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Source:Wikipedia A book coach (sometimes called a writing coach) refers to a professional who teaches others how to compose books.

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Published by Martin R Bellinger Contact Martin at Skype: martin.bellinger

Welcome to the first issue of this online magazine For wanbie, established and best seller authors, our aim is to show you how easy it is become a author fast but most of all how to make a living and take your status to a higher level in your niche as thought leader or guru . Hi my name is Martin R Bellinger and l am a book mentor & coach for CTC (Coaches, Trainers & Consultants) online and off line community and l have shown , trained numerous persons to become authors. Ok, l am going be up front with you all..l am a Dyslexic with bad English grammar and bottom of the said classes at school but in this day and age there are tools to help but does not always cover the “gaps”. So forgive me if the text/grammar Is not just right here but its “all about the message and content” here..most of all

helping YOU! What are some of the many areas are we going helping You with on this path?  ABC of quick book creation  Niche selection gems  Easy book planning in 45 minutes  Book covers that sell  Leverage of the multi-aspects of your book  The hidden tricks of Book SEO  Build “Your Tribe” following  Author Branding to the next level  Much More Over The Coming Issues

 “Your Book Is Beacon Of Your Message To Prospects”

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Definition:Whats A Book Coach? A book coach (sometimes called a writing coach) refers to a professional who teaches others how to compose books. The phrase derives from contemporary models of applying the term "coach" to personal teaching professions. Examples include life coaches, fitness coaches, motivational coaches, and business coaches.[1] Profession Overview Book coaches teach aspiring authors in the fundamentals of creating a book. The information includes anything from picking a book topic, book structuring and formatting, grammar, style, book titles and heading planning, to book covers, editing, and audience targeting.[2] Book coaches usually specialize in specific genres such as fiction like sci-fi, and fantasy, romance or non-fiction like how-to, self-help, and biography books. They may focus on particular types of books such as print books, ebooks, or mobile format books. Book coaches might also assist with book publishing and marketing methods.[3]

Book coaches can be sought after during any period of a book's production, but most often before a person begins writing their book. Most book coaches are authors and hold secondary bachelors and/or masters degrees in creative writing, literature, and related disciplines. They fall in line with other types of self-enrichment education teachers as defined by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics [4] History Book coaching came about for the same reasons as most professions - to meet a need. As the realm of book writing began to change with the Internet, allowing the ability for authors to publish electronically and cheaper, a surge of beginner writers began to enter the authoring world. The lesser experienced authors, coming from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, needed flexible teachers who could tailor instruction to individuals. A break from the traditional avenue of colleges and formal classes, book coaching serves the demands of a medium now in increasingly evolutionary state. Coaching consists of people facing an ever challenging first world economy that no longer hosts careers for life. In modern society where pluralism of ideas and cultures flourishes, coaching allows for people to re-establish the age-old connection of teacher and learner and the passing down of skills. Source: Wikipedia

Most book coaches are self-employed and work with their clients one-on-one. However, many also teach group classes, seminars, webinars, and teleseminars. Book coaches may meet with clients in person, but many communicate over the phone and on the Internet, allowing them to reach populations across the globe. Page 2 / ExpertAuthor-BluePrint / Issue 1


5 Core Elements Of Authorship

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Credibility :A published book enhances your reputation and sets you apart from the competition. A published book is proof you are an expert in your field.

Visibility: Each book, and each mention of your book, promotes you and the services you offer. Your photograph on the cover of your book introduces you to tens of thousands

Branding: A book creates a brand for you that’s larger and more memorable than your business. Your book becomes your business card and your resume, setting you apart from your competition Serendipity: Once you commit to a book, your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine. You will discover ideas and information you didn’t know were inside of you.

New Opportunities: Writing a book not only attracts prospects and profits to your current business, it opens the door to creating a follow-up line of profitable information products, like audios, reports, and DVDs you can sell directly to your readers.

