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SU Awards •E  xam Time Tips & Stress Management • Celebrity Central • Live At The Marquee Ticket Auction and much more...

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13 Exam time and stress management tips

5  Notice Of Referendum

16 Photo gallery

14 Celebrity Central - gossip

4 SU Officers’ Address

18 Job Hunting FAQ

6  Travelling This Summer? 7  usi Referendum Q&A

19 Societies News

8  S  tudents’ Union Council Awards 2013

22 Sports news 23 Munster rugby

9  Eurostudent Survey 2013 

24 Problem page

10 Dear CIT, why am I so miserable?

26  Prize Crossword and brainteaser

12 Graduates...Are you good to go with your career?

27  Live at the marquee Charity ticket Auction details

Get tickets to one of the great concerts in

CIT SU’s Live at the Marquee Charity ticket Auction All proceeds to be donated to Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland See page 27


Winners of our competitions from expliCIT 7: Crossword: David Ondrej, Msc Soft Dev €30 BrainTeaser: Margarita Buyukli €50

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Professional and empathetic, taught us to take care of ourselves...Niamh Hayes


Of f icers Address

Academic Calendar

The Students’ Union has obtained a draft version of the academic calendar which has indicated that there will be three days of exams after the Christmas period for the forthcoming academic year beginning on the 2nd January. CIT SU has a strong mandate from the student body to not accept this and as such, will not. Secondary negotiations are on-going which may lead to a call for action pending the outcome.

Student Service Budget Cuts

Preliminary talks were undertaken and for the moment we are satisfied with the equity of cuts within student services but will monitor these cuts over the next three years whilst formulating a long-term strategy.

“An open door, a welcome smile and a helping hand” ...Killian Hughes...a kept promise


Student Grant

The Student Grant Online Application system for the 2013/2014 academic year will be available mid May 2013. Visit to find a step by step guide about how to apply to SUSI and a link to the online grant application process. Enter the link below to find a multimedia tutorial on how to apply for a grant Grant-application-tutorial.aspx To contact the SUSI Support Desk telephone: 076 108 7874 Available 9.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m. Monday to Friday Available 10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. Saturdays Email SUSI at: With exams fast approaching, make sure you are looking after both your mental and physical health. Check out the article on stress busters in this edition of expliCIT for a range of tips to help you stay healthy. With this in mind, we will run our Semesterly campaign “Exam De-Stress Week” from the 7th-9th May. During the week O’Conaill’s Hot Chocolate Stand will be on campus serving you delicious hot drinks, we will be giving out free tea and coffee as well as massages and free goodies from our stand in the Main Foyer. Make sure you take a break from the library and pop over to us. As this is the last edition of expliCIT for the academic year 2012/2013, it is

also the last edition whereby Niamh & Killian will be the Vice-Presidents of the Students’ Union. We would therefore like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our experience and wish you all luck with your future studies and lives. Danny, Killian, Niamh.

There’s been a few comments about the President’s image as he was exposing his chest in previous pics, etc... so we’ve decided to clean up his image a little...

Notice of Referendum

On Wednesday 1st May and Thursday 2nd May students will be asked to vote YES or NO to the following motion: CIT Students’ Union (CIT SU) should affiliate to the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) from the academic year 2013/2014 onwards. This will cost €7 annually per student additional to the student contribution fee. See page 7 for Q&A




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** In selected stores only. €2 charge for delivery after midnight.

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Special Feature

Travelling this summer? Read on…


s the semester comes to an end, many of you will be flying off into the sunset in search of better weather climates, time away from the family, or a life changing experience – from a J1 in America, to backpacking across Europe, there are endless possibilities. Although this is an exciting time, there are many precautions you should take before you take to the skies.

Before you leave:

• Ensure you have enough money in your bank account. Unexpected costs can crop up when you arrive at your destination. If you intend renting accommodation, landlords or estate agents may look for a month’s rent and deposit up front. Depending where you are travelling to, this can be very expensive so ensure you have enough funds to pay for a bed and have some leftover for other basic living costs. It’s important to have access to backup or emergency funds too, if you are planning on working, it may take longer than anticipated to find a job. • If you know someone in the country you are going to, get in contact with them. You never know what contacts they may have in relation to helping you find a job, accommodation, etc. If possible, try and have all that sorted before you leave. • Research the area you’re going to – What is the economic state like? Will there be plenty of seasonal jobs available? What is the weather like even? Many destinations will have an Irish Centre so make contact with them. Having a broad idea of the area before you leave will make it a lot easier for you once you arrive. • If you are going backpacking, your bag is your life. The smaller it is the less it sticks out and the less vulnerable you


feel. Remember this when buying and packing your bag. • If you are planning on going working, make out your CV, including references, and bring many copies with you. Look up the country you are travelling to, and get an idea of the style of CV’s they use. For example in America, US style resumes are only one page in length. • Make multiple copies of all your important documents, such as passport and visas, and store them in various places, such as at home and in your suitcase. • If you are heading somewhere exotic and developing, you will need to get a variety of immunisations. Ask your doctor for a list of everything you need. • Write out a list of emergency contacts for your destination, in case you run into any problems. Keep a copy yourself and give one to your family/friends back home.

When you arrive:

• If you don’t have anything sorted before you leave, begin looking for accommodation and jobs as soon as you can. • With regards to accommodation, make sure you are dealing with a legitimate estate agent or landlord before you sign a lease. • With regards to a job, travel to areas that are looking for large numbers of seasonal workers, and dress appropriately for any interviews. • If travelling on a J1 to America, you will have to activate your SEVIS record as soon as you arrive. Once registered, apply for your Social Security Card. It can take 4-6 weeks before you get your card and you will have difficulty securing a job if you do not have it.

by Niamh Hayes

 lways carry official identification with •A you in addition to your copies at home.

Staying Safe

• Be aware of and observe local laws. Public disorder offences are often penalised more severely in countries such as the US, so keep party noise levels to a minimum.  rinking alcohol in public areas in the •D US is an offence in many states and may result in an overnight jail stay and a court date. •D  rug offences may result in deportation and a permanent ban from re-entering countries. •S  tay healthy throughout your trip. Make sure you eat enough and drink plenty of water, especially if you are going somewhere with a hot climate. Watch out for unclean premises, wash your hands before eating, and try to limit your alcohol intake. Also don’t have unprotected sex - you don’t know what you could pick up. Make sure you locate a medical centre when you arrive at your destination so that it is easily accessible if you ever get sick. • If you are out drinking alcohol, take care of your drink. Keep your hand over the glass and don’t take drink off anyone. •W  atch out for pick pocketing and always keep your bag/possessions close to you. Thieves will be able to spot tourists a mile away and these are generally the people they target. Most importantly have the most amazing experience and make sure you come home with good memories that you will never forget.

Referendum Q&A


By Ken Curtain

As Returning Officer for this week’s referendum, I have outlined below answers to some questions you may have concerning it. This is purely for information purposes only, as in my role as Returning Officer I cannot take a position either in favour or against the motion. What is the exact wording we will be voting on? CIT Students’ Union (CIT SU) should affiliate to the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) from the academic year 2013/2014 onwards. This will cost €7 annually per student additional to the student contribution fee. What is the Union of Students in Ireland (USI)? USI describe themselves on as “The Union of Students in Ireland is the representative body for Ireland’s 250,000 students in third-level education. We work for the realisation of students’ needs, justice and human rights.” You can read their constitution at about-usi/constitution/ If the vote is passed how will I be charged for the €7 fee? You will be invoiced directly for the €7 by CIT If I’m in receipt of a third level grant am I exempt from the €7 levy? No there are no exemptions you will still be charged €7 annually and must submit payment to CIT. Has CIT SU ever been a member of USI? CIT SU has been a member in the past but not since 1999. Are all other Irish third level colleges members? The majority are but a number are not including UL and UCD. If we vote YES are we automatically members? Technically there are a number of procedures that need to be followed after a Yes vote to become a member of USI, this is the relevant extract from USI’s constitution (this section of their constitution also covers what happens if CIT SU at a future vote decide to disaffiliate again): “All Students’ Unions are accepted as Member Organisations provided that: 2.2.1 Their constitution has been approved by National Council. 2.2.2 They have applied and been accepted as a Member Organisation according to the application procedure as defined in Schedule A and who pay affiliation fees as decided by National Council.

