experts have the experience and proven capability to engineer safe, reliable solutions to shorten your project schedule and recover downtime and financial losses. Visit BakerHughes.com/PPS to learn how our certified project managers can optimize your maintenance objectives so you avoid costly delays.

Š 2015 Baker Hughes Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. 42753 02/2015



standing history in the marine industry. It is specialised in the fields of ship building, ship repair, maintenance and refurbishment. It has a 25,000DWT graving dry dock, a 3,500DWT floating dock, quayside facilities and weather proof multipurpose workshops. Not satisfied with standing still, the company has impressive plans to develop and expand its Shipyard Division with the objective to improve its specialist and engineering capacity and carry out more complex operawtions including rig refurbishment and the ability to build larger vessels. The shipyard management is focused on offering its clients the highest level of service and to consistently improve on its quality and level of workmanship.


‘The company has impressive plans to develop and expand its Shipyard Division with the objective to improve its specialist and engineering capacity and carry out more complex operawtions including rig refurbishment and the ability to build larger vessels’


Baker Hughes Process and Pipeline Services (PPS) is the world’s leading service provider for process and pipeline pre-commissioning, maintenance and inspection applications. For over forty years, a staff of more than 1000 professionals, over forty bases worldwide, and the industry’s largest fleet of process and pipeline equipment has delivered a prompt, reliable response to our clients’ needs, combining expertise with advanced technologies for effective cleaning, drying, testing and inspecting process and pipeline systems. We have introduced many ground-breaking services to the process and pipeline industry: nitrogen/ helium leak testing, foam inerting and, more recently, hybrid cooldown technology for process plants.

w w w. n i g e r d o c k . c o m




www.traverrse.com www.traverrse.com info@traverrse.com info@traverrse.com

The The Traverrse Traverrse brand brand isis synonymous synonymous with safety, quality and comfort with safety, quality and comfortand andisis trusted trustedby byworkmen workmenworldwide. worldwide.

OAASIS OAASISGroup GroupLtd, Ltd,aaDistributionNOW DistributionNOWcompany, company,isisaaleading leading distributor distributorofofPPE PPEand andMRO MROequipment equipmenttotoclients clientsininon onand and offshore offshoreindustrial industrialsectors. sectors. OAASIS OAASISisisan anoffi official cialdistributor distributorofofthe theTraverrse TraverrseSafety SafetyWorkwear Workwear brand, brand,providing providingcost costeffective effectivesolutions solutionsfor forthe thesupply supplyofofhigh high quality qualityworkwear workwearand andPPE. PPE. Contact ContactOAASIS OAASISGroup Groupnow nowfor formore moreinformation. information. Great GreatYarmouth Yarmouth

Aberdeen Aberdeen

Hand HandProtection Protection Protective ProtectiveEyewear Eyewear Safety SafetyFootwear Footwear Safety SafetyWorkwear Workwear Personal PersonalProtection Protection Kitbags Kitbags

Merchants Atlas MerchantsHouse, House,Gapton GaptonHall HallRoad, Road, AtlasHouse, House,Greenbank GreenbankCrescent, Crescent, Great GreatYarmouth, Yarmouth,Norfolk. Norfolk.NR31 NR310NL 0NL East EastTullos TullosInd IndEst, Est,Aberdeen. Aberdeen.AB12 AB123BG 3BG +44 +44 +44(0)(0)1493 1493660690 660690 +44(0)(0)1224 1224893332 893332

www.oaasisgroup.com www.oaasisgroup.com | | sales@oaasisgroup.com sales@oaasisgroup.com

View Viewthe thefull fullrange rangeonline: online: www.traverrse.com www.traverrse.com

Trobatt Technical Company Limited Trobatt specialises in electrical, instrumentation and telecoms construction and maintenance for the oil and gas industries in Nigeria.