Writer: MartinRBellinger Creator & Founder Of ExpertAuthor-BluePrint, Magazine Publisher, 1-2-1 Book Mentor & Coach. Follow me on:-

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By Annie Watsham, journalist, editor & publisher of The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book I am a writer. It’s what makes me tick, I love it. I am also an entrepreneur, constantly learning, looking for opportunities and taking those that speak to my gut feeling. And the more I take, the more the right ones come along…it’s a strange thing, serendipity, synchronicity…whatever you call it, it works. So to marketing. An area of which I thought I knew little. How much one subconsciously knows is astounding. In early 2012 I published my first book The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book written by ex-Gurkha chef Pemba Lama, and I had to learn pretty quickly. Grierson Publications is not a huge company; however it’s a very professional one. Much as I believe in paying others to do the things that they’re great at and I’m not I had to start the marketing machine rolling myself. So what did I do? I talked to people and eventually I got to the people who could help Social media FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, they’re all essential these days to get the word out. By using these I caught the interest of a Nepalese chef in Sydney, Australia…he is passionate about his country’s food and hey presto! The book’s huge in Australia! I spoke to the Gurkha Museum and Gurkha Welfare Trust – they loved it and I sell through the Museum in Winchester with a donation from every book sold to the GWT. Job done! Talk to bloggers. They love a new, different book – they have been very kind to me and I to them. This can lead to all sorts of different avenues, one of which I was exploring with a great blogger this morning (more on that in another article!) They will review, blog and help you and on the whole they’re a really lovely bunch of people

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Annie Watsham –Use Marketing


Amazon – huge and a little bit frightening, but it gets your product out there and inflicts a discipline of proper management which makes you keep to schedule A bespoke, professional website is essential – I have sold so many books (hard copy and e-books) through – it has links to the YouTube videos of Pemba cooking and to all the reviews. Get your SEO right and people will find you. Pemba got to cook with Madhur Jaffrey at his home because he was found by the TV Company on the website. He also got to cook for the Dalai Lama from the Cook Book and His Holiness signed the book! Also we’ve had lots of radio interviews by contact through the website Networking works – make your beautiful, professional business card work for you – make sure they stand out from the crowd – for all the right reasons! Local bookshops/farm shops, offer them a small amount for their bother – most of them love local authors particularly if the product is relevant in some way to their shop. Also the mainstream bookshops may love your product, you’ll have to offer big discounts but you get presence Do something different to attract attention! I’m doing TrailWalker with my team this year for the GWT – 100km over the South Downs in one hit! With the team name The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book Chicks – what better advertising is there?? If you can afford it enlist the help of a good PR company, they have all the contacts you may not have! And finally, but most important of all – KNOW YOUR MARKET. There’s no point trying to sell to under 25s if the product is aimed at over 45s. Know your geographic area, UK and abroad, where will it sell? Do your research, it’s worth it and the results may well surprise you! Annie Watsham’s biography Annie is an experienced journalist, editor and publisher who has written for and edited many, many magazines and books during her career. In January 2012 she published The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book (Grierson Publications) which has gone from strength to strength and she works very closely with the Gurkha Welfare Trust to whom a donation goes for each book sold. Her connection with the Gurkhas came in 2008 when she suggested that Joanna Lumley get involved with the Gurkha Justice Campaign, and she helps and campaigns for the Gurkhas still

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What Everybody Should Know ..About How To Write Attention Grabbing Titles By Alun Richards Ever browsed in a newsagents and had your attention grabbed by a headline? Of course you have – and that means the author of the article has done his job right. The headline is there to hook you in, to pique your interest. If you’ve ever examined the headlines on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, you’ll know what I mean. Those few words on the cover convey the promise of, and perhaps the benefits of the article inside. Cosmopolitan cover headlines are so well crafted they verge on art. Their cover headlines appeal specifically to their readers’ interests. Cosmo headlines can be sensational, of course. But that’s all part of getting attention in a busy world. A good headline is vital, as it governs whether or not you will read the associated article. The saying that you “don’t judge a book by its cover” is so false it’s risible. Everyone judges books by their covers, all the time. The thing to do is to work with that knowledge, not against it.