2.2.3 They have accepted the Union Constitution and agree to facilitate the implementation of policy as decided at Congress, keeping in mind the confederal nature of the Union. 2.2.4 They have accepted in writing that they may not disaffiliate without providing twelve months written notice to National Council. During the notice period the Member Organisation shall continue to be a Member with all the rights and duties pertaining thereto. 2.2.5 Upon affiliation, a Member Organisation shall enter into a legally binding contract confirming their acceptance of provision 2.2.4 of the constitution.” When will voting take place? Polling will take place on Wednesday May 1st & Thursday May 2nd between 9am and 4pm in the usual voting location i.e. on the main corridor in the main campus. Who can vote? All registered students / members of CIT SU are eligible to vote (if you had a vote in CIT SU elections you will have a vote in this referendum). How do I vote? If you are in favour of the motion you draw an X in the YES box, if you are against the motion you draw an X in the NO box. Do I need ID? As per CIT SU elections you need to produce your CIT student ID to get a ballot paper. What arrangements are being put in place for satellite campuses? If you are in a satellite campus and wish to cast your vote either Wednesday or Thursday email before 5pm on Tuesday 30th April and she will organise complimentary transport for you. Will debates take place? There will be two debates where speakers from the Yes and No sides will lay out their cases for you, both will be chaired by the Returning Officer. Debate 1: Rory Gallagher Theatre @ 4pm on Monday 29th April Debate 2: West Atrium @ 1pm on Tuesday 30th April If you have any other queries not covered above outside the arguments in favour or against the motion please do not hesitate to contact me directly at ken.m.curtin@ or on twitter: @kencurtin


€3500 donated to the Cork Arc Cancer Support House from CIT Rag Week Fund

Students’ Union Council Awards O n Thursday 18th April, the Students’ Union held the Annual Union Council Awards at which Class Representatives were presented with Certificates of Merit for their voluntary contribution to campus life by Dr Barry O’Connor, Registrar & Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dr Dan Collins, Academic Administration & Student Affairs Manager. The SU Officers presented five Class Representatives, who had been nominated by their class members, with awards in recognition of their ‘Outstanding Voluntary Contribution’ throughout the academic year. More photographs are available on The award recipients were: Aaron Dennehy, Shane Falvey, Chris Howard, Ciara O’Connor, Marco Quatrana

Aaron Dennehy

Shane Falvey 8

A donation of €3,500 was presented to Cork Arc Cancer Support House, the chief beneficiary of CIT Rag Week 2013. Hilary Sullivan remarked how delighted she was to accept the donation and praised the students and staff of the Institute. Class Representatives have been at the core of the Union’s growth and development. They form a pivotal role in the two-way communication process between students and the Students’ Union. They act on a voluntary basis, freely giving of their time to enhance their fellow students’ college experience and campus life. Congratulations.

The members of the Award Selection Panel included: Fiona Kelly (Students Services Officer), Mervyn O’Mahony (Communications & Marketing Officer), Aoife Kelliher (Societies Officer), Vicky O’Sullivan (General Manager Students’ Union), Keith Brown (Publications Manager Students’ Union) and the three Sabbatical Union Officers, Danny O’Donovan, Killian Hughes and Niamh Hayes.

Ciara O’Connor

Chris Howard

Marco Quatrana


Can Ireland continue to offer free student fees? What is your financial situation? Dear Student, CIT, in collaboration with the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and the Eurostudent Consortium, launched the Eurostudent Survey 2013 on Monday 22 April 2013. The survey will run for six weeks until Friday 31 May 2013. The Eurostudent survey is being carried out across 27 European countries and covers the following main areas: • Demographics • Accommodation & Travel • Income & Expenditure • Well-being • Study Abroad Please take this opportunity to share your views, inform policy makers and allow Irish student life to be compared with other European countries. Participants will enter a draw to win one of ten 100 euro vouchers (one-4-all or equivalent) You will have received an email regarding how to take the survey. Alternatively paste this link into your browser: Your information will be analysed by Insight Statistical Consulting, an independent marketing research organisation. Please be ensured your information will be treated confidentially and anonymously. For more information you can visit or contact the Eurostudent team on +353 1 661 2488 or at Thank You for your cooperation.


Dear CIT... why

am I so miserable?

The following letters are complaints lodged by the students of CIT and the inadequate and appalling responses they have received. However, these determined souls have not let the matter drop and exercise their rights to reply to the Tyrants.

Dear Ms O’Reilly,

of I’m emailing you in relation to a serious problem. You see I find the state the classrooms in C.I.T so boring that I find myself falling asleep as a result. with I can’t concentrate on what the lecturers are saying as I’m consumed of an atmosphere of just complete dullness. The walls are a bland colour The never ending white. They’re not even a shiny white but a pale, dirty white. was seats are all torn up and look like they’ve been there since the institute just are some and stuffing their half missing are seats the of Some founded. educamy hindering is re atmosphe ous monoton dull, The broken. completely and tion in the school. I’m finding it very difficult to learn in these conditions to I’m very worried I won’t be able to pass all my exams. Thus I will be forced so drop out of my course, leaving me with no qualification that I have invested from much in. I’ll then have to move abroad, resulting in me being separated my family and friends. I’m hoping that if you have the time you could talk to whoever has the authorwalls ity to change the appearance of the classrooms. If you could get the few to be changed to a friendlier colour that would be great. Maybe add a designs, like rainbows and flowers etc. Get seats with all their stuffing intact. me. I I would be very grateful for any changes as this issue is really worrying look forward to your reply Regards, Redmond Burke

Dear Mr Burke,

ng I’m a very busy person, as you have heard, so I shall refrain from apologisi for the length of time it took me to reply to your complaint.

I propose a number of actions that you could take: in1. Wear sunglasses to lectures: you will find that the classroom (and its habitants) will look more attractive bathed in a warm sunny glow. 2. If you already wear spectacles for poor vision, take them off, as the classas a room will immediately become a more pleasant place if you perceive it fuzzy haze; 3. Don’t attend these classes: get the notes from one of the diligent types who do go to lectures; It has just dawned on me that I should actually know if you do wear glasses, considering I meet your class three times a week. I conclude that you must It is have already decided on action three above. Well done on your initiative! do. obvious that you are a man who doesn’t wait around to be told what to Regards, June

Clarification: The postulators in this article were in fact students set an assignment to write to their lecturer, June O’Reilly, recounting their discomfiture with the Institute. June in turn adopted a satirical tone in her response, demonstrating the propensity for those who deal with


Dear Ms O’Reilly, with I am writing to inform you of a very serious matter which has not been dealt course of talking am I . concerns my express to need the feel strongly I here in CIT. about the lack of a college bar on campus. educaI find it humiliating to be in CIT, a glorious establishment of Irish third level How tion, and have the presence of such a basic Irish necessity forever absent. s else are the students and staff of this college supposed to express themselve culture. our and heritage Irish to insult an is It socially. and culturally aware Furthermore, I believe our ancestors would turn in their graves if they were of Alof this continuously overlooked crisis. The state of our college’s Department cohol consumption is in complete disarray. During my time in CIT, it has become I am, in apparent to me that the budget for this department must be negligible. . existence very its question to beginning fact, of I would also like to raise the issue of inequality among students. The students This UCC have not one, but two pubs available to them on their college grounds. believe is an outrage! Why do you think we do not have a bar here in CIT? Do you art of the students of CIT are incapable of mastering both college work and the you Thank matter? financial a be to it find you do rather Or, ly? seamless drinking Slánite. you. from feedback any hearing to forward look I for reading and Regards, Dearan O’Flynn

Dear Mr O’Flynn, I think you might be attending the wrong college. The vast majority of students bar at CIT – unlike you - do not think it would be appropriate for there to be a on campus. They realise that if there were to be a bar, academic life (what’s who there of it) would go to the dogs. They realise that the calibre of student be not is vicinity e immediat the in bar a is there when normally function can also found in CIT. Not only do we have a lower class apprenticeship cohort, we in a have a large number of engineering programmes. This naturally results high proportion of louts on campus - certainly not the type known for civilised imbibing and quaffing of alcoholic beverages. You are right about the Department of Alcohol Consumption: it does not really a exist. It is just a front , along with various Students’ Union ‘campaigns’ to get bar over the past quarter of a century – a smokescreen for the fact that nobody has any intention of moving this issue forward at all. the Staff are in agreement with students on this issue and we will be taking lead from them by not doing anything about this either. Regards, June

complaints to adopt a dismissive and or defensive tone instead of taking steps to resolve issues. Although the exercise is somewhat humorous in its tone, it is vital that important issues are brought to the attention of the Students’ Union, who will address these matters on behalf of the students.