080 3583 1403 080 5540 7428 trobatttech.co.ltd@gmail.com



Collaborations Skillbase is a part of Jagal Energy, owners of Nigerdock Nigeria PLC, also located within Snake Island Integrated Free Zone, and an integral part of the Snake Island DISC (Deepwater Integrated Support Centre) Concept. Skillbase is a costefficient logistics hub at the heart of a service centre for the oil & gas industry. It is a model of oil industry design and planning, bringing services and suppliers together on a single site, linked to deepwater quaysides with capacity to handle supply vessels and cargo imports simultaneously. Skillbase is designed to support exploration and development drilling, subsea construction and maintenance, FPSO Module Assembly and

Bonga Deepwater Buoy - Shell

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QUALITY IN ALL ONE STOP LABORATORY Mudiame is a one stop Laboratory that offers Mechanical Destructive and Non Destructive Testing, Corrosion Testing, Calibration, Inspection Services, Civil Material Analysis, Training and Certification.

234 8103 56 7175 info@mudiame.com mudiame02@yahoo.com www.mudiame.com


Promoting Excellence Through Quality • Heavy Transportation • Insulation Services • Material Inspection • Non Destructive Testing • Lifting Equipment Inspection Contact Us +234 806 822 3540 fairtex@ymail.com jacob@fairtex.com.ng www.fairtex.com.ng

• Heavy Weighing • Fabrication • Load-out • Ballasting • Mooring

Operations Office No.310 Port Harcourt Aba Expressway Port Harcourt River State

Admin Office No.4 Green Village Estate Road By Ap Filling Station Off Akpajo/Elelenwo Road Port Harcourt, River State



Hook Up, Operations and Maintenance, Integrated Project Teams with offices, accommodation and passenger and material transport links. In July 2008, Mobil (MPN) in joint venture with the Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) awarded the procurement and fabrication of Abang and Itut well platforms as part of the Satellite Field Development Project Phase 1 in OMLs 67 and 70. The project is the first of its kind to be executed in Nigeria where two complete platforms (from mudmat to helideck) are fabricated simultaneously incountry. The scope of work comprised of jackets/ appurtenances, piles, subsea templates, topsides/ associated skids and E&I systems fabrication.

Nigerdock collaberated to refurbish a 16,000 ton rig, a first of its kind in Nigeria.

Satellite Field Projects - Mobil

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AFRICA’S FUTURE ENERGY PROVIDER Fabrication & Construction Electrical & Instrumentation Cathodic Protection Inspection Services Calibration Services Manpower Supply Procurement


+234 803 4022 427 +234 809 3964 682 www.petroequipmentlogistics.com info@petroequipmentlogistics.com Block V House 3B Abraham Adesanya Estate Ajah Lagos

Buildwell Plants and Equipment Industries Limited Sarens Buildwell Nigeria Ltd Joint Company of SARENS Group and BUILDWELL Group

Nothing too heavy Nothing too high Block “O”, Plot “4” Gateway City Estate Industrial Area Joint Company of SARENS Group and BUILDWELL Group Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Ibafo, Ogun State Nigeria

+234 7098821313/4 +234 17735598

contact@buildwellng.com www.sarens.com www.buildwellng.com



Then in December 2009, Transocean and Nigerdock along with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and the Nigerian Content Division of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) collaborated to take on a project that was yet another first of its kind in Nigeria, the refurbishment and maintenance of the gigantic jack-up rig - the Adriatic VIII. The rig weighs 16,000 tonnes with each leg measuring 140 metres in height. The scope of work included steel repair and general maintenance. The rig was the first of its kind to be berthed alongside any facility within Nigeria. Nigerdock employees working onsite.

w w w. n i g e r d o c k . c o m



Okan Platform - Chevron


June 2015

A total of 30,000 man hours of training was expended in the training of welders and fitters in a special training program conducted between October 2008 and March 2009. Also, an additional five trainee engineers were assigned by the NNPC’s Nigerian Content Division to Nigerdock for a special on-the-job capacity building program. Nigerdock and Snake Island Integrated Free Zone are also strategic partners to Snepco (Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company) who coordinated the entire operations, logistics


