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CIT Students’ Union President - Gearóid Buckley ( Vice President Education - Adam O’Brien ( Vice President Welfare - Thomas Lynch ( Entertainments Officer - Rebbecca Liston ( Projects Officer - to be elected ( Communications Officer - Killian Hughes ( Print Barnaville Print & Graphics LTD Advertising Opportunities CIT has almost 17,000 full and part-time students with over 1,500 staff. Why not use expliCIT to promote your business to this large audience? Copy deadlines, advertising rates and technical specifications are available from our website or upon request from the Publications Office. expliCIT magazine is published monthly by CIT Students’ Union. The views expressed in the magazine are those of their authors and are not necessarily those of CIT Students’ Union. All articles and pictures are the property of their respective owners and should not be reproduced without their permission.

Hi guy’s welcome back for another fantastic year in CIT. My name is Killian Hughes I am Communications Officer for the Students’ Union this year. I am a second year Business Information System student. My job for the year is to take care of the college magazine, expliCIT, which entails compiling all articles about college events and the happenings around CIT. I hope that many of the students will partake in the events throughout the year and are aware that expliCIT is used as a forum to inform and report on these events. There is a section in expliCIT for photos and I want as many as possible regardless of how bad they are! I personally, will be go around to the club’s and pubs in town with my own camera ☺☺☺ to capture your debauchery hahahahahaha (evil laugh). I hope that many of ye will submit articles for expliCIT as your input is welcome. As for the older students ye know the drill if you have an opinion on something don’t be silent, voice your opinion as it is a college magazine for students written by students. My aspirations for the year is firstly to pass my course (everyone should have this goal) and secondly to enhance the quality of explicit which for this I will need your help.

We Need You!

Over the past number of weeks you may have heard the Minister of Education Batt O OKeeffe calling for a national debate on the reintroduction of third level fees, THIS IS A JOKE. The country is in the midst of an economical down turn and the minister feels that is the answer to the problem BUT IS NOT. With many ever rising expenses as it is, many students find college life a costly burden. If fees were introduced we will have to find additional funding to pay for our basic constitutional right – an education. Join the fight against fees; I’ll see you on the 9th of October.

If you would like to contribute to expliCIT please contact Philip in the Publications Office, 1st Floor, Student Centre or email:

In closing I would like to point out that if you have any questions or problems please feel free to email me at or call into the Students’ Union office at any time. Best of luck for the coming college year, Killian Hughes Communication’s Officer


Latest News

CITSU Fights Fees

On Monday 11th of August, Minister for education Batt O’ Keeffe called for a national debate on the reintroduction of third level fees. Gearóid Buckley, President of CIT Students’ Union slammed any suggestion that the Government would reintroduce fees for third level education. “CIT students will fight any introduction of such fees”, he vehemently stated. Students cannot be made to suffer due to any governmental effort to redress their hither fore bungling of national finances. Gearóid added “It is unconscionable that not all Irish citizens will have equal opportunities when it comes to the right to an education”. Should Ireland really consider returning to a two tiered society, where only those who can afford it, have the right to an education and those who cannot don’t. If the government bring back tuition fees then they will be taking a step backwards and discouraging many citizens from acquiring a basic third level education. Ireland is on the cusp of a recession as people struggle to pay mortgages, utility bills and simply to make ends meet. Thomas Lynch, CITSU Welfare Officer asks the question “Are families now expected to face the added burden of third level fees?” Furthermore Gearóid stated, “Ireland’s economy is a knowledge based one, what knock on effect on the economy would such a proposition then have?” Ireland’s entry into the EU was based on its ability to maintain the average EU GDP, an achievement which arguably can be attributed to the level of Foreign Direct Investment into Ireland. FDI was not only augmented through attractive corporation tax but by the highly skilled and highly educated work force of Ireland. CIT Students say no to a failing economy, no to a two tiered society and absolutely no to third level fees.


Student representatives from colleges throughout Munster met last night in Cork Institute of Technology to discuss possible courses of action to deter the reintroduction of fees. The alliance “Munster Students against fees” has tried to meet with the Minister for Education and Science, Batt O’Keefe to discuss the issue; however the Minister’s office has stated that he is unavailable to meet on this issue for three months. Gearóid Buckley, President of CIT Students’ Union has stated “if the Minister is afraid to meet with us then we must make sure our voice is loud enough so we will be heard. The minister has let us with no choice but to organise a series of demonstrations to ensure the rights of the students we represent are protected.” This meeting follows several demonstrations already held by Students’ Unions throughout the country. Caitríona McGrattan, representing Limerick colleges believes this new alliance is the only way full representation of the student body in the South can be utilised. “This new alliance between Munster colleges will mean Students are represented in the mass not just in Dublin but also in Cork. It also reiterates that the reintroduction of fees is a local issue and affects every local community in the country.” CIT Students Union President, Gearóid Buckley stated that “The alliance has planned many demonstrations over the coming months, one of which will see over 3000 students hit the streets of Cork to highlight that reintroducing fees is not the answer to third level education funding, the protest is just one prong from a list of many local and provincial demonstrations. We are also hoping to get support from many local politicians as we believe that if a joint effort is made with families and their representatives, any notion of reintroducing fees will be squashed.” GET INVOLVED FIGHT FEES


Latest News Roundup

CIT Students’ Union

2008 / 2009 The Year So far... “...Each Wednesday at lunch time, we will have a stand located in the canteen area on the main campus to give students an added opportunity to come and speak to the Union officers...” Car Parking I based a lot of my election campaign last year on solutions to car parking. Now I had hoped we would have a park and ride system in place for September, however working with the college we have a solid long term solution. Users of the car park adjacent to the Astroturf pitch will now have to pay €2 per visit. This €2 will then contribute to the long term running of a park and ride system and also the up keep of car parks.

is already in place in WIT where students can top up their ID card and pay for goods throughout the campus. Many outlets have already agreed to offer students the opportunity to pay with their card. The new paid car parking scheme is based on the use of your ID card to pay on your way out of the car park. So please don’t forget to top up on leaving to collect your car. The proposed top up location will be in the unit next to reprographics, downstairs in the Student Centre.

While we wait for our park and ride system to come on board, we must work together to solve this issue in the short term. If you are living close to college, please walk, you’ll save money on petrol anyway. We are currently putting together a list of “car poolers”, so if you are driving into college alone why not put your name on our list and make new friends, and half your petrol costs.

Class Reps On Monday 15th, CITSU launched a college wide campaign to elect Class Reps. If your class has not elected a class rep yet, call into us and we will facilitate an election for your class. This year CIT students need a good team of class reps, so if you have any interest in running please do so, give your class options.