Dear Ms O’Reilly,

Unfortunately I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and as a result I have difficulties dealing with germs. This issue is so severe I had to disinfect my keyboard prior to writing this e-mail. On a daily basis, I find myself having to use energy to open these already semi-automatic doors and end up spending in excess of €10 a week on disinfectants to vigorously disinfect these unclean doors. As you can imagine, being a student, my weekly allowance is quite low so my money could be spent on more important substances such as well-prepared cooked food, distilled water and latex gloves. It is unclear to me why these state-of-the-art-doors lack the ability to open automatically when they encounter human contact. It is ridiculous to think that some of the smallest shops in Ireland have fully functioning automatic doors and an Institute of technology with 12,000 students lacks these simple electronic doors. Germs are forever on the rise and I believe the first line of defence is automatic doors. I would forever be grateful if you would raise this issue with the relevant authorities. I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Regards, Adam Deane

Dear Ms O’Reilly, I The issue I would like to raise is about the speed bumps all around the college. is I find drive to college every day and park in the college car parks. My problem car is there are too many speed bumps and they are far too high for my car. My a lot of causing are time over which bumps speed these off scraping sly continuou tires damage to my car. I drive an expensive car which is lowered with low profile to me and side skirts. Having a good car is part of my personal image so it is vital as I that my car looks perfect all year round but I am finding this hard to achieve difficult very is which bumps; speed these of because fixed it getting keep to have to try and afford. and I would greatly appreciate it if you would take my issue as a serious matter to this discuss it with the head of facilities management. I think the best solution the problem would be either to minimize the number of speed bumps or else make Counsel height of them much smaller. I have already written a letter to Cork County my case explaining my problem but I think if I had a member of staff like you to help I believe the problem could be solved much more promptly. Regards, Aimee Murray

Dear Mr Deane,

I have nothing but empathy for your predicament. You are spot on! I witness, on a daily basis, people washing their hands in the toilets and then opening the germ-ridden door to exit. You don’t need to suffer from OCD to be sensitive to this progress of filth throughout the campus. You are possibly being too hard on yourself. On a related topic, have you noticed the amount of people who do not wash their hands at all after emerging from the cubicles? And we are talking about the Women’s toilets here – not the men’s. I believe that you would be the ideal person to head up a campaign to get bouncers in CIT toilets enforcing the rules. I am eager to know if you are willing to step up to the plate. I’ll make sure it’s disinfected first. Regards, June

Dear Ms Murray, found I am glad that you have brought this matter to my attention. I have always college to driven being am I as down and up bumping be to it extremely irritating make-up. every morning. This makes it very difficult to apply the final touches to my your In fact, I feel that it has compromised my overall appearance. My driver shares problem with the height of the speed bumps in the locality. no doubt I will forward your observations to the Students’ Union welfare officer who . intrusions rise high these against will lead a campaign I look forward to the matter being escalated. Regards, June

Dear Ms O’Reilly,

With reference to your last email regarding the situation with bouncers in CIT toilets, I can confirm the following: I successfully acquired my bouncing license and I have put forward my services in securing the cleanliness of our campus toilets. Toilet users have embraced me with clean open arms as I vigorously disinfect their hands and unexpectedly offer me donations for a job well done. It seems a hole has been filled in my life and it has become clear to me that I was born to pursue this battle as a career. With donations flooding in I have quite a generous salary, Perhaps enough to live a long and more importantly healthy life. I would like to thank you for taking my issue into account and guiding me towards my new found career. Regards,Adam Deane

Dear Ms O’Reilly, issue I am glad you to see that you have taken my issue as a serious matter. This I believe has been a huge and irritating problem to me with the last three years and problem it’s time the issue was resolved. I am delighted that you have noticed this and an too, I know as well as you do how vital it is to have a good personal image issue like this can be very frustrating. is no I believe if we both get enough support from students and facility then there and get reason why this headache can’t be fixed. I will do as much as I can to try of the this problem sorted as soon as possible. I think with the help and support project this getting in s disruption no be should there Students’ Union welfare officer up and running. from I thank you again for your support and assistance. I will look forward in hearing you about future decisions about the speed bumps. Regards, Aimee Murray

Dear Ms O’Reilly I am writing to inform you of the incredible waste of water on campus. I have noticed that several bathroom fixtures leak. It is unacceptable that these fitting leak, not only are they unhygienic but several of them such as the bathroom taps are leaking a substantial amount of water. Considering there is already a lack of drinking water on campus it is quite frankly amazing that these leaks go unfixed. Water is a vital world resource and costs our government a substantial amount to filter and distribute it, and it is a shame for it to be wasted in such a way. I would ask you to inform the maintenance department about this issue. I have sent several messages myself but I believe that they will be more inclined to fix the problem if they received complaints from staff members. It would be helpful if you also informed your co-workers of the issue. I look forward to receiving your response about the aforementioned problem. Regards Patrick Quish

Dear Mr Quish, Your concern for the environment is admirable. Michael This issue has, I think, been dealt with. I have forwarded your concern to facts. Coughlan, Head of Taps and leakages here in CIT, who will have the full issue! this spotting Well done on Regards, June



Graduates…Are You Good to Go With Your Career?

In other words, are you EMPLOYABLE and WORK READY?, (See Job Vacancies). 3. Attitude a. A ‘can do attitude’ should never be underestimated! b. Flexibility and adaptability are desirable traits for all employers! c. Remember, being a flexible employee can bring opportunity your way.

Being Good to Go means that you are fully prepared to firstly, begin your job search and secondly, you understand what you have to bring to an employer, and how to apply this to the job. How To Become Good to Go With Your Career…In order of priority, think about; 1. You on Paper…CV and Cover Letter 2. You Online…Professional Presence 3. Y  ou in Person and On-theJob…Attitude and Articulation 1. Y  ou on Paper… - Prepare your CV and Cover Letter – Ensure they are then ready to be tailored to each job that you apply for. - Go to www.careersandcounselling. com and select the ‘Careers Service’ tab for sample CV and cover letter layouts. - NB  – Get your CV checked by a professional before you send it to an employer! 2. You Online - Make your “Professional-self” visible to potential employers through LinkedIn. - Twitter accounts and personal blogs can also be used to build a professional profile. - ‘Follow’any organisations of interest to you on Twitter or ‘Like’ their Facebook page for regular updates to gain a greater ‘business awareness’.  B – Have control of your online pres -N ence and appropriately manage the information that you put in your online accounts! 3. You

in Person and On-theJob…

 re you employable? Consider the -A following… • Do you have the right attitude? • Do you show on-going initiative? •D  o you have the ability to communicate effectively and articulate to employers at interview?  o you understand what transferrable •D skills you have?  an you show an employer that you •C have relevant knowledge and skills to do the job? •C  an you discuss your college mod-


ules and projects with ease and accuracy? •C  an you talk about previous work roles that you held and what you learned from them? •D  o you specifically know what can you bring to a role? • It’s your job to tell the employer not their job to figure it out!  e confident about your capabilities •B and the benefits you can add to the role. - NB – If you are currently job-hunting, have you had a mock interview for practice or have you gotten concrete feedback after unsuccessful interviews? •P  ractice is key for interview preparation, as is learning from your mistakes!

You’re Now Fully Prepared… What’s your job-hunting plan? Job-hunting is a process and, like all processes it may need to be altered along the way. If you’re not getting the results you want, change your plan!

1. Goal Setting a. You may have an ideal career goal in mind but your plan to get there must be a realistic one. Remember that this can take time. b.  Wherever you start in a company, show initiative and seek out learning opportunities. 2. Awareness a. Be Self-Aware – Identify your skills, strengths and personal qualities. Check out the Careers Report on or go to www. b. B  e Labour Market Aware – Know the key growth areas and what’s going on in the jobs market; or c. Be Opportunity Aware – Check out various graduate and Careers Service websites for job opportunities e.g.,

4. Preparation a. Be ready to act when you find a job vacancy of interest to you. b. Tailor your CV and outline your relevance to the role. 5. Job-hunting a. Be reactive to the job vacancies that are advertised and be proactive in contacting companies or getting to know professionals in your career area. b. For more information, check out “Alternative Options & Useful Websites for Graduates” and “Careers Advice for Graduates” on http://www.mycit. ie/careers (Job-hunting & Employability page). 6. Networking a. It is important to meet professionals involved in your chosen career area. b.  Why not attend networking events or conferences of relevance to you? Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for possible events. c. You can also build your network of people through LinkedIn. 7. Finding a Mentor a. Have you ever thought about finding a Professional Mentor to learn from? Mentors provide professional support, and share their knowledge and skills. b. Think about whom in your group of contacts could become your Mentor or connect you to someone in your field of interest. c. It could be a family member, friend, past lecturer, past employer, etc… Some Help? If you would like some help to become Good to Go, contact the CIT Careers and Counselling Service on 021 4335772 about an appointment. (The service is available to students and full-time CIT Graduates up to a year out of college.)