The advertising acronym AIDA encapsulates the sales process into four steps. Before you get the Action of a sale you must get sufficient Desire to buy. This decision must be preceded by enough Interest on behalf of the reader. And you can’t get anyone’s interest until you get their Attention. With our Cosmo reader, she will buy the magazine if the headline grabs her attention, then there is sufficient interest to build enough desire to drive the motivation to buy. With an article you’re writing, people will read your article if they have had their attention drawn sufficiently by the title of your article.

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What Everybody Should Know ..About How To Write Attention Grabbing Titles Without an attention-grabbing headline – or in the case of an article, a title – your article will be ignored. Here are a few guidelines to get you started. Your title must relate to your article and reading your title should give your reader a good idea of what the article delivers. In other words it should outline the benefits of your article. And ideally it should qualify your audience.

Article titles should be short enough to take in at a glance. So they should do all of that in as few words as possible. Don't be tempted to be clever or work in puns unless it's still clear what the article is about. Clever titles are often over-used and can confuse your reader. To get the hang of how titles can work, buy a copy of Cosmopolitan and compare the cover titles with the articles inside. And for more practical help, join me on a webinar on 12th February when Jeff Herring, The Internet Article Guy, will explain how to craft an article title that will grab the attention of your audience. Just claim your free place here: Is This a Good Title? How to Create Profitable Titles in 20 Minutes or Less How you title your content determines whether or not it will be read. And you do want prospects to read your content, right? Here's what you will discover in the brand new live webinar event: * The 3 Biggest Profit Killing Title Mistakes * The Mind-set Behind Title Magic * My Winning Title..

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Believe! The Gift of Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs By Sue Maggott

This Kindle book, a collation of powerful stories written by successful female entrepreneurs, was inspired by a poem written by the leadMe author, called “Believe”. Promise You’ll Write A Having taken early retirement from Book... a career in the Civil Service, Sue Standing on stage in front of 200 encountered the creative energy of the world the female people is a of pretty good way to entrepreneur, and was motivated gauge whether the content by the vision, enthusiasm and you’re sharing with yourSue also support she came across. admiredis the way in which many of audience relevant, inspiring women had overcome andthese ultimately up-lifting. challenges and difficulties that When theymembers encounteredof onthat their audience road to seek you out afterwards and success. Thehow book combines the creativity share what you’ve just said poetry with a series of moving hasofimpacted them and helped stories relaying how these them, it’s time to sit up and take successful businesswomen discovered a secure sense innercan notice, and wonder howofyou belief.out Readto about howpeople. they bestselfreach more overcame such issues as burn-out, self-doubt, illness, a car accident and sexual abuse amongst other types of adversity, and succeeded in achieving their dreams!

Their successes include running successful coaching and consultancy businesses, retreat centres, nutrition and chiropractic services. Not only will you read about their heartfelt experiences, you will also find numerous exercises, hints and tips that they have used to spur them on in their business and personal lives. You can use these exercises to help you to build your own, unshakeable, self-belief and to follow your dreams. The poem which led to the germination of the book, “Believe!” is an amazing spiritual wake-up call. It also inspired other poets to contribute to the book. The artwork for the front cover was also produced by Wendy Cotton after hearing the poem read aloud. Through reading this book about the triumphs of others over the obstacles they faced, and their generosity of spirit in sharing their stories, creativity and tips for success, you will surely find the power to believe in your own talents and to achieve your entrepreneurial vision! Page 8 / ExpertAuthor-BluePrint / Issue Page # / Magazine / Issue # 1