Projects Officer Sean Carroll was elected to represent students this year, however he has resigned for personnel reasons, thus this position is now available. This year the students of CIT need a projects officer more than ever, and with many campaigns in the pipeline it is important that you elect the right person for the job. If you’re interested in running please call in for a chat and we can discuss what is involved. This is a real opportunity for you to represent over 17000 students and fight for their rights. Think about it!

Free Beer It gives me great pleasure to announce that we will give out free beer on campus during the week. Baveria 0.0% will be offered to students, to help promote Cork’s Alcohol Free Week. Drink up guys, its free beer, roll up to the keg stand.

Fees - The Big Issue On Monday 11th of August, Minister for Education, Batt O’ Keefe, raised the issue of the reintroduction of third level fees. CITSU reacted immediately to this revelation and joined other colleges in Dublin to march on the Department of Education. CITSU has approached the Minister requesting a meeting; however, Mr. O’ Keefe refuses to meet with us. We have also taken part in protests in Dublin, in association with USI and have gained a lot of media attention for our cause. We have joined forces with other Munster Colleges, and are organising a protest to take place in Cork on Thursday 9th October. Here we will reinforce the argument against the introduction of fees. In addition to this we are running on campus campaigns over the next couple of weeks to raise awareness and support around this issue. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you on the streets. We will not let this Minister bring in Batty policies. Green Campaign CITSU, this year will launch a new green campaign. The main aim is to create awareness and encourage CIT to become a green campus. This will involve putting in place new recyclable bins, using recyclable paper and lobbying the college to conduct their waste management in as eco friendly a manner as possible. ID Cards If you haven’t noticed yet, your ID card is now worth a lot more than in the past. The card now electronically chipped allows you open doors and barriers take out library books and even pay for items on campus. The concept


Student Centre Great news in relation to the Student Centre. A barber has commenced business down stairs next door to AIB. A bookshop will open over the next couple of days, downstairs next to Café Fresh. The bar situation is currently under review and I will fill you in on the outcome over the next couple of weeks. Prefab Free Education The college has completed works and refurbishment of some sort in every class room on the Bishopstown Campus during the summer, and are also planning to slowly get rid of prefab class rooms over the next couple of years. Finally some head way. Sporting Facilities A new jogging path is near completion, so there will be no more using the excuse that the gym is closed. Also works are underway on new floodlights for the pitch area. On the sporting note, get involved in sports and societies and try new things and of course meet new friends. Entertainment This year CITSU’s associated nightclubs are Cubins on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Bondi on Thursdays. Please support these clubs on these nights, they will be very entertaining, have competitive entry fees and as CITSU gets a share of your entry fee, this money is then used to finance entertainment throughout the year. The more support we have the better and bigger the gigs we can put on free for your enjoyment. If you want to get involved please call in to Mick or Becky and get involved today, especially as Fresher’s’ Week is next week, so all hands on deck. Enjoy the week.

Latest News call Satellite taxi on 1890 202020, they will come and collect you, take your Student ID Card from you and give you a receipt for the journey; you can then call into our office after 12am the following working day and pay for your taxi ride and get your card back. This is a unique service to CIT & UCC students so please don’t abuse it, as its primary role is to ensure students that are strapped for cash can get home safely.

10k Walk We will organise a 10km walk for students and staff to take part in conjunction with UCCSU and we hope to raise over €10,000 for charity. Watch this space!

CIT Students finally get long awaited Student email service As we go to print students, a handful of students are testing CIT’s new student email system which we are hoping to roll this out fully in this first term. I will update you in the next edition of expliCIT. CITSU bringing you home safe The Nightbus will be relaunched again this year. The aim of this service is to get students home safely at a price that won’t hurt their pocket. The bus leaves Four Star Pizza on Washington Street at 1.45 a.m. and runs every half hour until 2.45 a.m. It is a great service and great crack. In addition to this CITSU in association with UCC will launch an Emergency Taxi Service. If you are out of cash, money stolen or just plain stuck in a rut,

CITSU Clinic Each Wednesday at lunch time, we will have a stand located in the canteen area on the main campus to give students an added opportunity to come and speak to the Union officers This will give you the chance to air your views, voice your problems and complaints or simply to update yourself on Union campaigns and events.

In addition to the above a lot more will happen throughout the year. I will keep you informed as best I can but it is also important for you to get involved yourself. We need and appreciate students’ help and support in terms of our plans and campaigns, so please drop in for a chat and see how you can make CIT a better place for the students of CIT. Talk to you soon. Gearóid Buckley


Latest News CIT Student Presented at The International Medical Engineering Finals

Pictured above at the International Medical Engineering presentation ceremony in Westminster, London on Friday 4th July, is Award Winning Cork Institute of Technology Student Ms. Xiao Fang Zhang (forefront in photo), who was one of just nine students from a large international entry and the only student from an Irish college invited to exhibit and present at the prestigious International Medical Engineering Finals in Westminster, London. Ms. Zhang exhibited her innovative medical infusion prototype and presented with great distinction and to the highest international acclaim to a most distinguished audience of medical engineering professors and global leaders in the medical device industry sector. This constitutes a further major achievement for Ms. Zhang, of MedWare™, who in June 2008 was judged winner of the Cruickshank €10,000 National Technological Innovation Award 2008 at the Enterprise Ireland Student Awards and in April 2008 was declared winner of the Cork Institute of Technology Innovative Engineer of the Year 2008 Award.

Ms. Zhang’s Award Winning project on Medical Infusion System Bubble Extractor Design and Development is being carried out in conjunction with Cork University Hospital.

Ms. Xiao Fang Zhang, Final Year Mechanical Engineering Degree student, Inventor and Designer, hails from Liao Ning Province, China and drew her project inspiration from both Chinese and Irish sources, quoting dual inspiration from Mr. Ger Flynn, Chief Biomedical Engineer, Health Service Executive Southern Region, Cork University Hospital, her Lecturer, and Mr. Gou Yu Zhang, Veterinary Surgeon, Liao Ning Province, China, her Dad. Sean F. O'Leary

CIT Triumphs at the Siemens Innovative Engineer Finals This Summer CIT, Triumphs at the Siemens Innovative Engineer Finals This Summer Thursday 19th June, after a most competitive event, CIT 's Kieran O'Callaghan became the outright Winner of the Siemens Engineers Ireland Innovative Engineer of the Year Award 2008,  for his project “The Design & Development of a Swimming Aid for Visually Impaired”.  Kieran received the coveted Siemens Engineers Ireland Innovative Engineer trophy, a cash prize of €2,000 and a post-graduate bursary of €1,250. Ms. Xiao Fang Zhang, CIT'S other national finalist, was also highly lauded by the distinguished panel of judges for her “Medical Infusion System Air Bubble Extractor Design & Development” project.