Exam Time Again!


elieve it or not the Summer Exams are here again. As you are all aware, the continuous assessments will be wrapping up over the next week or so, and it goes without saying, do as well in them as you can, because having a chunk of marks in the bag before sitting the exams will take a lot of pressure off you. For some, this will be your last set of exams before entering the real world. All we can say is the best of luck and on a positive note, the job market is slowly starting to loosen up again. No longer will the midweek sessions be the norm (apparently employers frown on employees going out on the lash on work nights?). But most employers do realise that the transition from college to full time employment can be a stressful time for most, so a little leeway is usually granted. Time management is crucial to effective study. There is no point in simply studying everything. Unfortunately the system we are in rewards knowing specific subject matter – you could know everything in some detail but if you don’t know what is specifically required you cannot come out of an exam with high marks. The best way to pinpoint what is required is the past exams papers. In most subjects, the same core topics are covered again and again – and these need to be covered by you. Whether you create a study timetable or not, you still need to be aware of what subject material needs to be covered. We never had a written timetable as we always found people spent more time playing with their timetable than actually studying. If you know what you need to do, just get your bum on a seat and get on with it.

Goal setting - Before you begin studying, you need to have made a conscious decision of what you want to cover on that given day. Aimlessly trawling through material is useless. Set yourself a goal and promise yourself to complete it by the end of the day. Whether it takes you one or ten hours, get it done. If it is taking longer than you planned, deal with it, and if you are flying through it – even better! This will also help to keep you focused. Promising to do so many hours study isn’t much good, because it’s quantity rather than quality you are focusing on, and most of that time can be spent day dreaming. Cover so many chapters or topics per day, and this will keep you on track.

No distractions - Whether it is a laptop, a television or people that distract you easily – stay away from them. Before you know it, you can find an hour wasted on facebook, watching Home and Away over lunch or just having a laugh with the lads. Minimal distractions lead to a more productive study. Last Summer we heard of people who spent 12 hours a

Feature by Killian Hughes & Niamh Hayes day “in the library”. However, this by no means meant 12, or even 6 hours of study. It usually meant two to three hours study and lots of messing and playing. Not only is this wasteful of your time, but is also distracting and quite annoying for other people around you.

Focus - As lovely and all as it is for some people to highlight everything on a page, it takes away from the effectiveness. Only the main points are to be highlighted, and this cannot be stressed enough. Summarising is very handy for revision, and then highlight the most important points. If everything is highlighted, it has the same effect as highlighting nothing, and also your brain can only absorb a maximum of 75% of what you learn, so cherry pick the points that will get you the most points. Stress Management Take regular breaks - The great thing about effectively managing

your study means that you can afford to take regular breaks. Whether this means going for a quick walk, grabbing a cuppa, or watching some TV, use your break efficiently, switching off from the study and get straight back into it once you feel refreshed.

Sleep Well - Pulling all night cramming sessions may seem like a

good idea but it has been shown not to work. When you are tired, memory blocks, lapses in concentration and simple mix ups happen. You are best off sleeping the night before an exam and getting up early if you feel it is really necessary. Sleep is essential, not only to unwind and relax the mind, but your brain also files away information when you are sleep.

Look after your physical health - Because you are going to be so busy in the coming weeks, it is very easy to fall into the habit of eating convenience foods and drinking energy drinks. For the sake of your health and your study, try to avoid these as much as possible. Eating a diet full of fresh food, especially fruit and vegetables, and drinking lots of water will help to keep your mind focused. Getting regular exercise is also a great way of taking your mind off things and de-stressing from all the study, so get your runners on and go for a walk in the fresh air.

We really hope this helps, and best of luck in the exams. They aren’t that bad once you crack into them, so please take on board what’s here and it should make a difference. If any of you are feeling overwhelmed by your exams, call into us in the Students’ Union Office.

CIT SU & Chaplaincy

Exam De-Stress Week 7th-9th May

Tuesday 7th May:

Wednesday 8th May:

Thursday 9th May:



Reese Arrested!

tocalls and I wanted to have an edge.”
Kelly also opened up about shedding her party girl image unlike her other co-stars Nikita Murray and Natalie Geraghty. She said: “I’m pals with all of the lads from the show as they are mates with Dave, but I’m not friends with Nikita or Natalie. I wouldn’t do any jobs with them or photoshoots or anything like that. I’d prefer to distance myself a little from the ‘party girl’ tag that they have.” So, Kelly wants to distance herself away from the ‘party girl’ tag, well if that’s the case she should probably be on a different show! 

The Oscar winner Reece Witherspoon and her hubby Jim Toth were handcuffed and charged early Friday morning in Atlanta for an alleged DUI and disorderly conduct. Both Reese and Toth were released the same morning at around 3:30 am on bond. The arrest comes as a shock to many, but even more surprising is what the mom of three reportedly said to police. According to the police report filed, “Mrs. Witherspoon asked, ‘Do you know my name?’ I answered, ‘No, I don’t need to know your name.’ I then added, ‘Right now.’ Mrs. Witherspoon stated, ‘You’re about to find out who I am’.” Interestingly Reese wasn’t actually arrested for a DUI - Reese’s charge was based on disorderly conduct. It appears the actress got a bit defensive when her husband was asked to do a breathalyser test. Reports sug-


gest that Reese refused to stay inside the car and threw a tantrum, which resulted in her being cuffed by police officers. We still can’t believe America’s sweetheart was arrested! We’re gobsmacked, this does not sound like the sweet southern belle we’ve become accustomed to seeing on our TV screens. Former Westlife star Shane Filan, has managed to make a dent in clearing his €23 million debts. The singer sold 146 acres of land which also included a derelict period house for a total of €910,000 - about ten per cent below what he paid for it during the Celtic Tiger. The sales didn’t stop there as another 3.6 acres of land adjoining Shane’s home at Carraroe, Co Sligo sold for €50,000. Interestingly Shane’s older brother Liam bought the land. Shane’s home at Carraroe is still on the market. He built the luxury abode for a hefty €3 million and was once offered €10million for it. It is now on the market for €900,000. 
FYI: Shane lives with his family at a €2.5million house in Surrey, England. He is expected to exit bankruptcy in June of this year.
 Season two of Tallafornia has just wrapped up on TV3 but will Kelly Donegan be returning to the hit reality show? Only if the money’s right! The Tallafornia babe revealed recently to the Irish Sun that, “If there is a Season three I’d do it, as long as the money is right. “
She added: “Doing something like Tallafornia is a great experience. In the beginning I treated it as a platform to promote myself and what I do. I have always wanted to have my own business and I have lots of goals, but I knew there was loads of Irish models who do pho-




By Megan Virgo



is set to rejoin the cast of MTV’s highest rated show EVER in the UK, Geordie Shore. 

According to reports Jay is set to fly out soon, where he’ll be reunited with the rest of the Geordie Shore gang. And it’s being reported that none of the cast are aware about his big return to the show! Jay left Geordie Shore at the end of its third series, which was filmed in Mexico. 

Speaking about his return he said: “Wow Series 6 in Oz. So excited! Can’t wait to surprise everyone in the house when they hear the doorbell to find out it’s me Jay! I can’t wait to catch up with the lads in Australia, especially my mate Gaz, and see what this Scotty guy is really all about!”

He also added: “Will be great catching up with the girls in the house too. I just hope that there’s less drama this time than Cancun.”

The new season of Geordie Shore cannot come fast enough! Thankfully it’s due to hit our screen again this summer. Phew! 

Olly Murs and his twin brother

Ben have not been on speaking terms since Olly chose to skip Ben’s nuptials in favour of rehearsing for the X Factor semi finals. That was nearly four years ago. Speaking out about the fall out, Olly now reckons he could have managed to do both, saying: “I wouldn’t have been eliminated from the show by going to it but I would have missed a full day of rehearsals. It was the semi-finals. It was a shame but you have to move forward.”

A shame indeed as

For more go to:

the feud has completely torn the family apart. Olly revealed: “We haven’t spoken for three or four years. I hope he’s happy whatever he’s doing. It was just a falling out over the wedding day. I just really feel for my parents – that’s the real feud.” And they say blood is thicker than water. In all fairness, Olly was in the final of the X Factor, it’s not like he was just starting out in the business. It’s time for these boys to kiss and make up.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

have temporarily split up, and are allegedly living apart. Their relationship became strained over the past year, when Ozzy fell off the wagon and went back to his old habits of drinking and drugs. 
Ozzy is thought to have gone back to his old ways around a year and a half ago but insists he has been sober now for the past 44 days. While 44 days of sobriety is a wonderful achievement it’s not enough for Sharon, who has suffered over the past 18 months as Ozzy habits spiraled out of control. 
It appears Sharon has no intention of filing for divorce but is enforcing a tough love policy. She wants to see months of sobriety before she even considers getting back together with her rock and roll hubby. FYI: Sharon and Ozzy have been married for 31 years. 