and support services for the Bonga project from Nigerdock’s support base in Lagos. Snepco had heliport operations that included 2 Super Puma Helicopters, crew boats, support vessels, a 2,000 square metre state-of-the-art office, housing and hostel facilities, restaurant and catering services. Snepco also awarded Nigerdock the topside structural steel and pipe works for final integration onto the Bonga FPSO. The package also included manpower services for onsite fabrication, construction and shop engineering, procurement of materials, blasting/painting, hydro testing of pipe spools, upgrading the living accommodation and load out. From a safety perspective Nigerdock achieved a distinct accomplishment as the only Nigerian fabrication yard on the Agbami project without a lost time incident. ExxonMobil’s Erha Deepwater Buoy is a catenary anchor leg mooring buoy and was awarded to Nigerdock in March 2004. The award package included fabrication, integration of the turn table platform, blasting/painting, full testing, pre-mechanical completion, load out and sea fastening. In addition, Nigerdock also provided all the required fabrication engineering. Additional investment in capacity building via training and certification programs were implemented (scaffolding, Rigging, Machining, Welding and Painting) to boost Nigerian content expectations and to support the project in terms of safety, quality, schedule and cost.

Company Information INDUSTRY




Offshore fabrication, ship building & repair, logistical & real estate, industrial training, specialized oil & gas and maritime support services.

w w w. n i g e r d o c k . c o m



Karoon Oil & Gas:

Promoting the sustainable use of natural resources Established company in the Brazilian oil industry invests heavily in five Santos Basin wells Written by Flavia Brancato | Produced by Danilo Stefanelli




Echidna-1 well test (May 2, 2015) / Photo: Rodrigo Hill/Amago Images

tilizing the most advanced technologies and conducting its operations responsibly under the highest environmental safety and preservation standards, Karoon Oil and Gas is an independent oil and gas exploration company owned by Karoon Gas Australia Ltd.— an Australian company that plays an important role in the oil and gas exploration industry. The group’s experience is internationally recognized. Karoon discovered the renowned Poseidon gas field in offshore Western Australia, and now has important projects in South America—more precisely in Peru and in the Brazilian coast, at the Santos Basin, where the company will explore and develop its oil resources. Through a diverse portfolio of high-potential exploration blocks, Karoon’s activities’ backbone is the strategic partnerships with the leading companies in the oil and gas industry. SANTOS BASIN - BRAZIL Proven to be one of the most important oil discoveries of the past 30 years, the Santos Basin is one of the regions where Petrobras and its partners made the biggest discoveries, including the Tupi and Carioca fields, followed by Jupiter, Guará e Iara, each estimated to contain several billions of barrels. Karoon has 65 percent of equity in five blocks of exploration in the basin. They are located 160 miles off the coast of Santa Catarina state,


June 2015


“Finding oil in the Santos Basin and drilling six wells is one of our biggest success stories” – Tom Hosking, Karoon’s General Manager for South America

Photo: Nilton Nascimento/Studio A3 Fotografias

in shallow water, very similar to the Piracucá, Tiro, Sidon and Caravela oil fields, as well as the Merluza gas field. According to Tom Hosking, Karoon’s General Manager for South America, “We have finished the second phase of our campaign in the Santos Basin, which began on November 2014 and during which we drilled three wells. The first, Kangaroo-2, confirmed a 250 meter gross, 135 meter net, oil column, with testing showing a 39 degree API,” he explains. The positive production test results of a second exploration well, Echidna-1, confirmed an excellent quality in this Paleocene reservoir, bringing more confidence. “The Echidna discovery and production test represents a significant milestone, moving Karoon a step closer to realizing the company’s ambitions of developing an integrated production hub in the

Kangaroo-2 well test (January 1, 2015)

w w w. k a r o o n . c o m . b r



Santos Basin,” asserts Hosking. The president emphasizes the fact that well productivity is a key driver of commerciality for any oil project, especially when it is considered much better than expected in that region. “Particularly in the current oil price environment, the result from the Echidna flow test is very encouraging. We are preparing to drill the first offshore well over 200 meters in water depth in 2016,” he says. OTHER PROJECTS Within the permits there is potential for a variety of actions either in the pre-salt and post-salt section. Applying the latest generation techniques, Karoon was the first company to run 3D wide azimuth seismic acquisition in Brazil. Besides the

Echidna-1 well test (May 2, 2015) / Photo: Rodrigo Hill/Amago Images

SUPPLIER PROFILE QGOG CONSTELLATION QGOG Constellation is a market leading provider of offshore and onshore oil and gas contract drilling and FPSO services in Brazil through its subsidiary Queiroz Galvão Óleo e Gás (QGOG). With continuous operations since 1981, QGOG has built an unmatched reputation for excellence in offshore and onshore drilling services, obtaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification for its quality management, environmental and safety records and systems. Website: www.qgogconstellation.com

w w w. k a r o o n . c o m . b r


We’re making history by looking ahead. For more than 75 years, Frank’s International has been making history in tubular oil and gas services by anticipating change and staying ahead of industry needs. Today, more than ever, our innovative technologies and proprietary tools, available in 60 countries on six continents, are helping customers meet new challenges and get the most from their energy assets.