In Brief

In Brief

Congratulations to Kieran’s supervisor Dr. Michael J. O’Mahony. Kieran has expressed a wish to convey deep gratitude to all CIT staff,who provided guidance and advice throughout the duration of his project, and in particular Dr. Lee Doherty, Dr. Donal O’Donovan, Michael P. O’Mahony, Dan O’Brien, Dan Kelleher, Bernie MacCarthyHarrington, Gerard Rasmussen, Tim Forde and Liam Good. Sean F. O'Leary


FREE PHONE 1800 201 365 TEL: (021) 4505933 (BETWEEN 9AM-4PM) OR E-MAIL:


Event News School of Music

Cork Orchestral Society 71st Season Programme for October 2008 Your City ity Y r Music M Your Yo our Provider Your

quality Accessible ccessible to everyon everyone... ne...

The he Cork Orchestra Orchestral al Society is pleased to present pres sent a superb variety of classical cllassical music for the city. We We are delighted lighted that the Irish Chamber Orchestra found a lar ge and loyal fo llowing here during their first firsst year large following as Artists-in-Residence Artists-in-Reside ence to the Cork School of Music and greatly look fo forward orward to their heir performance performances es this season with excitin exciting g soloist soloists of the highest calibr calibre. ibre

Friday 3 October

Thursday hursday 16 October

Irish Chamber Orchestra

Carducci Qu Quartet artet

Orlando Jopling (conductor / arranger)

8.00 p p.m. Curtis Auditorium, um, CIT Cork School off Music

8.00 p.m. Curtis Auditorium, CIT Cork School of Music

We are excited xcited to o welcome back pianist Pascal P Meyer following ollowing g his h memorable performance performanc p ce as part of Our mEUsic mEUsical returns cal partners in 2006. He re eturns with collaborating ollaborating pianist Xenia Pestova for a landmark performance ma perfo rmance of Stockhausen’s Stockhau sen’s masterpiece MANTRA, ter MAN NTRA, making use of the Cork Schools Music’s hoo of Music ’s two Model D concert grand pianos anos and its state-of-the-art ate-of-the-art e-of-the-art technology technology.

"W "We We e are really look looking king forward to performing in Cork. Although our conc concert cert schedule this season takes t us from Tokyo Tokyo to New New Y York's ork's Carnegie Hall,, there's nothing quite as sp special pecial for us as playing to tthe he home crowd!" Michelle Fleming (2nd violinist) & Eoin Schmidt-Martin (vio olist) of the Carducci Quartet. t. (violist) Irish Chamber Orchestra

Shakespeare/Mendelssohn ! A Midsummer Night’s Dream Theatre comes to the concert hall, as two of Ireland’s most dynamic ensembles join forces for a ground-breaking collaboration of words and music. Storytellers Theatre Company’s new version of Shakespeare’s magical tale of fairies and fools is performed alongside Mendelssohn’s technicolour score in this major production. “The course of true love never did run smooth.” (Shakespeare) ICO Booking Office: 081 8719300

CIT Prize for Innovation 2008 Shed light on your ideas to harness a piece of the prize. Your invention/business plan can lead to a chance to earn a share of the €10,000 prize money. This is a scheme that awards cash prizes to those whose inventions and business ideas are judged most creative, novel, innovative, and likely to succeed in the marketplace. This prize is open to all departments and you may use a project that forms part of your coursework for the year. Funded by the Irish Government and part-financed by the European Union under the National Development Plan 2007-2013 Milestone Entries Open Deadline for Entry

Date NOW Friday, 14th December 2008

Final Project Reports Due

Friday, 6th February 2009

Prototypes Due Shortlist of Candidates announced for Innovation Day Interviews Shortlisted Candidates Innovation Day (Prizes Awarded)

Friday, 6th February 2009 Monday, 2nd March 2009 Thursday 12th March 2009 Friday 13th March 2009 (½ day – 10.30am – 1.00pm)

Qua Quartet artet in D, Op. 50 No. 6 ("The Frog") Fr Quartet Qua artet No. 1 Quartet Qua artet in C, Op. 59 No. 3 (“Razumovsky”) umovsky”)

The Carducci Quartet Q artet is Ensemble-in-Residence dence to where two members Cork School of Music, M s of the group attended music usic lessons fr from an early age. ge.

Visiting ensembles s will wil include clude the captivating vatin tin Philippe Cassard Pia Piano Trio Trio fro from France, nce e the e inspiring Carducci Carducc ci Quartet rtet (also Ensemble-insem e-in Residence to the C Cork k School Sch of Music) and an nd the Dutch visionary Ense Ensemble Caméléon, whose se performance with Irish oboist Aisling Case Casey C promises to b be a season highlight. Madrigal all ’’75’ss christmas concert was an audience favourite last ast year and is sure to be so again in 2008. The RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra has R a ha as an especially passionate central European progra programme espe amme for its concert featuring Cork violinist Elizabeth ist Eliza abeth Cooney as soloist, and the RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet Co anbrugh Qu uartet will w be joined for performances es by pianist Ciara Moroney (a member of the Cork School of Music’s M M staff) and by New York-based k-based clarinettist Carol McGonnell.

Haydn " Britten " Beethoven "

The breakdown of prizes is as follows: •

1st Prize and title of CIT Entrepreneur of the Year €5,000

Requirement N/A 2-page completed application form to be submitted to the Development Office Set out your business idea, following the Guidelines attached (15 pages max) and 4 copies to be submitted to the Development Office Prototype (if applicable) N/A

Interview (full team) Q&A session Attendance at Innovation Day

Best Exhibition Stand on Innovation Day €1,000

Part-time student award €1,000

Most Technically Innovative €2,000

Best Business Plan €1,000

Carducci Quartet

Development Office You may participate if you are a registered fulltime or part-time student at CIT during the 2008-2009 academic year. Working in teams or individually you can attend free workshops that guide you in putting a business plan together and how to set-up your own business. The first step for entry is to complete a twopage application form. This will give us contact details for you and will ensure that you are on our list to receive further information about the competition and workshops that will be held throughout the year. A team of experienced engineers, inventors and business professionals will judge your working during Innovation Day on Friday 13th March 2009 Please complete the 2-page application form and submit to the Development Office on or before Friday 12th December 2008. This information gives us contact details for you and will ensure that you are on our list to receive further information about the competition and workshops that will be held throughout the year.