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphreys have finally reached a divorce settlement. The former lovebirds were only married for a period of 72 days but the divorce drama dragged out for a total of 536 days - as Kris Humphreys fought for an annulment rather than a divorce on the basis of fraud. The divorce/annulment smackdown was set to go on trial May 6th, but Humphreys would have lost the trial immediately as he had no real evidence to back up his claim of fraud. Both parties have signed to the divorce agreement in an L.A. court, however Kris was not in attendance only Kim. Once inside the courtroom Judge Hank Goldberg asked Kim, “Is there anyway your marriage could be saved?”
“No your Honor,” she replied. The mom-to-be also confirmed to the court she had entered into this agreement freely. Hooray, finally the past can be the past and these two can move on. Good riddance Kris Humphreys! 


on ThE save the 8.00am, No: 201 from Lotabeg to cit

Bus Éireann threaten a “Use it or Lose it PoLicy”

Dates for your diary... Friday 18th October 2013 Business & Humanities Graduation Ball @ Rochestown Park Hotel Doors 10pm, Tickets €15 from CIT Students’ Union Monday 21st October 2013 Engineering & Science plus Crawford College of Art & Design Graduation Ball Venue tbc, Doors 10pm, Tickets tbc

Bus Please use this service where possible to facilitate the continuity of this service in to the next academic year.


The No: 201, 8am Schedule

Leaves Mayfield, Lotabeg 8am Ballyvolane 8.10am Commons Road Blackpool 8.15am Farranree Church 8.20am Eircom 8.23am Harbourview Road 8.25am Sunday’s Well 8.30am Victoria Cross 8.35am CIT 8.45am


Photo Gallery

Photo Highlights

Schemers & Mech eng ball Pics by Martin Dunne, Photographic Society


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Job Hunting

CIT Maths Online If you are having difficulty with First Year Maths, then Maths Online may be for you. The CIT Maths Online project is aimed primarily at first year students who may experience some difficulty with Mathematics and/or Statistics. It may also be useful for those who need to brush up on the basics. The materials are designed as a supplement to regular class work, but not as a replacement.

FAQs Maths Online can be accessed through the Blackboard Learning Management System.

Here are some helpful tips to follow when searching Online for CIT a jobMaths this whether you’re looking summer Please followyear, the following steps to access Mathsfor Online: work or finishing college and starting your career.

Self-enrolment for Maths Online 1. Log into Blackboards Learn. 1. Prepare a tailored CV and cover letter. If you don’t have a CV, need help updating ThenCVclick on ifthe Courses tabonbutton theletter, call an 2. existing or even you’re stumped what to at putthe intotop the of cover screen. to Course Search Maths Online in the up to the CareersGoOffice in CIT and you willand find type templates to help you. Templates can also be found online here; box. under CVs andyou’ve Cover Letters. 3. Once found the course, click on the action link button next to the course and click on Enrol. This should 2. Bring take your CV to to thethe Careers – you will need to make an appointment for you Self Office Enrolment page. this. will be checked determine if it (lower is readycase, to be sent to employers 4.Your YourCVAccess Code istomathsonline no spaces). willyou’ve be advised of any click changes to make. can also dosee a practice After finished, Submit. YouYou should now a interview to prepare for theenrolment job-huntingwas process! message thatyourself says your successful.

Helping students acHieve tHeir course goals...

3. As it may be your first visit to the Careers Office, you will find it on the second floor of the Student Centre, upstairs from the Medical Centre. 4. Appointments may be made for Counselling or Career consultations between 8.30am and 1pm and 2pm - 4.30pm, Monday-Friday. You can make an appointment by calling up or by phoning (021) 4335772. (The service is available to full-time students and graduates of full-time courses up to a year out of college.) 5. When preparing your cover letter you need to ensure that it is tailored to the job you are applying for. A generic letter will not get the employer’s attention! Academic Learning Centre 6. If youCork are making a speculative application to an organisation for a summer job Institute of Technology (i.e. no job is officiallyCampus advertised), it is advisable to phone or email them before Bishopstown sending in your CV to find out if you can be considered for any roles that may Room D259 come up and who you should send your CV to. Try to email your CV to a direct contact opposed a generic email address e.g. recruitment@ or info@. T: as 021 433 to 5098 E: appropriately not only at the interview stage but also if you are 7. Present W:yourself handing in your CV. First impressions can make all the difference! 8. Your online profile is rapidly becoming as important as your CV! If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile…DO IT NOW (particularly if you are in third year, final year or doing a postgrad). Employers use this as a tool to search for possible employees depending on their skill set and experience. It also allows for the opportunity to network with companies and employers who you would like to work for. 9. Where should you look for jobs? Search online job websites, register for job alerts on <> , look in local and national newspapers, and check out adverts in shop windows. A local paper can still be a useful place to find jobs in your town. Also, make sure you use the network of people that you already know – they may be aware of potential opportunities and vacancies that you could apply for! 10. Don’t forget to use a number of third level college websites to job-hunt! Employers often send jobs to the Careers Office, which are then advertised on their websites. Why not start with CIT’s very own site? Go to <> and select “Find a Job”. Another useful site for jobs in your area especially summer jobs is the FÁS jobseeker website;


Dear Students, The Academic Learning Centre (ALC) is here to assist you with your course of study. During each semester learning support sessions are delivered in many academic subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics, Programming, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, Basic IT Skills. These ‘drop-in’ learning support sessions are available to all CIT students free of charge. Subject lecturers at the ALC are available to discuss students’ varied queries, answer questions, and provide guidance/help to those experiencing difficulty in a subject area. If the above subjects are new to you, why not get some help? The learning support sessions are also of LEARNING CENTRE interest ACADEMIC to students who have never taken these subjects before at Leaving Certificate level or equivalent, and to students who may not have studied these subjects in an academic context for a number of years. Last academic year 2011/2012, 84% of ALC students passed their exams. Simply drop-in at the designated times, no booking is necessary. The semester timetable can be viewed online at the following link: www. What to expect at the ALC Subject lectures are present in Rooms D259A/D259B during the timetabled hours to discuss students’ varied queries on the subject topic and to answer students’ questions. Expect to find a casual, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere where students are quietly working on their own problems with the lecturer interacting to help students out on an Individual basis. The ALC Summer Programme /15th July to 9th August 2013. A highly successful Summer Programme is delivered every summer for the benefit of students taking autumn repeat examinations. Subject sessions are held daily throughout July and August over four consecutive weeks in the run up to the autumn examinations. Students will be notified about the Summer Programme sessions by email, following the summer exam results. A wide range of academic subjects will be delivered including; Mathematics, Programming, Electronics, Physics. Please keep in touch with the ALC for news and updates:


International Students Society – Dublin Trip During the Easter Break the International Students Society went on a trip to Dublin from 25th to 27th March. Twenty four students from CIT covering eight different nationalities went on this trip. Upon arriving in Dublin the group visited the famous Guinness Storehouse, with a complimentary pint at the end of the tour! The rest of the day the students had free time, some decided to do some shopping, while others went sightseeing. In the evening the students went to see live Irish music in Temple Bar. It was good craic in spite of the drinks being quite expensive! The next day the group visited Kilmainham Gaol, a famous former prison of Dublin. The guide was very passionate and fascinating, and it is why the visit was interesting.

Following this, some of the group went for a tour of Croke Park which was really interesting. Our members even got the opportunity to try their hand at hurling and football skills. On the first two days it was snowing a lot! This was quite amazing considering this rarely happens in Ireland and especially in late March! On the last day the students left Dublin and visited Glendalough on the way home to Cork. The snow decided to follow them there too. As lovely as it was to see the natural park covered in snow, it was very cold and only two of the group were brave enough to do the big two hour walking tour of the place. The others just walked around and enjoyed the nature! All in all the trip was a great success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Washington Street 021 4222288 Douglas Village 021 4890900 Blackpool 021 4215555 Ballincollig 021 4289090

“It’s hard to believe another semester is almost over, we wish all our members the best of luck in their upcoming exams. We’ve seen some big changes this year with the moving of our meetings from Wednesday’s to Tuesday’s and from 7.00pm to 5.30pm which has seen a boost in members. We would like to say a big thank you to our Chairperson Conor Murphy who stepped into the role in semester two. I’m sure I speak for all the Committee when I say you’ve brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the society. Mark O’Brien Treasurer, CIT LGBT

Open 12 Noon to 5am, 7 days a week 19


The Cit Boxing Club Fight Night took place on 18th of April in the sports hall. Various colleges including IT Carlow and Maynooth sent down their best fighters so the night was action packed! The Beauty and Fashion society provided the nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ring girls and The DJ Society took care of the music for this event, whilst The Photography Society took pictures on the night. All monies collected were donated to charity.

