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CIT Students’ Union Magazine Volume Twelve, Issue 1

in this issue: • Your new life at CIT! • Freshers Week • Sports and Societies • Health • Competitions

Your SU Exec Meet the team!


Thurs 30th Sept


29 Marlborough Street, Cork

Room 1


performance by

GLEE Tribute band Room 2 UPSTAIRS@ LIQUID LOUNGE Hear all the latest chart hits Room 3 THE TERRACE Chill out Sounds

4 Floors Tickets â‚Ź10 from Students Union and Information Desk Doors 9pm NOTE: Ticket holders can enter via Marlborough St and Princes St entrances

Over 18s event. GARDA ID/ Passport or Driving Licence required ROAR

Room 4 Karaoke plus the cheesy sounds of yesteryear @ The Ballroom Freshers Ball


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Contents 4 Special Feature Your new CIT life

A summary of what to expect at CIT

6  Welcome!

Some words of welcome form your Students Union officers News on grants, fees and education

A superb lineup from Monday 27th to Thursday 30th Sept

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18 Health

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Too mature for college?

12 Freshers Week

16 Competitions

Advertising Opportunities CIT has almost 17,000 full and part-time students with over 1,500 staff. Why not use expliCIT to promote your business to this large audience?

Your rights as a tenant

10 Fees

Entertainments Manager Mick O’Mahony (

21 Renting


Snippets from around campus

23 Problem page

So, you think you have problems?!

24 Sport

Keeping you in touch with the various sporting opportunites at CIT

26 Games

There are some great prizes on offer for successfully completed entries delivered into the Students Union office

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Special feature

Your new CIT life starts here phone discos, Glow-in-the-Dark parties, uniform parties, ladies nights and fancy dress events, just to mention a few. Freshers week is run by the Students’ Union, and is a great chance to get to know your Students’ Union Officers!

Independent Study

RAG Week

Student Life If you have never experienced it before, life in third level is the experience of a lifetime. If you are coming straight from school, you will have more freedom than you could imagine. If you are returning from the big bad world, you will see how relaxed the college environment is compared to the workplace. Students love the third level experience, and get just as much enjoyment and satisfaction from both the educational and social sides of the third-level coin. Here is a list of the highs and lows of college to get you ready.

Freshers week During the first week in CIT, the college runs inductions for all first year students. This is to show them the campus and what amenities and facilities are now at your fingertips. Soon after is Freshers week – a week dedicated to integrating first years into the social side of the college. Entertainment is provided every day is the Nexus (also known as the Student Centre), and usually consists of comedians, hypnotists, and all that kind of stuff! There are also prizes handed out every day and themed nights. In the last few years these have included Head-


RAG week is usually run in Semester Two. RAG (Raise and Give) Week is dedicated to raising money for charity, and if we happen to have a little fun along the way, what harm? Again, entertainment is run on campus, this time with the aim of raising money, so there is usually a lot of fundraisers (waxings, shavings, gunging) as well as great competitions and prizes. The annual RAG Ball is always fancy dress, so start thinking early!

Exams They are inevitable, and exams are just part of the system. You can’t have all fun without some work. Exams in third level are designed to be challenging and rightly so. You are here to learn how to make yourself valuable to companies so challenging exams just mean you need to up your game.

Yeah… Truthfully, it sucks. But you can’t have fun without putting in a bit of work. Its all about striking a balance. I am a firm believer in the more you study, the more you should take time to blow off steam. Here is a note to first years: You will notice that the students in third and fourth year that are seen out in the nightclubs most, are also the same students that are seen in the library the most. Independent study is all about setting aside time and keeping on top of your work. A few hours in the library, even just one evening a week, will make life so much easier for you come exam time.


Facilities The facilities available in CIT are second to none. Whether you choose to use them or not, however, is completely up to you. We have a gym, sports hall, running track, astro turf pitches, GAA and rugby pitches, tennis courts, library, theatre,

contemplation room, canteen, bistro, numerous shops, student centre, computer labs… The list goes on. When students come from other colleges to visit, they are often in awe of all the facilities CIT has.

For all of you who have just moved out of home for the first time, please be careful… Independence and freedom are like cocaine – highly addictive. You will get so used to doing your own thing in your own time. And this is exactly what you should do. You are now your own boss.

Freshers Week is run by the Students’ Union, and is a great chance to get to know your Students’ Union Officers!

Mammy won’t be telling you what time to be home and lecturers won’t be chasing you for projects. The initial inebriation is amazing – go wild, get drunk, make mistakes. It is only by making bad decisions that we learn what not to do again.

Sports and Societies The hub of the social life in CIT. Get involved with something. From Karate to Kayaking, Simpsons to Sustainable Energy, there really is something for everyone. Last year, the two most notable new activities were Mixed Martial Arts and Urban Art – what a genuinely intriguing mix. Sports and Societies Day is Tuesday 21st of September. I cannot stress enough what an important day that is!

Nightclubs Students have a reputation for one thingdrink. And rightly so. Its not an unfounded stereotype. Nightclubs may not be for everyone, but they are some craic! This year, CITSU are running their official Thursday nights in The Liquid Lounge. It was found last year that students wanted to be able to go out on the cheap, so we

Classes and Lecturers For the love of God, just go to class!!! I know your bed is warm, I know its cold outside. I know daytime tv is just soooo good. Go to class. This is where you pick up most of your information. If you just at-

Brain cells create ideas. Stress kills brain cells. Stress is not a good idea.

are facilitating this. Officially we are not allowed promote drink deals or prices, so I will just say this – its very cheap. VERY REALLY CHEAP! Liquid Lounge is a club on Marlborough Street, just off Oliver Plunkett Street. It has an unreal atmosphere and is so into its music its not even funny. Looking for love? Looking for cheap booze? Looking for the laugh of a lifetime? Go to the Liquid Lounge. It will be frequented by the SU Officers regularly to make sure all is going well, and they might even stay and have a glass of orange themselves.

tend, study wont be as stressful, and you will feel better for it in the evening. Lecturers are there to help you, and 99.9% of lecturers are genuinely nice people. Its not like school where discipline is an issue (or it shouldn’t be anyway), lecturers just want to see you do well.