Union Address CIT Students’ Union President Welcome back to CIT. If you’re a Fresher; fáilte roimht, you are now embarking on the best years of your life. My name is Gearóid Buckley and I am your President for the forthcoming year. I’m from the metropolis of Bandon, and I finished my studies last June with a degree in Business. By attending CIT you are automatically a member of CITSU. The Students’ Union Executive is comprised of six officers (3 full time and 3 part time). The executive is elected and take up office on June 1st after elections in March. These six officers represent and fight for CIT students’ rights throughout the college, by sitting on various committees and also lobbying lecturers, the college and the government. The executive is ultimately answerable to the student body. Yes, that’s right you’re my boss for the next year. The executive has its limitations, there is only so much six officers can do, so we need you to get involved, 8000 students knocking on the Minister of Educations door is much better than 6. You can get involved in many ways, primarily running for Class Rep is most common, but also you can join the various student sub committees, such as Entertainments Crew, Welfare Committee and Rag Week Committee. The opportunity will arise when we must all stand up for what is right, and shout until we will be heard. One such issue is undoubtedly the threat of the reintroduction of fees. Many spectators believe the days of students protesting on the streets for their rights are gone. I believe it is about time we take the student revolution out of the museum and show this country that we will not stand for inadequacies. This year we will tell the government that bringing in third level fees is not the answer, and they will listen. We are the future of this country, let’s shape it so we have a future and will not be dictated to by old men hiding in Leinster House.

Enough of the serious crack, and now down to the craic which is a key element of college life. I hope you all enjoyed the Orientation Ball, I certainly did, it was great to don my school uniform again. Well now that’s all in the past and now we have fresher’s week to look forward to. Kicking off with Jason Byrne, we are definitely taking this “newbies” week to a new level. Personally I’m looking forward to the American Frat Party in Bondi on Wednesday. I got a present of an American football jersey last year, and now at least I can finally put it to good use. Lads, enjoy the week and be careful, especially getting home. Don’t forget you can use the CITSU Night Bus to get home, I understand you might have to share a seat with a UCC student, but I can assure you they are washed thoroughly after each run. Satellite Taxis also run a student service, so if your in an emergency situation just give the boys at Satellite taxis a call, further details on your Student ICE card. The other side of the college life is the academic part, we can party throughout the year but it’s also important to get stuck into the books. With the introduction of Semesterisation, third and fourth years will face a culture shock, but trust me it is for the better. If you have any problems with this please call into us. Don’t hesitate to call into us for a chat over the next couple of weeks to share ideas and voice your concerns. We can’t solve problems we don’t know about, so please help us to help you. The year will fly by; trust me I’ve seen enough of them go by in CIT. The best and only way to enjoy it is to get involved. See you on Campus Gar

CITSU Vice President Welfare Hey hey everybody! Everyone settling in? All excited about Freshers Week? I know I can’t wait for it. There’s going to be a great line up of day and night entertainment, thanks to Mick, the entertainment manager. Don’t forget to call into him if you want to organise a class party, he’ll sort you out. K just to give you all a reminder of dates so ye know what’s coming up. On Wednesday the 24th the sports and societies will have all their stands in the Student Centre giving out free sweets. Sign up for everything, eat all their sweets and make loads of new friends, that’s the fun of the day!

The name is Adam O’Brien and I am the Educational Officer of the Students’ Union for this year. A few things for the coming year; • Watch out for the modularisation seminars. • Semester one exams are before and after Christmas. • Study, sometime/somewhere.



The very next day the Students’ Union will be holding its UGM. Basically, just a big meeting where things are decided. But they are decided by you the students. You are my boss! Ye all are, so ye should all come to this meeting and tell me what to do! Especially with such a big issue like the re-introduction of college fees, I want to know what you want me do. And then on Monday the 29th Fresher’s Week begins! From Monday through till Thursday there is a mesh of comedians, hypnotists, live bands and long night parties in clubs. This week is probably going to be your best memory or best black out of your college experience, so make sure you make the effort. Those are the important dates for this issue, an important deadline is the grants application form closing date: the 30th of September. So that’s me done for this issue, and if you’ve read my entire address to this point you deserve to be left in on a little secret. Become a class rep, it’ll be the best decision you’ll make while in college.

CITSU Vice President Education Sept 2008 - Another year begins.


• • • •


Get assignments in on time. Don’t cheat or plagiarise. Never forget about your compensated subjects. You need 60 credits to pass the year.

Have a good first few weeks Oh and, Fresher’s week needs a mention. Any academic problems – come to the Students’ Union or hunt me down. Adam

Careers & Counselling CIT Careers Fair 2008


Improve your career prospects at CIT’s Careers Fair….

At the Fair The stands are usually manned by HR staff from companies and in some cases a department manager. Ask the following questions of the staff:

CIT's next Careers Fair is to be held Tuesday October 7th 2008 from 11am-. The Fair will be held in Nexus Hall in the Student Centre where up to 60 companies will be present on the day to meet and talk to all students. These will include some leading National and international companies as well as local business.

• • • •

Tips for Students: Careers Fair 08 will provide information to students from 1st year to final year and from all different degrees about jobs after college. It will also be a great opportunity for students to find out about summer jobs in Ireland and abroad as well as helping to build a portfolio of work for your CV as you move along in your degree. Before the Fair Research websites of companies attending the Fair. The websites will often tell you from what degree disciplines the company seeks to hire. You may also learn if the company has a Graduate Programme (2 years training in a company after your degree) – many large Irish and multinational firms do. The Careers and Counselling Service will have an INFORMATION STAND in the Atrium on the 6th October with a listing of companies and Careers Advisors will talk to students on how best to approach employers and gain the most out of the day.

What degrees are they looking for? What types of jobs are available? Do they want specific exam results? e.g. 2.1 Honours ( merit 1) What other criteria is important? e.g. good communication skills? Relevant work experience? • How many positions are available? • How do you apply and when is the closing date? Tips for students looking for work experience: Ask the companies if they take students for work experience and who to contact if they do. Gaining relevant experience can greatly enhance your job prospects on graduating. This is especially true for students on courses where there is no work placement and who could gain the experience during the summer months prior to entry into fourth year.

TIP…Get business cards of the people you speak to or if none are available ask for their name and position in the company. If you get an interview later on you can mention that you met Mr./Ms….at the Careers Fair. IMPORTANT Dates for your diary: • CAREERS FAIR INFORMATION STAND – 6th October in the Atrium • CAREERS FAIR – 7th October in the Student Centre

Cork’s No. 1 Late Nite Bar Class Party Promos DJs Every Thursday Night No Entry Fee - Vaid 18+ ID Essential & Student ID Contact Ollie / Donal to arrange your perfect party