Uisce Expo CIT 2013



There and Back Again: A Slow Food’s Tale. The long journey began from Cork to the BICS Awards in Athlone on a very sunny Morning. Leaving Cobh I stopped off along the way to pick some local wild garlic for the journey ahead that would be used in a wild garlic pesto that would accompany our selection Cork cheeses to wow the judges. After receiving some strange looks from a passersby, off I departed to pick up my two fellow companions for our long journey ahead. After a not so quick stop and a bit of a mission to make the pesto we were on our way. The bags were put into the boot and as we sat into the car we were greeted with the overpowering smell of garlic, lovely! We rolled the windows down and with a little laugh we started off towards Athlone with our little stinky bag of cheese that would later take over from the garlic smell. We reached the Athlone Spring Hotel eventually after taking a tour of Athlone town as I reminded Chris and Martin that a man never gets lost while driving, we take detours. We later met up with our fellow students representing CIT and went for a pretty nice meal in the hotel bar. After the meal and the long journey all three of us just wanted to have a quiet night and relax in our room, this didn’t really go to plan but enough said about that. The next morning surprisingly we were up early, had a bit of breakfast and headed off to the Hodson Bay Hotel for our interviews. I must say that just before we went into the meeting I got a bit nervous and got off to a stuttering start but all went well as we took turns to explain to the three judges what the Slow Food Society was about and why we deserved to win. We handed over our freshly prepared cheese board and left feeling that we had done our best and it was now in the hands of the BICS gods as the judges like to be called. We decided to head back to the Hotel and refresh ourselves by taking a swim in the Hotel pool and relaxing in the sauna and steam room. Just what was needed to set us up for the night ahead. The awards ceremony started off with a wine and fruit punch reception and then went on to a three course meal which we had, at our reserved CIT table right up the front. After the meal the awards ceremony started, like something from the Oscars with judges calling out each nominee and the other announcing the winner. Unfortunately CIT did not come away with any award this year but this didn’t stop us from having a fantastic night. We may only have had a small number representing CIT up with us but we definitely made our presence known that night. Once the awards were over it was party time. We danced the night away as if we had won every award and eventually departed on the late shuttle bus back to our college hotel. We ensured that everyone on the bus had a great time back as we led each and every song on the bus from, the Irish Rover to, Stop the bus I want to wee wee. We spent two days in Athlone which was very memorable for all and each and every person that gave their very best to ensure that CIT was well represented. We came away from Athlone awarded with many new friendships and a commitment to represent CIT in Belfast next year and come away with as many awards as possible. I wish to thank Chris and Martin my fellow committee members for their support through the year and a special thanks to everyone in the society’s office who worked tirelessly to get us prepared for the awards. Author: JJ Sheridan

BICS Awards 2013 The trip to Athlone for the Bics National Societies Awards was fantastic. I had a lovely time. We were booked into one of the best hotels and their food was mouth watering. We didn't have to pay for anything as everything was provided for us. My advice to anyone who gets nominated,is to make use of the opportunity and be part of the experience. Going for the Bics Awards isn't just about missing classes. It's more about meeting students from different colleges and learning from them what you don't know. Nana Oki, Best Fresher

” 21


Strong Performance from CIT at Powerlifting Nationals


n the 23rd of March the CIT Powerlifting club travelled to Ardee Louth to contest the IDFPA National Powerlifting Championships. A team of 22 CIT lifters had a long day ahead competing over all three lifts, the squat, bench press and deadlift for the highest total possible. The ladies put in another very strong performance with Egle Zujute and Diane Galvin both achieving the qualifying standard for the Irish national team.The men did very well too with David Gagnon, Barry Pigott and Luke Blennerhassett each winning their divisions. In the process Luke set two national records and narrowly missed a World Record Squat attempt of 212.5kg. The CIT Powerlifting club train every Monday and Wednesday including during the summer months at 6pm in the Tyco Gym. Beginners are always very welcome and the club is a great place to start off lifting. Contact for more details. You can find more information on Powerlifting in Ireland by visiting

Soccer Season drawing to an end!


fter a very busy and positive season on and off the pitch the season is drawing to a close with our two club teams playing their final few games in their leagues. The senior and junior teams are also into the quarter finals of their cups. Our senior team have stamped their place on the Munster Senior League first division this year after gaining promotion last season, and are still in the running to gain back to back promotion. This will be an outstanding achievement and long deserved for all involved in the club. The junior team have grown from strength to strength this year and if only luck had fallen their way, they too could be battling for promotion. Off the pitch the club has grown especially with the addition of a fresher’s team. The fresher’s were unfortunate to lose out to Tallaght IT in the quarter final of the Robert Eustace Cup. This was a brilliant achievement for the first year and it is a credit to all the players that represented the club. CIT Soccer club have also started up a shop this year where anyone can buy all our adidas gear, as well as enter some great competitions! Like the page and see for yourself… Support our club by following us on Twitter @CITSoccerClub and like us on Facebook Follow us on twitter for the chance to WIN an Irish home jersey! We ask for one last push on and off the pitch from all players and supporters as the season closes in! Also a big thank you to our sponsors, The Students’ Union, who have supported us throughout the year.

Munster Rugby

In their RaboDirect game against Leinster on April 13th in Thomond Park, Munster put on a worthy battle. In the first half alone, two tries were put on the scoreboard by Ian Keatley and Felix Jones. However, Ian Madigan kicked over four out of four penalties to see the visitors edge 12-10 into the lead. Two penalties kicked by Keatley threw Munster back into the lead and they led going into the second half 16-15. The second half was more on Leinster’s side as Munster failed to score anymore, and after 26 phases of play, Brian O’Driscoll touched down for the visitors, leaving the final score 22-16 in favour of the visitors. On 19th April, Munster met Newport Gwent Dragons in Rodney Parade. As the game headed for half-time, Munster’s hopes seemed dashed as they trailed 19-5 and went further behind after a 48th minute penalty from the home-side. However the visitors were not giving up. Tries from Ronan O’Mahony and CJ Stander raised supporters’ hopes and they were right to dream as John Murphy’s try, converted by Ian Keatley, edged Munster 24-22 in front. The home side edged just a bit stronger in the end and won out 30-24. Best of luck to Munster who will have played in the Heineken Cup Semi-Final against ASM Clermont Auvergne at Stade de la Mosson in Montpellier by the time this article goes to print. By Niamh Hayes


Upcoming Fixtures

Fri 3 May 20:45 – RaboDirect Pro12 – Zebre V Munster Rugby – Stadio XXV Aprile

Fri 10 May 19:45 - RaboDirect Pro12 – Play-Off

Sat 11 May 19:35 - RaboDirect Pro12 – Play-Off Sat 25 May 16:45 – RaboDirect PRO12 - Final

2012-2013 RaboDirect PRO12 League Table

Pos Team Ulster Rugby 1 Leinster Rugby 2 Glasgow Warriors 3 4 Scarlets 5 Ospreys Munster Rugby 6 Benetton Treviso 7 Cardiff Blues 8 Connacht Rugby 9 10 Edinburgh Rugby 11 Newp Gw. Dragons 12 Zebre

Played Won Drew 21 16 1 21 16 0 21 15 0 21 15 0 21 14 1 21 10 1 20 9 1 21 8 0 10 8 0 21 6 0 21 6 0 21 0 0

Lost Points 4 76 5 73 6 72 6 66 6 62 10 50 10 43 13 38 12 36 15 32 15 27 21 9

Sporting Review 2012/2013


In the 2012/2013 academic year, the Institute had a number of outstanding achievements including:

Athletics: The Men’s Cross country team finished in 1st place at the Munster Colleges and went on to record their best ever finish in the IUAA Cross Country finishing in 5th place. Both the ladies & mens teams finished in 2nd place at the Munster Road Relays. Basketball: Men’s Freshers team reached

the semi-final of the Varsity’s losing out narrowly to UCC in extra time.

