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$6 each

Tapas are Spanish snacks , canapes or fringe food that are eaten whilst people socialise, drink and generally commune with one another. Tapas are generally very flavoursome and healthy having been marinated or compiled from fresh herbs, vegetables & fruits . Alexis, our chef, is happy to improvise tapas dishes according to your requests!


Marinated beef or lamb served with a selection of sauces – verde, mojo rojo etc

Prawns in Carva:

White wine , cream sauce served with marinated skewered prawns


A selection of seafood served in a spicy tomato sauce


Spanish bruscettas, canapes at the selection of the chef

Chorizo al cidra

Chorizo sausage with chick peas, red onions, stock, herbs, apple soda etc

Chilli con Carne

Spicey beef in tomato salsa with corn served on rice

Frittata Spanish frittata served with a spicy red capsicum & vinegar sauce

Moroccan chicken Marinated grilled chicken served with a spicy tomato sauce

Gnocchi Gnocchi served with Mediterranean vegetables in a tomato sugo

Tasting Plate for Two $30.00

This tasting platter is for 2 people and comprises a selection of any four of the above tapas accompanied by bread and garnishes.

MAINS Chorizo al Cidra (spicy)


Traditional Spanish Chorizo served ‘Al Cidra” – with apple. Combination of chick peas, red onions, garlic, stock, herbs, apple soda, served on crispy potato and toasted garlic bread.

South American Chilli con Carne


Spicey tomato salsa with corn served on a selection of rice or sweet potato.

Paella $19.50 Rice dish served with selection of seafood, chicken, chorizo, cooked in flavoured stock and saffron. Paella is a meal the whole family can share and enjoy.

Sarsuela $12.50 Traditional Spanish seafood soup with prawns, mussels in a napoli based sauce, served with garlic bread.

Alexis’s Curry $20.00 Our Chef’s surprise; his curries are based on South American Indian recipes handed down by families. (N.B. no cream in these curries!)

Mediterranean Gnocchi - vegetarian


Italian tomato sugo with a combination of Mediterranean vegetables – baby spinach, zucchini, eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, topped with parmesan cheese.

Mediterranean Gnocchi - meatballs


Same as above but with homemade prime beef meatballs

Cajun Lamb $20.00 Marinated grilled lamb served on couscous with a tomato spicy salsa brava.

Coq au Vin $19.50 French style chicken pieces cooked in red wine sauce with mushrooms, herbs etc served on a bed of baked potato or mash.

Pollo Relleno $22.00 Chicken breast stuffed with olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, served on a colcannon mash and jus.

Frittata - vegetarian $13.00 Spanish frittata served with aioli and tasty mojo rojo red capsicum vinegar sauce complimented by a Mediterranean salad.

Vegetarian Gratin Stack $14.50 Layered eggplant & potato with pumpkin, silverbeet ,caramelized onion, roasted capsicum with relish.

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The Comma Menu  

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