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3 GO 12 2




ARD-O OIDEACHAIS IDEA ACHAIS? BVgh^cW†aZ^hcVb†aiZZ^aZ:dgeVX]^c(&i†g^cX]{^a^i]Z^\8a{g:gVhbjhV\jhhV B BV Vgh^cW†aZ^hcVb†aiZ    ZZ^aZ:dgeVX]^c(&i  ]^c    †g^cX]{^a^i]Z^\8a{g    {g:g  V VhbjhV\jh  jhhV h  g‹^hZVh!YWhWZW_idkWW   Y^hkj^‘"XbWiW\^|_    _bWhWdiWeb_Zj‡h[_b      _bb[;e ;ehfWY^"\[WX^W  ^WiW e]g‹^hZVh!YWhWZW_idkWWY^hkj^‘"XbWiW\^|_bWhWdiWeb_Zj‡h[_b[;ehfWY^"\[WX^WiW Y^khWjZeiY_b[Wdd Y^khWjZe Y_ dWj[Wd]W"Ykhb[Ze_   _c^_d[ZeY^k_Z[e [ZeY^k_Z[e    ebW W W_iWhZ|X^Wh$ W_   h$ Y^khWjZeiY_b[WddWj[Wd]W"Ykhb[Ze_c^_d[ZeY^k_Z[ebW_iWhZ|X^Wh$ ;Vd^g‚^gV\[Vdb]VY]!i  i{Vcig   ‚^b] b]hZh ]  iV^Y‚ V^Y‚ ‚^gc‹hdXgX ‚   gX]{^c ^cd^W  WgZ^cVXj^YY†a^hYZ ;Vd^g‚^gV\[Vdb]VY]!i{Vcig‚^b]hZhiV^Y‚^gc‹hdXgX]{^cd^WgZ^cVXj^YY†a^hYZ YdX]a{ghiV^Y‚^gV V\jhij\i  V  Vga{cV^i] ]ZV VciVhYdYdi]g‚^b] ‚ hZi]Vgh{^aZ#   YdX]a{ghiV^Y‚^gV\jhij\iVga{cV^i]ZVciVhYdYdi]g‚^b]hZi]Vgh{^aZ# C†Vc  ccYVdci{   {^aa†WgZ^hZ# {  C†VccYVdci{^aa†WgZ^hZ# {iVXV V†dX]iV^g\ZVYV^hVg[   [{^aYdb  db]^Xa‚^cc   cVi{  {gVcce]{^giZVX]hV   hX‚^b#I{Vi]j^aaZVY Y] I{iVXV†dX]iV^g\ZVYV^hVg[{^aYdb]^Xa‚^ccVi{gVcce]{^giZVX]hVhX‚^b#I{Vi]j^aaZVY] Zd daV^hVg[{^a‹ a ^  [{^a‹  lll#aa aaae#^Z‹D^[^\>Y^gc a ^ ‹D^[^  >Y^gc{^h^ {^ ^ciVcVc>chi^i^^Y†G {  i   > i^i^^Y†G G GVcce]{^giZVX]V# ]{^ i ]  ZdaV^hVg[{^a‹lll#aae#^Z‹D^[^\>Y^gc{^h^ciVcVc>chi^i^^Y†GVcce]{^giZVX]V#


I decided to go on Erasmus because I wanted to experience something new. I had lived and studied in Cork all my life and felt the change would be exciting. I would have been entering my 4th year of Business in C.I.T. When I discovered that Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) Sweden taught through English, that college became the obvious choice for the exchange. With the help of my programme director Michael Walsh, and Margaret Mulderrig of the international office, it was arranged that I would spend one year in Sweden. I had spoken to a former student of BTH and had some correspondence from the college but I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I arrived. BTH is situated in the far south of Sweden in the naval port city of Karlskrona – a 3 hour drive from Malmo. It’s a scenic city of 60,000 and is built over 33 separate islands. It is a designated World Heritage site. BTH also has a secondary campus in the nearby town of Ronneby, where the management department is located. BTH is a truly international college with the majority of its students coming from abroad. The free 3rd level education system in Sweden has attracted large numbers of students from all corners of the globe. Pakistan, India, China, Spain, Iran and the US all have big numbers of students here. In my class of 42 I studied with only one Swedish girl which is something I was not expecting but really enhanced my cultural understanding. In 3rd year we had an opportunity to study International Business but it was fascinating to see the difference in approaches, views and style of people first hand. The Erasmus students tended to stick together which made it interesting when the European championships started.


Erasmus is p part of the EU’s U s Lifelong g Programme Pr amme (LLP) embracing emb bracing first and second levels lev vels of education n (Comenius) (Co omenius) ass welll raining (Leonardo (Leonardo da Vinci) Viinci) nci) and d adult education tion on (Grundt (Gr tvig). as training (Grundtvig).

I aly It

BTH’s lecturers have an equally diverse background. I stud    ied under a Swede, a Norwegian, a Frenchman and an Australian during my time here. Although sometimes I was at a distinct advantage being one of only two native English speakers I found the courses I participated in challenging and interesting. There is a greater emphasis placed on work you do outside the classroom. I generally had more assignments but fewer classes then I would have had in Cork. The college also provided free Swedish lessons for beginners and afterwards more advanced courses. However nearly all Swedes have fluent English.  



Another factor in my choice was that both CIT and BTH would offer me recognition for my work. CIT would count the credit I got in Sweden for the last year of my degree course. I also took all my classes at masters level in BTH so they would allow me to gain entry for a master’s qualification. There are of course many differences between Ireland and Sweden. For one, Swedish people are very reserved and not as outwardly friendly as I was used to back home. The night life is totally different in Karlskrona. There is no pub culture and nightclubs are limited to three at the weekends however there is always something happening in the student accommodation. The weather in Karlskrona varied from between -10 in the winter to 25 deg in the summer. For me this has been a very worthwhile experience and one which I would recommend to anyone. Erasmus is an opportunity that I feel everyone should look into. Conor Moynihan

8 0 0 2 K E E W S R CIT FRESHE ber Thursday 2nd Octo

tember to Monday 29th Sep

own Bar on Mon c B’s a.k.a. Bishopst will kick off in Ma G WAXING- we 08 IN ek DY We BO rs TE she LE Fre MP special Charity CO a th wi r be tem 29th Sep mean complete! on Monday 29th off at approx 12am tainment will kick This year we are . ter en RE NT us CE mp T -Ca EN On S in the NEW STUD XU NE tainment in the the ter at en r be live th Septem ESHERS WEEK wi FR y da r Anthony Galvin fou ay, the nd continuing Jason Byrne on Mo n dia me co ry da RED BULL DODGE form of legen e Music plus The ist on Tuesday, Liv ot e into action on pn cad Hy d Ar ne ng ow mi ren Ga brings a DJ and a y usl t will finish the eo uis an oq ult ril sim nt which Award Winning Ve ley Tam lls and Organic my Sta Jim d Wednesday. day. Various Hot foo urs Th on t en nm daytime entertai available. Foods will also be Tuesday, place in town on e event will take ur coltim yo in hts bs nig pu in of ma er mb The three checking out a nu ter Af return y. the da th urs wi Th y d Wednesday an y night in The Savo start out on Tuesda lege clubbing will