Franks_HBJ ad_final_1219.indd 1


Global presence, local expertise. Our team in Rio de Janeiro would be pleased to tell you more about our activities in Brazil. To know more about NOV WellSite Services’ Solids Control and Waste Management solutions and to discuss your own project, contact us by phone +55 21 3575-0381 or +55 22 2141-9000.

nov.com/wellsite © 2015 National Oilwell Varco | All Rights Reserved

12/19/14 12:57 PM

Photo: Rodrigo Hill/Amago Images


Olinda Star – detail of the rescue boat and helicopter landing area

five blocks on the Brazilian coast, the company acquired and took over the operations of the offshore Tumbes and onshore Marañon basins, in Peru. “We believe our operations in South America may come to up to 50% of our business,” estimates Hosking. Block Z-38 located in the Tumbes Basin is approximately five times the size of the combined five blocks operated in Santos Basin. The block lies in water depths ranging from 300 meters along its eastern boundary to over 2500 meters in the west and it is located on the Peruvian coast, bordering Ecuador in its northern side. Karoon’s Block 144, of approximately 6,838 km2, is located on the eastern side of the Andes

Karoon’s shorebase – tubes for the drilling campaign (May 2015) Photo: Rodrigo Hill/ Amago Images

w w w. k a r o o n . c o m . b r


Photo: Rodrigo Hill/Amago Images


Olinda Star drilling rig (May 2015)


June 2015

Photo: Rodrigo Hill/Amago Images


Olinda Star control room

mountain range within the onshore Marañon Basin. The Marañón Basin is the largest Peruvian sedimentary basin. It forms part of a much greater sub-Andean basin system that extends into the prolific Oriente Basin in Ecuador and the Putumayo Basin in Colombia. ENVIROMENTAL COMMITMENT Karoon is committed to preserving the environment and the ecosystem of the regions where it operates. In order to fulfill its commitment to being an environmentally responsible company, Karoon meets the highest environmental standards and best practices in all of its operations. The company understands that each country has its own requirements and procedures so as to

“We believe our operations in South America may come to up to 50% of our business.” – Tom Hosking, Karoon’s General Manager for South America

w w w. k a r o o n . c o m . b r


Photo: Rodrigo Hill/Amago Images


Echidna-1 well test (May 2, 2015)

“The Echidna discovery and production test represent a significant milestone, moving Karoon a step closer to realizing the company’s ambitions of developing an integrated production hub in the Santos Basin” – Tom Hosking, Karoon’s General Manager for South America 88

June 2015


acquire its permits according to all the countries’ legislation. In a responsible way, it employs the latest technology as well as the highest standards to achieve safety and environmental conservation. Additionally, Karoon is greatly involvement with community work. In some regions, Karoon’s staff develops relationships with the local population to learn about their most immediate needs, helping to improve the quality of life of these residents. With that in mind, a series of programs have been put into effect. Even though performing charity was not the main objective, the projects had an important and positive impact in the northern coast fishing and Peruvian Amazon mestizo communities. Karoon has positive expectations for the future and has been working with governments to achieve sustainable development through the creation of strategic alliances which can be applied to different sectors including the economy, environment and community projects. The upcoming years’ wishes are very simple. “Get early production in our five operated blocks and increase our footprint in Brazil as a reputable operator,” concludes Hosking. Still in the general manager’s words, “Finding oil in the Santos Basin and drilling six wells is one of our biggest success stories. The oil industry in Brazil is advanced, with interesting ongoing projects, future opportunities through government bids and proven basins,” he finishes.

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Karoon Oil and Gas INDUSTRY


Rio de Janeiro / RJ Brazil E S TA B L I S H E D


Production and exploration of Oil and Gas

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