Projects (and stress) Start, Them, Early. These simple words fall on deaf ears (or in this case, blind eyes) most years. If you start your projects early you wont be stressing at the last minute. Don’t wait until an hour be-

fore the deadline to print them off. Get stuck in and enjoy them. Projects are a good practical way for you to learn so embrace it and enjoy.

Stress Brain cells create ideas. Stress kills brain cells. Stress is not a good idea. If however you do get stressed, take a step back, take five, and a deep breath. If this does not calm you down, talk to someone. The Students’ Union Officers will help you out wherever possible, and there are also lecturers, classmates, counsellors. Whatever you need, just ask.

Student Unions The Students’ Union is an entity there to work for you, the Student. The Union Officers are there to help you if you are having problems of any kind, personal or academic. They also organise entertainment both on and off campus, as well as representing students’ views at every level within the college. They are students themselves who have taken a year out to work for you


President’s Note


ver the last few years, students keep asking what is it exactly that the Students’ Union do. This answer can vary widely from college to college, but we can tell you without any doubt, speculation or exaggeration what the CIT Students’ Union do. Over the past twelve months, CITSU has ensured the introduction of the Students Grievance Procedure, an official document adopted by Governing Body, the most powerful body in the college, last June. This gives students an official route to follow if they wish to lodge a formal complaint with the college. Last October, CITSU organised and led the Munster March against third level fees in Cork. Just to put numbers in perspective, CIT had the same number of students marching on the street as UCC, even though our student population is only a third the size of that of UCC.

A lot done, but a hell of a lot more to do! CIT Students’ Union ran a second hand book shop, the idea of which was to facilitate students in buying and selling college books quickly and easily. The premise was simple – students wanting to sell books could drop them into our office and tell us how much they wanted. Students could then come in looking for books, we would sell them, and then the money was passed on to the book owner. We took no cut, just facilitated the service. We are running it again this year. We also initiated a new plan to cover the CIT OffSite Campuses, which, for those of you who don’t know, are The Cork School of Music, The Crawford College of Art and Design, and The National Maritime College of Ireland. It was found that, two years ago, the students in these campuses felt as if their needs were not being met by CITSU and that they didn’t feel part of CIT. Efforts were made last year to integrate them more so, and fur-

We have a number of Welfare Weeks lined up this year, including SHAG Week (Sexual Health And Guidance Week), Mental Health Week and Safety Week


This showed the strength of our union, and showed other colleges just how united CIT students are. As a result of the protests nationwide, third level fees were taken off the table at Government level. How long they will stay off the table we don’t know, but what we do know is that if we didn’t protest, it would have been highly likely that students could be paying fees now.

ther, more tangible efforts are planned for the year coming.

The Students’ Union Officers were in talks with Bus Eireann over damage caused to the Number 8 bus. Bus Eireann were considering stopping the bus route from 9pm, which would have been a huge disadvantage to both students and residents in the area. In the end, the bus route continued as per normal.

Now, that’s what has been done, what are we planning to accomplish this year?

Also last year, our website was revamped to include an online grinds database. CIT students can now go onto our website and look up grinds available. Fourth year and post-grad students are also encouraged to give grinds if they feel they are capable.

CIT Students’ Union has noted that Mature Students are quite visibly under represented at Union Council. For this reason, we are proposing to have a Ma-

ture Officer Representative elected, by mature students, to represent the views of Mature Students. This motion will be brought to the first Union Council Meeting of the year so as we can hopefully implement such a role as quickly as possible. Anyone with questions, queries or suggestions should contact me. This year it is hoped to roll out an in depth Student Survey, the purpose of which is to find out what students like and dislike about the college, what they feel the Students’ Union should be doing for them, and also to bring to the attention of the Students’ Union any issues that they may be currently unaware of. We would encourage as many students as possible to partake in the survey so as to accurately gauge what is going on, on-the ground, amongst the student population. CIT Students’ Union also plan on performing an informal Lecturer Review. A formal Review could take years to actually be made out, formalised, etc., and will hopefully be in the pipelines by the time this years’ executive tenure will be up. This year, an informal route will be taken to get the ball rolling. Again, this is for the benefit of students, which is always our main aim. We have a number of Welfare Weeks lined up this year, including SHAG Week (Sexual Health And Guidance Week), Mental Health Week and Safety Week. Each of these is designed to promote mature and responsible attitudes towards the subjects in question. Fun is had on campus on these weeks to promote the message and make it more visible, and a specific event will be put on in the city also. This is just a few of the plans we have. Our ideas often come from inspiration and frustrations shown by you, the students, so please come to us and tell us what you want. We have a busy year ahead. But we will never be too busy for our students. Looking forward to a busy year, John Lane

Welfare Officer

Hello Everyone!


y name is Vicki Fitzpatrick and I am very pleased to say I am your Vice-President for Welfare for the coming year.

I have just completed four years of studying Business Studies and have been in the exact same shoes as you guys. Coming from a small town, I know how daunting and intimidating it can be coming into the college, moving away from home and having to make new friends! I also know how it feels to be starting another college year and the initial promises of “this year I will study from week one”! The good news is, we at the students union work for the students and our aim is to help you have the best possible CIT experience in any way we can!! I urge all students to use the services we each provide, and make the most out of your Union. The Students’ Union Offices are located on the first floor of the Student Centre.

My door is always open and anything said to me is completely confidential. Issues I can help you with are very broad including financial concerns, renting problems, mental health issues, sexual health, addictions, coming out, and unplanned pregnancies. I have loads of leaflets on all of the above issues and it’s also very important for me to mention I have a yearly supply of FREE condoms in my office so please come in, be responsible and help yourself! As I said last year in my campaign, my goal is to be a friend to the students and be there for you all, my personal mantra is to be the kindest person I know to everyone I meet. So please don’t be shy about calling into me! Whether it’s just for a chat, you feel the need to get something off your chest, or if there is something you’re not happy about in the college. We have the power to help you and make positive changes, but only with your input and direction!

I look forward to meeting you all throughout the year and wish you all the best of luck with study and of course settling into this new and exciting college year! Vicki Fitzpatrick

People are like sticks of dynamite... The power is on the inside, but nothing happens until the fuse is lit”

a few tips...