jor hit at Oxygen sco which was a ma O2 Headphone Di i Beach with a nd Bo to g vin of the very popular mo night will see us ay poms and helesd m dn po We se r. tho t yea t ou this cks” theme, so ge Jo d RS BALL on an HE rs ES de FR ea E “Cheerl shers Week is TH Fre of T on Hanover IGH S HL BIN mets. The HIG ERS BALL hits CU is year THE FRESH stwood vocalist of We ian ast Seb Thursday night. Th . ion him sing ferent Rooms in act m. Expect to hear Street with four dif line the main roo ur thing ad yo he is ll nce wi da ER If . NT ers BASSHU ne” and many oth Go ur t house Yo ou ow ing “N ng ba Hit Basshunter’s e from FUNKTION to hear Gavin Payn ie Room where a Ind the to ad then head upstairs he t, Club will play a bit cooler than tha The SLATE ROCK classics. If you are band and Ian from as a singer te elf bu tri urs s yo se ng Ro cyi Guns N’ total cheese and fan ng ari he If s. ssic cla all the rock ke Room. check out our Karao is you thing, then note that valid ion Stand. Please the Students’ Un m e nightclubs. fro e leg sal col on the go of Tickets e you enter any for be ed uir req 18+ ID is will be asked for). (Garda/Passport ID

NTS (18+)










Food Stands plus Party 4 Day CITSU FESTIVAL Including BBQ and Wednesday

1pm Comedian Jason Byrne as seen on TV of Ireland Sponsored by The Bishopstown Bar, Bank and Dominos Pizza Tuesday

1pm Hypnotist Anthony Galvin

Sponsored by The Newport Bar & AIB Bank

de 1pm The Red Bull Dodge & Gaming Arca Company Sponsored by CIT Student Services Canteen Thursday

1pm Ventriloquist - Jimmy Tamley Rd Sponsored by Herlihys Centra, Curraheen


Monday 29th September bt, one of the most JASON BYRNE is, without dou ently on the circuit. curr ers orm perf exciting comedy and public alike, as s pres onal Hailed by both the nati he has been highlightthe ‘name’ to watch out for, onal press as the ‘must ed by both Industry and nati nnium. Mille new the for n see’ comedia d of high-energy lunaJason’s inspired, original bran r comedian presently othe no is e ther that res cy ensu style, fused with an eling -whe free fast, like him. His act a helter-skelter his e mak s, array of offbeat prop ence are promised the of a show – where the audi makes the stage his ride of their lives. Jason truly undoubtedly never and – s orm perf own when he ting for an encore. shou ence leaves without the audi st selling performers at He has been one of the faste , where his sell out ivals Fest h burg the last 8 Edin ly a nomination for first , forth shows have brought rd, and then a much the 1998 Perrier Newcomer Awa for his outstandion inat Nom rd Awa ier Perr revered the 2004 Forth of er winn also was He . ing 2001 show to packed play to s inue cont One Fringe Award and the UK. houses throughout Ireland & e than 5 stars it is this “If ever a show deserved mor show on the Fringe, iest funn one. Not only is it the seen.” - Radio Forth it’s the funniest show I’ve ever . land Scot , One


Thursday 4th October

As one of the most sought af ter speciality ac country, Jimm ts in the y will transform any venue or oc into a truly m casion emorable even t. Well known fo incredible voca r his l skills and exce llent comedy an acterisation, Jim d charmy's unique ap proach to the ventriloquism art of challenges the usual perceptio fascinating art. n of this Combining a we alth of talent truly professio with a nal standard of entertainment, delivers a mes Jimmy merising act wi th material su all audiences. itable for It is this that has brought hi success in telev m major ision, corporat e events, cabare after dinner sp t and eaking. Back in the lat e 80's Jim work ed through th al heats of the e nationITV show New Faces, finally wi the Grand Fin nning al on ITV, be ating a certa Pasquale into in Joe second place! From then on gone from stren Jim has gth to strengt h working with such as Joe Pa artists squale, Lenny He nry, Bill Bailey Peter Kay to gether with and cli ents such as Airways, Ford British and British Telec om and at venu as the British Gr es such and Prix, Num ber 10 Downin and the Imperia g street l Hotel Las Ve ga s. worldwide use Cruise compani the show inclu es ding the QE2, Princess, P&O, Disney, Royal Caribbe an and TV cr include BBC1 edits s Weakest Lin k with his sid Lightening Les, ekick Sky TV, Channe l 4 and most re ITV's "When cently Britain First had Talent" Pasquale. with Joe

l profile Jason has perWith a growing internationa on, Melbourne, Hong formed in New York, Bost n and Paris and is curKong, Singapore, Brussels, Mila tours around the onal nati e mor for g rently preparin UK and Ireland.

As a true prof essional, Jim re cognises the ne adapt to each ed to audience, venu e and client. W be a small room ether it or club, to a lar ge auditorium tival Jim can ta or fesilor each show to suit them ac ly. cording-

n has seen his own 6 Away from his live work Jaso - The I Hate Show. NI BBC on t dcas broa part series Two of Me with The g ritin He’s also been co-w and working on two Norman Giller for BBC London Anonymous, which shows with RTE – Arseholes and s. serie nd seco is now in it’s

Jimmy's reputa tion His lips are seale precedes him. How does he do d! it? “This is an act that speaks fo r itself!”


Welfare Tenants Rights Living away from home for the first time can be tough. Some landlords can be quite intimidating, and try to exploit your rights because you are a student. But remember, you DO have rights as a tenant. Here is a list of some important things you should be aware of: • By law your landlord is entitled to provide you with your ORIGINAL lease, while he/she holds a copy. A landlord cannot under any circumstances use a lease to deny you of your statutory rights as a tenant. • You are also entitled to a rent book to record any payments, rent, bills etc. If your landlord has not already supplied you with one, you can get one from the Welfare office. • There are only 2 circumstances in which a landlord can retain your deposit: 1. If rent has not been paid in full up to date. 2. If additional costs have been incurred to cover damage to or within the premises.


• Your landlord does not have the right to enter your home whenever he/she wishes. If they need to see the premises, it must be at a time which is agreed by all tenants. • Your landlord may not evict you without giving you a minimum of 28 days notice (written). In some very extreme circumstances 7 days notice can be given, but never less than that. If you have been living for less than 6 months in your accommodation, your landlord is not required to give a reason for the eviction. • Your landlord is also obliged by law to make sure that your living conditions comply with certain standards. For example, working appliances, sufficient heating, and no dampness. If you think that your home does not meet such standards, a complaint can be made to the Private Residential Tenancies Board and an inspection of the premises will be carried out. • You are also entitled to receive tax relief on any rent you pay. You can contact your local tax office for more information. • If you have any accommodation problems or questions, call into the Welfare Officer in the Student Centre or email Thomas Lynch Vice President Welfare


Photographs Present your student card to receive a

Ground Floor, Merchant’s Quay Shopping Centre, Cork 16

The War on Fees...