Believe! The Gift of Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs An added bonus is that a proportion of all sales will be contributed to the amazing charitable giving organisation, B1G1. You can also read the story of how this wonderful organisation came into being in the Believe! book. Promise You’ll Write A “Once IMe started reading it I didn't want to put it down, it’s just what I Book... needed to help inspire me. I loved Standing on stage in front of 200 reading about people's real life people is aand pretty goodperson's way to journeys how every journey was so different. gauge whether the content

you’re sharing with your It was different to other self- help audience isread relevant, books I've becauseinspiring it felt real andlike ultimately I was living up-lifting. some other person's life and feeling what it When members of that audience was like to be on their journey with seek you out afterwards and them. I really loved the fact that share you’ve just said theyhow each what spoke about different to them use in order hastechniques impacted and to helped overcome different barriers in your them, it’s time to sit up and take life. It’s also very clever how you notice, andpoems wonder how used the to break up you each can beststory, reach tohaving morea people. eachout poem great

For more information go to

meaning and using inspiring words”. Helen Nath.

To order your copy click here 3654236

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The CopyWriting Fox


Gillian Fox Promise Me You’ll Write A Book... Standing on stage in front of 200 people is a pretty good way to gauge whether the content Promise Me You’ll Write you’re A sharing with your audience is Book... relevant, inspiring and ultimately Standing on stage in front of 200 up-lifting. people a pretty way to Whenismembers of good that audience seekwhether you out afterwards and share gauge the content how what you’ve just said has you’re sharing with your impacted them and helped them, audience inspiring it’s time is to relevant, sit up and take notice, wonder how you can best andand ultimately up-lifting. reach out to moreofpeople When members that. audience Writing my first book seek you out afterwards and “ Promise Me – A Personal share how what you’ve just said Journey” was the answer. hasI’dimpacted helped toyed with them the ideaand before, but them, it’s time to“asitgood up idea” and –take it had just stayed as so and manywonder would-be books do. can notice, how you However, as part of Daniel Wagner bestand reach out to more people. James Watsons’ Mastermind group, not taking action was no longer an option! So how did I do it? Information Gathering – as the book was a part of my personal story I had my memory store – so

just like Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film, I got my magic wand and teased out those half submerged memories and, instead of a using memory bowl to store them, I put them down on paper. Chapter Headings – by mapping out a structure for the book I formed a picture of what I wanted to include, and although I didn’t write in a linear fashion I always had the overall picture in mind. Picture References – photographs were a big part of the book and the more content I could tie into those photo’s the more my readers would identify with the people and places I described. Having deadlines and accountability – every Friday I sent another chapter to Daniel and James. Not for them to critique but to keep myself on target and be my word (in both the accountability and writing meaning!). Editing – I had a trusted (and honest) friend in the publishing world read through the draft and offer suggestions for improvement. Page # / Magazine / Issue # 1 Page 10 / ExpertAuthor-BluePrint / Issue

The CopyWriting Fox Once the final draft had been converted into a PDF it was a straight-forward and simple process to sign up to Create Space and follow their instructions for uploading the content and pictures. Although I chose to design a cover Promise Meexample, You’ll Write A using their in hindsight I’d now commission a designer to Book... advise me the most impactful Standing ononstage in front of 200 cover design and content. people is a pretty CreateSpace ship a good sampleway copy to to gauge whether the content you to approve before you press the final “publish” button you’re sharing with yourand order the finished item.... audience is relevant, inspiring The thrill of opening the box andcontaining ultimately up-lifting. the hard copies of a bookmembers you’ve written something When of isthat audience special seek you out afterwards and especially when you then get to share how what just itsaid stand on the sameyou’ve stage where hasallimpacted them andhold helped started a year before, your bookit’s up to yourto audience them, time sit up and andsaytake “I did it – I kept my promise”. notice, and wonder how you can My book was finished and bestpublished reach out totomore people. in time complete the circle which had begun when I’d been asked by Daniel and James to enter their “Better Your Best” competition. To be invited back to speak the following year was the icing on the cake, and really enhances the core message in my book

– “don’t give up, when life throws us challenges we all have an inner strength and innate wisdom to tap into and keep going”. So, whilst my reason for writing a book was to help others by sharing some of my story, as a result I found myself being interviewed by contacts in the internet marketing world – my visibility and “Expert” status increased and my business benefitted – it’s a win-win situation. So if you think you’ve got a book inside you, go and find the people who can help you get it out of your head and into print! To your success as a published author, Gillian Fox Aka CopyWritingFox