Education Officer


o after all of your hard work over the last two years you finally got what want?? You’re here in CIT now and it’s just as good a place to be as anywhere else in the world. It may seem daunting at first having to come into a crowded college all on your own and nobody to talk to but think of the alternatives. You could be sitting at home under the watchful eye of mammy playing the x-box and watching terrible chat shows trying to pass the idle time by while your old friends find new ones and enjoy themselves. Knuckle down and try to keep a lid on your studies. If you can do that you will sail through college. If you set aside an hour a day for revision and notes, then you won’t get over-awed by the whole college ethos. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying be boring and do nothing except stay in and study, on the contrary-college is also a very important step in your life. It’s about finding your feet, finding who you are

day for whatever reason, and you do not have a valid sick/college note, you will be docked monies from your grant.

and what you want to do with your life. Go out and meet as many new friends as you can. Organise a class party for your class, get involved. It is also important for all of you freshers out there who are on grants to know that if you miss a

As first time students another good tip I have for you is to budget your money at the start of every week. Money will be tight and for the first few weeks you will want to be out most nights so therefore I would suggest that you support The Can Can club. Its the official Students’ Union Night Club and it represents the best value for you. I also suggest that you go to both the Orientation and Fresher’s Ball as these are both fantastic nights out and this year will be no exception. Chris Scanlon

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.





Are Third Level Fees On The Way Back?


ast October, the then Minister for Education, Batt O’Keeffe reassured students and Students’ Unions around the country that third level fees were not coming back in the lifetime of this Government. Then again in August, the current Minister for Education, Mary Coughlan, reiterated the same. However, there are unsettling rumblings. The Hunt report on public sector funding, including third level funding, is expected to recommend a student contribution. The Green Party, whose policy up to now has be no third level fees, is looking into a graduate tax system, Fianna Fail are in favour of some form of student contribution, as are Finé Gael. To date, the only party who are still adamantly opposed to third level fees are The Labour Party. Now this is by no means intended as a political article. This is a heads up for what may come to pass. The reality is this – Ireland is still broke. Third level is an easy sector to get savings from. And students are an easy target. Generally, students are seen as passive – students don’t vote, are not pro-active and wont kick up stink. But that’s what your Students’ Union is here for – to fight for your rights, and we can only do this with your support.

So now the question is this – what can you do? The answer is simple. If the Students’ Union is to be effective, ideally it will help you help yourself. If we hold a demonstration or a march, come out. If we are having a petition or voter drive, come out. At the end of the day it is your money, your families money, that is much better spent on other things I am sure. If you are charged, say, €5000 per year in college, that works out at €200 per week! How many people earn that during the college year?? Last year, in Cork alone, we held a student protest march in October. This was attended by students from CIT, UCC, WIT, and IT Tralee. Over 6000 students showed their opposition to fees, and as a result the motion was taken off the table for Government. It seemed so likely that first year students were given warning that may have had to start paying fees this year. All the Students’ Unions around the country together co-ordinated a national day of protest. It was a serious issue, and being students, fun was had after. However, this year, the story is a little different. The Presidents of many colleges, including our own, were always opposed to reintroducing fees. In the past few months though, due to cutbacks, the Presidents of many colleges are starting to believe that a student contribution is necessary. This is due to the continuous cutbacks being faced by colleges, and quality suffers. CIT, as an Institution, must be commended for minimising the impact of these cuts to date but this can only continue for so long. As soon as quality suffers, your educa-

Generally, students are seen as passive – students don’t vote, are not pro-active and wont kick up stink. But that’s what your Students’ Union is here for – to fight for your rights, and we can only do this with your support.

We are here to help you help yourself. I am sure you are asking yourself how will this affect you. Realistically there are three possible ways of funding third level 1. Graduate Tax When you begin to earn a certain level of income, you begin to pay an extra tax levy on your income. This is a form of “payback” for the time you spent in college and thus allowed you to earn a higher wage. This will probably stop after a certain amount is paid. 2. Student Loan This is simple. You take out a loan to go to college and don’t start repaying it until you are finished. This is fine while you are in college, but the minute you finish you have a €20,000 - €30,000 loan to be repayed. This is a system implemented in Australia that has gone disastrously wrong – graduates simply left the country and ditched their loans. 3. Straight Out Fees This is the least likely realistically. It would involve paying fees every September, probably in the region of €5000, on top of your registration fee. From the Governments point of view, this


is the most practical. From our point of view, unworkable.

tion, the very reason you are here, suffers. The Union of Students of Ireland (USI) is the second largest Union in this country at the moment. They are a union that hold a lot of bargaining power. Currently, CITSU are not affiliated, but do work hand in hand with USI. Joining USI officially may strengthen our position, both here locally in Cork, and also nationally. This is a debate which will be brought to students attention during the year and that will need a lot of discussion with you, the student, your class reps, and also the CIT Students’ Union Officers. We, the Students’ Union, plan to adamantly oppose any cuts or price hikes. Help us help you. Le gach le meas, John Lane

The free Education Story…What free education?


ere in Ireland we have a term that has been thrown around the place for a long time its called “free education”. Apparently education is supposed to be free but at the moment we, the students, are paying a fee of €1500 for our education. Despite the fact that this is a Student Services charge the government are attempting to raise this again to €3000 to save themselves because all they have done so far since they took office is save the banks and forget about the rest of the country. In the current programme for government, it is categorically agreed that Third level fees will not be re-introduced. According to former U.S. President John F. Kennedy “Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource.” No truer word in regards to education and its benefits has ever been spoken. If we as a country, and indeed a nation, wish to progress out of this current harsh depression, it is vital that edu-

cation remains a right and not a privilege. In another well known quote, it is said that “Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought.” Therefore it is imperative and crucial to any future success that we as individuals, or indeed as a generation, are going to have. We must fight to stop the current government from raising the student service charge. Ireland as a whole is a great country with an excellent knowledge base and we are in danger of losing this and going back to the days when all we were seen as were poor farmers who were always seen as the “easy target” for everyone and anyone to exploit. Education must also be balanced. It is not all about what is learned or indeed

thought in a classroom. I mo thuarim fein I think education is more about development as a person rather than just broadening your mind. Education must be about valuable life lessons also. Last October, we had a protest here in Cork. It was organised jointly by ourselves and UCC and we also had students from WIT and IT Tralee participate. Over 6000 students turned out to show their opposition to fees, and as a result the motion was taken off the table for Government. We the students showed that it is possible to make a difference and for the betterment of this country and equally importantly for the betterment of students it is imperative that we do show our opposition to the proposed hike in the service charge.