Feature Article

Why Constraint Is Good... by Shaun O’Connor

The amount of information available to us on the Internet is limitless, but how often do we actually take a look at a totally random site? When do we ever go on a trawl through hundreds of disparate pages, unless it’s for the purposes of research? On the other hand, sites Jeans like StumbleUpon and Digg are hugely popular, and becoming moreso. Why are these filtration sites so popular? Don’t they somehow fly in the face of the random beauty of the Internet? Well, maybe from a technological perspective. But true chaos is not generally desirable to the human experience. We enjoy being held back, and it works in our favour. Illustrations are readily evident in the creative arts. For example, the first Matrix film was a hugely ambitious project that drew in discrete elements of Manga, existentialist philosophy, martial arts, technology etc. It should have been a total mess. It wasn’t. The second and third Matrix films, how-

ever, used the exact same elements - and were total messes (Come on, what the hell what going on in the third one?). The difference? Personally, I think it may have been the lack of constraints on the directors (the Wachowski brothers) after the monumental success of the first film. With their debut, they were taking a huge gamble and absolutely had to at least make it a little audience-friendly to guarantee box office returns. After that, Warner Bros said, “Hey guys, do whatever you want.” And the Wachowskis indulged, throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the sequels. Filmmaking with no restraints resulted in films that made no sense. Donnie Darko“Donnie Darko” is one of the most beautiful, rich films I’ve seen. The director, Richard Kelly was given a much bigger canvas and budget to make his second film, based on Donnie’s success. The result was “Southland Tales“, a free-jazz-on-film film that makes very little sense and, to my mind at least, is intensely boring. Indeed, constraint is a wonderful thing when applied properly. It gives you something to prove, something to rail against. Every self-help book worth its salt tells the reader that they absolutely must set out their goals. This may be via a process of writing them down, of intensive visualization, of telling your friends and family of your deadlines so that you will adhere to them. The common element with every goal that is set is that is immediately enforces a set of constraints. It focuses the mind like a laser, pushing out other, irrelevant thoughts. If you have one thing to do, and one thing only, the chances are that you will do it. Constraint often equates with brevity, which can be a wonderful tool for effectively conveying information. Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code“, which was an international publishing phenomenon, was notable for its concise chapters. Readers loved that; it made for a fast-paced read, which, though it heavy with religious and historical symbolism, was sectioned into easilydigested portions. One of my favourite books, The Lucifer Principle, does the same with an elaborate theory on the relationship between science and religion. I think that’s why someone like Kurt Cobain or Bob Dylan will always be more appealing to the masses thanKurt Cobain guitar virtuosos like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani. Cobain and Dylan were and are much more restrained in terms of their musical ability, and that can be a good thing. There’s a scene in the Nirvana film “Live, Tonight, Sold Out!” where a music journalist described Nirvana’s music as being like nursery rhymes that you can’t get out of your head. I always thought that was very insightful; for example, “Come As You Are” is based on a slow riff that consists of 5 notes. Vai or Satriani, on the other hand, could easily play 10 notes per second on one of their tracks. Which is a fantastic ability, but complexity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. And it’s those nursery-rhyme, 5-note melodies that invariably seep into public consciousness and convey their message most effectively. I guess that’s why it’s ‘popular’ music. I suppose the ideal is to have all of these creative tools at one’s disposal, but to still be able to maintain that popular sensibility when you want to use it. A great example of one such musician is Jeff Buckley; his technical abilities were second to none, but he was consistently able to distil them down to something subtle, refined and accessible. And that’s a difficult thing to do, because having too many options can be crippling. It goes against the classical idea that more choice equates to more freedom, which equates to more happiness - but


Feature Article

there it is. In his book “The Paradox Of Choice“, author Barry Schwartz argues ‘why the abundance of choice in modern society is actually making us miserable’. He says that it actually creates a state of paralysis; that having too many things to choose from makes it very difficult to actually make a choice. Not only that, but even if you do make a choice, and a good one at that, but the idea that you could have made a better decision in the first place can make you regretful.

This may seem trivial, but if you expand that phenomenon across millions of different products, combined Ford Model T with the incessant psychic pummelling of advertising (which tells us explicitly that we will be unhappy if we make the wrong choice), we can imagine the rate of misery generated growing exponentially. We are told that we need the products to be content; then the range of choice makes contentment, even with the product, impossible anyway.

Schwartz makes the example of clothing; when he was younger, buying a pair of jeans was simple. You went into the store and you bought the one type of jeans that was on the rack. And you were happy with them, because there was no other choice to make. Today, you go to buy a pair of jeans and are confronted with hundreds of varieties; faded, stone-washed, designer, boot cut, torn, brand-label etc etc. So while you may find a pair that fits and looks pretty good, the unrealised potentiality of choice still hangs over you. And if you do happen to find something - anything - wrong with those jeans, it can only be your fault. Why? Because the choice was all yours.

Henry Ford said about his cars, “You can have it in any colour, as long as it’s black”. And that was coming from one of the most successful industrialists of the twentieth century. That’s not to say that “the good old days” of one choice only were perfect. But having one choice certainly makes things a lot simpler, and seems to promote contentment. Even if that one choice is far from ideal, it still gives the chooser something to complain about and fight against; a goal of sorts. But limitless choice means that the burden of responsibility is totally on the shoulders of the chooser. There is no constraint, the individual becomes a veritable island of personal responsibility - and that can lead to a great deal of misery.


Feature Article

My summer… trip… . . . in the bath! Unlike most people this summer, I didn’t get the opportunity to head away to the realms of sun in the south. The summer in Ireland was shocking. No one would have prophesied or wished that this summer would be on par or worse than last years. People are still spouting on about climate change and global warming – we certainly are not seeing the effects of it here. Anyway, my friends and I decided to travel our fair country before it became too wet. It was too wet. It was raining everyday, but at least it was okay when we coasted into Galway. The trip began with a birthday party in Bantry. Now, I like Bantry, no wait I don’t. It’s a hole. A good few pubs and Cargo is not a club, it’s a meat packing facility. Aside from randomly meeting people from my hometown, it was kinda crap. Ma Murphy’s is very good though, I must admit and the Quays aren’t too bad. What surprised me the most was the fact that I didn’t end up playing Buzz until six in the morning which is the norm in my friend’s house in Bantry. The trip truly began with a jaunt back to Cork City. There were four of us in the car and we selected our destinations at random with a dice. First stop was Listowel, before the races now mind. I shudder at the village that will plague my dreams with boredom and emptiness. I thought Bantry was bad. There was a nice wan (translation girl), in the Horseshoe bar that next day alright but other than that we made haste.

“...The only interesting thing that happened that night was the fact that I got skulled in the bath. It was one of those showers in the bathtub situations...”