To order your copy click here 3654236 Page 11 / ExpertAuthor-BluePrint Page # / Magazine / Issue / Issue # 1

HuffintonPost: Featured Writer

Best Seller Jeff Rivera Stop marketing and start writing is my motto this year of 2013. I’ve noticed that there has been a tremendous emphasis on tweeting and Facebooking and other types of marketing and social media marketing and I think that’s great, if you have the most important thing of all, a great book. And not even a great book, a phenomenal book, a buzz-worthy, spread-worthy, share-worthy book that sparks word-of-mouth. Without it, you can tweet until your fingers bleed and it’s not going to do anything and certainly not going to sell anymore books or help you build your audience.

I’m telling you, you don’t even have to be a great writer. You just need to be a phenomenal storyteller. There are many huge authors who people say aren’t great writers and they don’t care because they’re writing for their audience. (More on that later) I’ve interviewed hundreds of authors and all of the huge ones, especially those that top the Forbes World’s Highest Paid Authors year-after-year all have one thing in common, they’ve all told me one of their secrets to their success is that they write for their audience, they don’t write for themselves. On a rare occasion, they are the same audience they’re writing for but not very often. As my favorites author, Nicholas Sparks says, “write what readers want to read, which isn’t necessarily what you want to write.” Page 12 / ExpertAuthor-BluePrint / Issue 1

Best Seller Jeff Rivera


James Patterson told me he thinks about ” the kind of audience with whom I’m talking to and what they might be interested in. ” CJ Lyons advised authors to, “Re-write your damn good book with your reader in mind. With every decision ask yourself: what would delight my readers?” They all aim to write a share-worthy book for their audience. How do you write a share-worthy book for their audience? If you are aiming to sell a lot of books too and not just books for the very small literary fiction-loving niche audience, keep these tips in mind when you’re writing or rewriting your books:

1) Know who your audience is. And I mean, as specific as possible. Don’t try to appeal to everyone, not yet. Not everyone likes “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, not everyone likes $100 Start Up or even War and Peace. Each of those books were written for a specific audience. When’s the last time you saw a 6-year-old little girl reading Anna Karenina from cover to cover?

2) Write for your audience. After you know who your audience is and you know their likes and dislikes and you know what they want and what they don’t want, write your book in a language they would appreciate. Shape your sentences, your mentality, everything you do so that your writing will appeal to them and them alone. When I’m writing kids books for 4-8 year-olds, I write them totally different than when I’m writing eBooks for the entrepreneurial audience (at least I hope I do).

3) Tell them what they want to hear in the way they want to do hear it. Simple but profound advice if you really let it sink into you. That’s some advice a really huge author whose sold over 500 million copies of his books told me. Since you know who your audience is and you’re writing for them, and you know what they want, you need to tell them what they want to hear. What do I mean by that? If you’re writing a vacation book about the beauty of Costa Rica, the people who are buying it want to hear about how lush, fun, gorgeous and friendly the country is. They don’t want to hear about the poverty or the diseases or the venomous snakes. If you want to tell them that, then write a different book. These people are paying good money for your book, give them what they want! People tend to buy what they want, not what they need.


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Social Media Essentials Curabitur ut arcu ante, vitae for Budding and Experienced Authors By Emer O’Leary

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing your books using social media. Here are some top tips to bear in mind when developing your online presence Remember social media is all about Don't spread yourself too thin. relationships. Once you’ve decided which social Don't view social media simply as a networks to join (think, where are my free advertising platform. The Remember social out media is all about relationships. target market hanging online?) secret to success on social media is then master one before Don't vieweach social mediamoving simply as to a remember free advertising platform. that it is all about on to the next. And no, you do not relationships. And one waythat to build The secret to success on social media is to remember it is have to be on every social network successful relationships is to give all about relationships. one way to build successful under the sun to be successful!And In fact, before you receive – get to know it can be damaging if you your relationships is to toyour givebrand before receive – get toadvice, knowgive your audience, give you hop on every social network tips,time give time to your audience by audience, give advice, give tips, give to your audience by without first having a strategy and a chatting and your gettingfans, into followers chatting and getting into conversation with plan for execution. Think quality over conversation with your fans, and readers. Meaningful interactions are and key.readers. Meaningful quantity. followers interactions are key.

