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Hi Guys! My name is Steve. Thanks for buying this WSO. Today I will show you how I am making $300/day without any investment. I am sure, you’ll definitely learn a lot from this report. So close your doors and switch off your mobile phones because you won’t like getting disturbed while reading this awesome success story.

One month ago, while surfing my hard drive, I found there was a lot of PLR stuff which I downloaded free of cost by signing up to various newsletters but never used it. I started surfing folders after folders to see if something useful is there. After spending an hour, I found that there is a product ‘List Building Bulletin’ which I downloaded about 1 year ago but never went through it. This was available free of cost while getting email marketing training from that marketer. I hardly remember where did I get this, but I had PLR, MRR, Distribution and editing rights on this entire package and there was a sales page too which was given by the author in case user is interested in selling it.

This product was lying on my hard drive from past 1 year but I never did anything with it. After examining it, I started exploring more products on my hard drive but no product was that attractive so I thought about doing something with ‘List Building Bulletin’.

Before doing anything with it, I did a little research on list building niche. I visited Google Keyword Tool to see the number of searches for this niche.

I searched for the keywords: -

List building


Mailing list


Opt-in list


bulk emails


email marketing etc.



After examining, I found that there are thousands of searches per month for these keywords so, I decided to sell that course.

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I read the whole course of ‘List Building Bulletin’ and was very disappointed from its quality. I don’t sell anything which is not quality oriented. Although I had PLR, MRR, Distribution & editing rights on it but I was not willing to edit the whole course, because it could take a lot of time. So, I thought compensating buyers with bonus products.

I registered a really cheap domain name for just $2 from and uploaded sales page on it. It took only 15 minutes to accomplish this work. I spent some more time and found 8 really good products which were related to list building. All of these products had private label rights too.

At this stage, I had 1 complete product + sales page + bonus products means a complete package to sell and I didn’t spend any money on these products. I edited sales page to make it attractive and uploaded it again on the site. Although, I couldn’t make it great but it was capable to convert visitors into customers.

Now I needed only one thing – the traffic! I used following 3 most effective methods of getting traffic.

1. Uploading Presentations: I created few very short presentations on list building and posted them on the few sites. Although, I always read rules before posting anything, but few of my presentations got deleted on some sites. Anyhow, there are few presentations which are still live. Creating so many presentations may be a cumbersome task but I didn’t create too many presentations. I made only one presentation and uploaded it on several websites with different titles, keywords and descriptions. For your ease I’ve put that presentation in the folder ‘promotional material’ in the zip file of WSO. You’ve all rights on it and you can edit it according to your needs.

I uploaded my presentation on the following sites: ( In case you don’t have PowerPoint, then you can create your presentations online. Click here to know how to create and upload presentations online.

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2. Articles Posting: This is the favorite method of many internet marketers for website traffic. This is a really powerful and interesting method of getting traffic. Few people spend too much time on writing articles but I didn’t do that. I wrote just 2 articles, spun them and uploaded them on few websites with different titles and descriptions. There are a lot of PLR articles available on the internet, in case you are not interested in writing your own articles.

Here is a great list of PLR articles on various niches which are available FREE of cost! You can upload them on various sites with link to your site or can just have an idea about how to write articles on your topics.

Again, for your convenience, I’ve put a sample article in the ‘promotional material’ folder. You can use it as a guide or just rewrite it. If you are not able to write articles then you can hire a really cheap article writer from Warrior Forum.

I uploaded my articles on the following sites: ( To create articles really fast you can find articles on your topic and rewrite them or just find PLR articles and spin them using a free article spinner like this.

3. Classified Ad Posting: This is the simplest, easiest and the most convenient way of advertising. There are a lot of websites where you can post your ad for FREE! Create a unique ad which stands out of the crowd. I posted some great titles and descriptions to attract visitors. To attract visitors to your website your ad should be very appealing.

A sample of classified ad is available in ‘promotional material’ folder in this WSO zip file.

I posted classified ad on the following websites (All are FREE): ( I found this really simple but nice article for writing impressive classified ads.

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After placing my link on several places in form of presentations, articles and classified ads, I started getting around 10-15 visitors a day. Honestly, I was making no money at all. In first 5 days, I got only one sale. That was really disappointing.

I wanted heavy traffic to my site to get sales but at the same time I was not interested in spending any money on advertisement or email marketing etc. So, I started thinking about new techniques of getting traffic. I tried many softwares and scripts but I always got disappointed because I was not getting the desirable results.

One day, the viral traffic idea came to my mind and I thought about finding FREE viral scripts. I tried few viral traffic scripts but either those were not working or were just trials and paid ones. So, I kept on searching until I found a really impressive viral script ‘Viral Friend Dominator’ (VFD) from This script is totally free and really easy to use and very effective.

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This script is totally awesome. You can use it, when you want someone to refer your product to X number of friends before he can actually download the product. Further, his friends would also have to do the same in order to download the product. This script was easy to download and install but the real challenge was to take advantage of this script in an intelligent manner.

You know, these kinds of scripts are useful when you want to offer something free of cost like a free report to earn commissions by putting referral links into the reports. People refer your product to others and your reports go viral and you earn commissions easily. But here I was SELLING a product and was charging from the customers. How could I ask them to refer a certain number of friends in order to get the product?

After thinking a lot, I got a trick!

I edited the sales page and split the customers in two categories: 1. Those who don’t want to refer my product to others. 2. Those who can refer the product without any problem.

Those who don’t want to refer my product to their friends would get ‘List Building Bulletin’ at full price i.e. $47 and those who would refer my product to their friends would get it for just $27 + 8 bonus products free of cost, which I collected from the internet with PLR rights!