Grant Levels remain stagnant this year


he cost of going to college rises slightly every year – the cost of food, books, petrol if you drive, accommodation, etc usually go up by a percentage each year. Last year it was estimated that the cost of a four year degree stands at over €60,000 for anyone living out of home. This was compiled taking in all the costs of living out of home. This year grant payment levels remain the same as last year, however income levels have been raised slightly so more people may qualify. However, there was a 5% cut on 2008 levels, and it is feared that there may be another 5% cut coming in the up-and-coming budget in December. If this is the case, it will only exacerbate the problem. Students are an easy target for the Government to make cuts to, but ask anyone who has to survive on a grant – it simply isn’t enough! Especially at a time when part-time jobs are proving harder and harder to find. This may face some students to, unfortunately, withdraw from college against their will.

Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education.

There are also fears that the grants system this year may go into meltdown. Last year there was such an immense back-log of grant applications, that some students only got their grant approval when completing their summer exams. This also led to some students not gaining access to labs, facilities or exam results because their registration fee had not yet been paid to the college by the relevant VEC. Some students had to take out loans in the interim to cover the registration fee. Just be aware, the grant system is still quite slow. Don’t be holding your breath to get paid in October or November, have a plan B. If you are quite stuck, speak with the Students’ Union Officers to see if there is anything they can do to help you out. Last year, the SU Officers noticed a massive surge in the amount of students coming to them in financial difficulty. While they are limited to the extent of what they can do, they are aware of all the different aids around the college and may be able to point you in the right direction.


FRESHERS WEEK2010 JARLATH REGAN (Comedian) @Student Centre Monday 27th September.

J Freshers Week Timetable

arlath Regan is the new face of RTE’s most popular comedy show “The Panel” and the fastest rising star of Irish comedy. Within two years of quitting his day job Regan’s original brand of observational humour and twisted greeting cards have made him a firm favourite among comedy anoraks. The wave of support for his new age comedy has been growing in momentum for some time. Hot Press calls him “Brilliant. The best young talent in Dublin”, The Metro describes his performance as “side-splitting stuff…causing near hysteria in the room” and The Irish Times refers to him as “comic genius”. If you have not had the chance to see him yet, now is the time.

Monday 27-Sep-10 12 to 1 DJ Pat Dilworth (Party Jarlath first stood on stage in 2004 when he was selected as a finalist in the BBC and Games) in Student Channel 4 new comedy awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Although he failed to Centre win the competitions that introduced the world to Tommy Tiernan, Dylan Moran and 1 to 2 Jarlath Regan (RTE) Comedian in Student David O’Doherty, he quickly became a hot ticket at the Fringe. His debut solo EdinCentre burgh show “Nobody Knows… Jarlath Regan” earned rave reviews from the Scottish 8 ‘till late Studentfest in press (“The wittiest, funniest lines you will ever see” Edinburgh Hairline) and was the Bishopstown Bar subject of a documentary series on TV3. His 2008 show was a sell-out and earned him more stars than a milky way. Tuesday 28-Sep-10 12 to 1 DJ Mc Fleming (Party Games) in Student Centre 1 to 2 Jack Wise - Magician in Student Centre 10 til very late Glow in The Dark Party in Liquid Lounge Adm €6 at door ack Wise is a top notch Corporate Magician based in Dublin, who speWednesday 29-Sep-10 cialises in blending sophisticated 12 to 1 DJ Pat Dilworth in humour with jaw dropping magic. Jack’s Student Centre unrivalled experience as a Magician and 12-3pm CIT Carnival Day in sure fire comedic delivery allows him to of Student Centre fer you something unheard of in the enter11 til very late Freakscene in Gorbys tainment business – As a party organiser it’s your worst nightmare… Thursday 30-Sep-10 You hire a Magician, they turn out to be 12 to 1 DJ Pat D in Student Centre nothing like their publicity material or 1 to 3pm Michael McCoy (Hypnoworse, they’re a serious embarrassment to tist) in Student Centre you and your guests. 9 til late Freshers Ball in Clancys/ But really, who could blame you. After all, Liquid Lounge featuring Glee Tribute Band from anybody can put up a website and call the UK, Karaoke and themselves a professional. You need a various Djs Magician who doesn’t just promise to de Tickets €10 from liver but guarantees it. Students Union

JACK WISE (Magician) @ The Student Centre, Tuesday 28th September at 1pm.



Freshers week

Attention Guys and Gals !

STUDENT CARNIVAL The Student Centre, Weds the 29th of September from midday onwards.


his is the day of Inflatables including Bungee runs, various stalls plus face painting strongman competition and other carnie folk like things. Please come along and participate.

Michael McCoy (Hypnotist) @Student Centre. Thursday 30th September at 1pm.


repare yourself for a experience you’re not soon to forget. Michael Mc Coy takes you and your guests on an incredible journey into the human mind.

Michael opens the show revealing the facts and myths of hypnosis to help ease the tension and concerns of all those in the room. After a quick demonstration of the mind is offered, volunteers from the audience are invited up on stage with Michael as he prepares to show them how to unleash the awesome power that is their minds. After that, relaxing and comforting music can be heard as Michael quickly places his volunteers into a hypnotic state. From this point on the volunteers are now the stars of the show. The fun is only about to begin! Watch in amazement as your friends begin to do things you never think they would or COULD. They are transformed into their favourite celebrities, become aliens from another world, completely forget their names, think they have just hit the lottery, or even dance along with the magical Voodoo monkey. That is only the beginning, as our stars of the show perform hilarious side-splitting skits which will leave your guests on the floor laughing. The fun is not just restricted to the stage either - expect our stars to interact fully with your audience as everyone gets to participate in the show.

