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Project Ref: LED Type: Total Wattage:

LED Strip Fit Wiring Diagram

RGB 20 metre run 60 LED RGB 24V 288W


CAT5 Ethernet Cable

Supplied with its own plug-in power supply


Power Supply 5 MTR








Components Required 4x 5Mtrs of 60LED RGB strip 1x 360W PSU (hard wired) 240>24V 1x OP-II controller 1x SDV-480 Smart drive 3x Amplifiers 3x DC male leads for amplifiers 1x Connecting cable SDV-480>Strip 1x 5Mtr CAT5 Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector on one end.

Installation Notes Arrows on connectors must be facing each other. Amps are powered directly from power supply. Strips are powered by amps. Red = +V Black = -V or COM Hard wired PSU should be put inside an enclosure as it has open terminals

OP-II 1. Power >> supplied via its own plug-in power supply. Plugs into mains. 2. Output >> DMX OUT1 (for first or only LED strip line) RJ45 connector required. 3. If adding additional LED strip runs use DMX OUT2 or OUT3 etc and repeat process from page. 6 DMX outputs in total. Each run can be controlled individually or altogether using the OP-II.

CAT5 Wired to 568B Pair #

Wire Pin # White/Blue 5 1-White/Blue Blue/White 4 White/Orange 1 2-Wht./Orange Orange White 2 White/Green 3 3-White/Green Green/White 6 White/Brown 7 4-White/Brown Brown/White 8 < 568-B Diagram

Smart Drive SDV-480

RGB Strip Connections Black to Group 1+ Red to Group 1Green to Group 2Blue to Group 3-

DMX In from OP-II

Pin 6 to DMX+ green core Pin 7 to DMX- brown/white core Pin 8 to GND brown core

Notes Max 10 amp total or 5 amp per channel. Amplifiers are carrying the main current in this project. Smart Drive can be programmed and set To DMX.

LED Strip OP-II Example  

LED Strip OP-II Example with Smart Drive

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