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Be Part of our Travelling Companion Our goal is to entice people to experience the stories of our pioneers, user friendly maps, and campE the authentic cowboy culture found ground directory and calendar of events. FRE 1 on the eastern side of the Canadian FREE /202 2020 021 y Trails /2E C 2020 o b N w EE FR Rockies. This includes the o E FR &C CCo/2E02wb1 oy Trails FREE We encourage you to trumpet your goods 2020 EnRAdXvIEEenPturEes R N FREE IE P X numerous unique towns within & services within our unique travelling ter ventures & lpful Wes Western AdXPE N 8 HeRIE C s E Weste e g rn Ad a ntures & Cowb Alberta that celebrate their companion. Readers refer to it regularly Pve Map 8 Hinelpful oy Trails rder t u M western history and heritage. and share it with family and friends. Read WesPages Mldap the O rta’s 8 rH inelpful Albe Mu rde by an estimated 150,000 travellers. Many y r Histo Old West hing theM ap Pages Ranc s le Ho The Official Cowboy Trail runs more download our mobile versions. ring Alberta’s Wate ts Muyrde r in eliggh Histor Ragnc Dhin in the Old West for 700 km from Cardston in the Din ltureHoles Cuing Wal ter igina erta’s tsAlb Abor e k lig r Ra De south to Mayerthorpe in the north. Visit to a hing hts Dining Mnc History ers’ Farm re ltu Cu al Wa gin ter ing Holes Abori However, Albertans embrace our rich view our 2020 Edition. ts


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western traditions from border to border. This larger vision then includes western businesses located in rural areas and within communities located across the entire Province. Readers appreciate


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Communities along the Trail

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Outfitters in Alberta

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Special Feature: Chuckwagons

Cattle in Alberta Dining Pleasures Cowboy Poetry Local Artisans & Galleries

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Farmer’s Markets / Farm Days Map: 2-page spread for the Cowboy Trail

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Experience Travel Guides & Maps Publishing Plan 2021  

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