We are looking for Ents Crew for the coming College year 2010/2011 Tasks including : • Possible stewarding at SU Events • PR staff for Freshers Week and Rag Week and Weekly SU Club • Ticket Sales for SU Events REWARDS include Freebies such as tickets, etc Please email or call into Mick at the SU Office if any of the above grabs your fancy.

It’s an action-packed, high-energy night where there is never a dull moment. The show is complete with stage props, costumes, sound effects, and high-energy music to create the perfect atmosphere for fun and excitement. The show will be talked about for weeks to come.

With special thanks to our Freshers Week sponsors: MON: BT Bar, WEDS: CIT Canteen Company, Mardyke Entertainment Complex and Freakscene THURS: CIT Societies and AIB


Have you elected your class rep? Do it now! Register online at OR fill out the form at the Students Union offices, Student Centre.

All reps must be elected and strictly one per class group is allowed

Careers Fair 2010


he Careers & Counselling Service will host Careers Fair 2010 on Tuesday 5th October 2010 in the Nexus, Student Centre. The event will run from 11.00am – 3.00pm.This event will present you, as a student, with a chance to explore a wide and varied range of options after your degree. It’s your best chance to find out a great deal about potential career opportunities for you all in one place on one day! Whilst the jobs market is certainly contracting, it hasn’t disappeared altogether. Companies are still hiring and graduates are finding jobs. While it is more difficult than it used to be, what is vital is that you put time and effort into career planning to maximise your chances of success. You can log onto for more information on the Fair, including up-to-date information on companies attending.




CIT Societies launch competition for Apple ipad Following the successful launch of the Societies website in 2009 the societies office is still in celebratory mood. One lucky CIT student will be the winner of an Apple ipad. The latest, must have gadget, 16GB ipad will enhance the student experience by allowing them to surf the net wirelessly around campus, flick through ebooks, as well as give them access to hundreds of powerful educational and fun applications. Students will be able to enter the competition on Sports & Societies day on the 21st of September by answering a test your knowledge question on CIT. Students can also log onto the dedicated societies website to submit your entry. The Societies website also has information on the activities and events which will be run by the societies in CIT throughout semester 1, as well as photos from recent events, the latest societies news and information on the release of the ever popular society ball dates which will take place in semester 2. Last year the CIT societies online competition awarded students with gaming consoles such as the Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation and more. Entry to the competition is restricted to one entry per person and is only open to entry from CIT students.

College life can be tough if you don’t fit in. Trying to stand out from the crowd is almost impossible. But sometimes there’s a simple solution to the complicated problems in life. We’re going to let you in on a secret…. www. If you wear Freshmilk t-shirts it’s easy to make new friends, food will taste better and you instantly become more attractive to the opposite sex. Honest! So join us on Facebook, visit the website, enter the competition and you, yes you, can make the world a better place! Do it.


Freshmilk have kindly given expliCIT four €25 vouchers to give away. All you have to do for your chance to WIN is email us: with a mail titled ‘Milk’. Freshmilk are also offering our readers a 25% off during September and October. The code to enter at website is is “CITROCKS” Freshmilk Clothing, Tel: (021) 239 0465. Visit our Facebook page on




Keep on top of your health


his time of year your social life feels like it is out of control – Freshers’ Week, Class Parties, Thursday nights, Tuesday nights, every night! Just remember that man (or woman) cannot live on alcohol alone. And even one week of greasy, fast food can leave our bodies drained and not looking as well as we all can naturally. This regular feature is designed in the hope to guide you to keep on top of your health. Well… to a moderate extent anyway. Students who eat healthy all the time are one in a million, but one or two good meals in a week will boost your energy levels, make you look better and healthier and allow you to last longer. Eating fast food every day toils at your body both from the inside and out. Spots, greasy hair and increased perspiration may be the first not-so-sexy signs of a bad diet, but it also leaves you with less energy, more irritable and more likely to get sick.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean salads or fancy food. It’s actually the opposite – keep it simple. An apple in the morning does more to wake you up than a cup of coffee, a glass of juice in the morning won’t break the bank account and will always pay dividends, and cooking yourself dinner will prove more beneficial to both your pocket and your health than any burger and chips combo deal! Let me show a good example: Bag of baby potatoes (2-3 dinners) - €1. Chicken breast - €1.50. Head of broccoli - €1.10. Tin of beans - €0.65. Total - €4.25 versus: Burger & Chips (Average Price) - €5.50 So here is something simple to try over the next few weeks. Believe it or not, you can have great fun messing around in the kitchen and trying new things, so give this a go some night and surprise yourself at what you can do.

one or two good meals in a week will boost your energy levels, make you look better and healthier and allow you to last longer.

The management and staff of Rochestown Park Hotel would like to wish all new and returning students to CIT the best of luck for the year ahead. Thank you for making us your number one Ball venue.


Lasagna The Student Friendly Meal Ingredients •4  50g mince beef/ lamb • 1 large onion •1  green or red pepper • 8 mushrooms • 1 tin chopped tomatoes • 2 dessertspoons of tomato sauce •S  alt/pepper if you feel adventurous • 1 clove garlic • Lasagna Sauce •1  0 sheets of easy-cook lasagna sheets

Method 1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C / 350°F / Gas Mark 4. 2. Chop onions, pepper, mushrooms and garlic. 3. Put mince into a large pan and fry until completely brown, stirring all the time with a wooden spoon. 4. Add onions and garlic to mince and cook for 3-4 minutes. 5. A  dd chopped peppers, chopped mushrooms, chopped garlic, tin of tomatoes and tomato sauce to the mince mixture. 6. Bring to the boil and leave to simmer on a low heat for 15-20 minutes. Final Preparation: 1. Put layer of meat and tomato based sauce in the bottom of a large dish, cover with easy-cook lasagna sheets. 2. Make 1 or 2 more layers as above finishing with a layer of lasagna sheets. Cover with white lasagna sauce. 3. Sprinkle with remainder of cheese and bake for 30 to 40 minutes. Hope this all goes well. Enjoy the month and try to keep on top of things. If anyone would like to see or suggest anything they would like to see here, feel free to contact us anytime, either by calling into us in the office, or by email, Any fires or burns should be reported to: Mick Mulcahy, Corks’ 96FM, Broadcasting House, Patricks’ Place, Cork

The Best of

Overheard in CIT Just to outline, there is an excellent facebook page called Overheard In CIT. Basically, if you hear something extremely random, you post it onto this site as a bit of a laugh. The more traffic through the page, the bigger and better it will get, and the funnier this will appear! So get involved and get up those random weird comments. We are also looking for whoever it is that moderates the page, so if you know the person involved – tell them!!