Boxing: Michael O’Donoghue was crowned 86kgs Intervarsities champion. Camogie: Division 2 League Finalists. Roadcycling: Paidi O Brien brought home

Gold & Silver from the Road Cycling Intervarsities winning the Road race and finishing in 2nd place in the time trial.

Darts: Winners of the Jerry Quinn Memorial Trophy for the first time in the history of CIT. Semi-finalists in the Cork City District league and K-Cab Team Fours Cup.

Equestrian: 2 teams competed in both the National Tetrathlon and the show-jumping at the Intervarsities. Team also entered the Prix Caprilli at the Intervarsities. Viivi Huuskonen positioned 5th in women’s overall shooting at the Tetrathlon. Club member was also selected for SRNC trials for the Irish squad. Football-Ladies: Reached the semi-final of both the league and the Lynch Cup.

Football-Mens: The Junior team won the

Munster title, the intermediate team reached the semi-finals of the championship and the senior team reached the quarter finals of the Sigerson Cup.

Golf: The golf team reached the semi-final of the shield competition. At the Intervarsities Ross O Sullivan finished 4th individually. Hockey: The ladies created history beating

Pool: 2 players made it to the final rounds at the Intervarsities with 9 making it through to the last 64. 2 players selected for Trials for the Irish Student International team, with Kevin O Riordan being selected.

Powerlifting: Hosted the IDFPA Single Lift Nationals in CIT in January with 30 CIT students competing and over 8 students breaking National Records. Had two students compete for Ireland at the World Single Lifts Championships in France 2012 returning with two silver medals. Had 5 separate CIT Teams in the IDFPA Team Championships, 28 lifters in the IDFPA Push Pull Championships, 22 lifters to the National Powerlifting Championships-a number of lifters achieved qualification standards for international competition and won their respective categories. Two students, Diane Galvin ladies -63kg Junior and Peter Lucey -82.5kg Senior already confirmed to represent Ireland in the 2013 World Single Lift Championships in Antwerp Belgium. Racquetball:

Doubles titles.

Holders of 3 Men’s Open

Rock-climbing: CIT finished 7th position in the Irish Bouldering Intervarsities.

Rowing: CIT dominated at the Irish Indoor Rowing Championships achieving a 1st & 2nd place in the Men’s 2000m Relay, 3rd Women’s Open 500m Sprint and 3rd in the Women’s 2000m relay. Rugby-Ladies:

League Finalists.

All-Ireland Division 2

Sailing: Hosted the Westerns event, ranked 3rd out of 20 teams in the Intervarsities.

Soccer-Ladies: Finished 3rd in the league & Soccer-Mens: Regional Futsal Winners.

Table Tennis: Joint 3rd in the team event and joint 3rd in the singles at the Intervarsities.

Trinity 5-1 in the Plate final of the intervarsitys. The Men’s team finished runners up in the plate.

Tae Kwon Do:

Karting: The “A” team finished 2nd in the

Tennis: Won the Mens Bowl at the Intervarsities for the second year running defeating UCC.

Kayak: CIT’s Roseanne Phelan finished 2nd

CIT 5k Fun Run & Walk 2013

Hurling: Senior team reached the quarter final of the Fitzgibbon.

CUSAI Intervarsity championships one step up from last year! overall in the long distance general purpose event and Johann Olivier won the Colm Johnson Memorial Cup. Over all CIT was the 2nd best IT in the country at the Kayak Intervarsities.

Kickboxing: Hosted the Intervarsities & won 5 bronze medals and “Fighter of the Tournament”.

Successfully hosted the Intervarsities – winning four Gold, two Silver and one Bronze.

Overall Winner: Con Burns (Social & General Lecturer) First Male Student: Alan Hennessy (Architecture 3) First Female Student: Máire Bracket (Recreation and Leisure 1)

Orienteering: Won 5 medals at the Intervarsities.


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The end of year, semester exams are coming round very quickly and I am beginning to panic. I have been seeing my boyfriend for nearly five months now and it’s going great. But my study is very important to me and his course is all practical based and his exams are based on that so he doesn’t have to do that much study. He is always on to me about hanging out or going out clubbing or to go to the cinema but I can’t. It gets really annoying and I just give in and go out. But now I am worried that I am going to fail my exams! What can I do to get my boyfriend to understand that I need to study and to stop at me about going out?

Life is all about trying to find a balance, and this situation is exactly the same. You need to find a balance that is going to make both of you happy. You need to chat with your boyfriend, tell him everything that is going on. Maybe it’s just a case of miscommunication. Explain to him that your course is very theory based and that these exams are extremely important. If he is any sort of good boyfriend, he will understand this. However, you do need to make time for him too. Set aside one or two evenings during the week where you can hang out. After all, it is essential that you take breaks from your study, so spending time with him might be just what you need. Do remember though, that boyfriends don’t always last forever and I’m not saying it won’t last but it is important to keep in mind that if he goes, you will be left with your study/career which is going to be based on your exams. What you need to do is tell him NO! Tell him that you need to study as your exams are important to you. If he goes says that studying isn’t important just tell him that your course isn’t practical based so you need to go over your course work and study it. If he gets stroppy about it tell him that’s the way it is and if he doesn’t accept that then its time you tell him where the door is. If he doesn’t respect what is important to you then he doesn’t really care about you and is more interested in going out, then let him off.


I’m stressing out! Summer exams are only a couple of weeks away and although I’ve been going to the library the odd time, I feel like I have learnt nothing and I am going to have to start at the beginning and learn everything from scratch again. Any help or advice would really help.

Calm! I bet it’s not as bad as it seems. The fact that you have been going to the library all along means that you’re already a step ahead of everyone else, even if you feel like you’ve done nothing. Before you panic anymore, sit down and list out all of the exams you have. Underneath each module, write down the sections that have to be covered and mark which ones you have already done a bit of studying for. Then start with the ones which you haven’t covered already. If you have been attending classes and taking notes, you will be surprised at how much you actually know. Make sure you look after yourself while studying too. Take regular breaks, get some fresh air and try to have a positive outlook. Although take this as a lesson for next year! What you are going to have to do is go to the library a lot more, not the odd time. If you are serious about getting good results you will need to hit the library as much as you can. I have experienced the feelings of doubt you are having. I was in the exact same place you were, feeling like I don’t know anything about the modules I was taking, but you will be surprised at how much you actually know. When you start reading over your notes you will start to remember bits and pieces. It will all come back to you. You need to stop freaking out or panicking, which will get you nowhere. You need to take a deep breath and head to the library as much as you can. Good luck!!

CIT Men’s Soccer Club have been crowned CUFL All-Ireland Futsal Champions in Gormanstown Each team played the other once and then the top two played off in the final. CIT were unbeaten in the group stages, finishing top while NUI Maynooth finished second. The final saw CIT produce one of the best displays of Futsal ever seen in Colleges and Universities Futsal in Ireland. Within five minutes CIT lead 3-0, bursaries students, Mark Reardon and Eoin McGreevy, were at the heart of every great CIT move. Other strong performers for CIT were Wesley Tong and Barry O’ Sullivan whose past experience in the European Futsal Championships in Finland in 2010 was clear throughout. Maynooth controlled most of the possession while CIT played classic Futsal counter attacking football and amazingly won the final 8-1 with an incredible performance. Mark Reardon, 4th year Accounting student, picked up the player of the tournament, his strength, power, technique, dribbling ability and finishing was applauded by all and rightly so picked up the award. CIT will now have the opportunity to travel to Malaga and play in this year’s Colleges/Universities European Futsal Championships. Squad: Barry Galvin Wesley Tong, Barry O’Sullivan, Eoin McGreevy, Mark Reardon Eoin Healy, Craig Robinson, Luke O’ Sullivan, Ryan Carroll, Alan Anderson. Coach: Colin Kearney – ex CIT student and member of the European Futsal Championship squad 2010.