Page # / Magazine / Issue # 1 Page 14 / ExpertAuthor-BluePrint / Issue

Social Media Essentials On that note, remember not to go into promotion overdrive on social media. If every second tweet is 'Get my book on Kindle now!' you will soon put people off. Strike the balance between being interesting and informative, getting into conversations and promoting your books. When promoting being indirect works best. For example, send people to a blog most which features a snippet from your book, with the option of buying the book mentioned at the end of the post. Use blogs to conduct market research. Your fans and followers want to know that they are important to you. Use blogs to conduct market research. Your fans and followers want to know that they are important to you. Using blogs to ask for feedback on a new project is a!

wonderful way to simultaneously engage followers, conduct market research and develop a new piece of writing in line with what your audience are looking for. Imagine how excited your followers will be once your book has launched if they have had a role in creating it! Social Media is an extension of your personal brand. It is your personal brand – the real you – that people buy into. Don't be shy about showcasing your personality on social media. People love to get an insight into the people they're following on Twitter or the people they are fans of on Facebook. This doesn't mean you have to reveal anything personal you'd rather keep quiet. When tweeting, posting on Facebook, blogging etc. simply allow the real you to shine, allowing your audience to get to know the person behind the books

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Social Media Essentials Get Support Perhaps you are brand new to social media and are feeling overwhelmed about the myriad of options, platforms and things to learn. Hire a coach who can guide you through the social media mix, bend the ear of a supportive (and online savvy!) friend or join a social media mastermind group. Either way getting support from others on your social media journey is a fast track to eliminating overwhelm.

Finally...don't let it distract you from the task at hand! As a rule of thumb, social media should take up less than half the time you spend writing. It's all too easy to get sucked into the 'immediate gratification' that social media can offer, not least the sheer volume of distractions it provides on a daily basis. However I'm sure as a writer, you will already know that discipline is key! Emer O’Leary Bio Emer is an experienced social media consultant and coach who specialises in taking small businesses from social media confusion to social media clarity. She loves working with global clients who value her 1:1 time, support and dedication – to which their social media success is testament. As an NLP practitioner, Emer particularly enjoys working with coaches, trainers , authors and consultants – helping to raise their profiles, grow their client lists, generate consistent leads and so much more. She was recently featured as one of Showcasing Women's ‘Top 13 female social media strategists you may not know, but should’. To Contact Emer

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ExpertAuthor Bespoke Books 1-2-1 28 Days bespoke publishing service You seen some great case stuides and awesome “how to..”.But still have doubts about DIY?

Lets Plan It

Create It

Martin R Bellinger does limited 1-2-1 consultancy for selected Clients, the programme is not right for all but those with a passion and message they want to deliver to wider audience. You will be working directly with MRB getting Your Book out of your head quickly in first month and the second month is where You get shown the “Magic Sauces & Tricks” of the best sellers and 1st page rankings on Google. Your Book is Created & Delivered In 3 Stages via 9 Sub Steps Our process starts with a initial paid 1-2-1 consultation At the end of this session, 1 of 3 things will Happen.. 1) Walk Away With a PERSONALISED Plan 2)We Implement The Plan TOGETHER (session= FREE) 3)If You're LESS Than Delighted, FULL refund

Book YOUR 1-2-1 Consultation Get Results! Page 18 / ExpertAuthor BluePrint / Issue 1

Future Articles & Tips How To’s…

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Online magazine for Author/Writer who are wannabies,established,best seller and celebrity authors. Showiing and learning to get their book s...

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