As for now, here is a few of the best that are currently available on the page Two girls in the Canteen a few years ago; Girl 1: “Ooooh god, shamed! You should have seen the state of the fella I was with last night… You might know him actually, said he was from *******. Oooh one plus point though, he drives a savage Altezza but still, he was a total freak!” Girl 2: “Was his name ***** by any chance??? Girl 1: “Yeah yeah, do you know him?? Right weirdo like….” Girl 2: “He’s my brother…” Last year in a computer lab: Lecturer: You should all be finished your assignment now so just save it to the desktop. BIS student: What’s a desktop? Chemistry lecturer trying to describe how two electrons want stay as far away as possible from each other in an orbital - “its a bit like when you were a child being chased around a car by a paedophile”

Fish’s Top 10 No No’s 1. Skip class to watch daytime TV. Watching Home and away will not help your grade in communications although it might make you discover things… 2. Develop a crush on someone who lives with you. It just causes agro. I know your young and “explorative” but trust me your better off finding someone else no matter how hot you think she is! 3.  Blow all your money on Dutch gold and Ben and Jerrys. Its much easier to buy a bottle of wine and cook pasta. 4. Get off with two girls in the same “click”. You might like having women fight over you but once they see sense you’re the one that’s going to get it. Ever seen John Tucker Must Die?? That could be you. 5. Eat hillbilly’s that is more than a day old. It’s Not going to end well. 6. Go out the night before an exam “just for one to settle the nerves”. One turns into 6 very quickly indeed. 7. Fall asleep back at a house party. It can lead to horrible things. Getting stripped, losing your eyebrows etc…

Blonde Girl to Friend: “How long does it take to travel half an hour??” Friend: “You’re an idiot!”

8. Join a club just because your friends or roommate did. Find an activity that you love. There is Loads out there.

In class and a stunning looking girl stuck her head in the door and heard two lads saying ... Hally: “Jeez, I’d do her after six cans” Mark: “I’d do her after a bottle of water”

9. Keep yourself locked up in your room. Get out of the apartment - it’s okay to meet other people too!

Overheard in cit library, by a guy to a table of girls: “So, this is my erection”

10. Do too many crazy things too early in the year. You will get a reputation. Nobody wants that.

Lecturer: This is how we do things in CIT ... it might be different out in the real world!


Best wishes for the new academic year from all at Bank of Ireland CIT For all your banking needs talk to us today at Bank of Ireland, CIT, located in the Nexus, Student Centre

Bank of Ireland is regulated by the Financial Regulator.

doh000154 - CIT advert 1


15/09/2010 10:17


Your rights as a tenant Rights of tenants • You have the right to privacy. Once you are living in you’re new home, the landlord is only allowed to enter with your permission. This means that if the landlord wants to do repairs or check the accommodation, they should arrange a suitable time with you


presume most of you have already found your new home for the college year, and hopefully you will be very comfortable, safe and happy there!! It’s really important that you know your rights as a tenant, and also that you know your landlord’s rights. If you are not happy with the accommodation you are in or how you are being treated by your landlord you have many different people available to help and advise you. Threshold are a charity organisation that offer free advice about Check renting. out there site or call 021 4278848 CIT accommodation officer Deirdre Falvey knows everything and anything about renting and is super friendly 021 4326453 You can call into the welfare office in students union at any time or contact Vicki on 0214335273 or email

• Accommodation must be fit to live in. the house should be safe and secure, and rodents of any kind, mice/rats or even ants are totally not acceptable so get on to your landlord as soon as possible if any of these appear! • Rent can only be increased once a year (as per new tenancies Act 2004) • If something in the house/apartment breaks and is not your fault the landlord is obliged to repair/replace the item and pay for it. • All of the deposit should be returned to the tenant unless rent is owed or there has been damage to the property. As with all relationships- its works both ways! The tenant also has obligations to the landlord • Respect the landlord and there property. Remember you are only renting the house/ apartment you do not own it!

• Respect your neighbours, its a lot easier and will be more enjoyable in the long run,. Although a party at 3am may seem like a good idea at the time, remember your actions do have consequences! Aim to be a law abiding neighbour! • Allow the landlord to access property for occasional inspections or if repairs are needed • Ask your landlord permission before making any alterations to the property. Doing simple things like using white tac instead of nails can save a lot of hassle when it comes to moving out and looking for your full deposit back! • Keep the house clean and tidy and take the rubbish out weekly! Leaving dishes until the morning may seem like a good idea at the time, but left over food will attract unwanted creatures!! Trust me on this, plus friends are more likely to visit if you have a nicely smelling apartment/house. • Its also a good idea to ask your landlord for a rent book and keep a record of all the payments you make to them throughout the year. • Take photos of the property as soon as you move in, this will avoid confusion over stained carpets etc when you’re moving out and will ensure you get your full deposit back.

• Pay the rent at the agreed time and in full • Pay any charges e.g. bins/television license payable by the tenant under the terms of the lease.

