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Cosmetic surgery side effects In today’s society, looks are important and looking your best is being rated as a vital differentiator for success. Whether one agrees or not, that is the case and not many can argue about this unhealthy truth. Needless to say, this is pushing the need to take the short cut by going under the knife and getting a beautiful body. This includes procedures like liposuction, breast enhancement etc. What is being neglected is the possible side effects of cosmetic surgery. More an dmore people are finding that the results are not as per expectation while also experiencing other side effects such as re-growth of fat tissues, infections, post operation complication, etc. The need to understand the side effects and what to do about it is extremely necessary. That said, lets understand some of the known side effects: 1. Bruising – the area remains sore weeks after surgery and in some cases there is slight pain 2. Swelling – this is common for all surgeries and will recede after some time. Always clarify with the surgeon how long the swelling will remain so you can monitor the progress. 3. Numbness – this is also common and will be experienced for a few weeks after the surgery. This actually depends on the extent of the surgery and the surface area involved.

4. Discomfort – Sedation and the surgery by itself would cause discomfort. However, there are chances that this may be due to infection as well. 5. Irregularities of the skin: Soreness and dry skin are common occurrences. If there is pigmentation or puss under the skin, consult the surgeon immediately 6. Blood clots: Usually seen in breast augmentation cases 7. Infection: Usually seen during the recovery process 8. Allergic reaction to the medication or anaesthesia: More cases around reactions to anesthesia are emerging in the recent past 9. Scarring: part of skin irregularities Other known side effects are excessive fluid loss, accumulation of fluid, nerve damage and damage to a vital organ. Watch out for these side effects in general and monitor progress during the recovery phase. Choosing a competent, qualified liposuction surgeon should be your first step when considering this type of procedure. For more information: ects-and-avoiding-a-possible-nightmare/

Cosmetic Surgery Side Effects  

Cosmetic surgery side effects s society, looks are important and looking your best is being rated as a vital differentiator for succes...

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