All products were of great quality and trust me I didn’t spend even a single dime on them. This twist was just a way to induce the visitors to refer the product to their friends. You know when you can get $20 discount & a lot of bonus products just by referring something to your friends then you won’t have any problem in doing that.

Click Here To See How Do I Do It!

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It worked like a magic. People started recommending my product immediately just to get $20 + 8 bonus products. I was getting a lot of recommendations a day. As soon as someone recommends my product to its friends, I get an email too.

The best part was the chain reaction. You know, if you are an internet marketer then the people in your contacts are established internet marketers, newbies in internet marketing or the people who are interested in internet marketing products. Now, if an internet marketer recommends my product ‘List Building Bulletin’ to its contacts then I get targeted visitors automatically, because those people are also doing or are interested in internet marketing and list building is the first step of every internet marketer.

Sometimes, I get advantage even if someone doesn’t buy my product. Few people just click on the discounted price link, recommends the product but then change their mind while they are going to pay. In that case, they don’t get me any money but they give me 5 potential customers which may be highly interested in my product and if just 1 out of them buy my product, I get 5 more highly targeted customers.

It means, sometimes (not all the times) whether someone buy my product or not, he recommends my product to its friends which is very useful for me. Another good thing is that in every business where you give discount you incur losses but in this way, I am earning profits even when I am offering discount, isn’t awesome!

In other words, I am getting advantage of ‘personal recommendation’ which is very effective than any other way of advertising.

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How Viral Friend Dominator works on my website: When you download ‘Viral Friend Dominator’ (VFD), you will see that you can install it on both ‘Perl’ as well as ‘PHP’ servers. My website is hosted on a PHP server so, I am going to discuss, how to install it on a PHP server. But you shouldn’t worry in case you are on a ‘Perl’ server because a complete installation guide also comes with this script.

There are 5 important files in this script: 1. 2. RAF_Xasr543o.dat 3. ThankYou.html 4. VFD.php file contains the email which will be sent to the friends of the customer when he recommends your product, you can make any changes according to your choice. You’ve nothing to do with RAF_Xasr543o.dat. Edit ThankYou.html as per your needs just like you edit any html file. The last file is VFD.php which contains some important settings like, how many friends you want your customer to refer, where to send user after recommending the product, which background color of the ThankYou.html page should be etc. etc.

After making required settings just upload all the files on your server and that’s it! As soon as a customer clicks on discounted price link he is redirected to a page where he is asked to enter at least 5 (as per your settings) email addresses of the people he knows and who might be interested in this product. As soon as he enters and submits 5 email addresses, an email is sent to all those addresses. That email contains: - Subject - Email Body Matter - Admin Name - Admin Email - Sender Name - Sender Email - Link to website You can customize everything!

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I set the number of friends a customer has to refer as 5 but you can set this number as per your choice. As soon as the emails are sent to the 5 people referred by your customer, he is redirected to another page where a link with discounted price is available. He can simply buy the product from that link and can download the product + bonus products (or whatever) you are offering.

I know you may be a bit confused about the installation of the script. I didn’t explain it in detail here. Actually, when you download the script there is a very detailed installation guide and there is no logic in pasting the installation instructions here and making this report large. After reading that installation guide you will see that it’s truly easy and awesome to install this script.

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Before using this script I was getting only 15-20 visitors a day, but as soon as I published this new page with VFD, I started getting around 100 visitors a day! As I am getting only targeted traffic to my website so the conversion rate is awesome. My conversion rate is more than 14% so I get around 12-15 sales a day from just 90-100 visitors which makes me more than $300 a day!

The sad part of this story is that inspite of all of my efforts, I am not able to get more than 150 visitors a day on my website, till date. Upon investigation, I found that some people enter fake email addresses and they are still redirected to discounted price page. It breaks the chain reaction now and then. But only a few people know about this trick.

Usually people refer my product and get $20 discount + bonus products. But that $20 discount gives me benefit in shape of new customers. I rarely get a sale @ $47 because everyone wants to save money and they generally recommend my product to their friends.

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Feeling charged, right? You must be feeling that you’ve got a new and easy way of making money online without investment. Yes! You are right. Now, you can also get the benefit of PLR products and can sell that dirt like gold.

As I’ve PLR, MRR, distribution and editing rights on whole course of ‘List Building Bulletin’ and sales page, I am offering same rights to you too. You can use my sales page (edited) and can create your very own website within minutes. Just change the things like author name etc. at the end of the page and you are good to go.

About Viral Friend Dominator: Although, VFD is free but I don’t have rights to distribute it. To get it, you can visit and can subscribe to download it. VFD comes with a wonderful installation guide and everything related to installation is mentioned in the PDF. You can install the script on your website within few minutes.

Please note, in case you’ve any questions or problems regarding use of script, kindly contact the creator of the script on Because I am not the developer of the script so I may not be able to answer your questions. I hope you understand this.

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Let’s talk about some important things which are necessary for the success of this method: ƒ

You will find many scripts like this on internet, but I recommend ‘viral friend dominator’ from because I found it really simple and impressive. I’ve no association with the creator of this script and have no interest in sending traffic to his site. I am recommending this script because it really works, is available free and is totally awesome and easy to install!


These kinds of scripts are made to make your e-book or software go viral so that you earn commission via affiliate networks but I applied a new twist on it by giving extra discount and bonus products to those who will refer my product their friends.


By giving straight $20 discount and 8 bonus products, I made this offer too good that one would’ve no problem in just recommending this product to his friends. So if you are planning to use this script to get traffic then make your offers great!

So you just learnt how you can make $300/day with ZERO investment! Don’t forget viewing ‘Promotional Material’ folder to take advantage of all the material I used to promote my site for the instant traffic.

Got questions? Feel free to write me at Thanks Steve, Super Warrior

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300 a day without investment  

An ultimate Success story

300 a day without investment  

An ultimate Success story