Although a party at 3am may seem like a good idea at the time, remember your actions do have consequences!




aturity, we’re lead to believe, is something every student should have and to a large extent this is true. Everyone comes to college to have a good time, meet new friends and most of all learn something that we have at least some interest in and perhaps, if we’re lucky, even get a job at the end of it all. But “mature” students, as we are known, are often coming from the world of work back to college to get more skills behind us and unfortunately can seem a little stuck up or not part of the class on class nights out and for that very reason can be a alienated. I’m not saying its easy for an eighteen year old to get on with a forty year old but the fact of the matter is that in the real world you’ll be expected to get on with people younger or older than you in


Mature students, Can you be too mature? virtually every job you will find yourself in for the rest of your life and what better place to start then here in college. Yes gangs and cliques will exist in the working world too but these days when getting a job is more about who you know and less about what you know your boss may just be the guy you never chatted to. I can see both sides of the story as although I am a mature student I have also become an active part of my class both socially and academically. My tips to the freshers that are coming in to class with someone older for the first time is the older man or woman in your class wont bite if you say hi. Yes, they are there to study and it is probably their first choice to do this course and not 8th on a CAO list that was thrown together because your parents didn’t want you to be on the dole for the rest of your life but a mature

student will also understand you are all going to see each other every day for the next three or four years so it’s good to at least be on speaking terms. The mature student may look blankly at you when you talk to them about Dizzee Rascal or Seasick Steve but there is plenty of other stuff to chat about, the fact of the matter is that, like you, he or she probably doesn’t know much about NAMA either. Last night’s match or Corrie is a safe enough bet depending on the kind of person you are talking about. My tip to the mature people is simple, chat to your classmates, go to the parties you don’t have to stay out all night to prove your youth but the sense of comradeship that you build up in first year will make the next three years a hell of a lot easier. Plus you never know when you’ll need to copy someones notes.

mature students, as we are known, are often coming from the world of work back to college to get more skills behind us and unfortunately can seem a little stuck up or not part of the class on class nights out and for that very reason can be a alienated.

Problem page


am crazy about a friend of mine but I am too nervous to say anything in case they don’t feel the same. I genuinely don’t know if they have feelings for me

So You think you have Problems ...


am living with my friend for the first time. We know each other years and always get on great, but now she is starting to drive me crazy! I am an only child and never had a sister, and now she is always coming into my room borrowing shoes, clothes and make-up. I don’t want to be a bitch by saying no and we are always in photos together, so I obviously don’t want her in one of my dresses on facebook. How do I tell her this without seeming bitchy or petty, but I don’t want to share everything with her. Am I being selfish or am I right? Female opinion Firstly I don’t think you are being selfish and I can see how having to share all of your clothing & make up can be a very hard thing to do, especially if you had no sisters growing up! I think you should talk to your friend and be honest about the things that are annoying you (make sure you say it in a nice way!). There is nothing worst that not telling someone if little things they are doing are annoying you, chances are your friend has no idea what she is doing and will be glad of your honesty. If you continue to go on and pretend like everything is fine, the problem will just escalate and it would be awful it resulted in the end of your friendship. Very often friends find it hard living together, as ye probably spend most of your free time together, breakfast and dinner and now included! Oh and in reference to your facebook comment, maybe explain to your friend about the photo issue and suggest she wears dresses that you have already worn. If you highlight the fact that pictures are already on facebook with you wearing them may turn her off borrowing them in the first place. Honesty is always the best policy so I sincerely hope it all works out for you!! Male Opinion Not to sound funny, but I don’t think I will ever be in this situation… I do think, however, that if you are living with someone that you do need to set down your boundaries. This isn’t down to being bitchy or mean, but everyone needs their own space and trust me, if you are living together, you will be out in Cork a lot together over the next few months so if you having your own clothes is a big thing to you, just say it!!! With make-up however, I would chill out a little. This works both ways – you can use hers too!!! Living with someone requires an amount of compromise, so set your boundaries, stick with them, but just don’t be unreasonable. That said… I am a man. What the hell do I know???

Female opinion Ok this is a tricky one! Firstly is your friend in a relationship? If so then don’t go there!! Wait until or if they are single again to make your feelings known. You should focus on being a good friend, if you genuinely care about the person and support their relationship with their boyfriend/girlfriend. If your friend is single, you need to thread carefully!!! This can be very awkward if the feelings are not mutual, so you should talk to a close friend who knows you both and see if there is any indication that the feelings are mutual. Some questions you should ask yourself as to whether your friend may potentially like you too include: Are you the first person they call when they have good/bad news? Do ye call/text a lot each day? Do their eyes light up when they see you? Do you make them laugh and are they generally in good/great form when there with you? Do they compliment you? Although it may be kind of soul destroying if you lay your heart on the line and tell your friend how you feel, lets not forget the old saying “its better to have loved and lost than never loved at all”. Be brave and go for it, if ye are good enough friends your friendship will survive this hurdle even if the feelings are not mutual! Best of luck Male Opinion A problem that I think most people encounter at one stage or another. How good friends are you? Are they single? Are YOU single? I cant condone cheating. However, a friend of mine lives by the rule “Cheat to win” and he seems to be getting along fine… No, no, seriously – don’t cheat. If you have a partner, grow up and either stick with them and stop looking elsewhere, or else drop them. Cheating will always lead to heartbreak for all parties involved! Now, lets assume that you are single. If you are very close this could be a high risk maoever. If, however, you are just buddies from college then it’s not all that awkward. Lets just assume you only know each other through college. You are both single. Send them a text some night. If they text back, it’s a good sign. If not… well things aren’t looking great. Best advice I can give for you to impress is play to your strengths. If you are funny, be funny. If you are good looking, use this. But most importantly, be yourself! I know it is so clichéd, but if you be yourself ad they like you – Jackpot! If they don’t, well at least you weren’t fake. Be seen to be interesting, make an effort, notice the small things, and after a while of subtle flirting you will have an idea if it is going to work. You cannot be too afraid to flirt or make a move!!! If you are too shy to flirt, give up now and save everyone the pain of listening to you whinge. You need to take the initiative and try to get what you want. Make a move. Girls can make the first move too. And if you get shot down? Screw it, move on. You are in a city full of gorgeous interesting people!!! If you are good friends however, well, I think we all know the answer but you just want to hear it from someone else. You have a choice – tell them straight out and give it a go, or just move on and get over it. I know this is a very black and white answer but that’s it!!! If you are good enough friends this wont damage the friendship in the long run anyway. Trust me, been there, done that. Just one point to note: Do not, under any circumstances, follow them around like a lost little puppy. There is nothing more unattractive than someone who is not independent.