CIT Sailing success


IT sailing had a successful year throughout the country this year achieving excellent levels of success on and off the water. Training began in September with an open day being held to kick start the year. The first event was the IUSA (Irish University Sailing Association) Easterns in Wexford at which the club found their roots for an exciting new year ahead. New relationships formed which was to be the start to a great year touring the country representing the college. The second event was the IUSA Westerns, which was held on Valentia Island in November. This was again an awesome event amongst stunning landscape which was run by UCC. Great results were attained with the first team gaining a 3rd place position in the gold fleet with the second team climbing up the ranks in the silver fleet which was to prove successful later on in the year. The IUSA Southerns was CIT’s turn to step up the challenge of holding an enjoyable and fun filled event. It took many weeks of organising and preparation to ensure that this event would run as smoothly as possible. Kenmare was the location of choice by the club. Overall it was a very successful event both on and off the water for the fleet of over 200 students. The last event was to be the biggest, best and most extravagant “THE VARSITYS” the event that everyone looked forward to for the many months. This year it was run by UL in Tralee Bay Sailing Club, which was an exceptional location. CIT 2 came up to third place in the silver fleet, which was to be their best result this year. The Intervarsity’s certainly lived up to its reputation as being the best event of the year with everyone leaving with a smile on their faces no matter what the result. The University Sailing Scene is an excellent way to get to see the country network with great people from other colleges and experience a different side to sailing. The club will be up and running at full speed again in September when the club will be recruiting new members for the upcoming academic year. We hope to see some new faces next year to inject a new burst of youth sailing skill into the club. CIT sailing would kindly like to thank Bank of Ireland for their sponsorship throughout the year. Any queries contact

Rio 2014 still within Ireland’s grasp


he Republic of Ireland are half way through their qualification campaign and still look in good shape to qualify for next year’s World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. Let’s take a look at their journey so far. It all began on the 7th September 2012. Despite being ranked 139th in the world, Ireland faced a daunting task in round one at Kazakhstan. There were serious questions over the jet lag of the older players. They denied these allegations but didn’t help their cause when the hosts took the lead 6 minutes before the break. Thankfully, this wasn’t the only goal scored on the night. When it looked like Ireland were about to start off the campaign with a loss, they got a penalty 2 minutes from time. As sure as day follows night, Robbie Keane converted it. 1-1 and 2 minutes left. A minute later and it was 2-1 to the Emerald Isle thanks to a superb first-time volley from Kevin Doyle. 1 game and 1 win for the Boys in Green. The Republic turned their attention 5 weeks later to the toughest team in the group, Germany. From the day the draw was made, everybody expected Germany to win all their 10 games. However, nobody knew how good they were until they came to Dublin. From the kick-off, it was all attack from the Germans. Ireland were unable to string 3 passes together without being intercepted. It was a Men vs. Boys affair. 6 goals without reply meant an embarrassing night for the Irish. A Paul Green injury time goal saved some of the embarrassment. A 6-1 thumping at home can never be justified, even if it is to the second best team on the planet. That was night for Ireland to be the laughing stock of the continent. As previously expected, 3 points from the opening 2 games. Four days later saw Ireland fly to the Faroe Islands. After the humiliating defeat the previous Friday, the game was a must-win. A dull first-half saw the game

By: Ciaran Cronin

goalless at the break. In contrast, the second half was a goal fest. Less than a minute in and Mark Wilson put Ireland ahead. The lead was doubled 7 minutes later through Stoke striker Jonathon Walters. Hanson pulled one back for the Faroe’s with 20 minutes remaining but an own goal followed by a Darren O’ Dea header meant Ireland coming away with a 4-1 win, and more importantly, 3 crucial points. A very respectable 2 wins from 3. As it was taken for granted on Germany topping the group, the fight was always going to be for second place. After the first 3 matches, second place was going to be a toss-up between Sweden, Austria and Republic of Ireland. March would see Ireland face both of these sides in the space of 4 days. Last Friday, Ireland headed to Stockholm with everyone expecting a Swedish win. After all, in their previous game, they hauled back a 4-0 lead for Germany in Berlin to earn a point. It became a question of damage limitation for visitors. Ibrahimovic was on fire for PSG, Sebastian Larsson was scoring goals for fun in the Premiership and David Forde from Millwall was our only option in goal. It seemed impossible to leave the Swedish capital with any sort of result. However, Ibrahimovic and Larsson, Ireland’s biggest threats, were non-existent in the 90 minutes meaning Ireland escaped with a point. A terrible 0-0 draw, but a vital point away from home. This left Ireland tied on 7 points with Austria, who were off the back of a 6-0 win over the Faroe’s, a loss to Germany and a win and an away draw against Kazakhstan. Last night saw them come to Dublin. All eyes turned to the Aviva Stadium knowing that a win would put Ireland into second place on 10 points, leapfrogging Sweden. As the snow hailed down, Austria, who had been on the back-foot up

until then, took an 11th minute lead through their prolific goal scorer Martin Harnik. The lead only lasted a quarter of an hour when Shane Long was brought down inside the Austrian box. With Captain Robbie Keane out through injury, Jonathon Walters took the honours and coolly converted the spot kick. It looked to be heading to half-time with a goal for each side until Ireland got an injury time corner. Glenn Whelan whipped in a great cross only to be met by the head of Walters. A second goal, and a third in the campaign, for the underrated striker. 2-1 at the break. Both teams emerged from their respective dressing rooms with a different game plan. It became apparent 3 minutes in that Ireland were going to defend for the remaining half, hoping to catch Austria on the break. All 3 points looked secured, thanks to relentless defending by the home side, until the last minute when the ball found David Alaba on the edge of the box. With two Irish defenders coming out to tackle him, the Bayern Munich midfielder let rip planting the ball in the top right corner of Forde’s net. What a crushing blow for Irish hearts. After the last game, Sweden, Rep. of Ireland and Austria all lay on 8 points with the Swedes having a game in hand. Germany, who have virtually one foot already in Brazil, are top of the table on 16 points. Despite the disappointment, there are many positives to take forward. Young blood, such as James McCarthy, Connor Sammon and Seamus Coleman, were introduced, Trappatoni for once decided to attack more, and Ireland remained unbeaten in the two encounters. We have taken everything that has been thrown at us and are still in a good position to qualify. If we can get some luck along the way combined with key players staying fit, there is no reason why we can’t be heading to Rio de Janeiro in June 2014.


Crossword Easy Crossword #15 sponsored by

















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Name: Class: 11. Mob: Early morning ening devices Email: moisture end credit 19. Chest or hazel ender


ntity of gum

eps wheels ueaking

ares clams, in a



21. Spot for Tom and Jane


36. Take for granted 37. Container

Prize: €30. Deliver completed entries to the SU shop. Winner from our last issue is: David Ondrej, Msc Soft Dev

Brain Teaser ... What am I?

40. Uncles' mates

I can be quick and then I’m deadly,

41. Denial I’m a rock, shell and bone medley.

23. Big name in golf

43. Ran

24. Indivisible

44. All square Answer: 45. Not responding 46. TakeName: a 12 across

25. Alfred E. Newman's magazine

Down 1. “__ She Lovely?” (Stevie Wonder hit) 2. Bambi, e.g. 3. “__ does it” 4. Rooms under roofs 5. Sprouts 6. Quantity of gum 7. It keeps wheels from squeaking 8. Prepares clams, in a way 9. Umpires 10. Votes for 11. Early morning moisture 19. Chest or hazel ender 21. Spot for Tom and Jane 23. Big name in golf 24. Indivisible 25. Alfred E. Newman’s mag 26. “__Got a Feeling” (Beatles tune) 27. Lower 29. “___ we there nyet?” 30. Little League coach, often 32. Gallery display 35. Allow 36. Take for granted 37. Container 38. Fur-bearer 40. Uncles’ mates 41. Denial 43. Ran 44. All square 45. Not responding 46. Take a 12 across 48. Kind of 19 down 49. Row boat necessity

38. Fur-bearer

If I was made into a man, I’d make people dream, I gather in my millions by ocean, sea and stream.


26. "__ Got a Feeling" 48. Kind of 19 down Class: Email: (Beatles tune) 49. Row boat 27. Lower necessity 29. "___ we there Branches at: yet?" Wilton Road and Wilton Shopping Centre

Prize: €50 cash

30. Little League coach, often

es for



ms under roofs




does it"




bi, e.g.

29 33


She Lovely?" Wonder hit)











Across 1. Brainwave 5. Low pair in poker 9. “Cool!” 12. Window or aisle 13. Hold on 14. Part of a storm or a needle 15. Robin’s place 16. Not at work 17. Not many 18. Giving it a go 20. “Planet of the __” 22. Shopper 25. Between 28. As a substitute 31. “___ Maria” 32. “Act your ___!” 33. Baseball stat 34. Announce 37. Stationed 39. Hold back 41. Docs for dachshunds 42. Married 46. Coral or Red 47. “Once ___ a time...” 50. Budge 51. Part of TGIF 52. Vegetarian’s no-no 53. Field of study 54. Little piggy 55. Listening devices 56. Extend credit

32. Gallery display Presentation from Rag Week fundraiser for Marymount Hospice Allow L-R: Aine 35. Murphy, Noel Delaney (Marymount), Shane Falvey, Emma Walsh, Úna Ní Mhurchú Deliver all entries to: Students’ Union Shop, 1st Floor, Student Centre. Winner from last issue is: Margarita Buyukli

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