I had the next roll of the dice and we were soon belting along towards Doolin in Clare. We took the ferry across the Shannon at Tarbert and I bought a rock. It rained in stages, it was weird – the rain would just roll up the Shannon and pass over in squalls. Then there was an hour of very small hills, a reminder of some geographical feature from Junior Cert that evaded me. These hills were latticed with those small stone walls. It was all ‘loverly’ and ‘purdyful’ and green. Doolin was class in its own right. We had these self catering apartments and the pub Gus O’Connor’s was great. The food – I have not been so filled and satisfied from a pub meal in years – it was that good and the price wasn’t too bad either. There was Trad music that night which drew in all the foreigners and was impressive, especially when the young scrawny lad from Sussex with big farmers boots on joined in as a regular and belted out a tune with the auld lads. Being in Doolin was like being back in the fifties or something. No streetlights heading home was a bit of a hindrance. We slept off the night before and were pretty spry in the afternoon following. Westport was the next landing zone and we made good time. Passed through Lisdoonvarna, where the annual matchmaking festival was on. We rolled the dice but it said no, don’t try your luck. One of the passengers in the car had trouble with the whole matchmaking concept, so we mused that until Westport. Westport is nice, it was in a Guinness ad and all which was my motivation for picking it and winning it. The only interesting thing


that happened that night was the fact that I got skulled in the bath. It was one of those showers in the bathtub situations. I was nearly finished washing and sort of misstepped. My legs went backwards and the top of my body came straight down – on the side of the tub. I hit my face and right arm pretty badly. The lads were in the room outside and heard the commotion. I didn’t pass out because my swearing announced my predicament but I was out for the count in regards to going out for a few hours. Geraldine from reception, lovely girl starting in GMIT now, was truly concerned and had ice on hand to quell the swelling. As an aside, the lad who stayed with me, how he chats anyone up is beyond me with the prattle he was sprouting. One €60 trip to the WestDoc and one “if you had less ‘padding’, you’d have done worse damage”. I was told to stay off the drink for the night. I was glad for that because if we didn’t head to the nurse, I would have gone drinking. Galway filled the Thursday night of our random tour of Ireland. I must say, it’s light years ahead of anything in Cork. We did a little pub crawl and made our way from the Quays, to the Cellar where we did pub tricks with the bar staff, to Cuba which was really good. I liked my rock/alternative music on the second floor and the lads were running up and down with the club music on the first floor. I truly enjoyed it. The city is more relaxed than Cork, it doesn’t have that homely sense I get when I’m on Washington Street but still good.

We ‘part-tayed’ down in Galway and recovered on the road to Tralee. There was a slight detour – a small road trip to Killoscully the little village in North Tipp where Killnascully was filmed. According to the GPS, it was through dirt roads and potholed tracks. The Mondeo Scorpio we were travelling in was worse for wear after it. We went over hills, fell in pools of mud and managed to find the main road which was perfect and led directly into the village. At least the roads were better than those at the Burren. The pub was unfortunately closed and it was p**sing out so we couldn’t really explore. Tralee beckoned and we again made haste. Long stories short – went to the Abbey, I got tired and headed home, the lads got lucky and did the walk of shame at six in the morning and we were up and out the door at one. It was so refreshing to see Cork. I have not been out of Cork that often for a good number of years but the rest of the country reminded me in ways of how good I’ve got it and don’t got it here in the Rebel County. I hope your holiday was more eventful than mine and I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt if you, yourself, wrote about your exploits and sent it into Explicit. Peace A

Fun Stuff

Cork to English Dictionary This English lesson is for every person not from Cork and in their first year of college and well if you are planning on staying around you best learns how Cork people speak. I would like to point out not all Cork people speak like this but the majority of them do, like! Part 1: Expressions C'mere = Excuse me

Be doggy wide = Be extra careful

I will yeah! = No!

How bad biy = Good

What's the story fella? = How are you?

Wan / beore = female

Hows the form? = How’s it hanging?

Young wan = female child

You would yeah! = You wouldn't dare!

Fella / fein / feeno / your man = male

Here la = Here you are

Mam / ole laid / oul wan = Mother

There la = It's over there / Look over there

Dad / ole man / oul fella = Father

State a him la = He looks bad

Sham = young male / hard man / knacker

I claim ya = I would really like to engage in a fight with you.

Sham-feen = macho / hard-man Gowl = Stupid person

Pure = Very Gimp = Feckin eejit Couldn't give two fecks = I don't care Fifty = Stood up Like = Used at least once in every Cork sentence. Poppies / tatties = Potatoes Ah you know like = You understand don't you? Shades = Gardai Like eh = Used as a hesitation at the start of a sentence.

Jagging / doing a line / jaggin / meetin a wan / scoring = In a relationship

Nawful (he's a nawful Langer) = terrible Gatt / lush / drink = alcoholic beverages Have a lash off = Have a go Gattin = drinking (in a pub perhaps) Be wide = Be careful Bushin = Drinking on the street Sketch = There's someone coming (be wide)


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Drop in your competition entries to the Students’ Union office before 4th October 2008 in SAE

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expliCIT Cross Word - Win Free Cinema Tickets! DOWN 1. Net 2. Zulu warriors 3. Lie down 4. Considerate 5. Detective 6. Clenched hands 7. Leaf of the talipot palm 8. Deprive infants of mother's milk 9. Sixty-eight in Roman numerals 10. Planning a time and place for events 11. Vassal 12. Brother of Moses 13. Brag 21. Seats oneself 25. Where birds live 26. A long narrow opening 27. Ore deposit 28. An ancient city in Asia Minor 29. The property of being smooth & shiny 30. An impressive display

31. 34. 36. 37. 38. 40. 45. 48. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62.

Colored cloth A blemish or scar Dwarf buffalo Amount owed Nature of being Note Panache Become bony Whirlpools Direct to Memorable saying Anagram of "Timed" Timber uprights Singer Fitzgerald Trim Expect with desire In a little while (archaic) A city in France Signals in Morse code

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ACROSS 1. Exploits as much as possible 6. Poultry 10. A thick slice 14. Electronic letter 15. Genus of holly 16. Italian greeting 17. Backbone 18. A people of eastern Europe 19. Queen of the gods (Greek mythology)







20. A form of Hindi 22. Psyches 23. It is (poetic) 24. Blanks at the start of a new paragraph 26. Very little 30. Farewell 32. Bum around 33. Nimble 35. Cave or ravine










39. A peculiar form of expression 41. Mineral bearing rock 42. Prongs 43. Playfully harass 44. A young abandoned animal 46. Toffs 47. Hazy 49. An official emissary 51. Wireless devices


54. Mat 55. Biblical garden 56. Used 63. Renown 64. Sicknesses 65. A region of western Asia Minor 66. Breastplate 67. Skim or dart 68. Long period of time

69. Drenches 70. Barks 71. Western Samoan monetary units

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