Soccer at CIT Cork Institute of Technology will again link up with the Football Association of Ireland in order to provide an active, fun and successful student soccer year. Five CIT teams consisting of two men’s college teams, one women’s college team and two men’s Munster Senior League teams will compete under the guidance of the CIT/FAI Soccer Facilitator, Eric Marah. Students from an elite level right down to the beginners will be provided with the opportunity to participant in soccer in CIT. The previous academic year saw 16 different recreational leagues take part in CIT and nearly 1000 students participated in these games. The number of indoor Futsal tournaments, 6-a-side astroleague games, 7-a-side and 11-a-side grass games and mixed leagues will all be increased once again in CIT.

Opportunities for CIT students to further their soccer coaching education will again be available at a cut price. In the previous academic year Kick-Start 1 and 2 coaching courses took place in CIT. The quality of CIT’s soccer facilities were underlined in 2009 when the Irish Women’s senior team trained in the Stadium pitch before a World Cup qualifier, also the Cork Kennedy Cup team used CIT as a venue for training and the Colleges Football Association of Ireland held the Umbro CFAI finals in CIT. Any student requiring further information or wishes to get involved in the college teams, Munster Senior League teams or recreational leagues please do not hesitate to call to Eric Marah in the Sports Office, 1st Floor Student Centre or email Cork Institute of Technology is looking forward to another successful soccer year.

CIT’s newest Club - Olympic lifting for beginners! A little history to startWeightlifting in some form or another probably dates to prehistoric times. It’s easy to imagine some primitive man lifting a heavy rock and then challenging someone else to try it. The modern day sport of weightlifting, also called Olympic style weightlifting is a sport in which participants attempt to lift a barbell loaded with weight plates from the floor to overhead in one fluid explosive movement (the snatch) or to the shoulder and it is then exploded overhead (the clean and jerk) the athlete must then recover to standing with the bar held overhead. Goals of Olympic Weightlifting - It is an excellent sport for the development of total body strength and power as well as flexibility, mobility, balance, speed and coordination. So much so that most professional sports base their strength and conditioning programs around


these lifts and their variants, sports such as Rugby, Athletics, Basketball, Rowing and the GAA make extensive use of them. CIT Olympic Weightlifting Club – The club will have access to one of only three Level 2 Olympic lifting coaches in Ireland at present Dennis Carol, who will be teaching both the competition lifts and their assistance exercises (squats, presses, deadlifts). So whether you want to simply learn a new skill or increase your strength and power for your main sport you would do well to check out the weightlifting club. Joining a club is also a great way of meeting new people! Membership -This being a new club we’ll be looking for anyone with an interest in learning the lifts, no background is required and hopefully you’ll be throwing huge weights over your head in no time! We’ll have a stand up on Sports & Societies day on the 21st of September so pop along for a chat. Hope to see you then! Max Buckley - (contact CIT Sports Office for more details)

Factfile Name: Rachael Vanderwal Sport: Basketball CIT Course: Graduate of Recreation & Leisure Honours: Recently selected and played for the Great Britain National Ladies Basketball team.

Q&A Q: Do you incorporate the Olympics lifts in your training? If yes, how often? A: Yes Olympic lifts are always part of my training, usually done twice a week. Q: What benefits do you get from lifting for your sport? A: Not only does lifting increase your strength, it can also increase your power, speed and explosiveness. Incorporating Olympic lifts into my training has definitely improved my explosive power for basketball. Olympic lifts are great because they work so many muscles in one movement. Q:  Does weightlifting make you any slower? A: Weight lifting has never made me slower. It has actually done the opposite and increased my speed. Olympic lifts are done at such a high intensity and at a fast speed just like a typical game of basketball!

Student Special

Food for the brain! 5 Chicken Fillets €4.99 5 Pork Chops €5.99 5 Beef Burgers €4.99 6 Chicken Kebabs €16.99 for the Lot! Any 2 for €8.99 Offers for a limited time Sandwich & water €3.99 Roll & plain water €4.29

Wilton Shopping Centre Tel: 021 434 5866

NB: Please Headline your email entry ‘CIT’ 25

Crossword is sponsored by CIT Societies – (Prize €30 for completed entries into SU shop)

Games 1

















19 22







34 39


42 44


28 33











35 40

















Correctly complete the crossword and return to Students’ Union office before next issue deadline to enter competition Word Search Puzzle















1. 4. 8. 11. 12. 13. 15. 16. 17. 18. 20. 22. 25. 28. 32. 33. 35. 36. 39. 42. 44. 47. 51. 52. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 14. 19. 21. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 29. 30. 31. 34. 37. 38. 40. 41. 43. 44. 45. 46. 48. 49. 50. 53. 54.

"Three men in a __" Outerwear Mandela's org. Formula __ Sharpen Not hearing Quiche, e.g. Elementary particle Flower holder Take off Like socks Teacher's offering Barn bird Life partner? Tease Church bench Polite address Former British colony Throws High level land __ reach (nearby) Light refractor Repeat Hold As well "___ here long?" Superior, for one Big time Bad grade Newspaper page Chess pieces


September 2010









Spinning toys Condo, e.g. Bud, for example Vegas marriage place Cher closer "Wheel of Fortune"buy Beat Counsel Close by Detective's assignment Nourished Feverish Plus Drench Used a broom Hit the slopes Victory Append Volcanic fallout Draw Mins. and mins. Golfer, Michelle Apple's cool communicator Will Smith title role Kept time Mangy mutt __-Saxon Spiderman's weapon Frosted "Of __ I Sing" Detail Hurting 09/09/2010 12:40 Complain Hip-hop Eisenhower, to his friends

Glow Dark Party in the

@ Liquid Lounge, Tues 28 Sept 2010 Doors 10pm. Adm â‚Ź6 at door.

NOTE - The Students Union will be selling Glow Paint from The SU ticket stand during Freshers Week. We will also be giving away Glo sticks at the Liquid Lounge on the night.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO GLOW IN THE DARK ... 1. Everyone should wear white t shirts or tank tops to draw on each other during the party. 2. Wear neon colors in some form from neon shoelaces to neon t shirts, and they will glow in the dark. 3. Glo Painting onto your face, arms and clothes will glow under the florescent lighting. 4. White t-shirts with highlighters will also glo in the dark.

Liquid Lounge


expliCIT - September 2010  

Issue 1 - Volume 12 of CIT Students' Union magazine

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